Chapter 735 - Murong Qianxue

Against the Gods

Chapter 735 - Murong Qianxue

After bringing Xue’er around Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, they then arrived at the Frozen End Divine Hall. Murong Qianxue and the rest were already waiting for them there.

The door to the Frozen End Divine Hall was destroyed by Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi, and could no longer be closed. In this short span of time, Yun Che was unable to find any way to repair it either. After entering the Frozen End Divine Hall, the first thing he did was to erect a profound barrier with all his might, because the thing he was about to do next, definitely could not receive any outside interference.

“Palace Master, we are already prepared,” Murong Qianxue solemnly said.

“Alright.” Yun Che stood in front of the six people and roughly sensed their profound aura, nodding, “The method I’m about to use to raise your profound strengths is definitely not that mysterious as you think. If I were to describe it, it’s actually very simple… and that’s to forcefully lift your profound strength through the use of medical pellets of sufficient strength.”

After finishing his words, Yun Che was already holding onto a Overlord Pellet in his hand.

At that moment, the extremely powerful medicinal energy of the Overlord Pellet was emitted out, and in merely an instant, it filled every corner of the Frozen End Divine Hall. The Frozen End Divine Hall was located beneath Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and was colder than any other place in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. However, following after the pervasion of the Overlord Pellet’s medicinal energy, the air actually began to carry an evident sultry feeling.

The mental spirits of the six girls shook, and even the ice spirits that were naturally fluttering around their bodies were acting abnormally under the influence of the medicinal energy.

This was merely the medicinal force of a single medicinal pellet, yet it could actually be powerful to such an extent; something that they had completely never even seen or heard of before. Murong Qianxue stretched out her fingers, and when her fingertips were in contact with the Overlord Pellet, she shortly retracted them, as though she had been shocked by electricity, exclaiming, “Such tyrannical medicinal power!”

The girls of Frozen Cloud were already astonished by the unbelievably powerful medicinal energy in the first place, and Murong Qianxue’s reaction caused their shock to intensify. Chu Yueli asked, “Palace Master, just what is this?”

“Its name is Overlord Pellet, and it is refined with forty-nine types of extremely violent and intensive ingredients. It contains an extremely concentrated and high level energy inside it. If one is able to completely absorb and assimilate the energy inside it into their profound veins, then they will be able to raise their profound strength to an extremely high degree. After that, they can use the next several months to stabilize their foundation,” Yun Che explained.

“So that’s the case! With such a powerful medicinal energy, its effects must be really incredible as well!” Feng Hanyue excitedly said.

“Palace Master…” Murong Qianxue’s brows lightly knitted. Taking a step forward, she cautiously said, “The energy within this Overlord Pellet is indeed incomparably astonishing. Earlier, although I had only probed it for a short moment, I’m absolutely certain that if all of the energy inside it is released, it’s enough to destroy our entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace in an instant.”

“Ah!!” Feng Hanyue let out an astonished cry, while Chu Yueli and the rest had surprised expressions as well.

“It’s not that we are depreciating ourselves, with such a powerful medicinal energy, even though it had turned very docile from the refinement process, it’s still definitely not something we can absorb with our current level. If we were to take it in directly, not only is it impossible to raise our profound strength, it might even bring about some extremely serious consequences.”

Murong Qianxue’s profound strength was the strongest out of the six. With her assertion, it was not even needed to mention the five other girls.

Yun Che did not deny it as he instantly nodded, “Senior Master Murong is right. Among the forty-nine ingredients used to refine the Overlord Pellet, none of them does not contain energy that’s not tyrannical and violent. In the first place, it’s mainly used to break through a realm bottleneck when one encounters it during cultivation. If one tries to forcefully take in the energy within, even Senior Master Murong, who possesses the strongest profound strength here, will suffer serious injuries. And if it’s Hanyue and Hanxue, whose profound strength are slightly weaker, it might even result in the destruction of their profound veins.”

“Ah…” Feng Hanyue once again let out a soft cry.

