Chapter 741 - Jasmine that Escaped from the Devilish Nightmare

Against the Gods

Chapter 741 - Jasmine that Escaped from the Devilish Nightmare

Demon Imperial City, Illusory Demon Realm.

Three months had already passed since Yun Che brought Xiao Yun and the Under Heaven siblings away from the Illusory Demon Realm.

In the period of three months, the bloodshed in Demon Imperial City gradually stopped, and A peace that hasn't been seen in a hundred years appeared. The Little Demon Empress had also become the absolute supreme existence in the entire Illusory Demon Realm; no one dared to go against her, and no one could go against her.

“...The last heretical disciples have already been found at the southend of the city and were executed. The nineteen heretical disciples placed here by the Profound Sky Continent have all been removed! Out of the nineteen, eleven of them came from Supreme Ocean Palace, one of the Sacred Grounds, and the other eight came from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.”

Within the great hall, Mu Yubai kneeled on one knee and respectfully reported to the Little Demon Empress. The reason why they knew it was nineteen was through the Yun Family’s Profound Handle Soul Search. After finding the first one, they were able to know their exact number, their purpose, the approximate location of the others, how they arrived, as well as what they did.

The Little Demon Empress wore a pure golden dress with purple crystals decorating her hair. There was a glowing red ribbon tied around her waist, and her entire body released an air of luxury and solemnity. Her snow white face was beyond beautiful despite not having any makeup on, her lips were like cherry petals, and her eyes were like the cold stars; although the former deadly silence and power weren’t there anymore, her eyes were still cold. No one would doubt that if these pretty eyes could smile, it would be able to charm anything, and perhaps captivate the entire world.

However, the softness of her beautiful eyes would only blossom for Yun Che.

“Directly executed? This is the last heretical disciple, was the Profound Handle Soul Search performed?” the Little Demon Empress asked. Her cold eyes seemed to have caught onto the abnormality in Mu Yubai’s eyes.

“In reply to the Little Demon Empress, before he was executed, the Profound Handle Soul Search has been conducted,” Mu Yubai momentarily paused, revealing worry on his face. “From what he said, we acquired bad news.”

“Speak.” The Little Demon Empress’s beautiful face, which could not be described with words, was full of coldness and stunning solemnity, lacking any sort of expression.

Mu Yubai cautiously said, “These heretical disciples from the Profound Sky Continent carried an extremely special kind of sound transmission stone. Sealed within it was an extremely powerful sound transmission profound formation which allowed them to directly transmit sound from our Illusory Demon Realm to the Profound Sky Continent. This sort of sound transmission stone is extremely rare and valuable, and it would use up all the profound energy in one go. When we executed the eleven people from Supreme Ocean Palace, according to the Profound Handle Soul Search, in total, they brought seven of this kind of special sound transmission stones and consumed them all in a year and three months prior. The last message they sent to the Profound Sky Continent was before the Demon Empress Ceremony had begun.”

“You have said this several months before. Why are you mentioning it once again? Were the sound transmission stones from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region not used up?” The Little Demon Empress’s frowned slightly.

“Yes.” Mu Yubai nodded, his tense eyebrows did not relax. “The eight people from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region only brought three sound transmission stones, but after a hundred years, they only used two. As for the last one… it was used three months ago!”

“What!?” The Little Demon Empress’s expression immediately turned sullen; she clearly knew what this meant.

“Furthermore, it was unfortunate that... in the final sound transmission, that person emphasized on things about Yun Che! It was extremely thorough… Including his identity as a son of the Yun Family, that he came from the Profound Sky Continent, brought back the Demon King’s remains from Blue Wind Nation, stopped Duke Huai’s revolution, received the Golden Crow’s legacy, and married the Little Demon Empress… It was all transmitted back to the Profound Sky Continent!!”

These things weren’t some kind of secret in the Illusory Demon Realm; in fact, it could be said that everyone knew about it! Within the Illusory Demon Realm, everyone knew the Little Demon Empress like everyone knew about the first Demon Emperor in the Illusory Demon Realm’s history!

The Little Demon Empress’s cold gaze became even more icy and penetrating, causing Mu Yubai’s body to freeze as he found it hard to breathe. After quite a while, he finally managed to breathe as he continued, “This means that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region must have already deduced Che’er’s identity. He is in… danger in the Profound Sky Continent! Although Che’er is extremely talented and breaks through the higher realms at a godly speed, it would still be impossible for him to be an opponent for the sacred grounds.”

“...” The Little Demon Empress knew about the existence of the Primordial Profound Ark on Yun Che; by using it, no matter how big the danger he found himself in, he could immediately leave, so he should not meet any fatal danger. However, it was impossible for her to relax completely… Her royal father had found his demise in the hands of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. The deaths of Yun Canghai and the Yun Family’s ancestors were also caused by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s “Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation”. A single Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was already so terrifying; once Yun Che’s identity was exposed on the Profound Sky Continent, what he had to face was not merely a Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. As for the results… it would pretty much be the entire Profound Sky Continent as his enemy!

