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Against the Gods

Chapter 696 - Ocean Palace’s Secret

Zi Ji looked at Yun Che’s reaction and slowly continued, “It is completely normal that you have not heard of this name. Even if it is the other three Sacred Grounds aside from Supreme Ocean Palace, there are very few people who know about it.”

“Then where is it? Senior Zi mentioned just now that it is not located in Profound Sky Continent, what does that mean?” Yun Che tightened his eyebrows and asked.

Zi Ji extended his finger and pointed directly to the south, “It is located to the south of Profound Sky Continent, above the endless Southern Ocean.”

“Southern Ocean?” Yun Che looked surprised.

“Have you ever been to Supreme Ocean Palace?” asked Zi Ji.

“No,” Yun Che said. “"But I know that Supreme Ocean Palace is located one thousand five hundred kilometers south of the southern edge of Profound Sky Continent, above the Southern Ocean". That was where the name ‘Ocean Palace’ came from. Could the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest that Senior Zi said be related to Supreme Ocean Palace?”

“That’s right,” Zi Ji nodded his head slightly. “Everyone spread the news and all knew that the Four Great Sacred Grounds each have their guardian responsibility. They guarded the safety of the Profound Sky Continent for tens of thousands of years, thus being bestowed with the divine name of ‘Sacred Grounds.’ However, out of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, only Supreme Ocean Palace have been upholding their guardian mission.”

“That place called ‘Moon Slaughter Devil Nest’ is the place that Supreme Ocean Palace has been guarding for generations?” Yun Che asked.

Zi Ji nodded his head once again. “Supreme Ocean Palace is one thousand five hundred kilometers away from the edge of the continent. Not only do they need to be prepared for oceanic disasters all the time, there are also a lot of inconveniences everyday. But Supreme Ocean Palace has existed for tens of thousands of years and have never moved onto land. The only reason behind that is the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

“What kind of existence is the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest exactly? Why would Supreme Ocean Palace do whatever it takes to stay at Southern Ocean and guard it? And this name…” As he listened to Zi Ji’s description, more and more questions piled up in Yun Che’s mind.

Zi Ji closed his eyes slightly, organized his thoughts, and continued to say, “I can only give you the simplest description about Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. About more than ten thousand years ago, when seven ancestors of Supreme Ocean Palace were touring Southern Ocean, they suddenly found a large area of ocean water that was dyed black. The pitch-black ocean region was very wide, and there were countless corpses of oceanic beasts of the same color. After that, they found the center of this pitch-black ocean region… which was an island that was completely dyed black.

“That island released an extremely thick yin energy, and it was the reason that a large ocean region such as that became a dead region. After that, the ancestors of Ocean Palace came to the pitch-black island and found a large cave on the island. That terrifying yin energy came from within that dark cave. When they entered the cave, the deeper they went, the heavier the yin energy became, causing even their profound strength to be greatly suppressed. In the deepest recesses of this cave, they encountered an incomparably terrifying dark profound beast.”

“Dark profound beast?” Yun Che felt more bizarre the more he heard about it.

“That dark profound beast called itself the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. It hates light and is especially afraid of the moonlight. Aside from that, nothing is known about it. The strength and aura of that dark profound beast isn't very strong; it should be around the early stage Tyrant Profound Realm. The profound strength of all seven of Supreme Ocean Palace’s ancestors had reached great heights. Each of them were in the late stage Sovereign Profound Realm and stood at the summit. However, within that cavern’s depths, their profound strength had been suppressed down to the Emperor Profound Realm. In front of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, they could not retaliate at all. Out of the seven ancestors, only one escaped. The other six ancestors had all lost their lives in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

“After the sole survivor escaped out of the cave, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign didn’t give chase. It was afraid of the daylight’s radiance and the night’s moonlight. The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign would perhaps never leave its nest. However, the dark yin energy the nest released was endless, and when that Ocean Palace ancestor finally managed to get out, he personally heard the roars of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. It said, ‘The time the entire world is submerged in darkness is the day when it would come out.’”

“Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign… such a monster actually exists?” Yun Che grew more and more frightened. If it wasn’t Zi Ji telling him this personally, he would’ve just treated it as some story a random person fabricated. “After that, did the Ocean Palace ancestor use some kind of method to seal that nest to keep the dark yin energy from leaking?”

“Hehe, that is correct.” Zi Ji looked at Yun Che with admiration. “We don’t know whether that dark yin energy originated from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign or a terrifying unknown source that exists deep within the nest. However, if it continually spread without anything keeping it in check, there would be a day when it would reach the Profound Sky Continent, and the consequences would be unthinkable. The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s roar also never allowed that Ocean Palace ancestor to be at ease. Thus, he combined the power of all the experts of the Ocean Palace and unhesitantly sacrificed more than a dozen of Ocean Palace’s strongest profound artifacts and a large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystals to construct an enormous isolated barrier to seal the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, completely isolating the never ending leakage of dark yin energy.

