Chapter 707 - Beliefs Collapsed

Against the Gods

Chapter 707 - Beliefs Collapsed

“Since you are so eager to die, I shall grant your wish.” Yun Che had almost burst into laughter due to excessive anger. If he did not know about the existence of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation beforehand, it was possible that he would actually enter the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation’s domain by accident. However, with Feng Xiling making such a ruckus, even if he was half as intelligent, he would become suspicious immediately and would absolutely not go near there… unless his brain had been kicked by a donkey.

As for now, he obviously needed to lower his intelligence to match this level of performance.

Yun Che’s body shook, and he had already rushed towards where Feng Xilin was. Even though he was still holding onto Feng Ximin, his speed was still extremely fast. His silhouette produced a shadow-like a shooting star across Phoenix City.

“Protect Ninth Prince!!”

All of the Phoenix Elders hastily rushed forward in a bid to obstruct Yun Che… Of course, this was only for show. After they understood Feng Xilin’s intention, they couldn’t wait for Yun Che to immediately rush over. Seeing Yun Che was heading into their trap, all of them were delighted in their hearts, and their speed of rushing over was naturally half a beat slower.

Yun Che was already extremely fast, and his speed was still increasing. He passed the crowd of people like lightning, leaving behind all of the Phoenix Elders who were pretending to rush up behind him…


Yun Che’s abrupt halt from an extremely fast speed caused the air to produce a very sharp tearing sound. Feng Xilin quickly backed away as his whole body shuddered multiple times over and over… With a person in hand, Yun Che, who was a few miles away just a moment ago, was actually just ten steps away from him in the blink of an eye. Feng Xilin had never seen this kind of shocking speed even in his dreams.

The shock and fear in his heart was tantamount to suddenly seeing a ghost land from the sky in broad daylight.

But within the fear, there was endless joy, because the location of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation was just hidden right below. In addition, the place where Yun Che stood was the core of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation.

Feng Hengkong and the others watched Yun Che enter the domain of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, and all of them were overjoyed. Feng Hengkong roared loudly, “Activate the formation!!”

To awaken the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, only the strength of a single Phoenix elder was required. But under Feng Hengkong’s loud roar, more than thirty Phoenix elders who were present casted at the same time. At that moment, the slumbering Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation was wholly released in an instant. A scarlet profound formation with an area of three hundred meters appeared, and the area below Yun Che’s feet was exactly its center. It released a bloody blaze of light, and within it, an extremely powerful sealing power rushed towards Yun Che and Feng Xilin who were inside the formation, ready to swallow them like a hungry wolf that had just been woken up.

A feeling of suppression suddenly came from Yun Che’s profound veins… but this feeling only lasted for a second, before it disappeared without a trace. Across him, Feng Xilin showed a pained expression on his face; the color of blood on his face faded, and the aura of profound energy on his body disappeared like the falling tide. But not only did he not lose his head in panic, he had even reverted expression from before as he released a loud laughter, “Hahahaha… Yun Che! Even if you have an exceptional ability, you are still in this prince’s hands! This is the strongest sealing formation of my Divine Phoenix Sect. Not to mention that you are merely in the Emperor Profound Realm, even if you are a Monarch… you can only await for your death!”

Laughing maniacally, Feng Xilin’s body swayed, and he fell on one knee because of the serious loss of strength. However, the maniacal laughter he was letting out didn’t fade in the slightest.

“Lin’er, good work!!” Feng Hengkong vented his frustrations through his empathic shout, even causing the ground to slightly tremble. For two whole days, his extreme anger, hatred, humiliation, and grievances almost shattered his internal organs. Now seeing the culprit of everything being engulfed by the sealing power of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, his satisfaction was so deep that it could not be described with words.

“Yun Che, I’ll see where you can still run to this time!” Feng Ximing harshly roared as he also quickly approached.

“Sect Master, wait till I capture him before you… this bastard will be personally punished by Sect Master to comfort the souls of Thirteenth and Fourteenth Prince in heaven!!”

Eighteenth Elder Feng Yunzhi was the closest to Yun Che, and he had already released his profound energy as he pounced towards Yun Che like a big bird. He was also one of the casters of this giant Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, and because of that, he could control the power of the formation to a large degree. Due to that, the sealing power of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation wouldn’t work on him.

At this moment, Yun Che was still quietly standing there. There didn’t seem to be much difference, but the people of the Divine Phoenix Sect now viewed him as a lamb to the slaughter . Because that was the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation! It was passed down by Divine Phoenix Sect for thousands of years and was an extremely powerful sealing profound formation! Once disciples of Divine Phoenix Sect were trapped in the formation, their profound energy would be sealed for sure, and there was absolutely no exception… Even Princess Snow who possessed the power of the Phoenix God couldn’t escape this.

