Chapter 800 - Devil Sword Conference (4)

Against the Gods

Chapter 800 - Devil Sword Conference (4)

“After we obtained the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword by chance, my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region had selfish thoughts and we desired to keep the secrets of the devil sword for ourselves. However, the sword was covered by a strong and peerless seal, even the full might of my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was unable to do anything to it. It was as if the very heavens themselves had willed that the secrets of the devil sword were not for one person to monopolize. Instead, it was to be shared with the heroes of the realm, to the benefit of the profound way of our Profound Sky Continent!”

“Hahahaha, Sword Master Xuanyuan has truly spoken well.” Heavenly Monarch Ye Meixie interjected with a great laugh, “If this devil sword truly contains the mysteries of the Divine Profound and we manage to uncover it, then all the invited heroes of the realm will benefit greatly from it. Our Profound Sky Continent’s profound way will also break through to another realm, attaining the transcendence that even our forefathers could not reach. When that time comes, the people of the Profound Sky Continent will no longer have to worry about the demons of the Illusory Demon Realm staring at them with greedy eyes. So if this truly comes to pass, it will be a grand event that will be spoken of for ten thousand years. It will be an event that will be etched in the history and consciousness of our entire continent, not merely confined to those of us who pursue the way of the profound.”

The demons of the Illusory Demon Realms were the ones who were staring at you with covetous eyes, huh? Yun Che’s eyes sank as a cold and disdainful smile appeared on his face.

If he had never been to the Illusory Demon Realm, he would have firmly believed like the rest of the Profound Sky Continent that the Four Great Sacred Grounds had always been defending the continent from the predations of the Illusory Demon Realm, and he would have no doubt that they deserved the mantle of “Sacred Ground”.

But the truth that he had witnessed and heard about in the Illusory Demon Continent had been the complete opposite of what he heard his entire life!

Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi’s expression remained as cold and remote as calm water, nary a ripple of emotion showing on her face. Huangji Wuyu did not go along with this charade either. He briefly raised his head before speaking in a calm and dry voice, “Half of the scorching sun has been hidden away and the yang energy in the air is gradually dissipating. The time is at hand. Let us prepare to begin.”

Xuanyuan Wentian gently nodded his head. His body began to slowly ascend as he spoke in a bright and clear voice, “The Thirteen Star Alignment. This is a strange and marvelous natural phenomenon that generally occurs every three thousand years. In a short fifteen minutes, this natural phenomenon will appear once more. At that time, the entire Profound Sky Continent will be darkened as yin energy covers the heavens. It is also at that time when the seal on the devil sword will be at its weakest point in three thousand years!”

“The profound formation below is known as the Boundless Universe Formation. It is something that the Four Great Sacred Grounds took several months to complete. It is not something that can be used offensively, but it is able to activate all of the profound energy within its bounds instantly and use that energy to bombard the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that lies in its center!”

“I see.” Yun Che gave a low gasp. So they would rely on this unique profound formation to perform the so-called gathering of all the might of the heroes of the realm.

The sky grew darker and darker. At this moment, Yun Che raised his head to look at the sky and he saw that half of the scorching sun had already been covered.

After half of it had been covered by the dark scar and the sky began to grow darker at a faster speed. It was clearly noontime, but right now, it seemed as if evening had begun.

Xuanyuan Wentian surveyed the sky as he faintly nodded to the other three Sacred Masters. He proclaimed in a loud voice, “The time is near! The time has come for all of us to gather our strength and uncover the secrets of the devil sword! Even though this sword was found by my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, I, Xuanyuan Wentian, solemnly swear on my title of Sword Master that if the secrets of the Divine Profound are truly uncovered after the seal on the sword has been broken, my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and the three other Sacred Grounds will not hide and keep it for ourselves. It will be freely shared with all who are participating in the unsealing of this devil sword!”

“The words of Sword Master Xuanyuan are naturally trustworthy, his word is his bond!”

Over at where the Divine Phoenix Sect was seated, Feng Zukui slowly stood up from his seat. Among the powers outside of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, the Divine Phoenix Sect held the most clout and the most influence. Furthermore, the person who possessed the most exalted status within the sect was naturally Feng Zukui as well, “What should we do when the coming phenomenon of the Thirteen Star Alignment arrives?”

“It’s very simple.” Xuanyuan Wentian replied, “I just have to request that all of you rise from your seats and come inside this Boundless Universe Formation while gathering all of the profound energy in your bodies without reservation. The moment the thirteen stars do align and the heaven and earth turns completely dark, I would request that everyone listen to my command and pour all of your profound energy into this formation. This will enable the Boundless Universe Formation to gather an extremely strong power…. No matter how strong the seal on the devil sword is, if the might of everyone present today is gathered up, we will definitely be able to break it in a single strike!”

