Chapter 710 - Weak Point?

Against the Gods

Chapter 710 - Weak Point?

“The flaming aura over at Divine Phoenix Sect is in disarray, it seems Yun Che has made a huge move this time.”

ZI Ji gazed into the distance, looking towards Divine Phoenix Sect’s direction. At his side, a middle-aged man, dressed entirely in blue, was currently kneeling on the ground; the man’s cold expression carried deep awe as he respectfully said, “Yun Che has indeed done something beyond expectations today.”

“Did you bring the Profound Imagery Stone?”

With his two hands, the blue-clothed man raised a strange jade stone that was flashing a water blue glow in its surroundings. “Fortunately, the situation wasn’t life-threatening. Master, please look over it.”

Picking up the water blue jade stone, Zi Ji brushed his palm against it, and a mystical profound formation quickly formed above the Profound Imagery Stone. Following after Zi Ji’s light changes in his hand movements, scenes after scenes of images were clearly displayed within the profound formation.

And what the images were displaying, were clearly scenes of Yun Che when he arrived at Divine Phoenix Sect today, till his departure, and they were incomparably complicated. It had impressively displayed to Zi Ji everything that had happened today in Divine Phoenix Sect clearly, without leaving anything out, with a mystical and strange method.

Zi Ji’s demeanor was calm in the beginning, but soon after, his brows began to sink. When Yun Che smashed three Phoenix Elders to death with a single slash, the blue-clothed man clearly saw his two brows intensely twitched for a moment.

Zi Ji quietly watched the scenes within the Profound Imagery Stone, there wasn’t a single moment when he shifted his gaze. When the final image disappeared, he turned around, and let out a long sigh. “It seems, when Sun Moon Divine Hall said he possessed strength comparable to an early-stage Monarch, they weren’t making empty claims at all.”

“At the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, it’s completely incomprehensible to be comparable to an early-stage Sovereign Profound Realm. This is simply not talent that a human can possibly possess.” A trace of deep astonishment could be heard from Zi Ji’s voice. With his incomparably broad knowledge, and experience surpassing a thousand years, let alone the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm, he had never even heard of someone possessing the third level of the Tyrant Profound Realm standing toe-to-toe with someone at the Sovereign Profound Realm. He was incomparably certain that in the history of Profound Sky Continent, such a case had never appeared either.

In regards to Zi Ji’s evaluation, the blue-clothed man at his side was not the least bit shocked. After all, he was present at the scene witnessing everything that had happened today, the astonishment that arose in his heart because of Yun Che far surpassed Zi Ji’s. Calling him a freak would not be the least bit exaggerated. Stepping across power of exactly two large realms, and two of the most top-tier realms especially, there’s definitely not a single precedent in Profound Sky Continent, and it would most likely be impossible for such a person to appear in the future either. It was hard to imagine how powerful Yun Che would be if his profound strength were to reach the Sovereign Profound Realm.

Zi Ji’s words were said out of surprise, yet, he did not know that his own words coincidentally carried a fact. Because Yun Che’s profound arts, bloodline, physical body, and even his soul, had all indeed surpassed the boundaries of a ‘human’.

“His profound movement skill, is undoubtedly the Extreme Mirage Lightning.” Zi Ji kept the Profound Imagery Stone, furrowed his brows, and sank into deep thoughts.

The blue-clothed man once again took out another Profound Imagery Stone, and said. “Master, this subordinate has another matter to report. Our people over at Blue Wind Empire did not hesitate to activate their one and only teleportation formation, and sent over a Profound Imagery Stone. They wanted this subordinate to personally hand this over to master’s hands at all costs, in order to have master look over it.”


The further the transfer distance of the teleportation formation, the expenses required to construct it would be more immense. Hence, if not absolutely necessary, a teleportation formation of this scale could not be activated easily. The Black Moon Merchant Guild in Blue Wind Empire only had a single piece of profound stone that could activate the teleportation formation once, and it had never been used for several hundred years. Yet, it was suddenly used this time, evidently a irregular case.

Zi Ji picked up the second piece of Profound Imagery Stone from the blue-clothed man’s hands. The profound formation built up, and the scenes showed by the profound images this time, were the front of Blue Wind Imperial City of Blue Wind Empire.

“This is…” Looking at the images in front of him, Zi Ji’s brows fiercely twitched, his gaze was as sharp as swords, as he stared deadly at that seemingly blurry figure within the image. A violent gale of wind surrounded the human figure’s body, and on his back, there seemed to be a pair of translucent wings? And the profound light emitted from his body was a very unique jade-green color.


The images disappeared, and the Profound Imagery Stone was suddenly shattered by Zi Ji as well.

The blue-clothed man raised his head. “Master?”

“Tell the men over at Blue Wind Empire, they are not allowed to bring up even the slightest word about the matter regarding this Profound Imagery Stone to anyone. Not to anyone, is that clear!?” Zi Ji’s expression was heavy, and his words, even more so, carried supreme weight.