“Why does Palace Master refer Senior Sister Murong as Senior Master Murong, but call us Hanyue and Hanxue?” Feng Hanxue softly said.

“I don’t know… In any case, Palace Master has never referred to us as junior masters.” Feng Hanyue pouted, “He must be thinking that we’re easy to bully.”

“Since that’s the case… Palace Master, I believe you must have long thought of a foolproof plan,” Jun Lianqie said. Yun Che’s words did not disappoint them, rather, it had made their expectations rise even more.

“Of course.” Yun Che gripped the Overlord Pellet in his hand, and then he said with complete assurance, “Though the medicinal power of the Overlord Pellet is extremely ferocious, with my unique profound energy and my understanding of medicinal knowledge, it’s possible for me to completely control it! In regards to its effects, you will find out immediately.”

“Senior Master Murong, we will first start with you then.”

If it’s purely the usage of one’s own profound energy, even Yun Che would find it a bit strained to guide the medicinal energy inside the pellet to break through a bottleneck. And to aid someone in forcefully absorbing all of the energy within the Overlord Pellet… it could be said that in the entire Profound Sky Continent, not a single person would be able to do so, and that included the masters of the Four Great Sacred Grounds!

However, it was possible for Yun Che, because he possessed the Sky Poison Pearl! When it came to controlling medicinal energy, under the heavens, there was nothing else that could surpass the Sky Poison Pearl in that regard!

If it could be done flawlessly on the most difficult of medicinal energy control, then adding Yun Che’s profound energy guidance and nourishment from nature’s essence, it definitely wouldn’t be too troubling of a task to have an Emperor Profound physique completely absorb the energy of the Overlord Pellet.

Upon being called, Murong Qianxue stood forward, sat in front of Yun Che and took the Overlord Pellet off Yun Che’s hand. Earlier, she had personally probed into the terror of its medicinal energy. If she were to swallow it down directly just like that, the consequences would be simply disastrous. However, because of her trust towards Yun Che, her expression was very calm, “Palace Master, do I immediately eat it now?”

“Wait a minute.” Yun Che once again stretched out his hand, took out another four Overlord Pellets and placed them altogether into Murong Qianxue’s hands. “Take all five of them together!”

“Ah!?” Murong Qianxue was stunned for a moment, and the faces of the other five girls were filled with disbelief as well. With the medicinal energy of the Overlord Pellet, just a single pellet was enough to destroy a Throne. If one were to swallow five pellets at the same time… wouldn’t that mean that even one’s entire body would be burnt away in an instant?

“Senior Master Murong, be at ease. I will definitely not do something that will harm Senior Master Murong… Without sufficient confidence in myself, even if a crisis unfolded before my eyes, I definitely would not have chosen to do this!” Yun Che nodded towards Murong Qianxue and spoke with an incomparably stern tone.

Murong Qianxue’s astonishment and doubt merely lasted for a short three breaths of time, and then, under Yun Che’s gaze, she slowly nodded. Raising her jade-like hand, her beautiful lips opened, and then she swallowed all five Overlord Pellets in an instant.

Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue, Feng Hanxue, as well as Feng Xue’er who was by Yun Che’s side, all had taut heartstrings; their six alluring snow-white faces carried deeply tensed expressions… Because with just a single and lightest mishap, Murong Qianxue’s profound veins would be crippled, and at the heaviest, she would lose her life. With worry and anxiety at this intensity, even the hopes of possibly achieving the Tyrant Profound had been completely suppressed.

On the contrary, Murong Qianxue slowly closed her eyes, her snow-white face was still as cold as profound ice.

“Alright…” Yun Che took a deep breath and stretched out both of his hands; in his palms, profound energy and nature’s essence surged at the same time. “Senior Master Murong, this entire process will take about four to six hours. Within this period of time, you best maintain a state that is as calm as water. No matter what kind of changes occur in your body, you must definitely not circulate your profound energy.”