“Did that heretical disciple mention the Mirror of Samsara when he was transmitting sound?” the Little Demon Empress asked in a low voice.

“He also said that!” Only now did Mu Yubai notice that he missed a crucial point, his expression changed once more as he said while clenching his teeth, “...The day of the Little Demon Empress’s marriage, she had once declared to use the Demon Emperor’s most treasured Mirror of Samsara as the betrothal gift… He managed to completely transmit this sentence over… Drats!”

“This is indeed an extremely bad news.” The Little Demon Empress turned her head around in order to prevent Mu Yubai from seeing the worry in her cold eyes. On the Demon Empress Ceremony, everyone found out the long lost Mirror of Samsara was with Yun Che, but after he returned the Demon Emperor’s Seal, he did not mention about returning the Mirror of Samsara. The Little Demon Empress had mentioned it thrice, yet he still refused to give it back; in the end, she just announced that she would use the Mirror of Samsara as a betrothal gift.... After all, Yun Che, who married her, would also count as one of the Demon Emperor Clan.

Although the Mirror of Samsara was the treasure guarded by every generation of the Demon Emperor Clan, no one ever knew the use of it, nor how to use it.

However, the Profound Sky Continent… would go crazy for the Mirror of Samsara! Back then, the disaster of the Illusory Demons caused by Duke Ming’s ploy was due to the Mirror of Samsara! It all started with the Mirror of Samsara!

After Mighty Heavenly Sword Region discovered the possibility that the Mirror of Samsara was with Yun Che, they might not expose Yun Che’s identity in public; they would find a chance to take the Mirror of Samsara for themselves… However, this did not allow the Little Demon Empress to relax at all, because she was thinking of something even more terrifying:

Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was knowledgeable about Yun Che’s identity... Yet, Yun Che did not know that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region knew his identity!

“How long will it take before the Yun Family’s Space Splitting Ring can recover its power?” The Little Demon Empress suddenly turned around and asked with an ice-cold voice.

“The entire Yun Family is also worried about Yun Che’s safety, so they did not spare to use all of the Purple Veined Divine Crystals that they got before in order for the Space Splitting Ring to recover its power. Even so, for it to fully recover, it would take three months at the least, and six months at the longest...

The Space Splitting Ring was the secret weapon that the Yun Qinghong couple used to sneak onto the Profound Sky Continent.

“Three months…” Clearly, the Little Demon Empress was very dissatisfied with this time. Her eyes flashed, then she suddenly said, “How goes the search for Duke Ming’s trace?”

“It’s a shame, but we have not made any progress in this month, we will definitely…”

“This empress will give you three more months!” The Little Demon Empress coldly interrupted Mu Yubai’s speech. “Within three months, you must find where Duke Ming is hiding! However, do not attack so hastily like the last few times, you must first report it to this empress as soon as possible! Although Duke Ming is heavily injured, he still cannot be handled by normal people! You just need to find out where he is hiding, this empress will personally take his life!”

From the jade strips recording the 【Fallen Flame Devil Arts】 the Little Demon Empress found underneath Duke Huai Palace, she had already understood the blood escape technique that Duke Ming used to escape back then. Once Duke Ming fell into her hands, even if he disregarded the cost of using blood escape, he would not be able to escape.

“If you still fail to find Duke Ming’s location within these three months, then each of you shall break off a finger as punishment!”

Mu Yubai’s body shuddered as he said in a panic, “Yubai has been incapable, Little Demon Empress, please do not get angry… Within three months, Yubai will definitely not disappoint the Little Demon Empress once again.”

“Go… Get Yun Qinghong to meet this empress quickly!” The Little Demon Empress turned around with her back facing Mu Yubai. A heavy atmosphere that was beyond pressuring filled the entire hall, causing Mu Yubai to not even dare to breathe.


Mu Yubai directly walked out of the hall, and only then did he take a deep breath. He used his palm to touch his forehead, only to realize that it was covered by cold sweat.

“Phew… You're still my niece-in-law, you know,” Mu Yubai muttered, feeling aggrieved, then left carefully with light steps.

At the same time, on the Profound Sky Continent, within the Frozen Cloud Divine Hall.

It was already bright in the early morning. Before this time, Yun Che was already using the Overlord Pellet to help the Frozen Cloud girls to raise their profound energy level. At this moment, Yun Che was still lying on the ice bed which Chu Yuechan had slept on for several years. His eyes were still closed, as if he was still in deep sleep.

At this moment, there was suddenly a red flash beside him; a petite young girl with red hair and red cloths appeared. Her face was cold, and her eyes shone with a strange light.

Yun Che opened his eyes and sat up, “Jasmine, why did you come out?”