The entire body of the blue-clothed man turned cold,  as he hurriedly said. “Yes, this subordinate shall pass it down now.”

Standing in front of the window, Zi Ji’s brows were tightly locked, as he sank into deep thoughts for a long while. It was unknown what his thoughts were.

His stillness this time, had lasted for exactly two hours. Unknowingly, the blazing sun was already hovering in the center of the sky when Zi Ji finally moved. He lightly raised his head, and looked towards the illuminated blue and white horizon, and softly said. “The person mentioned in the report sent from Illusory Demon Realm, could he actually be…”

After Yun Che flew away from the Divine Phoenix Sect, he had headed south the entire time, the cold smile on his face gradually sank down as well.

In these few days, he had been causing uproars in the Divine Phoenix Sect, which each subsequent one larger than the last. However, in this entire process, he had been purposefully controlling his voice, preventing it from being sent to where the Phoenix Perching Valley was and startling Feng Xue’er.

“I killed four of her elder brothers.” Yun Che let out a faint sigh, and muttered to himself. “No matter who the person is, it cannot possibly be forgiven, right…”

“Do you know what’s a Profound Imagery Stone?” Jasmine coldly voiced out.

“Profound Imagery Stone?” Yun Che said. “I have indeed heard of it before. From what I have heard, it’s a profound jade with a certain mystical formation engraved in it. After releasing the profound formation within, it can record the scenes within a certain range, for a certain amount of time. And then, with another profound formation as a guide, the images recorded within the Profound Imagery Stone can be released. But, according to what I heard, the requirements for the profound jade used for Profound Imagery Stones are extremely high, and the profound formations that could record images are incomparably complicated, so it’s extremely hard to succeed. The forces capable of producing Profound Imagery Stones in the entire continent can be counted on one’s hand. So, even though I have heard of it before, I have never seen one. Why did you suddenly bring this up?”

“Everything that you did in the Divine Phoenix Sect today, was recorded by someone using a Profound Imagery Stone. And that person’s aura reveals that he’s not someone from the Divine Phoenix Sect.” Jasmine lightly said.

“Oh?” Yun Che was slightly startled, but soon after, he said without a care. “Then it’s undoubtedly the Black Moon Merchant Guild. They actually wasted a Profound Imagery Stone on me, they sure are willing to spend.”

Even until now, Yun Che had not seen how a Profound Imagery Stone looked like, and had only heard of it every now and then. Even the dumbest of people could imagine how precious and rare an item like that was. Most probably, in the entire Profound Sky Continent, only the Black Moon Merchant Guild and the Four Great Sacred Grounds would be able use them.

“Hmph, it’s best that you watch out. If you reveal any weak points, before you can even finish exacting revenge on Divine Phoenix Sect, Sun Moon Divine Hall will come over to kill you the first opportunity they get!” Jasmine said snappily, following after, her tone turned lighter. “At the very least, in the next three months or so, don’t do anything that court your own death. Once the devilish poison in my body is completely detoxed three months later, you can do whatever you want. When that time comes, unless I want you to die, you can’t die even if you want to.”

Yun Che chuckled. “You can’t possibly bear to see me dead.”

Jasmine’s voice sank, and she said with cold smile. “Do you want to try?”

“Alright then!” Yun Che answered without the slightest of hesitation, as he said while grinning. “Then why don’t we make a bet? If you bear to kill me after you’re fully recovered, then let me meet you again in my next life. If you don’t bear to kill me, then let me kiss you. Do you dare?”

“You're courting death! Hmph!!”

Jasmine heavily snorted, and no longer paid him any heed.

Yun Che tore through the skies. With Extreme Mirage Lightning, he quickly left the boundaries of Divine Phoenix City. At this moment, a sharp whistle suddenly sounded from the bottom. A figure was chasing after him at astonishing speed. Just when Yun Che was about to respond, after he felt the person’s aura, the corner of his brows twitched, and very quickly, his speed slowed to a complete halt.

Yun Che turned around, and smiled as he looked at the skinny figure approaching him. He was dressed in common attire, and his hair was oily and scruffed. However, Yun Che was able to discern that he was in a disguised state with a glance, and it was even a double-layered disguise. His identity, had even more so, appeared incomparably vividly in Yun Che’s mind. “Hua Minghai, long time no see.”

The person chasing after him stopped in front of Yun Che, and his breath was in a slight disorder from excitement. “Big bro, I finally get to see you again! As expected, I did not wait here for nothing! Phew! I just knew that big bro, being such a nice person, will definitely not die just like that! The heavens are protecting you!”