“Hahahaha, so that is how it is! This old man had always thought that this would be an extremely arduous and risky undertaking. If not, the grand Four Great Sacred Grounds would not have to go so far as to invite all the heroes of the realm. But to think that it was actually so simple.” Feng Zukui let out a great laugh as he took to the skies as well, “Divine Phoenix disciples, listen to my command! Follow me and move inside the Sea God Arena!”

Under Feng Zukui’s command, all the members of the Divine Phoenix Sect had flown up from their seats to arrive within the Boundless Universe Formation. Feng Xue’er hesitated for a moment as she glanced at where Yun Che was seated, but in the end, she had no choice but to accompany Feng Hengkong.

If the Divine Phoenix Sect took the lead, then the other powers within the Seven Nations would not fall behind either, and they followed suit as well. Following the faint gestures made by the Four Sacred Masters, all the gathered disciples of the Four Great Sacred Grounds all took to the sky as well, as they flew onto the Sea God Arena.

In the blink of an eye, the seats that surrounded the Sea God Arena had been completely emptied as the six thousand over profound practitioners who represented the highest level of power within the Profound Sky Continent all floated over the Boundless Universe Formation.

However, three people had yet to leave their seats.

Yun Che, Xia Yuanba… and Fen Juechen!

Furthermore, the three people that were left were all extremely irritating to the eye.

There were no dark clouds in the sky, yet it had still become very dark as the black scar had covered seventy percent of the sun. A deathly stillness had settled over the venue and it seemed as all life had been drained out of the air. Even these mighty profound practitioners felt their chests being engulfed by a heavy pressure.

At this time, Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes swivelled towards Yun Che as he suddenly spoke, “Palace Master Yun, could it be that you have no interest towards this devil sword or the secrets of the Divine Profound?”

The words of Xuanyuan Wentian caused everyone to focus their attention on Yun Che.

If this was someone else, they would have definitely become so frightened that their faces would have lost all color. But Yun Che had already prepared for such an eventuality so he gave a faint laugh instead, “It is not that this junior possesses no interest towards these things. It is just that I am still recovering from my wounds. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

“Ah, so that was how it is.” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he nodded his head. His tone changed as he gave a faint smile, “I heard that Palace Master Yun’s teacher is Old Man Duotian. Ten thousand years ago, Old Man Duotian’s had obtained a world-shaking breakthrough in his profound cultivation, so he must have already reached the pinnacle of perfection. I heard that an elder of the Sun Moon Divine Elder, Ye Shi, had unwittingly offended your revered master and he was completely annihilated by a small wisp of flame. This level of cultivation is completely unheard of and it’s something that has shocked the entire world. If your revered master is able to make an appearance today, he would be able to break this seal on this devil sword with a flick of his wrist, and we would not even need to mobilize the entire profound world of the Profound Sky Continent.”

“Even though he might disdain to take action, if we could even witness the legendary Old Man Duotian, it would be the greatest fortune in our lifetime.”

Only Yun Che could hear the sarcasm and mockery in Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice.

This definitely confirmed that the truth behind “Old Man Duotian” was something that had been exposed to Xuanyuan Wentian! It was also obvious now that the kidnapping of Xiao Yun had been done by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region…. Before this, he was only eighty percent certain. But right now, he was thoroughly convinced!

“My master has no desire to step into the affairs of mortals!” Yun Che replied, remaining calm and composed throughout.

“Heh heh, then that is truly regrettable.” Xuanyuan Wentian gaze shifted to the side as he looked at Xia Yuanba, “Could it be that young Xia is also completely uninterested in the secrets of the Divine Profound?”

“Of course I’m not interested.” Xia Yuanba replied as he crossed his arms over his chest. He had not been moved at all and it even seemed like there was a violent energy hidden within him, “If I want to step into the Divine Profound Realm, it will take me no more than one hundred years, so why would I have any need for the so-called secrets of the Divine Profound… Moreover, we don’t know if it even exists.”

Once these words were uttered, it shocked everyone who was present. Even the faces of the Four Sacred Masters themselves had undergone a dramatic change. Claiming that he would be able to break through to the Divine Profound Realm within one hundred years, even one of the Four Sacred Masters would not be able to make such an arrogant and outrageous claim… Because in the ten thousand year history of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, even those old monsters who had lived for two to three thousand years had been unable to truly touch the Divine Profound Realm.