“The moment I release the medicinal energy within the five Overlord Pellets, you will sense countless of profound energy flowing haphazardly in your body. A part of these profound energy will charge out of your body, so… fellow Senior Masters and Junior Masters, it will be best to stand a little further away in order to prevent sustaining any injuries. Also…”

Yun Che paused for a moment as his brows slightly sank, his expression and tone turned especially stern and righteous, “Senior Master Murong, because you are unable to circulate your profound energy to protect your body, the snow robe on your body will also be completely annihilated by the bursting flow of profound energy. When that time comes, you must focus your state of mind, do not be flustered.”

“...!!” Murong Qianxue, who even carried a calm expression when she directly swallowed the five Overlord Pellets, instantly opened her eyes wide; the light in her eyes stirred with hints of panic… Earlier, Yun Che said that the entire process would take four to six hours, wouldn’t that mean… she would have to be facing Yun Che naked for such a long period of time!?

The girls of Frozen Cloud were icy and pure their entire lives; even the lightest of contact with males in the outside world were extremely small in number. Three years ago, when her back had to be bare while Yun Che opened her profound veins, it had already caused her to feel troubled and unsettled whenever she saw Yun Che in the following months. Whenever she occasionally recalled it, her heart would fluster for a moment as well.

If she had to face him while naked for four to six hours… She was simply unable to imagine it!

But the five Overlord Pellets had already been consumed; even if she wanted to quit now, it was no longer possible. Furthermore, Yun Che did not give her, nor the other Frozen Cloud girls, time to respond and regret. One of his hands pressed onto Murong Qianxue’s chest, while the other was pressed on her lower abdomen. Then, he quickly said, “Xue’er, guard me. Before I’m done, do not allow anyone to approach or interrupt.”

“Mn, I understand.” Feng Xue’er defended by Yun Che’s side. With her present, Yun Che could completely focus on his task, without anything to worry.

When Yun Che’s voice fell, his profound energy and nature’s essence, like two calm but majestic streams, poured into Murong Qianxue’s body. The mystical energy of the Sky Poison Pearl was poured in along with Yun Che’s profound energy as well, and with a gentle, incomparably calm method, it slowly released the medicinal energy within the five Overlord Pellets.

In an instant, Murong Qianxue clearly sensed an incomparably powerful hurricane of profound energy swirling within her own body, and then, it turned into countless streams of profound energy, charging into every single corner and every single one of her meridians in her body…


A non-trembling, yet incomparably dull roar suddenly rang within the Frozen End Divine Hall. There emerged a formless and colorless hurricane of profound energy, but it was evidently distorting the surrounding space, swirling up around Murong Qianxue’s body. In a mere instant, it had completely minced away the entire snow robe on her body. The shockwave of the spilled over profound energy quickly dispersed, blowing Chu Yueli and the rest, who were caught off caught, a dozen meters away.

The faces of the girls all lost their color. Although they had thought that the energy contained within the five Overlord Pellets would definitely be extremely frightening, they had never expected that it would actually be frightening to such an extent. The medicinal energy had only just been released, and it was merely a shockwave from the energy that was spilled over, yet, it was actually powerful to such an astonishing extent! The force of energy Murong Qianxue’s body was bearing… was simply unimaginable!!

Their worries had very quickly turned into a much deeper astonishment… Murong Qianxue’s snow robe was minced into shreds, and not a single strand of it was left on her body. However, the surface of her body was not the least bit injured, only her face was slightly dyed red; clearly, there weren’t any hints of her having suffered internal injuries.

“Her clothes… were really completely shredded away.” Feng Hanxue held her chest with her two hands, her face completely tensed.

“Shh… Don’t speak.” Feng Hanyue hurriedly reached out her hand and covering her lips.

With her snow robe completely shredded, Murong Qianxue’s brows twitched, her breathing and heartbeat instantly turned hurried, her mind entered a state of panic, and her mental energy was even incomparably focused on the changes in her body. She slightly opened her eyes and looked straight at Yun Che who was merely a shoulder-length away from her, only to realize that his brows were tightly knitted, his expression was heavy, and his breathing was even more so as calm as still water. Not only did he not reveal a hint of lust because of her completely shredded snow robe, even his eyes were tightly closed.

