Chapter 827 - Heartless

Against the Gods

Chapter 827 - Heartless

Jasmine waved her small hand yet again and the surrounding area was covered by an extremely thick and heavy isolation barrier.

Moonflower did not approach, nor did she try to use her mind to penetrate the barrier and listen to what they were saying. Her gaze dipped low and her eyes faintly narrowed as she leisurely fiddled with her hair. Moonflower’s hair had looked as dark as night but under the light of the sun, one could see a strange dark green color shimmer in her locks.

“Yun Che.” Jasmine sounded very calm and unruffled, and she even seemed a little indifferent, “I had originally planned to stay here for another twenty four years before returning to that world, but… the will of heaven does not bow to the desires of man, so I have no choice but to leave today.”

She did not say she was returning “home”, instead she had said she was returning to “that world”. That unintentional slip of her tongue seemed to express that she had already subconsciously recognized this place as the place where she belonged and that place had already become another world to her.

Yun Che fixed her with a steady stare and compared to Jasmine’s composure, his eyes and voice expressed immeasurable anguish, “Must you… leave now?”

Jasmine was not someone who hailed from this world. She had come from an entirely different world, an entirely different plane. Once she had escaped the clutches of the devilish poison and reconstituted her body, he had resolved that he might lose her. It was just that this day had come way too suddenly.

Not too long ago, she had said that she would stay by his side for at least another twenty four years...

“If I choose to wilfully stay behind, that person might just decide to pay a personal visit to this place. It is also extremely likely that he would take out his anger on this world,” Jasmine said in a dull voice. “Whether it is the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, if he wants to destroy either of them, it will be as easy as flicking a finger for him.”

“That person?” Yun Che muttered in a daze. Jasmine’s words, actions and her decision had also made it clear that “that person” she was referring to was also the “my king” Moonflower had referred to. It was also clear that he was definitely someone even stronger than her. Jasmine’s strength when she was not even at ten percent of her full power was already so great that he could not even fathom it. So if “that person” that Jasmine kept referring to really wanted to destroy the entire Profound Sky Continent, he might really only need to flick his finger to do the deed.

Jasmine’s gaze slanted to the side and in a flash, a dull coldness formed in her eyes, “He is my father, and he is also the person I hate the most. One of the reasons why I do not desire to return is because I am not willing to see that most hated and disgusting face of his!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Haah…” Yun Che sighed helplessly. After that he spoke in a rather dazed and distracted manner, “Maybe going back is good as well. After all, that place is also your home. You’ve already left home for seven years, so it is about time for you to return. Even though I’m extremely unwilling to see you go… I can’t use my selfishness to forcibly anchor you to a world that you don’t belong to. I don’t know what caused such a huge estrangement between you and your father but in the end, he is still your father. From what that Moonflower said, after he found out you were not dead, he has been sending people to find you all this time. So that shows that he has at least been concerned about you.”

Yun Che’s words did not cause the coldness in Jasmine’s eyes to fade even a little bit. She only coldly replied, “You won’t understand.”

Without trying to dispute or explain anything, Jasmine suddenly raised her right hand. Her index finger began flashing with a faint red light and after that she pressed it against the center of Yun Che’s brow until she saw that red light sink into Yun Che’s brow.

“Within this memory fragment are all the words that I am unable to say to you right now.” Jasmine’s delicate face was still cold and detached but her eyes faintly shimmered for an instant, “Twenty four hours from now, the seal on this memory fragment will automatically undo itself. At that time, you will know what I want to tell you.”

“Also.” Jasmine did not even give Yun Che a chance to say anything as she immediately continued, “This morning, I had resolved myself for this moment to come the moment I had sensed Moonflower’s presence. So, I handed something to Hong’er and she carried it back with her into the Sky Poison Pearl. After I have left, you can take it from her… Even though it will not be able to increase your cultivation by too much, it will at least be able to increase your lifespan by several thousand years.”

“What you have left me is…”

“You don’t need to question me any further, you will know once you see it.” Jasmine said as she tilted her head up slightly to look into the distance, “Today, there are too many outsiders present… including those so-called Four Great Sacred Grounds. After I leave, the moment they realize that I am no longer around, they will definitely turn around to try to deal with you. It is not only because you have the Mirror of Samsara in your possession, it is also because they will seek to vent their anger and grievances on you for the punishment and humiliation I subjected them to that day—especially Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall. Once the threat of my existence is gone, they definitely won’t let a future threat like you continue to exist on this earth.”

