Chapter 755 - Heavenly Sword Villa’s Distinguished Guests

Against the Gods

Chapter 755 - Heavenly Sword Villa’s Distinguished Guests

After staying in Floating Cloud City for three days, Yun Che had fully recuperated from his injury and replenished his profound strength. On the fourth morning, Yun Che and Feng Xue’er bade farewell to Xiao Lingxi and the others, riding the Primordial Profound Ark toward Blue Wind Imperial City. They planned on stopping at Blue Wind Imperial City for two days before making their way to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Number One Under Heaven had chosen to stay in Floating Cloud City to focus on the safety of Number Seven Under Heaven, worried that a mishap might befall her.

The Primordial Profound Ark traveled through space and arrived at Blue Wind Imperial City instantaneously.

A duration of three months was not enough for the Blue Wind Imperial Family to completely restore peace from the chaos of war, but it made a world of a difference regarding atmosphere. After discovering that Yun Che had a “mysterious master” behind him which even Sun Moon Divine Hall was afraid of, Feng Hengkong’s gestures were not simply to compensate them, but also to express goodwill. Within the span of two months, not only had he proactively sent additional Divine Phoenix soldiers to assist Blue Wind Empire, he also delivered forty thousand kilograms of purple crystals to them in three shipments.

Compared to the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal they had “stolen” from the Blue Wind Empire, this eighty thousand catty of purple crystals was but a paltry sum. However, it was still a considerable sum of wealth and resources. At the same time, it served as a sign of their “goodwill” toward the Blue Wind Empire in the eyes of others. Additionally, a rumor that the Divine Phoenix Nation left behind their snow princess in the Blue Wind Empire caused the rest of the five nations of the Profound Sky to become ill at ease. Every nation sent envoys and even monarchs to frequently visits with presents. Their attitude became humble, as if they were facing the Divine Phoenix Nation.

When Yun Che and Feng Xue’er arrived at Blue Wind Imperial City, Cang Yue was reading through the status of reconstruction and resettlement of the various areas within Blue Wind. With Yun Che back, everything else would naturally take a backseat.

“Husband, you returned at just the right time. I something important to tell you.”

Although she said it was “something important,” Cang Yue’s beautiful eyes held a hint of amusement. “The somewhat secret plan where the Divine Phoenix Nation wanted to let younger sister Xue’er marry you has somehow spread like wildfire. Even the rest of the five nations are aware of it. Yesterday, the Navy Tide sent their envoy to propose a marriage between their Princess Hanyu and yourself, thereby securing an alliance of marriage like that of Qin and Jin with our Blue Wind Empire.”

Qin? Jin? What?*

“Ah?”  Feng Xue’er cried softly and stared at Yun Che with her beautiful glistening eyes.

“Mn? Yue’er, judging by your appearance... don’t tell me that you agree?” Yun Che touches his nose.

Cang Yue said with a smile, “Princess Hanyu is not an ordinary princess. She is the youngest daughter of the Navy Tide monarch. She is less than twenty years old this year but is already well known. There was a rumor circulating that, not only was she extremely beautiful but she is also the most intelligent daughter of the Navy Tide monarch. She is the most beloved daughter of Navy Tide’s monarch by far and was named the Frost Navy Princess of Jade. They have taken the initiative this time to make the proposal on the marriage, so it shows their sincerity.

“They brought a portrait of Princess Hanyu. I took a glance and felt that you might like her, so I did not decline.”

Cang Yue… and everyone else were well aware that part of the reason why the five nations of Profound Sky changed their attitude toward Blue Wind was because of the Divine Phoenix Empire, while the main reason was Yun Che… a man who had caused even the Divine Phoenix Nation to have no choice but to give in.

Although he was merely the prince consort of Blue Wind during the reign of Cang Wanhe, he had henceforth undoubtedly become the ruling “monarch” in the eyes of other nations.

As she spoke, Cang Yue placed an exquisite portrait scroll in front of Yun Che, her eyes brimming with joy and contentment… She did not reject Navy Tide and had even kept the portrait. This was not meant to tease Yun Che. She thought he might genuinely like her. As long as he showed the tiniest bit of fondness, she would accept the arrangement. As for the ties between the two nations... they were secondary.

