Chapter 797 - Devil Sword Conference (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 797 - Devil Sword Conference (1)

There were over five hundred people from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary who were seated with him. Yun Che used his spiritual perception to quickly sweep the vicinity and even though he was already prepared for the result, he still felt a jolt of shock shoot through his body. If he did not count Xia Yuanba within these five hundred odd people, there were actually still one hundred and sixty three Monarchs among them!

The other four hundred odd people were all Overlords who were at the seventh level or above!

This was the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary who was not only the head of the Four Sacred Grounds but also had a legacy which had lasted for ten thousand years!!

It would require at least six or seven Guardian Families of the Illusory Demon Realm to combat just one Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.

After Spiritual Master Ancient Blue had taken his seat, the first row was filled with just twelve people!

Every single one of these twelve people were dressed similarly, all of them had white hair and white beards, they all held a horsetail whisk in one hand. All of them exuded extremely robust and mighty auras, especially the three who were seated in the very center of the first row. When Yun Che’s spiritual perception came into contact with the auras of these three people, it felt as if he had been drawn into a boundless ocean, a vast expanse whose limits he could not see.

These three people...

“The twelve people who are seated at the very front are the Twelve Spiritual Masters of our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary.” After Xia Yuanba noticed the direction of Yun Che’s gaze, he bent down and whispered in his ear, “The three people seated in the very center are the ones that I mentioned before. Spiritual Master Bitter Agony, Spiritual Master Nine Lamentations and Spiritual Master Detached Heart. The three other level ten Monarchs that exist within Absolute Monarch Sanctuary other than the Lord Saint Emperor!”

Yun Che faintly nodded his head and said, “Experts who are at this level have profound energy that is as fierce as lightning and as strong as mountains. But it seems like the powerhouses who belong to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary are a different breed from the rest.”

“That is because the core of our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s profound art is something called the ‘Sacred Heart’. The mightier your profound strength is and the more you comprehend that profound art, the fewer worldly desires and passions you will have.” Xia Yuanba replied before whispering something else, “Actually within Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, I am considered a complete freak as well.”

“Purging your worldly desires and clearing your heart?” At that moment, Yun Che remembered that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had also ben among the powers that had invaded the Illusory Demon Realm. After which he gave a faint smile, “Perhaps most of their worldly desires and passions may fade but their lust for profound strength was not deadened in the slightest. Otherwise they would not have come out in force to participate in this Devil Sword Conference.”

When he had observed the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s Twelve Spiritual Masters, a few hundred threads of profound energy that originated from the members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had also swept across his body. However, nobody came forward to speak with him and none of the Twelve Spiritual Masters or the elders of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary who were sitting in front turned around to look at him. All of their attention was focused on the Devil Sword Conference that was to be held below them.

“Brother-in-law, there’s something that I don’t understand.” Xia Yuanba whispered to Yun Che, “Why did you ask Little Sister Xue’er to separate from us?”

He naturally did not believe that Yun Che had done all of this for the sake of the Divine Phoenix Sect and their dignity.

Yun Che inhaled deeply before he faintly closed his eyes and sent Xia Yuanba a focused sound transmission, “Xiao Yun has been missing for the last three days.”

“What!” Xia Yuanba was extremely shocked and he nearly jumped to his feet but he maintained his posture and hurriedly sent a sound transmission back, “What exactly happened? Who did it?”

“Given the ability of Xiao Yun, his wife and Number One Under Heaven who was watching over them, there are not many people in the Profound Sky Continent who could steal Xiao Yun away soundlessly and without leaving a trace.”

Xia Yuanba’s brows sunk, “The Four Great Sacred Grounds! Could it be Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!?"

He finally begun to understand why Yun Che had been so hard and cold towards Xuanyuan Wendao.

“In all likelihood.” Yun Che faintly sighed, “When we met Xuanyuan Wentian on the way to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, the look he had given me and the words he had spoken made me feel like something fishy was going on.”

“Outrageous!” Xia Yuanba balled his fists in rage, the green veins on his forehead standing out, “In the end, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is still one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds. To think that they would do such thing, eh? No, that’s not right. Why would they even kidnap Xiao Yun in the first place? What reason would they have?”