“I understand.” Yun Che said softly. Compared to Jasmine’s impending departure, all of these things were completely insignificant to him.

“I had thought of directly taking action and slaughtering all of them, so that no one in this world would be able to pose a threat to you anymore,” Jasmine said as she shook her head lightly, “But, they do possess the reputation of being sacred places in the Profound Sky Continent, so if I destroyed all of them, all of the sin and infamy would fall upon your shoulders. Furthermore, given your personality, you wouldn’t want me to do it either.”

“On that day in Supreme Ocean Palace, you spared both Huangji Wuyu and Qu Fengyi. If they have any sense of shame and honor, they will not make another move against me again,” Yun Che said softly. “As for Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall, I had already promised you that I would rely on my own strength to pay them back and not rely on your strength. So even if I don’t have your protection, they will still not be able to do anything to me.”

“Furthermore, I won’t be afraid even if Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace attempt to make a move against me like they did twenty days ago! At most, I will use the Primordial Profound Ark to bring Grandfather, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and the rest of them to the Illusory Demon Realm. One day, I will definitely let them die in regret! So, they do not even deserve to die at your hands, you definitely don’t need to worry about me.”

“Actually, I am not worried about you.” Jasmine said blandly, “Even though your current strength is far from satisfactory, if it was so easy to get ahold of you, you would not have survived until today. I can only hope that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace won’t be so foolish as to repeat their stupidity once more!”

“I won’t kill these people. It would be best if they behaved sensibly but if they do not, I will leave them for you to deal with personally. This will also keep you on your toes and prevent you from getting lonesome. However, if they really fail to appreciate my kindness… In the next few years after my departure, before you can absolutely guarantee your victory, you need to avoid confrontation for now, don’t rashly rush to your death.”

“I understand.” Yun Che said with a heavy nod of his head.

“Compared to the threat of the Four Sacred Grounds…” Jasmine said as her gaze grew heavy, “What I am truly worried about is the devil origin orb in your body.”

“Now that you have recovered your strength, you should be able to barely seal it using your own profound strength. It’s just that you’ll have to seal it far more often than if I did it for you. If it can always maintain its current state that would be for the best but I’m just afraid that it might manifest some sort of weird change in the future… After all, this is something on the level of the gods and devils and it has already bonded with your profound veins too.”

“Don’t worry.” Yun Che said with a forced smile, “My luck has always been very good.”

“If there are any weird changes that happen to it, go to Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to find the Golden Crow Spirit.” This was the only thing that Jasmine could think of, “After all, it did inherit a portion of the Golden Crow’s will and memories so it should possess extensive knowledge and experience. Perhaps, it will be able to think of something.”

“Mn, I understand.” Yun Che said as he nodded his head again, but he could not conceal the anguish in his eyes. Every single one of Jasmine’s words had either expressed worry for him, were nagging him or making arrangements for his future.

Without either of them noticing, many things between the two of them had long ago become habitual.

“There are also two more things you need to remember,” Jasmine said as she glanced at Moonflower. She discovered that Moonflower was stroking her own shoulders with her delicate hands, it was as if she was leisurely appreciating her own beauty and she was not even paying any attention to them, “The first thing is that you need to treat Hong’er well. Even though she may throw tantrums, act wilfully and stage little acts of rebellion from time to time, her heart is pure and she is especially devoted to you. After I leave, you will be the only person left in her world, so you definitely mustn’t bully her.”

“Yes, I will treat her well… Furthermore,” Yun Che said with a smile that took great effort. “I also wouldn’t dare to bully her.”

“The second thing… is the thing that you promised me before. You must never ever try to explore the depths of Cloud’s End Cliff.”

“Don’t you worry, I definitely won’t go anywhere near that place,” Yun Che said with a light nod of his head. “You said before that the Primordial Profound Ark only has enough power for me to make one trip to and from the Azure Cloud Continent. After I go there, I will bring Ling’er back with me. Other than Ling’er, there is nothing else I care about or miss in the Azure Cloud Continent. After that, I may never ever return to that place.”

