Chapter 769 - Ocean Palace’s Sacred Master

Against the Gods

Chapter 769 - Ocean Palace’s Sacred Master

“Lan Zi, Lan Shen, bring these two esteemed guests from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary to Divine Ocean Palace. Also, make sure you personally accommodate them, they must not be neglected.”

Heeding Mo Chenfeng’s summons, two female ocean palace disciples approached and deeply bowed, “As you wish, Great Elder… two esteemed guests, this way please.”

“Why does the Sovereign of the Seas want to meet my brother-in-law?” Amidst Xia Yuanba’s curiosity, there was also a trace of apprehension… after all the Sovereign of the Seas was the leader of one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds of Profound Sky Continent. She was someone who was on the same level as the Saint Emperor!

“Since the Sovereign of the Seas personally summoned him, you shouldn’t ask too much.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue grabbed Xia Yuanba’s shoulders, continuing, “Relax, nothing bad will happen to him. It’s even less likely he will encounter any danger.” He then turned his eyes away to gaze profoundly at Yun Che, “To get the Sovereign of the Seas to want to meet him so badly... and he's a junior at that. This must be a first in the history of the Ocean Palace.”

“Brother-in-law, then… then I will leave first to go to the Saint Emperor’s side. You must make sure to stay safe. If anything happens, you must notify me as soon as possible.”

As he said those words, Xia Yuanba was half dragged away by Spiritual Master Ancient Blue.

“Hoho, I heard long ago that Palace Master Yun’s relationship with Xia Yuanba was very good, even better than blood relatives though you are not. It seems it is indeed true.” Mo Chenfeng said with a light chuckle. However, his mind had been suddenly thrown into disarray… in the future, these two would both become figures who would shake the world, yet their relationship was like that of true blood brothers. For the sacred grounds, which had ruled the world for ten thousand years, this was definitely not a good thing.

“Princess Snow, Ocean Imperial Palace is the most sacred ground of my ocean palace. Without being invited by the Sovereign of the Seas, no one can enter. Just now, the Sovereign of the Seas only allowed this old one to bring Palace Master Yun in. Currently, this old one is arranging for several disciples to bring Princess Snow to her residence, is that alright? Princess Snow, if you want, you may go meet your family in Flame Heart Palace first.”

Mo Chenfeng’s mind was set, but facing Feng Xue’er, he couldn’t help but subconsciously show a respectful attitude. Feng Xue’er’s profound strength was just too shocking.

“I don’t want to.” Feng Xue’er shook her head as both hands grabbed onto Yun Che’s arm with no intention of letting go, “If I cannot go in, then I will just wait outside for Big Brother Yun.”

“That is also fine,” Mo Chenfeng nodded, but his heart had tightened fiercely just now.

This Yun Che, just what kind of monster was he… his own talent was already terrifying, and he had a heaven defying master behind him as well. Moreover, of the two most talented and shocking figures among the young generation, one held him as a relative while the other had deep feelings for him...

Currently, the three of them were all around twenty years of age, which made it all the more shocking. If they were given another hundred years... no, with their rate of growth, they wouldn’t even need a hundred years. By that time, even the Four Great Sacred Grounds would all need to bow before them.

Mo Chenfeng secretly took a deep breath, then out walked in front, “Please follow me.”

As they walked further into the depths of Supreme Ocean Palace, the profound energy became increasingly thicker. Currently almost all of the high level experts of Profound Sky Continent had congregated within Supreme Ocean Palace, yet the entire ocean palace was extremely quiet. There was no clamor. In fact, during their whole journey, they hadn’t met any practitioners outside of the stationed ocean palace disciples.

This wasn’t a surprise at all to Yun Che. In the past, the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament and Seven Nation Ranking Tournament had all been extremely boisterous due to the crowding together of so many practitioners but there was one difference between those tournaments and this conference… this one was in Supreme Ocean Palace! It was held in one of the places considered sacred in the hearts of profound practitioners! Other than the other three sacred grounds, the forces which had come after receiving invitations were too overwhelmed with with honor and fear to act otherwise. To set foot in a legendary sacred ground, each step was startling and uneasy. Even if one had great courage, they would still only quietly live in the residence arranged for them. One would absolutely never dare to raucously run around.

The profound practitioners who were able to be invited were all renowned powerful experts and hegemons. However, upon arriving at Supreme Ocean Palace, they were all like civilians who had entered a royal palace. The atmosphere made them too timid to even breathe heavily.

As they walked, Mo Chenfeng no longer spoke with Yun Che. Instead, his footsteps became faster and faster. However, Yun Che and Feng Xue’er effortlessly kept up. At this time, a vague figure appeared in Yun Che’s vision.