“It is very likely that my status as a son of the Illusory Demon Realm’s Yun Family has been discovered. So they are also likely aware of Xiao Yun’s status as well. Other than that, there is no other reason I can think of right now.” Yun Che said in a low voice.

These words caused Xia Yuanba to suddenly realize just how serious the current situation had become. It was definitely no ordinary situation right now. He grabbed Yun Che’s shoulders while he whispered in an anxious voice, “Since it’s very likely your identity has been exposed, you can’t stay here any longer! You should know that the Illusory Demon Realm is a place that has been demonized in the Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, all the heroes of the realm have been gathered here today. If this matter gets exposed publicly, you will be attacked from all sides!”

“I know but I can’t abandon Xiao Yun.”

These words caused Xia Yuanba’s heart to go cold. He immediately understood that as long as this reason remained, there was nothing he could say that would convince Yun Che to leave.

“Yuanba, you don’t need to be too worried.” Yun Che said in a calm manner, “The situation may not be as bad as it looks. I still have the Primordial Profound Ark with me. As long as its existence isn’t exposed as well, I will be able to use it to make complete withdrawal, no matter what happens. So let’s just quietly observe the situation for now.”

“However, if the worst case scenario does happen, you must remember to keep your distance from me Yuanba! Don’t forget, the other three Sacred Grounds are hatefully jealous that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary has gotten their hands on a disciple who possesses the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins. Even within Absolute Monarch Sanctuary itself, those foster children of the Saint Emperor and their supporters definitely view you as a thorn in their side. If my identity is really exposed to the world and you attempt to protect me, they will be able to label you as a ‘demon’ as well. So at that time, you definitely mustn’t…”

At this time, Yun Che’s brows suddenly furrowed and his eyes instantly went cold. This was because he felt an icy-cold killing intent lock on to his body.

“Yun Che, you little punk! Hand over your life!!”

The sudden thunderous outburst shocked all the powerhouses that were present. A green-robed old man had flown up from the seats that were to the right of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and he was swooping towards Yun Che like a great eagle.

Furthermore, Yun Che had never seen this person before.

This matter had happened too abruptly. Moreover, no one had expected that someone would dare to cause trouble at the venue the Devil Sword Conference was being held. Given that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary was seated right next to the seats where the interloper had emerged from, the green-robed old man was practically in front of Yun Che seconds after his furious shout had pierced the air. His profound energy turned into a sword as he prepared to deal a fatal blow to Yun Che. Even if other people wanted to stop him, they would not have the opportunity to.

Before Yun Che had even moved, Xia Yuanba had exploded into a flurry of violence. He let out a furious yell as his fist exploded outwards.


A ring of energy pulsed outwards from the point of impact as it tore apart the clouds above. The powers of two Monarchs smashed against one another but the deadlock would not last for long. Xia Yuanba’s face was dark and overcast while alarm had appeared on the face of the green-robed old man. It was as if he could scarcely believe that his power had been so easily blocked by a junior like Xia Yuanba.

“Get lost!!”

Xia Yuanba gave another furious yell as his already thick and muscular arms grew even thicker. The power exploding out from his fist instantly transformed from a windstorm into a hurricane.


The sword beam that the green-robed old man had made out of profound energy was instantly shattered. It was as if his entire body had been smashed by a gigantic hammer as he was thrown backwards tens of meter before he could bring his body to a halt. The green-robed old man’s face had gone white as sheet after he had taken that blow.

Furthermore, Xia Yuanba had only pushed back a little. He advanced with a as the exploding energies that swirled around his body caused countless profound practitioners to hold their breath in amazement. There were also many of them who had gone pale with shock, mirroring the reaction of the green-robed old man.

Even though Yun Che did not recognize this green-robed old man, his name was known throughout the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

This was an elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! Furthermore, he was ranked within the top ten elders of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!

His profound strength cultivation was at the seventh level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Yet he had been blown away by a single punch from Xia Yuanba, ceding the advantage to him!

Countless deeply shocked gazes landed on Xia Yuanba’s body as more than a few people sucked in a cold breath of air. Only the strongest of the strong within the Profound Sky Continent had the privilege to enter the Sea God Arena. So everyone here had naturally heard the news that a disciple who possessed the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins had appeared in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. Furthermore, that disciple had become a Monarch when he was barely twenty years of age.