“Mnn.” Jasmine gave a soft hum of acknowledgement before turning around, “Yun Che… this is goodbye.”


The isolation barrier shattered and Jasmine slowly floated into the sky, flying towards where Moonflower was.

“Jasmine!!” Yun Che moved forward just a step before he rigidly stopped himself. He yelled in a voice that was filled with boundless emotion and determination, “You can go back with no worries, because one day… one day I will come and find you! In order to see you again, I won’t slack off even for a single day! We will definitely meet again.”

Jasmine stopped in midair, not moving for a long time. After that, she turned around to face Yun Che. but her expression was not agitated or emotional. Instead, it was filled with an icy coldness that froze Yun Che’s very soul.

“Yun Che, in the end, we were still master and disciple.” Jasmine’s eyes were filled with a detached coldness that caused Yun Che’s breath to catch in his throat, “If you still respect me as your master, you need to promise me one last thing!”

“...” Jasmine’s eyes caused Yun Che to feel deeply puzzled and uneasy. He could only give a light nod of his head, “No matter what it is, as long as you say the word, I will make that promise.”

“Good!” Jasmine said with an imperceptible nod of her head, her voice cold and heartless, “I want you to immediately vow that you will never ever step into the Realm of the Gods!”

“Oho?” Moonflower’s gaze shifted to the side, her fingers still lightly stroking the long hair that fell upon her shoulders, a mildly interested look on her face.

“Ah…” Yun Che was completely stunned. After that, he asked in a dazed voice, “Why?”

“Because that isn’t a place that you should go to!” Jasmine said coldly, “Given your innate talent, comprehension ability and all of the things in your possession, you will be completely unrivaled in this world. You will be able to lord over it all your entire life and you will also have peace and safety for your entire life. There will no one who will be able to threaten you or the people you want to protect—this was also the reason why you chased after profound strength at first. It was also the original reason for you choosing the heavy sword. But if you do come to the Realm of the Gods, you will only be a lowly weakling! Any random person will easily be able to consign you to a dog’s death!”

“I want to go there to see you again. It is not to cultivate an even higher level of world cultivation nor is it to brave any dangers!” Yun Che yelled in a loud voice.

“Look for me? Why would you want to look for me?” Jasmine’s eyes slanted to the side but her voice still remained cold and heartless, “After I leave, you still have Hong’er to accompany you at all times! You still have relatives, friends and many women by your side! Without me, what difference will it make?”

“It will definitely be different! Jasmine, you are…”

“Don’t waste your breath!” Jasmine interjected as she turned around once more, “It looks like you have no desire to promise me this one thing. We have been master and disciple for this long, but you aren’t even willing to listen to the last thing I have to say to you. This has truly caused me extreme disappointment. Hmph. Fine then, I’ll leave it to you. Given your innate potential, perhaps you will indeed have the strength to go to the Realm of the Gods in a few hundred or even thousand years. But even though you will be able to enter the Realm of the Gods, you will definitely not be able to find me.”

“Covering all the possibilities, even if the most unexpected thing does happen and you are truly able to find me… I will also definitely not meet you!”

“When all's said and done, you are merely an unexpected companion that I met and I am also the same thing to you. The destiny that you and I share has already been stretched to its very limit! Do not continue imagining that your feelings are being reciprocated!”

As her heartless words fell, Jasmine’s figure blurred and she instantly shifted to Moonflower’s side as she coldly said, “Moonflower, let’s go!”


The space had been torn apart, Jasmine’s figure completely disappearing in that instant.

“Aiyah.” Moonflower’s hand finally fell from her hair as she looked at the dazed Yun Che, who seemed as if he had lost his soul.

The moment her fingers left her hair, a strand of it gently fell from the tip of her finger as it lightly floated towards the ground below.

A faint wind blew and sand and dust stirred in the air but that falling strand of hair did not budge even an inch as it faintly flashed with a strange gloomy green shimmer.

“See you around, little brother,” Moonflower said as she cast a heavy and amorous gaze at Yun Che. But after that, she said something that was immeasurably strange and weird, “In order to thank you for taking care of her highness for all these years, this servant has specially prepared a small gift for you, okay? You better enjoy it.”


With a bewitching and seductive laugh, Moonflower’s voice vanished into thin air like a light and airy fog.

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