Chapter 718 - Yellow Spring Ashes

Against the Gods

Chapter 718 - Yellow Spring Ashes

The scorching radiance shone down from the skies, illuminating every corner of Phoenix City with a scarlet golden glow. The source of the glow that was gradually descending like a purgatory of flames was currently consuming the heavens. It was so big that it nearly covered up a third of Phoenix City… and it was still continuously expanding.

All the profound practitioners within Divine Phoenix Sect stopped what they were currently doing and looked towards the sky in a daze. They were so shocked that they were completely speechless.

“What… is that?”

Not just in Phoenix City, but also in Divine Phoenix City… and even its borders, everyone walked out of their homes and training grounds and stared dumbfoundedly at the dazzling blood-colored sun that was slowly approaching Phoenix City.

Feng Hengkong’s eyes and the entirety of his face had all been illuminated till they were scarlet gold. Accompanying the scarlet golden glow, the temperature was rising at a frightening rate, but what was even more alarming was how unbelievably overbearing the pressure was...

The pressure was as though doomsday had arrived!! It was many times more frightening than when Yun Che had previously used all his profound strength. In fact, he had never even felt such a frightening and overbearing pressure come from his father, Feng Tianwei… Under such intense pressure, his heart palpitated as each and every single cell and nerve within his body trembled violently.

“What’s going on?” A Phoenix elder asked while trembling in shock.

“Didn’t Grandfather leave to chase after Yun Che… How could Yun Che appear here? Where’s Grandfather?” Feng Ximing could not believe the scene before him. Less than fifteen minutes ago, Yun Che had been forced to escape within two moves of Feng Tianwei… Feng Tianwei’s attacks had all hit Yun Che cleanly. The fact that he did not die and still had the strength to escape could be considered a miracle already. At the very least, he should be suffering severe injuries, and there was no way he could escape from the clutches of Feng Tianwei.

However, Yun Che had suddenly appeared here, and there was also no sign of Feng Tianwei.

“Send a sound transmission to your grandfather immediately!” Feng Hengkong looked up in the sky, gritted his teeth and said, “Yun Che has many tricks up his sleeve, he must have used some unique method to escape your grandfather’s pursuit… Perhaps, he had intentionally lured your grandfather away!

“Get your grandfather to swiftly return!” The soul shocking pressure had already caused Feng Hengkong to feel an immense sense of danger.

“Yes, royal father!” Feng Ximing quickly took out a sound transmission jade with a Phoenix flame imprint.

“Yun Che… what are you going to do!” Feng Hengkong howled in a low voice.

Every member of Divine Phoenix Sect possessed the Phoenix bloodline, moreover, the Phoenix profound energy within them provided them strong resistance towards heat. But this time, the temperature of the air was already like scorching flames, and even someone as strong as Feng Hengkong started to swelter. For the lower level disciples whose profound strength was weaker, they could not help but use their profound energy in order to resist the heat.

An increasing amount of water vapor started to rise up from every direction as the air in front of them visibly distorted.

Following the expansion of the flaming hell, the surrounding temperature continued to rise.

Yun Che stood about one kilometer in midair and stopped descending; his face was still slightly pale… because this “Yellow Spring Ashes Domain” had used up all of his profound strength, and he had almost unleashed every bit of strength he had.

It was several times stronger than the “Yellow Spring Ashes Domain” that exterminated the seven hundred thousand Divine Phoenix Army previously!!

“Feng Hengkong, look carefully. This place, which bore the will of a divine spirit but has since turned exceptionally dirty and vicious, will soon be eradicated forever!” Yun Che laughed coldly, his voice sounded like the howl of a devil.

In Illusory Demon Realm, the Illusory Demon Royal Family relied on the first four realms of the 《Golden Crow’s Records of the Burning World》 to make all the living beings within Illusory Demon Realm serve under them. In Profound Sky Continent, Divine Phoenix Sect relied on the first four realms of the 《World Ode of the Phoenix》 to dominate the Seven Nations. In fact, their short five thousand years of progress was catching up to the Sacred Grounds which had tens of thousands of years of history.

Within Illusory Demon Realm, the strongest profound art was without a doubt the Golden Crow’s Records of the Burning World. Within Profound Sky Continent, the World Ode of the Phoenix was also widely recognized as the strongest profound art.

As for Yun Che, not only did he possess a Golden Crow bloodline purer than the Little Demon Empress and all the past Demon Emperors, the current “Yellow Spring Ashes Domain” that he was using was also the power of the seventh realm of the 《Golden Crow’s Records of the Burning World》!

In terms of profound strength, Yun Che definitely was not one of the best.

However, the “Yellow Spring Ashes” that he had release this time was without a doubt the highest level and strongest profound skill.

That was indisputable!

Not just Feng Hengkong, even if all the previous ancestors of Divine Phoenix Sect were present, their hearts would also tremble uncontrollably in front of such an immense level of pressure.

Yun Che’s words were not just empty threats.

Once this domain had completely formed and came down to envelop them...

It was enough to cover the entire Phoenix City and turn this sect, which had five thousand years of history, into ashes!

Feng Hengkong’s entire body shuddered. The fear in his heart gave him the feeling that Yun Che was not just making empty threats...