However all of this was just hearsay and many people were witnessing the reality of Xia Yuanba for the first time.

What just became a Monarch!? He was able to force a level seven Monarch back with a blow of his fist, so his strength was clearly at the latter stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Even within the Four Great Sacred Grounds, that was the domain of the absolute strongest!

He was already so terrifying at a tender age of twenty, so no one was able to imagine what kind of monster he would be one hundred years later! Among the disciples of similar age in the other three Sacred Grounds, they would not be able to find a single person who was fit to even carry his shoes, much less be compared to him!

All the twelve Spiritual Masters of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary turned their heads and silently nodded. Their expressions were devoid of shock and only faint smiles and a vivid appreciation and admiration could be seen on their faces. They were all pleased that Xia Yuanba’s profound strength had improved by leaps and bounds once again within this short period of time.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue slowly stood up and spoke in a calm and unhurried manner, “Xuanyuan Jue, as an elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, what reason would provoke you to suddenly raise your hand against a junior?”

The name Xuanyuan Jue caused Yun Che’s brows to twitch: It was him after all!

The Ninth Elder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, Xuanyuan Jue! Xuanyuan Yufeng’s father, Ling Yun and Ling Jie’s grandfather!

“Hmph!” After being beaten back by Xia Yuanba’s fist, the shock in Xuanyuan Jue’s heart had long ago exceeded his rage but if he retreated just like this, he would definitely lose all of his dignity. He stared at Yun Che before roaring in rage, “This little punk Yun Che not only harmed two elders of our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he even made a move to kill my beloved daughter before. If I don’t rip him to pieces today, how can I still call myself a father!?”

Yun Che still remained seated while a cold smile spread across his face, “Xuanyuan Yufeng’s heart was venomous and wicked while her methods were sinister and despicable! If not for the fact that she was Ling Jie’s mother, even killing her ten times over would not allow me to fully vent my hatred towards her! In the end, I spared her life but if you’re not grateful to me, that’s fine. But to think that you actually had the face to bark wildly in front of me right now!”

“You’re looking for death, you young punk!” Yun Che’s words had undoubtedly added fuel to the fire, causing Xuanyuan Jue to become even more enraged.

“I would request that the two gentlemen here let their anger subside.”

A calm and languid voice rang out from where Supreme Ocean Palace was seated. Zi Ji slowly stood to face him, a bland smile on his face, “The grievances that the two of you have against each other isn’t something that an outsider should get involved in. All the heroes of the realm have gathered here today for one thing and one thing alone. And that is the Devil Sword Conference. So this matter brooks no further delay. Furthermore, even if it was not for the sake of the Devil Sword Conference but as all of you are honored guests of Supreme Ocean Palace, we are naturally unwilling to see a single one of our honoured guests encounter any distress. So I would have to request that two of you show this old man some face. Even though you have a great grievance against each other, I would request that you settle it after the both of you have left Supreme Ocean Palace.”

After being blown away by Xia Yuanba’s fist, Xuanyuan Jue’s dignity had already gone down the drain. It was hard to get off the back of a tiger but Zi Ji’s words had undoubtedly given him a pretext to back down gracefully. Xuanyuan Jue flung out the sleeve of his robe as he gave a furious snort, “Fine! For the sake of Zi Ji, I will let this young punk live for a few more days. Yun Che, you young punk! I heard that your master is the Old Man Duotian who should have returned to the dust many ages ago and that he has the ability to traverse the heavens and divide the earth… hahahaha. Even if it was the Heavenly King himself, I wouldn’t be afraid of him, much less some Old Man Duotian! But I do want to see just how he will keep you safe from me once the time comes!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Ridiculous!” Xia Yuanba said in a contemptuous voice, “If you want to touch a hair on my Brother-in-law’s head, you’ll have to get past me first! It’s too bad that you can’t even beat a junior like me. To think that your sense of shame would be so lacking that you would even dare to challenge my Brother-in-law’s master! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll become the laughing stock of the entire profound world!?”

“You!” Xuanyuan Jue stared at Xia Yuanba as he nearly spat a mouthful of blood out.

“Yuanba, do not be disrespectful.” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue chided him in a placid voice.

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