Even though it wouldn’t be as effective on the profound practitioners outside of the Divine Phoenix Sect, it would still cause an extremely strong sealing effect… At least, it would be a lot stronger than those regular sealing profound formations.

Furthermore, below Yun Che’s feet was not just any Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation; it was a formation casted by more than thirty Phoenix Elders. The sealing power was so forceful that it could perhaps even seal a mid-stage Monarch… In terms of power alone, it wouldn’t be too different than the Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

“Yun Che… Accept your death!” Feng Yunzhi roared in a deep voice.

Pfft… Yun Che loosened his fingers, making Feng Ximin, who was held in his hand, fall to the ground. Originally, his profound energy was already suppressed severely by Yun Che, and in addition to the effect of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, he laid on the ground, motionless, only capable of releasing feeble moans from his mouth.

“Hahahaha, not just profound strength, you can also forget about using your physical strength.” Looking at Yun Che who has completely “lost his strength”, Feng Yunzhi laughed loudly, “A devilspawn like you destroyed my sect’s Phoenix God Sculpture and killed two of our Divine Phoenix Princes, so even if you die ten thousand times, you wouldn’t be able to make up for your sins! Now that you are in our hands… even if you died, you shall always remember the consequences of violating our Divine Phoenix Sect and killing our Divine Phoenix Princes!!”

“Eighteenth Elder, don’t kill him! That would be being too lenient on him,” Feng Xilin yelled excitedly.

“Of course We must make his life a living hell!” While roaring in anger, Feng Yunzhi’s right hand grabbed directly towards Yun Che’s throat.

Just when his palm was not even ten meters away from Yun Che, the Yun Che who was in his sight slowly turned around and revealed a soft smile towards him.

At that moment, Feng Yunzhi’s whole body turned cold as a ghastly feeling came down from his spine and spread to his whole body… In the next moment, he seemed to have seen Yun Che’s silhouette move a little…


Without any warning, Feng Yunzhi felt like his chest was hit by a ten thousand ton giant hammer that came down from the sky. In his ears, a loud booming sound comparable to a landslide or even thunder came from inside his body… his originally dilated pupils could still see Yun Che’s soft smile, but it was somehow very close to him already.

Yun Che slowly pulled back his right fist from Feng Yunzhi’s chest, before he casually shook his wrist. When his fist landed onto Feng Yunzhi’s chest, the sound it made was so loud that it could be heard by nearly half of Divine Phoenix City. It could be easily imagined just how frighteningly strong that blow was. Even if it were a huge boulder, it would have been sent flying several kilometers away.

However, Feng Yunzhi had not been sent flying. He did not even retreat a single step. Even when Yun Che had pulled his arm back, Feng Yunzhi still stood there, motionless… However, the profound energy aura on his body had completely dissipated, and not even the slightest trace of profound energy could be detected.

A cool breeze blew past, and Feng Yunzhi’s body started reclining. He stiffly fell backwards as though he was a wooden pole that had been knocked down… There was no other movement, no aura, and not even any sign of blood. There was only his frighteningly pale face, his bulging eyes, and his enlarged pupils that seemed to have taken up his entire eyeball.

The originally scorching atmosphere had turned eerily cold and silent. The relieved and excited expressions that the members of the Divine Phoenix Sect initially had now remained stiffly plastered on their faces. Feng Hengkong, the various Phoenix elders and princes who had originally come in order to deliver judgement to Yun Che, all stood dumbfounded as though they had been struck by lightning. They stared dumbly, as though they were stone statues, at an scene that should not even exist.

When Feng Yunzhi directly fell down, it was as if they had just woken up from a dream. Feng Feilie yelled in despair, “Yunzhi!!”

“Eighteenth Elder!!”

“Heh!” Yun Che swung his leg out and kicked Feng Yunzhi towards Feng Hengkong. Feng Feilie swiftly moved forward, catching Feng Yunzhi in his arms. The moment he caught Feng Yunzhi, his hands trembled as he sent his profound energy to examine the latter’s condition; after that, his whole body started trembling.

“How is Yunzhi?” Feng Hengkong swiftly approached. As he spoke, he put his palm onto Feng Yunzhi’s chest as well… After a short moment of contact, he hastily retracted his palm. The shock that appeared on his face was far more intense than Feng Feilie’s expression.

Feng Yunzhi’s internal organs were all mashed, his profound veins shattered, his meridians all severed, and the bones in his whole body were all turned into dust…

The outside of his body had no apparent damage, but the inside was destroyed into paste.

