Chapter 757 - Xuanyuan Yufeng!

Against the Gods

Chapter 757 - Xuanyuan Yufeng!

“Which is why, you can go ahead and set your hearts at ease. Since my empress wife has made a request, I have no interest in finding trouble with Heavenly Sword Villa. I’m not about to let her stoop to your level. She would feel ashamed when meeting her ancestor in the other world!!”

Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng’s faces stiffened; they had prepared themselves to pay a hefty price should they face condemnation from Yun Che and the Blue Wind Imperial Family. But this, this was “forgiveness.” This kind of forgiveness astounded them, making them feel ashamed and embarrassed...

Ling Tianni closed his eyes, flashes of emotional pain crossed his face. Although, facing the Divine Phoenix Nation whose power was second to none, it was wisest to seal their villa doors. Even if they made a move, they could not promise to save the Blue Wind Imperial Family, they would only accelerate their villa’s demise. But no matter what reasons or excuses of hardship they were facing, it was a fact that they turned a blind eye and went back on their word.

“Empress Cang Yue is matchless in her farsightedness, her heart as wide as a valley, her current fame and prestige far surpass the late emperor. Her future accomplishments will be limitless. For Blue Wind to be led by such an empress is a once a century fortune. I, Ling Tianni, have lived my life with a clear conscience… but because of thoughts of comfort, I ended up letting down the Blue Wind Imperial Family, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and even my own Heavenly Sword Ancestor.” Ling Tianni’s voice was full of regret and carried hints of pain, “Although I no longer have the face to see Empress Cang Yue, my wrongdoings have been cast in stone, and I cannot keep making mistakes. Tomorrow, I will personally make a trip to Blue Wind Imperial City and apologize before Empress Cang Yue…”

“Forget it!” Yun Che raised a hand, unforgivingly interrupting Ling Tianni’s speech, “My empress wife is working very hard right now and doesn’t have the time to entertain you. She also doesn’t want to see you nor anyone from Heavenly Sword Villa! Ling Tianni, you can also quit your hypocritical act. The reason why you are saying all these is because the Blue Wind Imperial Family has been defended, and if the Blue Wind Imperial Family wishes for it, as long as my empress wife calls for it, I could stomp your Heavenly Sword Villa flat anytime I want! If the Blue Wind Imperial Family perished and I was already dead… would your face be like that right now?!”

Ling Tianni’s lips trembled and was left speechless.

“A person who would be indifferent when his own nation was being exterminated, someone who was still hard-hearted after my empress wife begged with her tears and blood, has already ceased to possess any honor or shame. Your so-called shame and apology have no meaning in my eyes, they are not even comparable to a joke!” Yun Che’s eyes were ice-cold, his voice chilled them to the bone. He said without any mercy, “If during these three years, even if you did not bother about the extermination of Blue Wind Nation, and only used your power to help the Blue Wind Imperial Family, even if you merely sent people to protect the safety of my royal father and empress wife, then today, the Blue Wind Imperial Family would be grateful to you. I would be grateful towards you too! What you lost in that time, I would have repaid you tenfold! I, Yun Che, have always repaid my favors and graces!”

“However you chose to be ruthless and shameless. You cannot blame anyone else for the result of today’s outcome! You should be glad for my empress wife’s compassion, otherwise, after today, Heavenly Sword Villa would no longer exist… even Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would not be able to protect you!!”

Whether it was Ling Tianni or Ling Yuefeng, both were legends within Blue Wind Nation. When were they ever insulted and abused before? However, facing Yun Che’s ear-piercing words, they tilted their heads, with their eyes closed, and didn’t retort… they did not have the qualifications to retort.

After all, even though they chose to selfishly ignore Blue Wind Nation’s crisis, they were not actually vile people who did not know the meaning of shame. On the contrary, no matter if it was the human way or the way of the sword, they had some accomplishments on the righteous path. The past three years was probably the biggest shame and wrong doing of their entire lives.

Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng did not retort, however, an incomparably piercing female voice came from below, “Yun Che, you really have quite the manner of speaking. You not only dishonor my Heavenly Sword Villa, you even dare to disregard Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, who gave you such guts!?”

Xuanyuan Yufeng soared into the air, landing to the right of Ling Yuefeng. Her decently beautiful face showed a completely opposite expression from Ling Yuefeng. She looked at Yun Che with a face full of anger, hostility and ridicule.

“Xuanyuan Yufeng!” Yun Che slowly squinted his eyes. The woman in front of him was the real reason he was came to Heavenly Sword Villa today.

“Yufeng, this does not concern you, quickly go back.” Ling Yuefeng said lightly. He deeply understood Xuanyuan Yufeng’s temper, and knew Yun Che was not one to swallow it.

“Does not concern me?” Xuanyuan Yufeng laughed coldly, “He already clearly said that he wasn’t here on the behalf of the Blue Wind Imperial Family. As to the real reason why he is here today… ah, the words he yelled when he arrived, were my, Xuanyuan Yufeng’s, name! How could this not concern me!”

