Chapter 811 - Blood-soaked Jasmine (7)

Against the Gods

Chapter 811 - Blood-soaked Jasmine (7)

The Sound Transmission Jades of Xuanyuan Wentian and all the elders of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region began to buzz frenetically with profound energy. Several of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region elders picked up their Sound Transmission Jades with shaky hands and the messages that they received were more frantic than the last…

“The Northern Region… The Northern Region is gone!”

“Thirteenth Elder, just now… just now, a spatial rift that stretched tens of kilometers appeared in the air above us just now. The Northern Region… The entire Northern Region was suddenly plucked up into the air and sucked into that spatial rift…”

“...All of the medicine, profound beasts and people within the Northern Region suddenly disappeared without a trace… It’s true! It’s really true… Everyone here witnessed it with their own two eyes!”

“Pavilion Master, a terrible thing has happened. The Northern Region has completely disappeared… Quickly report this to the Lord Sword Master!”

The cries that originated from the disciples of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region rang in the air and told everyone present that everything that they had witnessed was not an illusion or a nightmare. Rather it was the truth, a truth that was millions of times more dreadful than any nightmare could ever be!

“...” Qu Fengyi felt her entire body sway. At this moment, even though she possessed the profound strength that was at the very peak of the Sovereign Profound Realm, she felt her entire body go limp and weak. While her body was swaying, she found herself almost collapsing to the floor several times.

Despite being thirty five thousand kilometers away, she had destroyed the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s Northern Region with a simple casual gesture… If that was so, then that young girl, who was clad in red, would only need to flick her fingers to make the entire Supreme Ocean Palace, that was beneath her feet, disappear!

Before this, they were prepared to move against Yun Che for the sake of obtaining the Mirror of Samsara. But now, they had all witnessed the miserable state Mighty Heavenly Sword Region had ended up in and the other three Sacred Grounds naturally knew that it would be their turn after she had finished dealing with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region… Absolute Monarch Sanctuary had Xia Yuanba around, so that might end up preserving them, but Supreme Ocean Palace had no such thing!

“Brother-in-law, she… she… Is she really… your master?” Xia Yuanba, whose profound energy had been unsealed, said as he staggered towards Yun Che, his eyes as wide as saucers. He could not help but stuttering even though he was only asking a simple question.

“Yes.” Yun Che said as he nodded his head and replied honestly, “The person who repaired my profound veins seven years ago, instructed me in my cultivation and guided me during my experiences and tribulations has always been her.”

“Then she… Ah no, I mean, this senior, just who is… who is she?” Xia Yuanba said as he sucked in small breath, “No wonder Brother-in-law became so powerful in such a short span of time. To think that such a powerful person actually existed in this world… I feel like I’m dreaming right now.”

“Senior?” Yun Che said with a hearty chuckle, “She is younger than you, you know. She is around the same age as Xue’er.”

“...” The corner of Xia Yuanba’s mouth twisted as he was completely dumbstruck, for a good long while. After that, he finally let out a strangled cry, “HUH!?”

Feng Xue’er and Feng Zukui, who were beside them, had listened on their conversation and they were immediately so shocked that they were completely dumbfounded and tongue-tied.

“Jasmine is already twenty years old now…” Yun Che mumbled to himself dazedly as he looked at the young girl who stood in the center of the Sea God Arena, the young girl who was currently causing the Four Sacred Grounds to nearly piss themselves collectively in fear.

When he had met Jasmine all those years ago, she was merely thirteen years old. At that time, even though she was striving to portray a cold, arrogant and mature front, she still possessed the youthful immaturity of a young girl and it would still flash to the surface inadvertently. She would throw a tantrum, would get flustered and exasperated and would act impulsively from time to time. She would also be fond of cute things, especially things that were red in color, she would also frequently be absent-minded and dreamy. She would also scold him vociferously over little things that she disapproved and she had once even shed stubborn tears because she could not put on a strong front anymore…

During these past few years, he had grown and Jasmine had grown as well. Her appearance had not changed in the slightest since they had met but her temperament had long ago changed from that of a thirteen year old girl. She had become a lot more cold and mature since then.

Even the killing intent she radiated occasionally was far more solid than it was in the past.

The arm that Jasmine had raised to the sky slowly lowered as she gave an indifferent and cold sniff of disdain. After that she did not ask Xuanyuan Wentian the question she had asked him before and she did not even spare him a second glance. Her eyes, which flashed with a bewitching red light, suddenly swiveled as she looked in the direction of Sun Moon Divine Hall before finally settling on Ye Meixie’s body.

Ye Meixie reacted as if he had been struck by lightning the moment Jasmine’s gaze fell abruptly fell upon him. He retreated one step in panic, his face looked like it had just been fiercely struck by a fist as all the muscles on his face contracted and scrunched together tightly in extreme panic and fear.