And Yun Che merely punched him once on his chest.

Feng Yunzhi was currently the eighteenth ranked member within the Phoenix elders, and his profound energy was as high as the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm!! But he had actually died so thoroughly with merely a single punch from Yun Che!

“Yun Che… you… you… you!!!” Feng Hengkong’s previous howls, which seemed to vent his frustrations, had only left his mouth for a few breaths of time, before he had already started to think how he should handle Yun Che in order to quell the deep hatred in his heart. However, in the blink of an eye, not only did Feng Yunzhi fail to take down Yun Che, the former had even died miserably in the hands of the latter.

Below Yun Che’s feet, the profound glow of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation was still shining brightly. The glows of a near blood-colored seal was still enveloping his entire body. Feng Hengkong did not doubt that if it was him trapped under the profound glow of the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, his Phoenix profound energy would be completely sealed, and he would not be able to use it one bit.

But Yun Che…

“Keep laughing, keep yelling, I enjoy hearing these sounds,” Yun Che’s gaze glanced around as a smile appeared on his face; he was enjoying the stunned expressions of everyone before him.

“Impossible… impossible…” The pupils of one of the Phoenix elders who participated in casting the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation shrunk. Unable to believe his very eyes, he mumbled in a panicked and trembling voice, “That’s the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation… it’s the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation…”

While standing inside a Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment formation created by more than thirty Phoenix elders, Yun Che had casually killed a Phoenix Elder with one punch… What this brought to the members of the Divine Phoenix Sect wasn’t anger and humiliation, but almost a collapse in belief.

Behind Yun Che, Feng Xilin’s hysterical laughter came to a halt as his expression turned hideous. With his body trembling, he fell to the ground as his strength left his body. Then, Yun Che stretched both his arms out, and a wave of profound aura stirred. With frightened and miserable cries, both Feng Xilin and Feng Ximin were sucked into Yun Che’s hands at the same time. Yun Che did not even bother glancing at Feng Xilin, he just looked straight at Feng Hengkong and slowly raised up the two choked sons, “Feng Hengkong, today, I originally planned to only kill one of your sons if you’re still disobedient. After all, you only have fourteen sons, and killing all of them too early will spoil my fun. However, it cannot be helped if your ninth son is so courteous and cannot wait for his turn to die. Therefore, I can only fulfill his wishes.”

“Royal Father…” Feng Xilin made a weak sound. His voice was wheezy and desperate, because he knew that Feng Xiluo and Feng Xichen died in the hands of the one grabbing him right now.

“Two noble Divine Phoenix Princes, you don’t need to be nervous, I didn’t say that I will definitely kill both of you.” Yun Che said with a sneer, “You two should be clear enough that the one deciding your life and death isn’t me, but your royal father. Feng Hengkong are you preparing to still be like before and watch them die helplessly, or will you comply obediently? No matter which one you choose, I will satisfy you immediately.”

Feng Ximin, Feng Xilin… This time, the lives of two princes were being held in Yun Che’s hands.

Not only did the Phoenix Sealing Imprisonment Formation, which they spent a lot of energy and time to set up, fail to affect Yun Che in the slightest, it had even delivered Feng Xilin right into his hands… and Feng Yunzhi also died horribly because of it.

Before Feng Hengkong’s eyes were two of his sons that might die anytime in the hands of Yun Che; in his mind,the figures of Feng Xiluo and Feng Xichen, who had already died in the hands of Yun Che, appeared… Not even three days had passed since Yun Che had arrived, yet he had already brought forth a nightmare that was even darker than the abyss.

Feng Hengkong reached out his hands… In front of Yun Che, his royal prestige, dignity, glory, pride… were all completely shattered. Only anger, humiliation, hatred along with deep sorrow and helplessness were left.

“Let them go… I promise… all of your conditions from yesterday.”

After saying this sentence, Feng Hengkong closed his eyes; the corners of his eyes were twitching in suffering. His decisions had already caused the horrible deaths of his two sons, and he already couldn’t watch more of his sons die in Yun Che’s hands no matter what.

Feng Hengkong’s words made all of the Phoenix Elders reveal an extremely aggrieved expression, but none of them spoke up to stop him… For three days, the Yun Che that they saw had become even scarier one day after another. It would be good to compensate under humiliation… keep the lives of the two princes, and immediately let this nightmare end.

“All the conditions from yesterday?” Yun Che didn’t laugh proudly because of Feng Hengkong’s answer, instead his face showed confusion, “I don’t remember telling you the conditions in order to keep the lives of these two sons of yours yet. What do the conditions from yesterday… have to do with the ones today?”

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