Chapter 749 - Unwilling Defeat

Against the Gods

Chapter 749 - Unwilling Defeat

“Sigh…” Yun Che shook his head and extended a hand towards Fen Juechen. He did not do it to deliver the final blow, but to release the energy of heaven and earth that he had stored up quite a while ago, as he transferred it into Fen Juechen’s body.

Fen Juechen’s wounds were immediately sealed as a faint energy circulated within his almost exhausted profound veins and meridians… Although weak, it was enough to allow Fen Juechen to move again, so much that he could fly out of the Eastern Ocean region.

Fen Juechen’s eyes widened as his eyes recovered their clarity. Using his arm to support his body, he lifted his upper body with difficulty. His eyes that were filled with shock, unwillingness, and resentment glared unwaveringly at Yun Che. “If you want to kill me, kill me… Don’t you dare… humiliate me!”

“Humiliate you?” Yun Che’s mouth curled in disdain. “I don’t have such low level interests and I’m not going to kill you either.”

“You…” Yun Che’s words didn’t make Fen Juechen happy in the slightest, he only felt deep humiliation.

“The reason why I didn’t kill you four years ago was because you had once saved my little aunt Xiao Lingxi. Also, in these three years that I left the Profound Sky Continent, if it weren’t for you, I might not have been able to see my Little Aunt again.” Yun Che deeply stared at Fen Juechen’s fierce face that was full of hatred. “Frankly speaking, although your heart is filled with hatred and resentment toward me, I actually can’t hate you. Instead, I feel a bit of gratitude.”

“I don’t need your insincerity. Me saving her has nothing to do with you!! If you have the guts, kill me right now! Or else, there will come a day… in which I’ll make you wish that you were dead!!” Fen Juechen roared hoarsely. Being spared... and even offered gratitude by the person he hated the most? To him, this was a humiliation that he was simply unable to bear.

“Me releasing you today can be considered as repayment for saving my Little Aunt the second time. After that, I won’t owe you anything!” Yun Che stated coldly, “If you want to kill me for revenge, then properly treasure the life that I spared a second time! The injuries on your body are severe and your vitality has taken a huge hit, but with your current cultivation, you ought to be able to fully recover in two months. In these two months, you better hide well, because if you die, you would’ve died in vain!”

“As for the next time you come over to kill me… don’t even dream of leaving alive like you can today!”

The atmosphere still burned hot, but the ocean waves had somewhat settled for the most part. Fen Juechen slowly stood up. Even though his body was incomparably weak, the expression in his eyes was as sinister as a savage wolf’s. “You will… regret this… The reason why I was defeated by you today… was only because I lost in terms of weaponry…”

Once I retrieve the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword… I will give the blood debt and humiliation to you back… a million times greater!!”

Heavenly Sin Divine Sword?

Yun Che’s brows twitched due to Fen Juechen’s words.

Fen Juechen also quickly realized that his tongue had slipped due to him losing control. He tightened his fists, gritted his teeth, then flew into the air while enduring the sharp pains on his body. Flying haphazardly, he headed south.

“...” Seeing his blood drenched back, Yun Che hesitated for a bit, but didn’t give chase as he indifferently watched him go into the distance.

“Live on for at least a few more years. If you die, she will feel sad.” Yun Che suddenly muttered.

Fen Juechen, who was already more than five hundred meters away, suddenly trembled slightly.

“Heavenly Sin Divine Sword… Why would he want to obtain that sword?” Yun Che withdrew his gaze, his brows slowly tightening. Heavenly Sin Divine Sword… that was the “Devil Sword Conference’s” “devil sword”!

Also, what Fen Juechen had said was not “obtain” or “seize”, but “retrieve”!

If it wasn’t an error on Fen Juechen’s part, the meaning behind the word “retrieve” was too thought-provoking.

On the other hand, Fen Jueche’s final words faintly revealed… that he seemed to know how to control the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword.