“Today is the day of your promised battle with Fen Juechen, you can’t have forgotten it, right?” Jasmine raised her thin eyebrow and spoke in an indifferent tone.

“Of course I didn’t. That’s why I’m still resting my strength,” Yun Che said with a carefree expression.

“It looks like you’re not worried at all. I already reminded you that his profound energy must have immensely increased from three months ago… Hmph, never mind, before that, there’s a good news, do you want to hear it?”

“Good news?” Just as Yun Che was about to ask, he suddenly noticed that the purifying aura of the Sky Poison Pearl was no longer in Jasmine’s body. He instantly moved forward and said in surprise, “Could it be… that all of the devilish poison on your body has been purified?”

“That’s right, all of it!” Jasmine turned her face, but Yun Che had still seen the way the corner of her lips moved upwards… However, she was not smiling coldly this time; it was very faint, yet it was a true faint smile!

If he carefully calculated it, from him and Jasmine’s meeting till now, six years and ten months had already passed.

Yet, this was his first time seeing Jasmine’s true smile… even though it was very slight and very temporary.

“That’s great!!” Yun Che let out a quiet cheer. His joy was from the bottom of his heart, from his soul. Not because she would be able provide him with great help after getting rid of the nightmare of the devilish poison, but it was merely because she had escaped from the nightmare of the devilish poison.

“As expected of the Sky Poison Pearl, even this type of soul invasive devilish poison that had the name of ‘god slaying’ was completely purified. When I found myself getting poisoned by this type of poison, I thought I was dead for sure,” Jasmine spoke in a hushed tone as she looked at her palms. Now, her soul was as pure as it was from the start; there was no sense of the Absolute God Slaying Poison at all. She was far clearer about the terrors of this type of poison than Yun Che… Even primordial true gods would all eventually lose their lives after getting struck by this sort of poison.

However, she lived, and she had even completely purified the Absolute God Slaying Poison. Furthermore, she had used not even seven years worth of time.

“Hey… it was clearly my effort alright? It was fortunate that I picked up you that night behind the Xiao household and coincidentally had the Sky Poison Pearl on me, otherwise… ahem,” Yun Che said with indignation.

Jasmine sneered and spoke in disdain, “Hmph, if you didn’t meet me, even if you didn’t die a thousand times, you would have still died eight hundred times!”

“...” Yun Che was unable to reply.

“There’s another thing that I can pretty much tell you now.” Jasmine lifted her delicate cheeks which were even more delicate than a clay doll’s and said with a hint of pride, “Back then, when I claimed to have sealed my profound energy… It’s actually false!”

After Jasmine finished, she waited for Yun Che to reveal a shocked or crazed expression, however, after hearing what she said, Yun Che merely looked at her in silence then nodded. “Oh, I knew.”

“You knew?” The shocked person became Jasmine. “When did you know?”

“It was approximately the time on the Primordial Profound Ark.” Yun Che rested both of his hands behind his head and leaned onto the ice wall, then he softly said, “During the eighteen months that the Primordial Profound Ark withstood the spatial storm, every time my body and spirit was about to collapse, the spatial storm would suddenly slow down and allow me to have a short time to catch my breath… For eighteen months, the period of time that I could withstand it increased, but every single time, it would slow down at the point where I was about to collapse; there was not even one exception.”

“During those eighteen months, all of my efforts was spent on surviving, and I couldn’t spare any of it to think about anything else. After the spatial storm stopped, I thought back to that eighteen months, then I started to suspect that you must have interfered with the spatial storm. That’s because it was impossible for there to be eighteen months of coincidences, not to mention that you and I shared the same body, thus you would be able to clearly feel when I would reach the breaking point.”

“...Then why didn’t you point it out?” Jasmine looked at Yun Che in confusion. She did interfere with the spatial storm, and the Primordial Profound Ark stopping at the Illusory Demon Realm was also due to her accidentally interfering with the Primordial Profound Ark’s tracks. “You didn’t seem to have even thought about borrowing my power when you met Duke Ming in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, even when you got pushed to a desperate situation and nearly died in his hands!”

“That’s because I know the reason why you are doing this. I knew that you didn’t want me to subconsciously rely on you, which would, in turn, affect my growth severely. Furthermore… I was only guessing. I have always worked hard to tell and hint at myself that it was only a guess, thus I had to use my full power and rely on myself in any situation, instead of relying on your ‘power that might have not been sealed’—it’s that simple.”

Jasmine, “...”

Jasmine’s pink cheeks puffed up. Yun Che might not even see her cute look of annoyance once every three years; just as he was about to tease her, he suddenly thought of something. He momentarily blanked, then he leaped up. His upper body directly leaped in front of Jasmine as he asked in extreme anxiety, “Jasmine! All of the devilish poison has been purified, does that mean that you can use your power as you please? Quick… Help me search for Little Fairy’s location! This was something you promised me at the start!”

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