“Ye Meixie.” Jasmine said in a bland voice. Ye Meixie, who heard his name being called, felt his body go completely cold and stiff and he nearly melted to the ground, “Just now this princess heard you say that you have never had to write the word ‘regret’ all your life, hmm?”

“Heave… Heavenly Monarch.” The Five Divine Envoys of Sun Moon Divine Hall were just ten steps behind Ye Meixie. Every single one of them had fear-filled expressions plastered across their face and none of them dared to take a single step forward. Twenty three elders of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, who had faced judgement before them, had been decapitated in the mere blink of an eye. Their bloody heads were still lying on the ground and they still rolled around every now and then.

Ye Meixie raised his head in fear and trembling before he made humble and deferential bow towards Jasmine, “This junior… this junior boasted arrogantly without thinking, I beg… I beg this senior for forgiveness.

Even if you beat him to death, Ye Meixie would not believe that the dreadful girl in front of him was not even one-hundredth of his age.

“Senior?” Jasmine asked, her eyebrows arching upwards. It was clear that she detested this form of address as she coldly replied, “What? Are you telling me that you know how to write the word ‘regret’ all of the sudden?”

“Yes… I know, I know how to write it.” Ye Meixie dipped his head and did not dare meet Jasmine’s gaze. He had been the Heavenly Monarch of Sun Moon Divine Hall for a thousand years already. However, today, a peerless hegemon who had lorded over all for the past millennium had been reduced to a yes-man who was trembling in fear and terror.

He could choose to be stubborn and unyielding and he could also choose to laugh in haughty arrogance but he had to know how to judge people… Given the world-shaking power that Jasmine had just displayed, he realized that his strength, which he had originally believed to be nearly unrivalled under heaven, was like a small grain of sand compared to the vast ocean that represented her power. If he were to attempt to act like the Heavenly Monarch in front of her, it would simply be the biggest joke on this earth.

“Oh, is that so?” Jasmine said with a mocking and icy laugh, “Since you say that you know how to write that word, then do it for this princess to see so that this princess will really know whether you are truly able to write that word. You better write it well because if you do not, the consequences will be extremely dire!”

Ye Meixie stared blankly as all of the people from Sun Moon Divine Hall went as white as sheet… Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s now obliterated Northern Region served as a fine testimony as to how severe those consequences could be!

“Yes… I will write it. I will write it right now.”

Even though this was the most abject humiliation, Ye Meixie did not dare to voice out even the slightest objection or complaint; he did not even dare say or do anything that was more than what was necessary. His entire body trembled as he sank to his knees and extended a finger… At first, he had intended to use his profound energy to carve the word into the profound stone that made up the floor of the Sea God Arena but after thinking about it for a moment, he quickly changed his mind and hurriedly used his profound energy to break the skin on his finger. He used the blood that sprayed out from that wound to carefully and meticulously write down the word regret on the turquoise profound stone.

Every single stroke was filled with the greatest shock, fear and humiliation he had ever experienced in his life… and it also contained regret for ever provoking and offending this dreadful demon god. It was also the first time in his life that he had ever so carefully and meticulously written a word and his only fear was that his handwriting showed even the slightest flaw.

After he had finished writing this simple word, Ye Meixie’s forehead had already been drenched in sweat. He withdrew his finger and got to his feet but every single hair on his body was still violently trembling.

“Hmph, your handwriting isn’t bad after all.” Jasmine said as her eyes narrowed slightly, “So it looks like you won’t ever forget how to write this word again in your life. That’s very good, you have been far more obedient than Xuanyuan Wentian. Since that is the case, then this princess will let you live for now.”

As her voice fell, Jasmine’s pupils flashed with a weak red light.


Four bloody arrows sprayed from Ye Meixie’s wrists and ankles. He gave a miserable scream as he crumpled to the ground, his entire body writhing in pain and agony, but he did not dare use his profound strength to staunch those wounds.

“Heave… Heavenly Monarch!!” Sun Moon Divine Hall’s Five Divine Envoys and gathered elders cried out in shock and fear. Ye Xinghan, who was hiding at the back, also began to shake violently in terror as well.

“Don’t come over here!” Ye Meixie said with a desperate roar as he struggled mightily to get on his knees as he said to Jasmine, “I thank this senior… for showing mercy and not killing me…”

Given his physique and his profound strength, even if he was pierced one hundred times by a sword, he still definitely would not bat an eye. Even though the four wounds Jasmine had inflicted on his body were extremely small and shallow, they caused him so much pain that it pierced his very soul.

“You will indeed not die from this. However, these four wounds will remain on your body for the next six days!” Jasmine said. Her back had been turned towards him but her icy and merciless words echoed in Ye Meixie’s ears, “After every two hours, the pain will intensify by a bit. It will cause you to feel as if ten thousand blades are rending your body, until it gets to the point where you are wishing for death. Furthermore, during this entire process, you will not be able to faint even if you wanted to and if you dare to use profound energy to resist this pain, it will only intensify even more!”