In these few days, not just Divine Phoenix City, basically the entire continent knew that Yun Che had returned alive. And in a span of a few days, he had single-handedly playing Divine Phoenix Sect like they were chickens and dogs. In the beginning, Hua Minghai was not in Divine Phoenix City. When he heard that Yun Che wasn’t dead, and had even went to Divine Phoenix City, he came rushing over throughout the night, in order to meet the person he was extremely indebted to. The great kindness he gave three years ago was hard to forget even in death.

“It has indeed been a long time.” Looking at the lively colors on Hua Minghai’s forehead, Yun Che said with a smile. “When I first met you three years ago, your face was filled with a depressed look, but now it’s completely gone. It seems your wife has been recovering pretty well in these few years.”

Hua Minghai nodded strongly. “The cold poison in Xiaoya has been completely detoxed, and not even a single hint of it had appeared again these three years. Also, with the dragon blood bestowed by big bro, in a short span of a year, she had already completely recovered. Now, not only has Xiaoya fully recovered, her physique and energy has been completely restored as well, and her profound strength has even recovered by about seventy to eighty percent. These were all gifted by big bro. Big bro’s kindness, even if I…”

“Alright, alright.” Yun Che hurriedly interrupted his words. “There’s no need for so many words of thanks, back then, it was simply a small effort on my part. In fact, to me, your Extreme Mirage Lightning had repaid my small effort by several times. If not for borrowing the use of the Extreme Mirage Lightning, I definitely would not have the ability to enter and leave Divine Phoenix Sect as I please.”

“Ah? My Extreme Mirage Lightning? What do you mean? Why do I not understand at all??? Oh right, big bro, your profound movement skill is incredible! And it looks similar to my clan’s Extreme Mirage Lightning. It sure is a great coincidence. Yes, such a coincidence! It might be possible that long ago, it came from the same school of profound movement skills. Hahaha! Coincidental, so coincidental! This is definitely fate between big bro and I. Hahahaha!”

Hua Minghai raised his head and looked towards the sky, as he laughed sillily with a crazy look on his face.

“Hahahaha.” Yun Che laughed out loud as well. “It’s of great help to me, far surpassing my expectations from back then. Don’t worry, I will definitely not let you go against your clan rules for nothing. Speaking of which, the reason I nearly died on the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago, was because of Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Ye Xinghan. When I finally made my return, they even travelled several tens of thousands of kilometers to welcome me. The grudge between me and Sun Moon Divine Hall can be said to have completely formed. Although currently, there’s still no conflict between us, there will definitely be a day where we will completely break into conflict, and that day isn’t that far away.”

Yun Che looked at Hua Minghai, and slowly said. “Within Sun Moon Divine Hall, who do you want dead the most?”

Hua Minghai’s eyes evidently trembled. “Big bro, can you really…” His face momentarily changed, and then, he fiercely clenched his teeth. “The one who killed my parents, and struck Xiaoya with the cold poison, is the same person! Ye Xuange, Sun Moon Divine Hall’s tenth elder! And the culprit behind everything, is the Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie of Sun Moon Divine Hall! Since several hundred years ago, he had wanted to obtain our clan’s Extreme Mirage Lightning, and had searched for the traces of our clan in secret countless times. Back then, I mentioned that a former ancestor of mine once entered Sun Moon Divine Hall, and stole one of their Tyrant blades. This was in order to exact revenge on Sun Moon Divine Hall for their countless sabotages. Till today, our clan has withered down to merely me alone. So, so…”

“I understand.” Yun Che nodded. “Ye Meixie is coincidentally one of the people I must kill.”

“Ah?” Hua Minghai was stunned.

“Because Ye Xinghan must die.” Recalling what Ye Xinghan had done, Yun Che’s voice suddenly turned cold. “And Ye Xinghan is Ye Meixie’s only son. After killing Ye Xinghan, there’s naturally a need to kill Ye Meixie as well, else there will be countless troubles in the future.”

The reason why Yun Che had to kill them, or to say the more important reason, was naturally to exact revenge for his parents!

Yun Che’s profound energy surged, and Extreme Mirage Lightning enveloped his body. “Although I do not carry your clan’s bloodline, I possess your clan’s core inheritance. Hence, I’m still barely considered as a half-successor of your clan. Since that’s the case, there’s a need to do a little something for your clan, even if it’s done in passing.”

“Big bro…” The gratitude within Hua Minghai’s heart, was inexpressible.

“I’m leaving now. I don’t mind staying for too long, but it’s still a little dangerous for you. You’d best hurry and leave Divine Phoenix City. With the cruel acts the Divine Phoenix Sect has done to my Blue Wind Empire, in the next following days, I’m unable to guarantee that I won’t do something that would involve the entire Divine Phoenix City.”

After leaving these final words, Yun Che waved his hands at Hua Minghai as his body turned into lightning and left far, far away.

“Big bro, my sound transmission imprint hasn’t changed, if there’s anything that I can do, call me whenever!” Hua Minghai shouted loudly, his gaze continued to chase after Yun Che’s leaving figure, until he completely disappeared from his line of sight.

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