“Devilspawn. Even in facing death, you still speak so arrogantly!” Phoenix elder Feng Zhishui roared before muttering to Feng Hengkong, “Sect Master, he is currently staying in midair and doesn’t dare to come down. From the profound aura fluctuations on his body, he is clearly accumulating energy. Adding this to the fact that he was definitely severely injured by Grand Sect Master before, even though his presence is shocking at the moment, it’s likely that he no longer has the strength to defend himself… It’s the best time to attack him!

“Let me reveal his true colors!”

Feng Zhishui was extremely confident in his judgement. By the time he finished his statement, he had already jumped into the air and clawed at Yun Che.

The truth was indeed not too far from his deduction… Although Yun Che was not heavily injured, at the current moment, all his strength was still being used on the Golden Crow Domain and he did not have one bit of strength to defend himself.

Even so, how could a Phoenix elder possibly get close to Golden Crow flames emitted at full strength?!

Feng Zhishui instantly soared several hundred of meters in the air as he shot straight at Yun Che. However, when he was about three hundred meters away from Yun Che, Feng Shuizhi’s expression drastically changed. His originally sprinting figure suddenly stopped at its fastest speed before plummeting to the ground. The moment he landed onto the ground, he laid on the ground and rolled several times as he let out continuous howls of pain.

“Elder Zhishui!”

All the present Phoenix profound practitioners were in deep shock. Feng Hengkong and all the other elders swiftly rushed forward, and when they got closer, a pungent charred smell wafted to their nose. As Feng Zhishui rolled around, all of his Phoenix robe, hair and beard had turned into ashes and fell off. His exposed body was half red, and the other half was black as charcoal!

The most eye-catching were his hands… Everything below his arms disappeared, and all that remained were two segments of charred bones.

“Sect Master… don’t get…close…” Feng Zhishui stretched out his right arm that was missing a hand. His face violently contorted in pain as he swallowed his words before eventually losing his life.

The faces of Feng Hengkong and the various Phoenix elders had turned pale as a bone-piercing chill went down their spine.

Feng Hengkong’s body trembled slightly as he weakly took two steps back. As he concentrated his gaze, he gritted his teeth before flying into the air and rushing straight at Yun Che.

“Sect Master!”

Feng Zhishui’s miserable state was right in front of their eyes. All the Phoenix elders, who were still frightened out of their wits, quickly flew up as they attempted to stop Feng Hengkong.

However, Feng Hengkong was not as rash as Feng Zhishui. Immediately after getting into the air, he slowed down tremendously. His eyebrows tightly knitted together as he slowly but gradually approached Yun Che… With each step closer, the temperature would increase by a terrifying degree. When he was about three hundred meters high, he already felt uncomfortable to the heat despite being protected by phoenix profound energy that was in the tenth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm. As he neared another three hundred or so meters, his chest began to suffocate, and he felt as though he was standing at the edge of a volcano.

Feng Hengkong gritted his teeth as his body ferociously climbed another thirty meters. However, his body immediately felt as though it had been wrapped by a layer of burning metal, causing his face to contort in pain.

At this point, he was still at least four hundred meters away from Yun Che!

Even though he was experiencing it for himself, Feng Hengkong still could not believe that just the temperature alone of the scarlet golden flames Yun Che released prevented him from getting within three hundred meters of him!

Even his father, Feng Tianwei, could never do this!!

Such a temperature from more than three hundred meters away. Just how frightening… was that flame?!

“Sect Master, don’t get closer anymore!”

The expressions of all the elders that followed behind turned pale from shock. Experiencing it for themselves, they finally understood why Feng Zhishui would end up in such a state. As they looked at Yun Che, their hearts madly trembled and what they felt could no longer be simply described as fear anymore.

“Phoenix Fire Burning Heaven!!!”

A Phoenix elder carefully retreated a few steps before concentrating all the profound energy within him to release the strongest flames he could muster. A massive pillar of Phoenix flames, carrying along the cries of the Phoenix, shot straight into the sky towards Yun Che… However, these flames had only managed to go on for a hundred meters before it shattered and dispersed into tiny balls of fire that disappeared in the sky.

“Wha… whattt?!” That elder was completely stunned.

“Sect Master, hurry and retreat!!”

They had only stayed for several breaths of time, yet they already felt as though their bodies were being grilled above the flames of purgatory. If they were already facing this with their strength, any one of the guards or disciples would instantly combust in flames.

Without waiting for Feng Hengkong’s reply, two elders grabbed onto his arms and forcefully brought him down from the air. Only when they had landed back on the ground did their breathing become a bit smoother.

After personally experiencing how frightening Yun Che’s flame domain was, Feng Hengkong’s face was as pale as a sheet. The words Yun Che had said just now became much clearer in his head. It was as though a devil had imprinted a seal in his heart, causing him to tremble in fear, “Yun Che… What exactly do you want?!!”

“What do I want? Didn’t I already say it clearly just now?” Yun Che sneered with a dark face as the Golden Crow Domain in the sky continued to expand. It was now nearly big enough to cover half of Phoenix City, “The moment this flame domain descends... will also be very moment your Phoenix City forever disappears from the face of this earth!”

“You dare!!!” Feng Hengkong’s eyes turned bloodshot and his tone completely changed, “If you dare to harm one bit of my Phoenix City, we… we swear to eradicate every inch of your Blue Wind Nation!!”

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Yun Che laughed hysterically, “Feng Hengkong, you really don’t know how to repent even when you’re completely defeated. I killed your sons as easily as I killed chickens without even bothering to blink… Tell me, do you think I dare?!”

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