“Hahahahaha!” The calm and easygoing Huangji Wuyu threw his head back in great laughter, “Yuanba, there has never been a person who has dared to make such an outrageous claim before you did. The words you just said doesn’t matter. Offending Sword Master Xuanyuan is a small thing as well. But Yuanba, you have belittled all the heroes of the realm with one simple sentence. However, this is simply music to this emperor’s ears, hahahahaha…”

It was extremely rare for the Sacred Master of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary to display such emotion. The Twelve Spiritual Masters and the gathered elders of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had also begun to laugh as well and their laughter was laced with satisfaction and pride. If someone else had uttered those words, it would have been treated as a complete joke. But only Xia Yuanba possessed the right to show such arrogance!

It was just over ten days ago that Xia Yuanba had suddenly experienced a breakthrough in strength yet again after a short period of confinement. Huangji Wuyu had told the Twelve Spiritual Masters then and there: It was very possible that Xia Yuanba would step into the fabled Divine Profound Realm in the future, becoming the first person to do so in the history of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary!

Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi said in a grave voice, “There is no need for Sword Master Xuanyuan to speak any further. It is entirely up to the individual whether they will exert themselves during today’s Devil Sword Conference. If they do not believe or look down on the secrets of the devil sword, then they are certainly within their rights to merely be observers. There is no need to demand or force anyone to do anything! Anyways, the time is at hand! It is about to begin!”


Eighty percent of the sun had been shrouded by darkness and the skies had become so dark that it seemed as if the curtain of night had fallen upon them. Xuanyuan Wentian raised both of his hands as he spoke, “In about one hundred breaths, the thirteen stars will align. So I request that all of you follow me and concentrate all of the profound energy in your body. You must definitely not hold anything back! The moment the heavens and earth become completely shrouded in darkness, pour forth all your profound energy into the formation at my command! Let’s break the seal on the devil sword!”


Xuanyuan Wentian gave a great shout as his clothes billowed and his hair stood on end. The profound energy surrounding his body surged and swelled as it manifested a sword intent that covered the heavens.

Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi and Ye Meixie followed suit as four world-shaking auras pressed down on everyone. The power in the air was so heavy and powerful that it seemed like a deity was about to descend from the heavens. This startled the powers from the Seven Nations so badly that they had turned completely ashen.

“Divine Phoenix disciples, heed my command! Concentrate all of the profound energy in your body! Hold back nothing!”

All of the profound energy surrounding Feng Zukui flared up as well as Phoenix flames soared into the heavens. Under his command, all of the Divine Phoenix disciples had ignited their divine Phoenix flames at the same time. In an instant, the darkening sky became stained by a startling crimson light.

Following this, all of the profound practitioners from the Sacred Grounds and the other powers of the Seven Nations began to focus all of their profound energy as well. More than five hundred Monarchs and six thousand Overlords focused their power at the same time, causing the gathered force to be terrifying. All of this profound energy was being focused and was in an unreleased state. This caused Yun Che, who was looking on at the sidelines, to feel as if a terrible and frightening storm was heading his way.

In his normal state, even though this aura was alarming, it would not be enough to force him back. But right now, his entire body was wounded, so it was rather hard for him to bear.

Xia Yuanba swiftly extended a hand in front of Yun Che. Immediately, Yun Che felt the pressure that he was facing lessen by several times as his breathing grew regular once more.

The reason why Xia Yuanba did not enter the Sea God Arena was not because he was uninterested in the secrets of the devil sword. It was to protect Yun Che. Because he was aware of Yun Che’s injuries and the upcoming peril he would face.

On the other side of the Sea God Arena, Fen Juechen had raised his head as well. But he was not looking at a single person. His hungry, wolf-like eyes emitted an extremely malevolent light… as he fiercely stared at the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that floated in the middle of the Sea God Arena.

The skies grew darker and darker and the originally round sun was covered by so much darkness that only a sliver of it remained in the sky, and even that sliver of light was gradually fading to nothingness… Its color was turning from a scorching orange to a dark red color.

Once the time arrived, even the last smear of dark red light would be completely devoured by the darkness.

In an instant, the world suddenly turned pitch-black as the world was completely engulfed by darkness, without a shred of light. The wind had stopped blowing completely and the air had abruptly turned cold. The entire world seemed to become cold and gloomy as a heavy pressure filled the air. It was as if the entire world had been plunged into a boundless purgatory of darkness.

The Thirteen Star Alignment that only happened once every three thousand years had finally come! Within this three thousand year period, this was also the time when the yin energy in the heavens and earth would be at its richest and most flourishing.

At this time, the Boundless Universe Formation on the Sea God Arena began to fiercely glow with light.

“It is now!” Xuanyuan Wentian gave a roar that ripped through the heavens!

This roar snapped the taut and stretched nerves of all who were present. They immediately responded and fiercely poured out their profound energy in the same instant...

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