Murong Qianxue took in a light breath, closed her eyes and quickly went into a focused state.

Following after the successive releases of medicinal energy, the streams of profound energy in her body grew. And apparently, every single one of these thousands of profound energy streams was much stronger compared to the profound energy she could release with her full strength! It was hard to imagine that such a small medicinal pellet could actually release energy of this level. Furthermore, all of these energy didn’t truly belong to her own body, so if they were to go out of control within her body, merely a single stream would be enough to heavily injure her. And with so many of them, if all of them were to go out of control, she was certain that… in just a few breaths of time, it would already be enough for her to die from self-explosion.

Similarly, just a single stream of external profound energy like these was extremely hard to control. However, she could clearly sense that although the profound energy were circulating at extreme speeds in her body, not a single one of them was moving haphazardly. It was as though all of them were being firmly controlled by an incomparably mystical force, not even letting a single one of them to run amuck. She could faintly sense the existence of this mystical energy, yet she was unable to perceive just what kind of energy it was in the slightest.

In addition, there was another stream of energy that was as calm as a gentle breeze, gradually latching onto every single one of the profound energy streams coming from the Overlord Pellet, causing these profound energy to quickly slow down, and actually making them gentler and grow in affinity. Then, every single one of these profound energy streams was released and dispersed, turning into even smaller profound energy streams. And not only did these dispersed profound energy streams fail to cause any damage to her body, they were actually refining her profound channels while flowing through them… Finally, all of the streams gathered towards her profound veins.

Two hours passed. The medicinal energy of all five Overlord Pellets were released, and the hurricane of profound energy surrounding Murong Qianxue expanded once again. And at this moment, Yun Che’s hands finally moved. They began to slowly shift across Murong Qianxue’s body, from her collarbone, to her shoulder, and then to her left abdomen… And with every single shift, they would stop for a hundred breaths of time or so, and every stopping point of his palms were where her profound entrances were.

“Senior Sister’s profound aura… is rising!” Jun Lianqie involuntarily let out a soft cry. With incomparable clarity, every single one of them sensed that whenever Yun Che’s palm moved to the next position on Murong Qianxue’s body, her profound strength would always quickly rise a notch higher.

“And it’s even an increase of a very large degree.” Mu Lanyi softly said as her pair of beautiful eyes looked at Murong Qianxue unblinkingly… By now, all of their focus were no longer on Murong Qianxue’s naked body.

And at this moment, a white fog suddenly rose around Murong Qianxue’s jade body. Several dozens of ice spirits suddenly appeared in the air before quickly dispersing. The entire Frozen End Divine Hall was suddenly filled with cold air that came from an unknown source, which then condensed in an instant.

“She broke through, Senior Sister made a breakthrough!!” Although Chu Yueli had been suppressing herself with all her might all this while, at this moment, she still wasn’t able to contain herself from letting out her voice.

As fellow junior and senior sisters of the same sect, all of them could clearly sense that Murong Qianxue’s profound strength had undergone a change at that instant earlier… From the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, she directly made a breakthrough into the ninth level of the Emperor Profound Realm!!

And merely two hours had passed!

And this rise in profound strength had only just begun. Under the gaze of the girls who did not dare to shift their eyes away for even a moment, another fifteen minutes had passed, and an ice fog that was even colder than the one earlier floated above Murong Qianxue’s body… which was then accompanied by another change in her profound aura.

She broke through to the tenth level of the Emperor Profound Realm!!

“Heavens! Palace Master really did not lie to us. Senior sister Murong doesn’t look as though she’s suffering from even the least bit of injuries, yet… yet her profound strength is making consecutive breakthroughs as though it’s a dream… Perhaps it’s true… perhaps it’s possible to reach the Tyrant Profound Realm.” Feng Hanxue covered her lips with both of her hands, unable to prevent herself from speaking softly. Her two beautiful eyes were even more so flashing with crystal-like glow.