This person was roughly three feet tall and was completely clad in pitch-black clothes. Furthermore, they also wore a dilapidated cloak which was too large for them, the upper part covering their entire face while the lower part dragged along the ground beside their feet.

This was the very first profound practitioner Yun Che had seen after entering Supreme Ocean Palace who wasn’t associated with the ocean palace. He was certain because the aura emanating off this person’s body was completely different from the ones emanating off the bodies of the ocean palace disciples he had met earlier. Moreover, the person’s profound energy aura was only at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm.

This person walked across the faintly flashing blue ground at a pace that wasn't fast or slow, making it hard to immediately discern if it was truly a person walking regardless of the angle. Within the quiet, open ocean palace that contained profound energy so thick it had become heavy, this figure’s existence was particularly eye-catching… even though the figure was so far away, one could still feel an extremely strange aura emanating off of them.

Seeing this person, Yun Che’s footsteps momentarily paused as his brows furrowed.

Such a heavy poisonous aura! Under the person’s black clothes, there had to be at least two hundred or more powerful toxins hidden!

Moreover, that aura… could it be the Poison Emperor?!

Having seen Yun Che’s reaction, Mo Chenfeng turned his head and asked, “Has Palace Master Yun perhaps met that person before?”

“I have not.” Yun Che shook his head, retracting his gaze from atop the figure of the short person covered in black clothes, “I was only curious. I heard that this Devil Sword Conference only invited Overlord and Sovereign level practitioners, yet that person’s profound strength is only at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm and they were still invited. Furthermore, based on their appearance and indiscreet behavior in Supreme Ocean Palace… I believe that they should be quite an unusual figure.”

“That person is indeed unusual.” Mo Chenfeng whispered, “He comes from Black Fiend Nation. Although his profound strength is only at the Emperor Profound Realm, he is as strong as an Overlord if not as strong as a Sovereign. Facing him, many would quickly retreat to avoid conflict as this person is quite infamous in Black Fiend Nation, where he is fearfully compared to a viper. Perhaps Palace Master Yun too will have heard of his name.”

“Toxin Immortal!”

“Oh…” Yun Che let out a exclamation. This was the first time he had heard this name.

“I’ve heard this name before from my royal father.” Feng Xue’er opened her mouth and said, “In the past, royal father once told me about the most terrifying figures within the Profound Sky Continent, he mentioned the ‘Toxin Immortal’ and said that this person was the most powerful poison user within the Profound Sky Continent… especially his personally crafted poisons. Upon being poisoned, there is no one who can save you from them.”

“Right.” Mo Chenfeng nodded. Although he was the Great Elder of Supreme Ocean Palace, even he still knew of this person, showing just how terrifying this person was, “He has countless enemies including several Overlords and Sovereigns yet he has still survived to this day with his level of profound strength. Clearly the strength of his poisons is no small matter. However, this fellow wasn’t invited by my ocean palace.”

“Oh?” Yun Che perplexedly asked.

“He was invited by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. They intend to borrow his ability for some matter or another. Perhaps we will find out when the Devil Sword Conference begins.”

“We have reached Ocean Imperial Palace.” Mo Chenfeng stopped and turned around, “Princess Snow, I will trouble you to wait here. Palace Master Yun, please follow me.”

“Big Brother Yun, I will wait for you here… you must be careful,” Feng Xue’er gently said, stopping.

“Relax, I’ll be back before you know it.”

Ocean Imperial Palace was situated in the exact center of Supreme Ocean Palace. In a sense, it was the core of the entire ocean palace and was a symbol of the palace’s ten thousand years of prestige and glory.

The appearance of the Ocean Imperial Palace was not much different from all of the other palace halls Yun Che had passed during his walk here. However, the moment he entered the vicinity of Ocean Imperial Palace, his mind and senses simultaneously became unsettled… in that instant, he felt as if he had left the mortal world and stepped into a heavenly palace. A deep feeling of reverence spontaneously emerged within the depths of his heart, causing him to suddenly feel the desire to kneel in worship. His originally extremely perceptive spiritual sense became hazy as even his vision began to blur.

Yun Che’s dazed state was only for a very brief moment while he was in shock. Afterwards, he quickly concentrated his mind. Because of his body’s Dragon God Soul, his soul power had reached an extremely high level. Thus, his five senses were quickly restored to their normal states.

“Below this Ocean Imperial Palace, there is indeed a strange profound formation. If one’s profound strength or soul power isn’t enough, I’m afraid one would fall to their knees upon entering,” Jasmine suddenly said in a cold tone.

