Chapter 738 - Unfilial Son

Against the Gods

Chapter 738 - Unfilial Son

Divine Phoenix Nation, Divine Phoenix Sect.

“Royal father, are these… all true?” Deep astonishment surfaced on Feng Hengkong’s face.

“This news was personally told by Sun Moon Divine Hall's Ninth Elder Ye Guying himself. Furthermore, among the four Sun Moon Elders brought by Ye Xinghan that day, he was one of them, so it’s definitely not just a mere rumor. That day, if not for Ye Guying’s quick wits, Ye Shi might not have been the only person to die back then.” Feng Tianwei’s voice was calm, but his brows were heavily sunken the entire time.

“Right now, this matter is no longer a secret in the Four Great Sacred Grounds. Ye Guying only disclosed this matter to me because of the long years of relationship we have, advising me to never aggravate Yun Che’s resentment ever again.”

“No wonder… no wonder Yun Che actually dared to intrude our Divine Phoenix Sect alone and had never felt fear from the beginning to end. It’s also no wonder that, given Ye Xinghan’s sinister personality, he still had yet to lay his hands on Yun Che after knowing that he was still alive. So a figure that could cover the sky with a single hand was actually behind Yun Che’s back...” Feng Hengkong had difficulty quelling his astonishment.

“‘Old Man Duotian’, I once heard of this name from our ancestors when I was young. Presently, under the heavens, those who know of this name, should only be the Four Great Sacred Grounds and our Divine Phoenix Sect which both have the capabilities to pass down memories. He reigned supreme under the heavens ten thousand years ago and is presently reigning supreme across ancient and modern times. He was the first and only human to reach half-step into the Divine Profound Realm in the history of Profound Sky Continent, standing at the same level as our Ancestral Phoenix God… and that was ten thousand years ago!”

“I never would have thought that he would actually still be alive… Upon reaching that level, to be able to possess a lifespan of ten thousand years should be expected. No, if we’re talking about the level that Old Man Duotian is currently standing at, he might have already broken through the half-step Divine Profound Realm and stepped entirely into the Divine Profound Realm, achieving the legendary supreme ‘Profound God’!” Feng Tianwei’s said grimly, his voice carrying a mixture of astonishment, respect, and awe. “It’s also no wonder Yun Che was able to throw the face of our Phoenix Divine Sect into the dirt with merely the profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm. In this period of time, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t think of which famed figure in the Profound Sky Continent could have taught Yun Che, a monster who defies all common sense… to think it was actually such a god-like figure!”

“A ball of flames the size of a finger burnt a mid-stage Monarch into nothingness…”  Feng Hengkong could not help but take in a cold breath, unable to imagine such a shocking scene in his mind. If Feng Tianwei had not personally told him this, even if the news came from the Four Great Sacred Grounds, he definitely would not have believed it.

“Looking at it now, our current situation can already be considered a decent outcome. About the matter of exacting revenge for Luo’er and the rest… Never ever think about it again.” Feng Tianwei said with a sigh.

“Royal father! Royal father!!”

Amidst his loud cries, Feng Ximing stumbled into the place. He did not have time for greetings as he immediately charged right towards Feng Hengkong, his face contorted in confusion, a look which he had never had before. “Royal father… this son has heard that, in the meeting of elders, you announced a marriage between Xue’er and Yun Che. What’s going on…? This definitely can’t be true!!”

“This is true!” Feng Hengkong frowned deeply, as he said with a cold look.

“Wha... what?” Feng Ximing, who was at a loss to begin with, shook uncontrollably upon receiving Feng Hengkong’s personal confirmation.  His entire body convulsed as though he heard a clap of thunder. Suddenly, he roared hysterically, “Royal father, have you gone mad!? Yun Che is our greatest enemy, he killed four of my royal brothers… four of royal father’s sons! Even several elders, two grand elders, and a thousand Phoenix disciples… He destroyed the Phoenix God Sculpture and, even now, Phoenix City is still filled with debris…  He’s the mortal enemy of our entire clan, someone we can never reconcile with! How could you possibly have Xue’er marry him!?”

At this moment, he finally saw that Feng Tianwei was standing by his side. Hurriedly, he ran over with unstable footsteps. “Grandfather, royal father has gone mad. He actually wants to have Xue’er marry that devil, Yun Che… Grandfather, hurry and stop him!”