Oh, it’s good to be powerful. Even beautiful princesses are knocking at the door… Yun Che thought to himself. He took the scroll but did not unroll it. Instead, he asked with a serious expression, “Yue’er, is this Princess Hanyu as pretty as Xue’er?”

Cang Yue was startled for a moment, but then shook her head with a smile. “Xue’er is like the embodiment of a heavenly fairy, her beauty can put the sun and moon to shame. Princess Hanyu is undoubtedly a ravishing beauty, but she is nowhere near comparable to Little Sister Xue’er.”

“Oh!” Yun Che nodded and then put the scroll down. “In that case, forget it. I would not be interested in a girl I have not even met before, much less marry her… unless she were as pretty as Xue’er.”

“Hee…” Feng Xue’er laughed. “Big Brother Yun, you are flattering me again.”

Cang Yue retrieved the scroll and said with a smile, “The envoy of Navy Tide is still in the city. If my husband does not like it, then I really will reject them you know?”

“Mm, reject them firmly and with any kind of reason.” Yun Che said with a helpless expression. A man married to any woman from a family with even the slightest bit of power would face countless objections to taking a concubine. With her status as Blue Wind Nation’s monarch, Cang Yue was instead pampering him to the heavens…

Yun Che suddenly noticed that, among the jade scrolls placed next to Cang Yue’s hand, there was a green male eagle imprinted on the topmost jade scroll. This imprint… was obviously the unique “Heavenly Eagle Imprint” that belonged to the Xiao Sect!

“Have the people from Xiao Sect been here recently?” Yun Che asked in a casual manner. It was not surprising for them to have visited.

“Mn.” Cang Yue nodded gently. “Since two months ago, Xiao Sect has been constantly seeking an audience. Each time, it was the Xiao Sect Master, Xiao Juetian, who came personally. Since I still feel some resentment toward them, I have never agreed to meet with them. A few days ago, they attempted to send these jade scrolls, pledging their loyalty to our royal family and placing their services at our disposal.”

During the three years of invasion by Divine Phoenix, the Xiao Sect did not put up any resistance. The fact that they stooped to grovelling could be written off and ignored, but they also provided resources to support the Divine Phoenix Army as “tribute.” This greatly bolstered the Divine Phoenix Army’s ability to conquer Blue Wind. With a complete reversal in circumstances, they would naturally be terrified and restless, desperately rushing to grand gestures of apology and expressing their loyalty.

“Xiao Sect.” Yun Che sneered,ut his smile immediately vanished as he thought of something. “What about Heavenly Sword Villa, did they show up during this period?”

At the mention of “Heavenly Sword Villa,” Cang Yue’s radiant smile slightly subsided. She shook her head gently. “No. Back then, when my royal father was killed and Blue Wind was in a perilous situation, Heavenly Sword Villa’s indifference angered me. They also said that they’re breaking off all ties and swear that we would be enemies henceforth. Now that the Blue Wind Empire has managed to endure this adversity and rebuild, Heavenly Sword Villa… is acting as if nothing happened before, as if they do not exist.”

Cang Yue’s expression and tone were calm, as if she were apparently taking things quite lightly. Yet, from her disappearing smile, it was clear that she was unable to get over this matter.

She had personally written to them nine times. She was an empress, yet she had to resort to pleading for their help… To avoid any retaliation, Heavenly Sword Villa betrayed her and rejected her pleas. She could have accepted the first few rejections, but her nine pleas yielded nine counts of apathy. Without even a shadow of a reply, it was as if the Blue Wind Imperial Family did not exist.

That was a kind of resentment and humiliation that would never be forgotten.

Three months ago, when the Divine Phoenix Army retreated and gave various forms of apologies and compensation to Blue Wind, striving to express their goodwill, Heavenly Sword Villa did not visit the imperial family a single time…

“Hmph, that’s right. They don’t have the face to show up.” Yun Che laughed coldly, his laughter carrying an underlying gloominess that Cang Yue and Feng Xue’er did not understand. “It’s fine if they don’t come, I have wanted to pay them a visit anyway… Let’s make it today, then!”

Blue Wind Nation, Heavenly Sword Villa.

The atmosphere of Heavenly Sword Villa was especially solemn and rigid because the villa had received distinguished guests, with terrifyingly high statuses.

