Chapter 759 - Embarrassing Beyond Belief

Against the Gods

Chapter 759 - Embarrassing Beyond Belief

Before Yun Che made the move to capture Xuanyuan Yufeng, he had already sound transmitted to Feng Xue’er to be careful. Facing Xuanyuan Jiuding’s sudden attack, Feng Xue’er wasn’t the least bit startled as she slightly raised her snowy hand. With a soft swish of her white sleeve, a scarlet red flame arrow condensed before her, shooting at Xuanyuan Jiuding at a considerably slow speed.

Even a profound practitioner in the Earth Profound Realm would scoff at an inferior scarlet profound flame, so Xuanyuan Jiuding directly ignored it and grabbed at Feng Xue’er’s neck… However, in the next instant his complexion changed, because what came at him was actually a scorching, oppressive power that suffocated him immediately.

Amidst his great shock, Xuanyuan Jiuding didn’t hesitate to push out both hands. His profound strength also rapidly increased by several fold as his profound energy surged, causing his two gray colored sleeves to flutter upwards.


When the two bursts of Monarch level profound energy collided, a tremendous ripple of energy spread outwards, to the surroundings. Even though Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni were more than three hundred meters away, they were still fiercely blasted far away by this energy ripple. Only after they were a few kilometers away did they stop, with all the energy and blood in their bodies churning, and nearly spitting out blood.

Feng Xue’er’s flame arrow stilled in front of Xuanyuan Jiuding… but it merely stilled, and wasn’t dispersed by Xuanyuan Jiuding’s power. Not even the slightest hint of weakening could be found. This scene caused Xuanyuan Jiuding’s pupils to shrink; he didn’t dare to believe his eyes at all. He suddenly gritted his teeth as the profound energy in his body surged once more. This time, he didn’t hesitate to push his full strength forward.

With a dull smothering sound, the scarlet flame arrow was immediately knocked a few meters back. Behind her white gauze veil, Feng Xue’er’s bright eyes flashed as her long sleeves swept again, her fine white jade-like hands lightly pushing forward.

The flames on the Phoenix Arrow instantly rose sharply and its power explosively increased by several fold. Though the blaze was not that big, it turned the entire sky a scarlet color.

Xuanyuan Jiuding’s already shrunken pupils contracted even further as he uttered a dull shout. He was unable to believe that the power from earlier was not even the other party’s limit… Furthermore, in the blink of an eye, with merely a casual movement, the power had nearly doubled!

Beneath the Phoenix Arrow’s explosive increase in strength, his body was forced to withdraw several steps. Clenching his teeth, he gathered all of his profound energy into his two arms, causing his arms to double in width. He desperately struck out, but to no avail. Moreover, an increasingly terrifying sensation of burning began to raid his entire body, causing him to feel as if he were walking step by step towards a purgatory of fire which would completely incinerate him.


Xuanyuan Jiuding’s two long sleeves began to blaze fiercely, and his expression became increasingly agonized… under the flame’s flickering light, one could see that his hands hadn’t turned a scarlet color, but had instead become a striking coal black.

“Th-Thirteenth Elder!” Mu Yuanzhi screamed in shock. Other than Yun Che, everyone else who saw this all stared blankly ahead in shock as if they had entered a dream. Xuanyuan Jiuding was the thirteenth elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and was one of the most powerful people within entire Profound Sky Continent! In order to force Yun Che to submit, he had despicably attacked a little girl who was a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Moreover, it had been a surprise attack. Something which should have been easily obtained… had ended up not being obtained. Instead, he had been forced away in one blow by his opponent’s counterattack, which had caused him to fall to a disadvantage in the blink of an eye.

Xuanyuan Jiuding’s profound strength had reached the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm… In the eyes of Ling Yuefeng, Ling Tianni and the rest, his existence was like that of a god.

“Yuanzhi… help me!!” Xuanyuan Jiuding roared, his voice trembling from pain… he could already clearly smell the scent of his own burning flesh exuding off his body.

As if he had suddenly woken up from a dream, the energy atop Mu Yuanzhi’s body exploded as the longsword on his back flew out of its sheathe and landed into his hand. He then stabbed out… his stab was not directed towards Feng Xue’er, but towards the scarlet flames suppressing Xuanyuan Jiuding. In just this short period of time, Xuanyuan Jiuding’s body had already become extremely burned. If Mu Yuanzhi didn’t first help Xuanyuan Jiuding get rid of the flames, it was possible that Xuanyuan Jiuding’s hands would become wasted.

Earlier, all of their focus had been on Yun Che. Although Yun Che’s profound energy aura was surprisingly low, they didn’t dare be careless. After all, each new rumor about Yun Che was even more shocking than the previous one.