“Enough!” Feng Hengkong turned around and shouted. “Regarding the circumstances for this issue, we will tell you in a few days. We are currently discussing some important matters with your grandfather. Leave immediately.”

Feng Tianwei threw a glance at Feng Ximing and waved his hand. “I have already finished saying what I wanted to say. Hengkong, in the days to come, make proper preparations for the Devil Sword Conference. In the Devil Sword Conference, not only will all of the core figures of the Four Great Sacred Grounds personally make their appearances, they will have also invited all of the powers in the entire Profound Sky Continent which possess experts at the level of Tyrant Profound Realm. This is a grand, unprecedented occasion and this gimmick is rather appalling. When the time comes, I will personally head over there with the rest of you… Ming’er shall tag along as well.”

“Royal father, you want to head there with us?” Feng Hengkong said, pleasantly surprised.

“Secret of the Divine Profound… Just from these five words alone, even if all of the profound practitioners in the world are a ninety nine percent certain that it’s mere fiction, no one would possibly resist. Even if they gain nothing in return, being able to see the four lords of the Four Great Sacred Grounds personally make an appearance and witness the gathering of all the warlords in the world, the trip would still be worth it.”

Once he finished speaking, Feng Tianwei disappeared from sight with a flick of his long sleeves and a flash of flaming light.

“Leave then.” Feng Hengkong gave Feng Ximing a sidelong glance. “You heard your grandfather’s words earlier. In these coming months, we must rebuild Phoenix City and fully prepare for the Devil Sword Conference at the same time. As for Xue’er’s marriage, there are early preparations we must also make.”

“Royal father!” Feng Ximing knelt in front of Feng Hengkong with a loud “thump”, his face filled with desperation. Feng Tianwei’s attitude clearly showed that he did not object to the marriage, which made him teeter on the edge of despair. “This son is begging you… you must revoke your order. This son simply cannot fathom why royal father would do something like this. That’s Xue’er… royal father’s most beloved daughter and our Divine Phoenix Sect’s future Phoenix God!!”

Feng Hengkong’s brows sank but he was not furious. Instead, he slowly said, “When we made this decision, we had naturally thought through it well. Furthermore, we currently have one more important reason to do so. Ximing, do you know why Yun Che’s actual strength was so astonishing even though he’s so young and merely possesses the profound strength of the Emperor Profound Realm? Do you know why his flames surpass our Phoenix flames so greatly? Do you know how he was able to return alive from the Primordial Profound Ark? You know that he had angered Ye Xinghan that year, yet why hasn’t Ye Xinghan gone to deal with him this entire time?”

“We have only found out today that Yun Che has an unprecedented, almighty master who is capable of tearing open dimensional rifts! When Yun Che was trapped in the Primordial Profound Ark that year, his master tore through space and brought him back from the Primordial Profound Ark! It wasn’t that Ye Xinghan did not want look for him. Far from it; on the very first day of Yun Che’s return, Ye Xinghan brought a total of four Sun Moon elders, fifteen protectorates, and did not hesitate to commandeer the Sun Moon Divine Ark to kill Yun Che. Yet, in the end, they forced Yun Che’s master to act…”

Feng Hengkong raised his index finger. “His master used just a tiny spark of flames the size of his finger to burn a Sun Moon Elder to nothingness in just a few breaths of time… Forget about a corpse, not even a strand of hair was left behind! If not for the fact that Yun Che’s master had long since distanced himself from worldly affairs and was unwilling to rashly commit murder, and that the Ninth Elder, who headed there as well, had desperately swore to never offend Yun Che ever again, not a single one of the Sun Moon Divine Hall members who went there shouldn’t even think about returning to Sun Moon Divine Hall alive.”

Feng Ximing was completely dumbstruck, as if he was listening to a heavenly tome being read.

“The strength of Yun Che’s master might even surpass the Ancestral Phoenix God’s to a level that we are unable to comprehend. Presently, even the Four Great Sacred Grounds do not dare to offend Yun Che at all. Although our Divine Phoenix Sect encountered a crisis because of Yun Che, thinking about it now, we must instead feel fortunate. If the one who was forced into a desperate position was Yun Che and his master was forced out, the consequences… would have been unimaginable!”