Arriving at the door to the Ocean Imperial Palace, Mo Chenfeng turned around and looked at Yun Che, only to discover that Yun Che’s eyes were both clear. Moreover, his demeanor was still composed, and his footsteps were still smooth. Not the slightest trace of fear or anxiety was apparent on his face. He was instead leisurely appreciating the surrounding scenery.

An expression of deep shock flashed through Mo Chenfeng’s pupils. The entire Ocean Imperial Palace was enveloped within a giant profound formation. Furthermore, this giant profound formation, called the “Oceanus Shroud Formation,” was the most powerful profound formation within Supreme Ocean Palace. Upon entering the formation, one would become subject to extreme pressure as if one was facing a true god. Those under the level of Sovereign would feel their bodies become weak upon entering the formation and begin to shiver. Those under the level of Overlord would immediately collapse to the ground and kneel, becoming completely incapable of walking.

Even Mo Chenfeng himself, eighth level Sovereign that he was, would feel his heart continuously palpitate in fear every time he entered Ocean Imperial Palace.

He had originally believed that Yun Che, even with his own abnormal talent, would at least experience unsteady steps, a pale face, and cold sweats upon entering the “Oceanus Shroud Formation” for the first time without preparation… he had never thought that Yun Che’s face would be so leisurely and composed, as if he weren’t affected at all by the “Oceanus Shroud Formation.”

Just… just how could this be? Could Yun Che’s mental strength actually be higher than his own?

Mo Chenfeng thought in shock.

The great doors were pushed open, and the two entered with Mo Chenfeng lowering his head as he entered. After taking three steps, Mo Chenfeng had already stooped down in a bow, “Reporting to the Sovereign of the Seas, Blue Wind Empire’s Palace Master Yun Che has been brought over.”

After Mo Chenfeng entered the Ocean Imperial Palace, he had constantly kept his head down. Yun Che then immediately moved towards the figure in the middle of the giant palace.

The Sovereign of the Seas stood there with their back facing them. Their figure was exquisitely slender, and they wore a long palace robe which was sparkling with a blue glow. The highest collar of their robe directly reached their hair which was in the shape of a top knot.

This back figure caused Yun Che to momentarily stop in astonishment.

A… female?

The Sovereign of the Seas was a… woman?

“You may withdraw.”

The Sovereign of the Seas spoke. Their voice was like that of a middle aged woman’s, very gentle, but each word was like a heaven shaking bell, majestic and full of power.

“Yes.” Mo Chenfeng withdrew and closed the great doors of the Ocean Imperial Palace.

“Junior Yun Che greets Senior Sovereign.” Yun Che took a step forward and respectfully saluted as he acted in a dignified manner. After all, the person in front of him was the leader of one sacred grounds which had lorded over the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years! She was one of the peerlessly strong practitioners who stood at the peak of the Profound Sky Continent, and was the first leader of a sacred ground that Yun Che had met!

Only, Yun Che had never imagined that the Sovereign of the Seas, one of the four sacred masters, would actually be a female!

The Sovereign of the Seas slowly turned around, exposing her true appearance to Yun Che. She had the appearance of a middle aged woman, but without the slightest trace of femininity. Instead, each contour contained an extremely solemn dignity and sharpness.

Her eyes were extremely clear, and her pupils were as profound as the ocean. Within her eyes, there was a trace of emotion trickling around. The awkward oppressive silence lasted for a full ten breaths before she finally spoke. She slowly nodded, “Seeing is indeed better than hearing from others. Even while standing in front of this sovereign within the ‘Oceanus Shroud Formation,’ your eyes are still as clear as a mirror, your heart still as sturdy as a rock. This sovereign had always believed that the rumors surrounding you were over exaggerated, but meeting you now, you are even better than the rumors! No wonder ‘that person’ has such a high opinion of you.”

Yun Che didn’t bother asking who the ‘person’ she spoke about was, and instead faintly smiled as he replied, “This junior doesn’t dare receive the Sovereign of the Seas’ praise. This junior only came to Supreme Ocean Palace to participate in the Devil Sword Conference and enter Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. I wish for Senior Sovereign's consent.”

“Palace Master Yun is truly straightforward.” The Sovereign of the Seas’ eyes furrowed as she slowly walked forward. Every step closer she got, the stronger the pressure enveloping Yun Che’s body became. “This sovereign had wished to converse with you for quite a while, but it seems like Palace Master Yun has no interest in this.”

“To be able to meet Senior Sovereign is already this junior’s greatest fortune. Senior is the leader of Supreme Ocean Palace, and is a powerful overlord under the heavens. Each breath of your time is as valuable as ten thousand jin of gold. How could this junior dare delay you?” Yun Che replied in a manner which was neither humble nor arrogant.