“As expected, him participating in the Devil Sword Conference was not without reason… it was actually to obtain the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. And it seems that not only did he know of the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword’s existence, he also seems… to have a special relationship or purpose. What in the world is going on?”

“Then why didn’t you make him stay and question him?” Jasmine asked unhappily.

“His bones are almost as stubborn as mine. If he doesn’t want to say anything, even if you torment him to death, it would be impossible for him to reveal half a word. Forcibly making him stay would only be wasting my strength, is all.” Yun Che said helplessly, “You also saw it before, I failed when I was trying to conduct the Profound Handle Soul Search.”

“Hmph.” Jasmine dully snorted and didn’t deny it. Instead, she changed topics. “I’ve told you this before, he had not even absorbed half the devil origin in his body at the moment. He was completely certain that he would be able to kill you today, yet still lost miserably, and was even spared. Due to this humiliation, he will definitely absorb the devil origin with more zest than ever.”

“You have already experienced the speed of his growth within these short three months. If you don’t kill him today, what you have buried away is not just a simple risk but an absolute calamity that will most likely kill you soon. By that time, you wouldn’t even have the time to regret it!”

“I knew you would say that… and I know all that.” Yun Che slowly continued, “But he still saved my Little Aunt many times. I also understand Little Aunt too well. She looks strong and positive, but she’s actually too good and kindhearted. She feels grateful toward Fen Juechen and had always seen herself as the cause of Burning Heaven Clan’s annihilation and Fen Juechen’s hatred toward me. If I really killed him, she would then place the sin of Fen Juechen’s death upon herself as well. It would leave a knot in her heart that would perhaps never get untied in this lifetime… I would rather pick the choice of having a future misfortune on myself instead of that.”

Furthermore, just the fact of him having saved Little Aunt two times is enough for me to do this.”

While talking, Yun Che turned around and looked toward the east while quickly changing into a set of looser clothes. As he put them on, he specially covered the wounds on his shoulders.

“Big Brother Yun!”

“Little Che!!”

Following a scorching heatwave that separated the water’s surface, Feng Xue’er quickly flew over while bringing along Xiao Lingxi.

“Little Che, are you alright? Are you hurt?” After stopping by Yun Che’s side, Xiao Lingxi hurriedly grasped his hands with force and franticly looked all over his body. Seeing that he was safe and sound, her heart that was hanging on a thread during the entire journey had finally rested.

“Of course I’m alright. Not a hair less.” Yun Che answered in a comfortable, relaxed voice.

“Big Brother Yun, I’m sorry…” Feng Xue’er lowered her delicate head and said timidly, “I… I didn’t listen to your instructions…”

“I know that you guys risked coming over here because you were worried about me.” Yun Che said with a warm smile. He pulled over Feng Xue’er’s hand. “I told you that nothing would happen to me. See? I didn’t lie.”

“Then… Fen Juechen? Is he already…” Xiao Lingxi’s softly questioned. On the way here, she and Feng Xue’er had personally seen the horrifying scene of the exchange between the darkness and flames. In the end, it was the flames that had extinguished the darkness… which also meant that Yun Che had defeated Fen Juechen.

With the two being mortal enemies and the last scene that fierce… Yun Che winning also meant that Fen Juechen…”

“As for Fen Juechen…” Yun Che gave a slight smile and pointed to the south. “He’s over there. Although his injuries were a bit ugly, flying out of the ocean region was no problem. But if he wants to fully recover, it might take one or two months.”

Severe injuries and a weak state caused Fen Juechen’s flying speed to be really slow. Even a slightly strong gust of wind would be able to violently shake him, so even if he had left for quite a while, a pitch-black figure doing its best to leave could still be seen in the distance.

However, it seemed like the indistinct black figure had suddenly sensed Xiao Lingxi’s arrival, for it started to desperately accelerate. It swayed even more intensely, as though it wanted to escape at all costs… nearly falling right into the ocean several times.

Xiao Lingxi relaxed her mind. Using both hands to hug Yun Che’s arm, her head gently leaned on him. “Little Che, thank you.”