However, not even in their dreams had they thought that the little girl who came with him would actually be so terrifying! She was clearly even more terrifying than Yun Che!!

As Yun Che watched Mu Yuanzhi rush towards Feng Xue’er, his face didn’t show even the slightest bit of worry. Although these two Sword Region Elders were quite strong, it was all too easy for Feng Xue’er to defeat them at her level of profound strength. Instead, he took advantage of the time while everyone was distracted. A blue light flashed atop his left arm as his Profound Handle instantly pierced into Xuanyuan Yufeng’s mind.

The blade of Mu Yuanzhi’s sword was pitch-black. As he stabbed out with it, wave-like fluctuations began to emanate from around his body.


The tip of the sword stabbed into the tip of the Phoenix Arrow. At that moment, the exploding sword intent agitated the nearby space, causing it to screech as it was torn apart. Immediately, the aura of the scarlet flames was significantly reduced, finally reliving some of the pressure on Xuanyuan Jiuding. Ignoring the pain of his entire body, he fiercely raised his energy as the sword on his back flew into his hand… similar to Mu Yuanzhi’s sword, his was also pitch-black and plain. However, it surged with a kind of extraordinary power and prestige.

“Heaven’s Might Sword Formation... Star Piercer!”


Space was torn apart like cloth as a several meter long tear appeared. Just the surging sword intent and immense force from this one sword caused the distantly observing Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng to feel as if they were witnessing the domain of a sword god.

The two swords of the Sword Region Elders slashed down, forcefully diverting the Phoenix Arrow. Even the powerful flames were were slightly weakened. Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi simultaneously gritted their teeth as they fully released their profound energy and sword intent. They no longer dared to be even the slightest bit neglectful. Although they had finally acquired the upper hand, they didn’t feel even the slightest bit of relief in their minds… they were two dignified Sword Region Elders, yet they actually had to work together to deal with a little girl...

To them, this was something that they had never conceived of and was a humiliation they could not accept.

However, at this moment, even they had both released their full powers, it didn’t mean that Feng Xue’er had as well.

As Feng Xue’er raised her arm for the third time, her snow white sleeves gently fluttering, the golden phoenix mark between her brows faintly flashed… amidst the silence, the sound of a phoenix resonated out. However, no one knew where it came from.

The flames atop the Phoenix Arrow exploded once more as it transformed from an arrow to a phoenix in the blink of an eye. The scarlet radiance and scorching heat which seemingly came from the bottom of purgatory, easily pierced through the sword formation of the two Sword Region Elders and ruthlessly enveloped their bodies.


Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi’s expressions changed yet again as agonized moans simultaneously emerged from both of their mouths. Clenching their teeth to the point of almost shattering them, the two growled low as what could be considered as the highest level of sword intent and force on the Profound Sky Continent wildly surged out, trying to smash the flames to pieces. However, even after putting their lives on the line and exhausting all of their energy, they were still unable to disperse the scarlet flames. Instead, their swords were quickly devoured. Even the sword formation they had pierced out was suppressed and rapidly collapsed.

The two originally pitch-black longswords began to quickly turn red as if they were pieces of ordinary iron. However, for these swords to be the partners of Sword Region Elders, how could they possibly be ordinary swords? For the two swords to burn and turn red, the temperature must have reached an unthinkable point.

Strands of black smoke began to emerge from Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi’s palms as clusters of fire planted themselves onto their bodies and hair. The two desperately tried to suppress them, but quickly, more and more of them sprang up… at this time, the two felt as if they had been placed over the fires of purgatory and left to burn. The pain was so great that they wished they were dead, but they were unable to retreat… because the flames in front of them were just too terrifying. As soon as they even slightly eased up and took half a step back, the flames in front of their eyes would immediately surge forward and completely devour them.

“Miss… mercy… please…” Xuanyuan Jiuding’s beard had already began to burn, and his entire body now looked like a heated piece of iron which had turned red. Having been forced into this position, he no longer cared about his dignity as a Sword Region Elder and issued a painful plea to Feng Xue’er.

Feng Xue’er didn’t retract the flames, but instead looked towards Yun Che, only to discover Yun Che’s ashen face and terrifyingly overcast eyes.

Tragic cries began to echo over from afar. Several corners of Heavenly Sword Villa had began to blaze as a large number of Heavenly Sword disciples began to roll on the ground in agony… although the phoenix flame summoned by Feng Xue’er was several hundred meters in the air, she was still a Monarch… even though it was only residual power, as phoenix flame created by a Monarch level practitioner, just how could Heavenly Sword Villa withstand it?