The arrival of these two people caused the auras of the swords surrounding Heavenly Sword Villa to undergo tremendous changes.

“For two elders to personally make a trip to our villa... I, Yuefeng, am extremely perplexed. If I had known of the two elders’ arrival earlier, Yuefeng would have summoned the whole villa to welcome you from a hundred miles away.”

Ling Yuefeng’s respectful posture belied his fear. He personally served tea to his two distinguished guests… It was a hundred year old collection known as the Swordgreen Tea, a tea so precious that he would usually be unwilling to drink it.

“It is a pleasant surprise that both uncles are here. You should have notified Yufeng in advance so that I could welcome you along with my husband.”

Compared to Ling Yuefeng, Xuanyuan Yufeng was more at ease. Although the two distinguished guests present were indeed her uncles in terms of seniority, both of them had showered her with tender loving care when she was young.

The two people appeared to be past their fifties, but their hair and beards were still black. The man on the left wore a green gown, had a medium build, and wore a cheerful expression. The one on the right wore a gray gown, was slightly taller than the other, and had a thick beard that reached his chest. He similarly had a warm expression. If one were to look purely at their appearance, they were both simply two gentle, middle-aged men, but to sword expert Ling Yuefeng, he could sense gusts of cold from them… Even though they were just sitting there, their profound energy suppressed, a formless sword energy shrouded them. The sword energy was majestic, as if were a boundless, immeasurably deep ocean.

Their eyebrows were shaped, pointing upwards as if two sharp swords were stabbing into the sky, and instilled fear in others.

“Hoho.” The elder dressed in green said with a mild smile, “The two of us were instructed by the Sword Master to make a trip to the Black Fiend Nation, and before we departed, Ninth Elder made a request. Once we settled matters in Black Fiend Nation, we made a detour here.”

Xuanyuan Yufeng stepped forward and said, “This must be an important task since the Sword Master himself gave these instructions, and it was personally attended to by both elders. With such an important matter on hand, both elders still made a detour to visit us. We are certainly honored.”

The elder dressed in gray stroked his long beard and said with a mild smile, “ Not at all. We are obliged to fulfill Ninth Elder’s request. Yuefeng can be considered a part of our Sword Region, and Yufeng is all the more so. Both of you should ease up on the formality, hohohoho.”

“For my father-in-law to have requested both elders to come personally... should he have any instructions, Yuefeng will be happy to fulfill them.” Ling Yuefeng said respectfully. If it was three years ago, he would not have dared to say “father-in-law,” but he was now used to it.

“It’s nothing that important.” The elder in green said with a dull smile, “Ninth Elder likes Ling Jie very much. Ever since he left the Sword Region to return here, Ninth Elder has missed him daily even though it has been less than half a year. He instructed us to bring Ling Jie on our way back once we settled issues in Black Fiend Nation.”

“If neither of you have anything important to attend to, it would be best to return with us.” The elder in gray continued, “Ninth Elder rarely smiles, but he is always overjoyed when he reunites with all of you.”

Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyuan Yufeng smiled at each other, their faces revealing joy. Xuanyuan Yufeng and her father Xuanyuan Jue had originally “severed” their ties, but Xuanyuan Yufeng was the only daughter of Xuanyuan Jue after all. After some time, the anger subsided.  Although he missed his daughter, it was difficult for him to admit it because of his pride. Three years ago, when both husband and wife brought Ling Yun and Ling Jie back to the sword region, the strained relationship began to soften... Furthermore, Xuanyuan Jue liked Ling Jie so much that not only had he personally guided him in swordplay, but he also spent a generous amount of the sword region’s resources on him. This helped Ling Jie’s profound strength and sword art to improve tremendously in the past few years.

The main reason for Xuanyuan Jue’s relationship with the husband and wife softening so much over the past three years could be attributed to Ling Jie.

Xuanyuan Yufeng smiled and was just about to accept when, suddenly, a deep, thunderous voice boomed from outside.

“Xuanyuan Yufeng, come on out!!”

*OverTheRanbow: This is a stupid 4th wall break joke because of the proverb 秦晋之好, which refers to an alliance sealed by marriage between Qin and Jin Dynasty in the real world’s chinese history. Obviously Yun Che had never heard of such dynasties because they do not exist in the ATG world, so he’s reacting to it.

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