“Is that so?” The Sovereign of the Seas reached a point three steps in front of Yun Che and stopped. She was impressively half a head taller than Yun Che. “The reason for why you want to enter the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest is already known by this sovereign. However, this sovereign is very curious about why you are willing to pay such a cost to pick a Netherworld Udumbara Flower. From what this sovereign knows, the Netherworld Udumbara Flower is an extremely evil and vile thing. Even if a Sovereign nears it, just a simple mental attack will result in death. Outside of using it for murder in a traceless manner, I’ve never heard of any other uses for it.”

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Yun Che sincerely said, “The Netherworld Udumbara Flower is needed by my master. Truthfully, this matter should not have been told to others, but since it’s requested by Senior Sovereign, this junior will naturally tell.”

The Netherworld Udumbara Flower was something Jasmine needed, and Jasmine was indeed his master. Thus his words were justified and true. There was no way for the Sovereign of the Seas to find any trace of lies.

“Your master?” The Sovereign of the Seas’ eyes narrowed, “This sovereign heard that your respected master has heaven defying abilities, an ability to turn a Sovereign to ashes just by flicking his fingers. Since it’s something your master needs, why doesn’t he come pick it himself? I trust with your respected master’s ability, there is no where in this world he cannot go.”

“It’s because the task of picking this Netherworld Udumbara Flower was given to this junior by my master as a test.” Yun Che chuckled and said, “Since master has ordered it, this junior must try to complete it at all costs. These last few years, this junior has constantly been inquiring about this matter concerning the Netherworld Udumbara Flower and has finally been fortunate enough to learn that they have appeared before within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Thus, this junior has to go in and search no matter what… this junior beseeches senior to agree.”

“So it’s like this.” The Sovereign of the Seas slowly nodded. However, the fluctuations in her eyes were still there, as if she still wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. “While we are on this topic, where is your respected master currently? This sovereign wonders if she could have the opportunity to meet him?”

“Master has long since been a person who doesn’t care about the mortal world. He already almost never sets foot into the mortal world as he doesn’t want to be bound by any responsibilities. Thus, although this junior is his disciple, I don’t know where my master is currently nor where he will go next. Only when this junior cannot help but beg will his master reveal himself.” Yun Che repeated again the same words he had previously said to Spiritual Master Ancient Blue.

His fictional master “Old Man Duotian” had been completely accepted by the Four Great Sacred Grounds, acting as a great deterrent against them for him. Since this “master” was of great use, he would naturally do his best to maintain it.

“That is indeed unfortunate,” the Sovereign of the Seas casually replied. Suddenly she changed the topic, “Moon Slaughter Devil Nest is the most taboo place of my Supreme Ocean Palace. We don’t allow any outsiders to enter. However, Moon Slaughter Devil Nest hasn’t been opened for the last thousand and three hundred years, and it is about time for this sovereign to arrange for people to enter and check for any abnormal changes. Moreover, considering how my ocean palace has already received ten of your ‘Six Flavor Emperor Pellets’, wouldn’t it make my ocean palace’s words worthless if I rejected you?”

Yun Che’s eyes stared blankly… what? Six Flavor Emperor Pellet? What the hell was that?!

Could it refer to… the Overlord Pellet?

Holy shit! Just what kind of crappy name did Zi Ji come up with?!

Moreover… from the Sovereign of the Seas’ words just now, she had just taken initiative to completely expose the ocean palace’s relationship with Black Moon Merchant Guild!

“Thank you for your consent!” Yun Che joyously said.

“Don’t get happy too early,” the Sovereign of the Seas coldly said, “Moon Slaughter Devil Nest’s seal can only be opened once every five hundred years. Moreover, each time it is open, it is only for the extremely short period of a hundred breaths! After a hundred breaths, the passage will forcefully close and become sealed for another five hundred years. Even my Supreme Ocean Palace has no way of forcing it to open before then. This is to prevent any yin energy from leaking out into the Profound Sky Continent. As for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, it only blooms once every twenty four years and wilts three days after blooming. For you to find a blooming Netherworld Udumbara Flower in the time of a hundred breaths is pretty much impossible. That’s not to mention the fact that we are unsure whether or not there are still Netherworld Udumbara Flowers existing in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.”

“Thus, just forget about entering the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Even if you enter, it will just be a wasted trip.”

“This junior already knows this. However, junior still hopes that senior will allow him to try,” Yun Che said without hesitation.

“Since you are so persistent… this sovereign will allow you to enter the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. When do you want to enter?” the Sovereign of the Seas asked.

“The earlier the better!” Yun Che said after thinking for a while, “If possible, I would like to enter today.”

“Alright!” Sovereign of the Seas slowly nodded her head, “Since it’s like this, this sovereign will help you! I will arrange for someone to bring you to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest right now!”

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