“Thank me? Why?” Yun Che asked with a smile.

“I know it was because of me that Little Che did… did not kill him. But… but this…” Xiao Lingxi closed her eyes. Her heart felt warm, yet pained and anxious. She didn’t want Fen Juechen to die because she knew that he wasn’t a bad person. Furthermore, he was originally a really pitiful person and was also her savior that she was extremely grateful toward. However, because of her, Yun Che let him go, yet he would still desperately try to kill Yun Che...

She didn’t know what in the world she should think, should do… nor did she know how to dispel the hatred Fen Juechen felt for Yun Che. After all, it was a hatred born from the annihilation of his clan.

“Hahaha,” Yun Che began laughing loudly, then said in a rather serious voice, “Even though Fen Juechen has always wanted to kill me, he has still saved Little Aunt’s life. And as for Little Aunt’s life, to me, it is infinitely more precious than my own. That is why me releasing him is just a matter of course. Moreover, he might feel grateful that I released him . Adding on the fact that he himself knows that he isn’t my match, he might not come back again and look for trouble.”

“Little Che…” Xiao Lingxi softly uttered as she tightened her hug on Yun Che.

Sensing that Xiao Lingxi’s nervousness and worry scattered into thin air, Yun Che also completely relaxed. Embracing Xiao Lingxi’s slender waist in one hand and holding Feng Xue’er’s little hand in another, he said, “Let’s go back. Grandfather and the others are definitely worried about us.”

Yun Che’s profound energy surged as they headed back to Floating Cloud City. However, the speed with which he traveled was much slower than he used coming here by several times. The thoughts he had were much more complex than before as well.

Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night… dark profound strength… Heavenly Sin Divine Sword...

What exactly were the secrets Fen Juechen was hiding?!


The ocean surface incessantly lifted huge waves as Fen Juechen’s flight speed decreased. With his hand on his chest completely damp with scarlet black blood, Fen Juechen’s face was full of pain.

When a small isle appeared in his line of sight, Fen Juechen gritted his teeth and flew over staggeringly. His mind relaxed somewhat as his body fiercely fell onto the edge of the little isle.

Using his hands to support himself, he flipped his body over with difficulty. His breathing came out in rough pants as he sunk all ten of his fingers into the ice-cold sand with a gripping motion.

“Why… is it like this… cough… cough, cough…” He coughed painfully, with each cough bringing along a patch of black blood and the occasional pieces of his internal organs.

“Heh, what a truly pitiful person.”

A heart piercing, ice-cold voice suddenly came from up front. And judging from the voice… it seemed to the voice of a young girl! Fen Juechen abruptly raised his head… Not even five steps from where he was at, he saw a petite red figure.

Like a ghost, a young girl soundlessly appeared there!

Wearing a luxurious red dress, she looked to be only twelve or thirteen years old and possessed an outrageously exquisite face. It was also this little girl who actually caused all the nerves on his body to convulse; each and every cell on his body all trembled uncontrollably.

He had never trembled like this before in his entire life, even in the time of his greatest despair.

“Who… who are you!” The girl’s eyes were beautiful to the point of being demonic. Under the gaze of these pair of eyes, he couldn’t feel his body under his intense trembling.

The girl didn’t answer him but an ice-cold mocking smile appeared on her extremely beautiful face. “At a great cost, you obtained a huge power and believed that you could easily kill your greatest foe. However, you didn’t expect the other party’s Devil Slayer Sword to just happen to be your power’s greatest bane. Your defeat truly makes one pity you.”

“...Who...exactly...are you?!”

The girl’s eyes were a field of cold indifference. She slowly raised her arm and a red light deeper than fresh blood flashed in her palm that was more fair than the first snow. “Him not killing you, doesn’t mean that I won’t kill you! The power of the devil that had already been extinct since the Ancient Era actually appeared on your body. That also determined your end!

As the girl’s voice fell, the red light within her palm became an extremely thin red beam. Along with the instantaneous hissing of space, it shot straight at Fen Juechen...

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