The strange state of Heavenly Sword Villa caused Feng Xue’er’s red lips to part as her heart fell into chaos. She quickly lifted her jade arm, causing her long sleeve to sway. Immediately, the direction of the Phoenix Arrow changed as it began to fly towards the west of the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range accompanied by trails of smoke and phoenix cries.


The Phoenix Arrow descended atop the peak of a tall mountain at the edge of the range. Amidst the dull sound of an explosion, the entire mountain peak suddenly combusted. The blaze quickly descended the mountain at a terrifyingly rapid pace, then disappeared… as it turned the mountain into patch after patch of roiling lava.

The extremely high temperature enveloping Heavenly Sword Villa quickly disappeared. As the elders and disciples of Heavenly Sword Villa stared blankly at the flames in the west, which seemed as if they were going to breach the heavens, their souls violently quivered.

Towards the people of Heavenly Sword Villa, Feng Xue’er’s level was just too fantastical.

Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi were finally able to escape from their nightmare. The instant the phoenix flames flew away, they backed away while crying like wolves which had been scared out of their wits. Even their swords, which generally never left their bodies, had fallen from their hands and landed on the dirt below them. They crazily took deep breaths as they circulated profound energy to suppress the burns all over their body.

The hands which they gripped their swords with had all been scorched black. This was especially evident on Xuanyuan Jiuding’s right hand, where his palm had been directly incinerated, exposing mostly charred bones. The robe covering his body had long since entered a disastrous state, and his hair and beard had all been burnt to a crisp. He looked unbelievably miserable.

The two of them had never been this tragic  in their lives.

“Phoenix flames! You… Who exactly are you!?” While holding in the intense pain inflicted all over his body, Xuanyuan Jiuding shouted with an obvious tremble in his voice. He considered himself rather well learned regarding the Divine Phoenix Sect, and he had even dueled against Feng Tianwei himself before… The grand sect master of the Divine Phoenix Sect was just on par with him.

However, the aura of this girl was just too young… how could she have such terrifying profound energy!? Just when had the Divine Phoenix Sect given birth to such a monstrous person!?

He was just finished when he suddenly recalled a certain rumor about the Divine Phoenix Sect from three months ago. His pupils shrank, and he cried out in shock, “You’re… Princess Snow of the Divine Phoenix Sect!?”

“What?” Mu Yanzhi abruptly turned his head in great shock.

Everyone on the Profound Sky Continent knew about the news when Yun Che devastated the Divine Phoenix Sect three months ago. At the time, the Four Great Sacred Grounds had also heard that the person who ultimately ended the devastation was Princess Snow. Moreover, Princess Snow went into a slumber for three years seemed to have experienced a massive increase in profound strength. She had also accompanied Yun Che back to Blue Wind Nation.

To have been able to force the two of them into joining hands, her cultivation was at least a small realm above theirs!

This was to say, her cultivation had to at least be at the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!!

Moreover, for one at the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, no matter which Scared Ground they’re in, it was enough to enter the top ten ranks!!

The girl had used phoenix flames, and was beside Yun Che. Furthermore, the burning power of her phoenix flames had been so terrifying… she could only be Princess Snow! However, although they had heard that Princess Snow’s cultivation had greatly improved, they had never imagined that it would have soared to such a level.

Princess Snow should only be nineteen years old this year…

A nineteen year old level eight Monarch!!

Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yanzhi both sucked in a harsh, cold breath at the same time… Even if they were to declare this with their statuses as elders of the Sword Region, almost no one would have believed them.

In the distance, Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng, who had been sent flying by the waves of energy, stood where they were like wooden statues… Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi, these two figures who were like gods in their eyes, had actually suffered such an embarrassing defeat at the hands of a little girl. Their shock was something which could not be conveyed with words… they had even forgotten that the life and death of Xuanyuan Yufeng was currently in Yun Che’s hands.

Feng Xue’er didn’t reply as her snow white figure slightly shook and her figure moved to Yun Che’s side. She worriedly looked at his gloomy face and said, “Big Brother Yun, what’s wrong? You look so scary.”

“...” Yun Che’s grip on Xuanyuan Yufeng tightened unconsciously. While Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yanzhi were suppressed by Feng Xue’er just now, he had seized the opportunity to invade Xuanyuan Yufeng’s mind and scour a portion of her memories with his profound handle… After all, he had only heard them from Zi Ji and could not be sure that they were completely true. Perhaps he had accused Xuanyuan Yufeng wrongly.

Subconsciously, he even hoped for a bit that he had wronged Xuanyuan Yufeng. After all, she was Ling Jie’s biological mother.

However, the scan results of the profound handle left him absolutely furious.

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