“Uh…” It was as if Ye Meixie had a heard a curse that came from the depths of hell. Both of his eyeballs bulged out of their sockets and all of the tiny blood veins stood out against the whites of his eyes. Only he would be able to truly know the dreadfulness of the pain he was currently experiencing. At this moment, he felt as if ten thousand swords were piercing his heart and Jasmine had said that the pain would intensify after every two hours. This meant that this pain would intensify another seventy one times… He could not even imagine or bring himself to imagine just how painful that would be.

“You reap what you sow. This princess is actually helping you to remember just how to write the word regret right now. You better not ever forget it again.”

“...” Ye Meixie flopped to the ground like an old dog that was on the verge of death. His widened eyes only contained a shocking gray-white despair.

It was indeed true that no one could tell how dreadful the pain he was experiencing actually was. But for a master of a Sacred Ground, who possessed unrivalled profound strength, to experience so much pain that he was unable to stand and every single muscle in his body was spasming intensely… One could well imagine the torture he was going through right now.

However, this was merely just the beginning!

The dense atmosphere in the Sea God Arena only got even more intense. Everybody felt their entire bodies stiffen up but they not only did not dare to muster the smallest bit of profound strength, they did not even dare to make any sounds and even their breathing was shallow and careful. Even though Jasmine looked like a young child, possessed features that were as exquisite as a divine being and had a mysterious and bewitching charm about her, all of these things were firmly buried under the icy cold dread that she provoked.

She was as strong as a demon god.

But besides just being strong, she was also cold and merciless. Her actions were also extremely ruthless and one might go as far to call them evil and malicious.

At this moment, anyone who felt her gaze brush over them would feel all the blood in their body congeal as their heart abruptly stopped beating and they felt like they were teetering on the very edge of the abyss.

Jasmine’s gaze shifted from Sun Moon Divine Hall to look in the direction of Supreme Ocean Palace. Her penetrating gaze bored holes into Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi.

“Qu Fengyi, Supreme Ocean Palace’s Sovereign of the Seas. What a grand and majestic title. But alas, it belongs to a stupid and greedy woman.” Jasmine said in a cold and mocking voice.

Under Jasmine’s gaze, both Xuanyuan Wentian and Ye Meixie did not muster up any energy aura at all and they looked markedly pathetic. Sovereign of the Seas Qu Fengyi was no exception. Once Qu Fengyi had been marked by Jasmine’s gaze, she felt her body sway as her face instantly went even whiter than a sheet… When she had faced Yun Che, she had been the dignified, majestic and haughty Sovereign of the Seas but in front of Jasmine, she was merely a woman who was about to collapse in terror.

“Yun Che had past grievances with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall, but there was no resentment between him and your Supreme Ocean Palace. In fact, you could say that relations were cordial between the both of you. Yet you were the first to kick him when he was down and after that, you coveted the Mirror of Samsara as well… Heh, you better not tell this princess that you persecuted Yun Che for the sake of the Profound Sky Continent. This princess knows very well which is the truly rapacious and despicable land of demons that has caused chaos and calamity for the others between your so-called Four Sacred Grounds and the Illusory Demon Realm. And all of you know it better than anybody else!”

Every single word that came from Jasmine’s mouth caused the pupils of Qu Fengyi’s eyes to contract bit by bit. She, someone who possessed the profound strength that was at the very peak of the Sovereign Profound Realm, collapsed to the floor at this very instant and it seemed as if she could not even muster the strength to stand.

“As this princess’ disciple, Yun Che’s aptitude, morals and temperament are all barely passable. His sole flaw is the way he deals with women. Because when it comes to women, he has always been extremely stupid, fickle, lecherous, filled with lustful thoughts and completely shameless and underhanded in his dealings with them. He simply loses all rationality when it comes to women and he has risked his life countless times for their sake. He is simply so stupid in this aspect that it would be insulting to an idiot to slap him with the same label...”

The most common reason for Jasmine’s scoldings was his past dealings with women and that included the time when he desperately risked his life to obtain the Netherworld Udumbara Flower for her. In fact, she had just given him an extremely thorough scolding because of that incident. However, he had long grown accustomed to these rants and he had even come to cheerfully welcome the word “lecher” every time she called him that.

But right now they were at the Sea God Arena and Jasmine had just said this in front of everyone who was present. She had once again shot off a firecracker of vituperations and insults at him regarding the matter of women… and he could practically hear her teeth grinding together as she said those words.

It was very clear that Jasmine had some extreme complaints regarding how he treated women… and it was not just any old complaint either, because every time she brought it up, it was always accompanied by a fury that could not be dampened.

“So, he has never ever physically abused a woman before and has very rarely had to kill any.” Jasmine said as she walked slowly towards Qu Fengyi, “But this princess… has killed far more women than she has men!”

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