“Because the barrier consumes a lot of energy, every three years they need at least a dozen Monarchs to input profound energy to maintain it. Because of this, the ancestors of the Ocean Palace moved their whole sect above the Southern Ocean and changed their name to the ‘Supreme Ocean Palace.’”

“...I see.”

Because of his hostility towards Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and how much he despised Sun Moon Divine Hall, Yun Che already didn't have any good feelings towards the Four Great Sacred Grounds and even thought of them as the tainted grounds. But hearing Zi Ji’s description of Supreme Ocean Palace made him feel a decent amount of respect for them.

Compared to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall, a

Supreme Ocean Palace like this really didn't tarnish the reputation of the “Sacred Grounds”

Thinking back to that Ji Qianrou from Supreme Ocean Palace, even though he was enchantingly demonic, his conduct was overall upright. In the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, he was the first person who had spoken up for him, a person he had never spoke to before. He ruthlessly mocked the Divine Phoenix Crown Prince, Feng Ximing, and because of a small favor, acted against Ye Xinghan in the Primordial Profound Ark. It could’ve even been said that he had saved his and Feng Xue’er’s lives.

“Senior Zi mentioned just now that that place can only be entered once every five hundred years. It was discovered one thousand three hundred years ago and could still be found there… Could it be that the barrier was deliberately left behind in a place where one could enter?” Yun Che asked.

“This was what I was about to say next,” Zi Ji smiled faintly. Since everything had been revealed, he didn’t really have any worries left. “The Ocean Palace ancestor guessed that the dark yin energy came from the very body of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, and no matter how powerful a profound beast, it would still one day reach the end of its lifespan. In that case, upon the death of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, the dark yin energy in the sealed Moon Slaughter Devil Nest would naturally disperse. The guardian mission would then thereby be accomplished, and Supreme Ocean Palace could break away from the Southern Ocean from then on.

“In order to easily confirm whether the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was dead or alive, the Ocean Palace ancestor left a gap on the barrier, but set it so that it would open once every five hundred years. Moreover, in order to prevent the leakage of the massive yin energy, he also restricted the time it could be opened: only a hundred breaths! Since then, every five hundred years, Supreme Ocean Palace would dispatch disciples of the worst aptitude to enter and confirm the life or death of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. Since the start of six thousand and five hundred years ago, the disciples that entered had all came out alive. In other words, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign is already dead now.”

“Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign is already dead, yet Supreme Ocean Palace is still standing guard… This means that although the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign has died, the dark yin energy is still spreading… The dark yin energy isn’t actually from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign?” Yun Che said with sunken brows.

“Correct,” Zi Ji heavily nodded. “If the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign leaves the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, that is merely a Tyrant Profound beast. It’s not that frightening. The true terror is the endless yin energy which is coming from an unknown source. Supreme Ocean Palace has no choice but to continue guarding that area and maintain that barrier once every three years. And to this day, it has already been a full ten thousand years.

“In the several thousand years after confirming that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was already dead, Supreme Ocean Palace still makes disciples of the lowest aptitude enter once every five hundred years, so as to avoid an accident from happening. In the end, all of those disciples came out alive, thereby completely asserting the death of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. After that, the number of people entering had decreased, and no longer was it only disciples of the lowest aptitude entering. A few elders, and even the Sovereign of the Seas, would join and go exploring. However, the yin energy within was just too heavy. Even though they were exceptionally strong practitioners, they would at most stay for tens of breaths before immediately coming out and sealing the barrier.

“As for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower that you are interested in… it was one thousand three hundred years ago, when the barrier had reached a full five hundred years and could open, that a few newly promoted curious elders who had never entered went in. After they quickly arrived at the end, they suddenly heard the eerie sound of a ghost wailing.”

“Ghost wailing… right!” Yun Che’s mind shook. Even though he had never seen the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, his master had once mentioned the Netherworld Udumbara Flower to him and said that it would let out the sound of an evil spirit’s crying and laughter.

“Hehe, following the sounds of the ghost wailing, they saw a three meter tall demonic flower. Its stems and leaves were purple black but its blossomed flower was an alluring bright purple. Above its petals, a faintly purple mist that seemed as though it was from the Netherworld surrounded the flower. The mist danced around the flower even though there was no wind as it made the frightening noise that sounded like a devil’s cries and laughter.

“From what all the Ocean Palace elders described, when they saw the purple demonic flower, they felt as though their souls were instantly sucked away from their bodies… In their shock, they immediately retreated from that area and resealed the barrier. However, after that, all of them who were Monarchs became severely sick and only recovered after several months. They then investigated and found that was the legendary evil demonic flower… the Netherworld Udumbara Flower.

“Since then, it has already been a thousand and three hundred years since someone entered the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

Yun Che’s expression became slightly agitated as Zi Ji’s description of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was completely the same as what his master described to him back then in Azure Cloud Continent!