“But of course, when has Palace Master ever lied to us!” Feng Hanyue was adopting the same exact posture as Feng Hanxue… Her two small hands tightly held onto her tender lips.

Their inner hearts were astonished and excited, intense to the point where it was no longer possible to express them in words.

Yun Che’s palm once again moved. This time, his left and right hands separately pressed onto the left and right Jadepool Entrances…

To put it more bluntly, Yun Che’s two hands… were firmly grasping onto Murong Qianxue’s breasts.

Murong Qianxue’s entire body lightly shook, as though she was jolted by electricity. In an instant, her beautiful eyes opened… and at the same time, Yun Che’s two eyes, which had been closed the entire time, slightly opened as well. Their eyes instantly made contact. The light in Murong Qianxue’s eyes trembled as she dodged his gaze at lightning speed. Then, she tightly closed her eyes again, not daring to open them once more. The clear sense of touch on her body made her heart panic, unable to calm down.

The surrounding Frozen Cloud girls had long widened their beautiful eyes and were close to voicing out at the same time.

“Calm your heart down, do not have unnecessary thoughts!”

Within Murong Qianxue’s heart, Yun Che’s profound energy sound transmission sounded. Her soul shook as she hurriedly adjusted her breathing, removing all unnecessary thoughts and placed her focus on her internal energy with all her might.

As for Yun Che himself… After he opened a slit of his eyes, he had never closed them since. His two eyes concentrated on Murong Qianxue’s chest, as though he was greedily disgracing her snow-jade skin.

The snow robes of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace were all slightly constraint, and when she was in her snow robe, Murong Qianxue’s chest area had always been perked up; as such, it was imaginable just how bountiful they were under her snow robe… Though Yun Che had once seen her body at the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring back then, it was merely a short glance, and with the cover from the night, he did not manage to see them too vividly. Only today did he astonishingly realize that Murong Qianxue actually possessed a pair of such bountiful, large globes. His five fingers were already spread to the widest, yet he had only managed to grasp half of it.

Among all of the women Yun Che had experienced with, even the most bountiful Chu Yuechan and Cang Yue both paled in comparison.

Let alone Little Demon Empress who could only barely compete with Jasmine.

Not only were they huge, even their bounciness were extremely fine and soft. The jade-snow balm was filled with the traces of his fingers, and even when he consecutively and quietly exerted some force into them, he still failed to firmly grasp them; the sensation he felt was even more so silky like touching pearl powder. Yet, under her chest muscle, her body was exceptionally slender, revealing her curvature...

“What nonsense are you thinking about!? Hurry and concentrate!!”

While his mind was swaying, Yun Che’s palms inadvertently made a rubbing motion, when suddenly, Jasmine’s cold shout rang in his consciousness, causing his entire body to quiver. He quickly threw away all lustful thoughts, contained his emotions and placed all of his focus on the control and guidance of the medicinal energy… His forehead was close to dripping with lines of cold sweat.

…He had actually been distracted!!

If Jasmine had not woken him up from his senses, he would have been close to losing control of a portion of the medicinal energy.

“At such an important time, dirty thoughts could still sprout in his mind, he’s simply… simply incurable!” Jasmine angrily muttered to herself, “And, he could clearly execute control from her back, yet he just had to do it from the front! This despicable, shameless and perverted sex fiend!”

“Awh…” Hong’er, who had slept the entire day, was woken up by Jasmine’s furious condemning voice. She half-opened her sleepy eyes, let out a lazy yawn and drowsily said, “Big Sis Jasmine, you seem to be angry. Did Master do something wrong again?”

“...It’s something a child shouldn’t know. You’re not allowed to look outside, be obedient and go back to sleep.” Jasmine’s little face was filled with seriousness.

“Ou…” Hong’er obediently responded in compliance as her body rolled up like a kitten, and the moment she tilted her head, she was back to sleeping soundly.

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