Ling Yuefeng shook when he heard it, then suddenly recalled, the words that Yun Che yelled when he reached Heavenly Sword Villa were clearly...

“Xuanyuan Yufeng, come on out!!”

He was already prepared for Yun Che’s arrival, he was sure that Yun Che would be here on the behalf of the Blue Wind Imperial Family… He subconsciously did not notice that the person he yelled for was actually “Xuanyuan Yufeng,” and only “Xuanyuan Yufeng.”

“Xuanyuan Yufeng!” After Xuanyuan Yufeng appeared, Yun Che’s gaze fixed deadly onto her. The look in his eye and the aura on his body had also become bone-piercingly cold. The atmosphere had even become so tense that killing intent could appear any moment, “Between us… we have a huge debt to account for!!”

Facing Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni, Yun Che’s voice was full of contempt and disdain. However, when he spoke to Xuanyuan Yufeng, his words were laced with killing intent.

The abrupt change in atmosphere suddenly made Ling Yuefeng aware that the situation was very abnormal… not just simply abnormal! Resentment, coldness and killing intent, all these he could perceive clearly. He hurriedly stepped forward, “Yun Che, there must have been some sort of misunderstanding! Ever since my wife married into Heavenly Sword Villa, she practically never leaves the villa, and does not interfere with matters that do not pertain to the villa. My wife only met you six years ago, and you did not even converse. How could there be any animosity?

“Moreover, all the decisions made in the past few years were solely made by me, the villa master, they had nothing to do with my wife at all… There must have been a misunderstanding!”

Ling Yuefeng was not merely protecting her. He was the clearest on what Xuanyuan Yufeng had done these past years. After marrying into the villa, she practically never stepped out of the villa. For the past few years, the few times that she did leave, were only to return to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and those few times, he had followed along… He absolutely could not think of how Xuanyuan Yufeng could have provoked Yun Che, and from the looks of it, there was an enormous amount of hatred.

“Misunderstanding?” Both of Yun Che’s hands tightened, his joints turning white, “Xuanyuan Yufeng! Whether it is a misunderstanding, your heart knows it the clearest! Today, I do not need any explanation from Heavenly Sword Villa, but you…”

Before finishing his words, Yun Che could not restrain his anger, his silhouette rushed out explosively, his gaze like a cold star, his hands grabbing onto Xuanyuan Yufeng’s neck like an eagle’s talons.

“Stop!” Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni yelled in alarm at the same time, they were still wondering what kind of hatred did Yun Che have towards Xuanyuan Yufeng, but they never imagined that he would actually make a move, and so viciously.

Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni went in both directions, intending to stop Yun Che. However, though their strength was like an insurmountable mountain to Yun Che six years ago, today, their roles had completely reversed. They had only taken half a step, without even having the time to raise their arms, and they were struck by the waves of air brought by Yun Che’s body… they did not even have a shred of power to resist.

At this point, an ear-piercing slashing sound rang out. A streak of sword energy tyrannical to the point that it warped space as it flew from below. One moment it was three hundred meters away, in the next moment, as if striding across space, it suddenly swept towards Yun Che.


Yun Che turned his body, blasting all the profound energy he had already prepared at his front. The space in front of him distorted, the path which the sword energy was taking bent by a huge degree, flying straight behind Yun Che. At the same time, Yun Che was forced to retreat back beside Feng Xue’er, looking coldly at the two silhouettes which just appeared. “Looks like the two of you are finally willing to appear, I almost thought that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was full of cowards.”

Yun Che held a deep sense of resentment towards Mighty Heavenly Sword Region so he did not hold back when speaking.


Amidst the gentle laugh, two similarly aged elders floated in the air, each to the left and right sides of Xuanyuan Yufeng. One was wearing a green robe and the other a gray robe, on their backs were respectively green and gray longswords. Their gazes were as sharp and cold as the edge of a blade, the profound energy they possessed was naturally as deep and boundless as the vast ocean.

They were not the least bit angry upon hearing Yun Che’s derogatory words about Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. The elder in green gazed at Yun Che for a moment, then slightly nodded his head and said with a slight smile, “Although this old one has been at the Sword Region for a long time, in recent times, the name Yun Che has a well-known reputation. I thought I would be able to view your talent in two months at the Devil Sword Conference. Who knew that we would have a chance encounter here? This could be counted as a fortunate event.”

“Elders.” The aura on both Ling Tianni’s and Ling Yuefeng’s bodies were in a huge mess from Yun Che’s previous attack. Seeing the elders in green and gray appear, they hurriedly clasped their hands before their chests and saluted. That was because to them at Heavenly Sword Villa, these two were high ranking people they could not afford to neglect.

However, Yun Che was entirely different from them. Even though he clearly knew they were from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, much less the fact that they had the status of Elders, his face was as dark as before, “Fortunate event? Since it is a fortunate event, what does the attack from before mean? Since you have heard of my great name, then, have you ever heard of this? I am a person who… holds an extremely deep grudge!”

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