“Yes, that must be the Netherworld Udumbara Flower for sure!” Yun Che nodded, “The Netherworld Udumbara Flower grows in places of extremely harsh yin energy, and the yin energy there is harsh to the extreme. Therefore, it is the most suitable place for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower to grow. Furthermore, because the area is isolated by a barrier, not only does the yin energy not disperse, it only becomes even stronger. That means that the Netherworld Udumbara Flower from a thousand and three hundred years ago should still exist, and furthermore, the possibility of there being more flowers exists.”

Zi Ji shook his head and laughed bitterly, “Although what you said is true, this old one has already told you that the Netherworld Udumbara Flower only blossoms once every twenty four years and it will wither within three days. The Moon Slaughter Devil Nest only opens once every five hundred years, and the longest you can stay in it is a hundred breaths. The probability that you encounter a blossomed flower within these hundred breaths… is like searching for a needle in the ocean.”

“However, I will still have to give it a try. After all, this is the only news regarding the Netherworld Udumbara Flower I’ve received so far.” Yun Che replied without hesitation, “Also… my luck has always been pretty good! What if the flower just so happens to be blossoming at that time!”

Zi Ji shook his head once again. “The elders of Supreme Ocean Palace who were in the Sovereign Profound Realm had merely caught sight of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower and their souls were nearly stolen away. The consequences of approaching and touching it is unthinkable. Even if the flower blossomed when you entered, how are you going to pick it?”

“As for that… this junior has his own ideas,” Yun Che replied calmly and confidently. The reason for his confidence was naturally due to the Sky Poison Pearl.

Yun Che removed ten Overlord Pellets from the Sky Poison Pearl, placed them in front of Zi Ji and said sincerely, “I thank Senior Zi Ji for the detailed sharing. This matter is of utmost importance to this junior. According to the agreement, these ten pellets will be sold to your respected merchant guild at the price of ten kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals. At the same time, the amount of pellets I put up for auctioning will be reduced to twenty, not one pellet more.”

Zi Ji put away the ten Overlord pellets and looked thoughtfully at Yun Che. He knew that this youth was smart and shrewd and must have figured out something from their conversation just now. He did not talk about it and merely flipped his palm. A profound formation appeared and a deep purple spatial ring was pushed towards Yun Che. “Inside this is ten kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.”

Yun Che picked up the ring containing the purple crystals and scanned it quickly before depositing it into the Sky Poison Pearl. Then, he smiled at Zi Ji.

Ten kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals… Divine Crystal, you know! Obtaining it just like that… was just too easy!!

“Yun Che, after settling the matter with the Divine Phoenix Sect, are you going to pay a visit to Supreme Ocean Palace?” Zi Ji asked with thoughtful looking eyes.

“Indeed I am.” Yun Che nodded, “This junior also roughly knows where the general location of Supreme Ocean Palace is.”

“Actually, you don’t have to be hasty.” Zi Ji smiled slightly, “In five months time, Supreme Ocean Palace will be hosting a ‘Devil Sword Conference’ and you are among those being invited. The invitation regarding this will be handed over to you in two months time.”

“Oh? Devil Sword Conference? What’s that?” Yun Che asked in shock. “And why invite me?”

“Hoho, about this matter, without permission, it is inconvenient for this old man to reveal. But when the time comes, you can ask the person who delivers the invitation, maybe he will resolve your confusion.”

“Oh…” Yun Che nodded his head slightly. His heart was filled with confusion, but he didn’t continue to ask. “If so, then it would be inconvenient for Junior to continue this visit. I will wait for news from Supreme Ocean Palace quietly.”

Until now, even though he still had not found out any news regarding Chu Yuechan, all his other objectives had already been fulfilled. He had even surprisingly gained extra information regarding the “Netherworld Udumbara Flower” as well as confusing news with regards to the “Devil Sword Conference.” Yun Che stood up and cupped his fists together towards Zi Ji. “This junior has already troubled Senior Zi for long enough, it’s time for me to leave… Is my father-in-law Xia Hongyi… currently within the merchant guild?”

“Hoho…” Zi Ji seemed to have already known that he would ask about Xia Hongyi. He smiled lightly, flicked his fingers, and about six meters behind him, a yellow profound formation silently appeared there. “He’s at the first level of the Merchant Guild and has already been waiting for you for quite some time. You’ll be able to see him once you enter.”

“Thank you Senior Zi,” Yun Che nodded his head with some gratitude, gave the three young girls on the side a smile, and then turned around and walked into the profound formation.

A yellow light flashed, and Yun Che disappeared into the profound formation.

Zi Ji was slightly stunned for a good while before slowly sitting down. His face revealed a deeply complicated expression. After a while, he reached out his arm and carefully picked up an Overlord Pellet. His eyes expressed deep astonishment, and after he carefully examined it, he mumbled to himself in a low voice, “Such an overwhelming treasure of a pellet and yet it can be obtained so easily. This is indeed something earth-shattering… Furthermore, it has not even been named yet.

“This pellet emits six different type of auras, and each aura is different, varying in strength. The pellet helps one to become an Overlord, aids in the road to become a Monarch, and there are no underlying risks. It can be called the Emperor Pellet of this generation, so let’s call it…

“The Six Flavor Emperor Pellet.”

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