“Yun Che’s potential is immeasurable. His body possesses the Phoenix bloodline, he sincerely treats Xue’er well and is willing to protect her with his own life… Adding to that, he has such a powerful backer behind him.” Feng Hengkong closed his eyes. “Although we hate him to the bone, when it comes to Xue’er’s marriage there is definitely no one else more suitable than him. If she can marry him, not only can it soothe the resentment between our Divine Phoenix Sect and their Blue Wind Nation, our Divine Phoenix Sect will also garner massive support. Even if the truth of our Ancestral Phoenix God’s passing is made known to the world before Xue’er’s power is completely awakened, the Four Great Sacred Grounds will definitely think twice before touching even a strand of our hair.”

Feng Ximing’s face was green one moment and white the next. His lips trembled the entire time. Not only did Feng Hengkong’s patient explanation of the circumstances not calm him down, the aura he emitted from his body had instead become even more chaotic. He roared out loud, “So what!? This Xue’er we’re talking about! To royal father, this son... she is the most important person in the world. How could you possibly use her like this…”

“What do you mean by use her!?” Hearing Feng Ximing’s words, the flames of fury which Feng Hengkong had been suppressing with all his might were now on the verge of exploding. “This is Xue’er’s own will and desire! If Xue’er was unwilling, even if we had to sacrifice our life, we would never agree to it! Whether she was helplessly forced or entirely willing to do so… Could it be that you really aren’t certain of it in the bottom of your heart!?”

Feng Ximing’s expression paled once more. He knelt limply on the ground as if in overcome with despair. He sounded as if he were in pain as he implored, “Royal father… no matter what, you must not have Xue’er marry Yun Che… You dote upon Xue’er so much, you must be reluctant to let her go, right? Xue’er, she… she is our future Phoenix God after all. She belongs to our Divine Phoenix Sect so she shouldn’t marry to an outsider…”

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Hengkong yelled furiously. “Xue’er is the successor of our Ancestral Phoenix God. She carries the mission of protecting our entire sect in the future but that doesn’t mean she must forever belong to our Divine Phoenix Sect, nor does she belong to anyone else! She can only belong to her own self! In another half year, she will be twenty years old and will be able to make her own decisions. Even we only have the right to guide her on her path, but never will we have the qualifications to forcefully intervene or make decisions in her stead! Only this way can truly be good for her! As for you…” Feng Hengkong’s expression turned incomparably dark. “The lingering filthy thoughts you have for Xue’er... we have never been willing to expose them but do you really think we weren’t aware of it!?”

“Royal father…” Feng Ximing reached out his hands to grab onto Feng Hengkong’s ankle and pleaded with a trembling voice. “This son really cannot lose Xue’er. When this son thinks of Xue’er marrying to someone else… this son experiences feelings even more unbearable than death itself… This son begs royal father to revoke your order. This son will definitely use everything he has to protect Xue’er and your child is able to give Xue’er everything that she wants… This son can lose the title of crown prince and lose the emperor’s seat… This son can abandon everything as long as…”

“Unfilial son!!” Feng Hengkong went into a rage. Sending out one of his legs, despite Feng Ximing’s screams, he kicked his son out of the main hall.

Under his fury, this kick of his was extremely heavy, and a long trail of blood was splattered from the entrance of the main hall to the outside.

“Forget about you being her royal brother. Even if you two aren’t siblings, you will never be worthy of Xue’er and Xue’er will never bat a single eye at you! Leave, shut yourself in the Phoenix Heart Hall, and reflect for a hundred days! If you dare spout such presumptuous words ever again, we shall personally cripple you!”

Feng Hengkong’s body trembled with anger. As his father, how could he not clearly see through Feng Ximing’s thoughts? While Feng Xue’er’s charm was indeed hard for regular people to resist, although Feng Hengkong was acutely aware of it, he had never felt that it was beyond tolerance.

Yet he never expected that the thoughts Feng Ximing had for Feng Xue’er were this intense. They had gotten to the point where Feng Ximing had dared to spout such outrageous and heretical statements.

Outside the main hall, Feng Ximing supported himself on the ground with a single hand, continuously coughing out several large mouthfuls of fresh blood. He gasped for air as he stood up without uttering a word, stumbling away shortly after. In the depths of his eyes, a terrifying glimmer of resentment shone...

“I can abandon everything… but I can’t not have Xue’er…”

“She can forever remain out of my reach… but no one else is allowed to have her either!”

“Feng Hengkong… you forced me to do this…”

“All of you have forced me to do this!!!”

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