Chapter 830 - Returning after Leaving

Against the Gods

Chapter 830 - Returning after Leaving

“Big… Big Brother Yun!”

Feng Xue’er was stunned. Then, she hurried over like a madwoman. Looking at his body that had suffered from what was basically a fatal injury and his quickly weakening aura that had almost completely disappeared, Feng Xue’er nearly broke down right there. She knelt in front of him and screamed in tears, “Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun!!! Big Brother Yun!”

“Who? Who was it!?”

Feng Zukui, Feng Tianwei and Feng Hengkong were all shocked. The profound energy in their bodies surged and they leapt into the sky but even after they scanned the area with their profound energy, they could not find any suspicious auras present… The power that attacked Yun Che just now seemed as though it was suddenly borne out of thin air.

However, even in their dreams they would not imagine that what attacked Yun Che was a strand of hair that had fallen there!

“Who was it that sneakily used such a backhanded attack! Come out now!” Feng Zukui roared and the skies of Phoenix City were instantly engulfed in flames.

Then, Feng Hengkong and Feng Tianwei swiftly descended to check on Yun Che’s injuries. At the very first glance of Yun Che, they were shocked and let out a heavy sigh.

His five organs had all ruptured, his meridians and veins broke. Even his heart and life vein… had been completely destroyed.

Such a state… was practically death with no hope of recovery.

“Big Brother Yun… Big Brother Yun! Hurry and wake up… Hurry up and answer me!!” Feng Xue’er’s state of mind suffered immense pain and fear and went into chaos. She felt as though her entire person had fallen down a cliff, as though she was helplessly falling down into a pitch black endless abyss...

“What exactly happened? Who had acted so viciously?” Seeing Feng Xue’er’s pain, Feng Hengkong felt his heart tighten. Feng Zukui was present and Feng Xue’er was just behind Yun Che. Even though Yun Che’s own cultivation level was extremely high, he had still been fatally assaulted without detecting and guarding against the attack

However, looking at Feng Zukui’s current expression, it was obvious he knew nothing!

With Feng Zukui’s strength as a level nine Monarch, there was no one within the Profound Sky Continent that could kill someone in his presence without him noticing… furthermore, the person that was killed was Yun Che.

“Grandfather, Great Grandfather… Hurry up and save Big Brother Yun. You all must have ways to save him!!”

Feng Xue’er lifted her watery eyes. Her dull eyes that showed her despair were accompanied by deep begging… There was no way she would not feel despair. Her hands held onto Yun Che tightly. She was more aware than Feng Hengkong and the others about the severity of Yun Che’s injuries. Even his extremely weak aura was disappearing at a rapid rate.

Although her spiritual sense had already told her the hopeless truth, her soul could not seem to accept it.

“Xue’er, calm down first.” Feng Hengkong said with difficulty, “Yun Che, he’s already… already…”

“Already dead,” Feng Tianwei completed the phrase that Feng Hengkong could not answer seriously.

Feng Xue’er’s body froze as she shook her head frantically, “No!! Don’t say such nonsense… Big Brother Yun didn’t die… His aura is clearly still present… He won’t die… No!!”

“Sigh.” Feng Zukui who did not find anything descended from the skies and let out a deep sigh, “His five organs have all ruptured, his life vein and meridians are all broken, especially his heart has been completely destroyed and he’s already completely dead. Even if the highest ranked deity was present… His body still possess an aura only because he has not been dead for long and the aura in his body has not completely dissipated yet.”

Feng Zukui knew that these words were far too cruel for Feng Xue’er but she had to accept the truth no matter what.

“...” Feng Xue’er’s body froze as she knelt dumbly in front of Yun Che’s body, with the tears in her eyes rolling down like a downpour. Lying in front of her, Yun Che lost the last bit of color on his face and his aura also became completely still. Only the bloody wound on him continued to spread.

“Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Royal Father… What happened?”

Feng Ximing rush over and glanced at Yun Che who was lying on the ground before retreating in shock and mumbling, “Yun Che? He… He’s… dead?”

“Don’t spout nonsense!!!” The silent Feng Xue’er suddenly shrieked, “Big Brother Yun isn’t dead… He couldn’t bear to leave me behind… He won’t die… He definitely won’t die!!!”

Flames ignited around Feng Xue’er and it gently wrapped around Yun Che’s body as well. She carried Yun Che, dyed in blood with barely any aura, and flew towards the north west… As she left, she left behind a long trail of tears.

“Xue… Xue’er!!”

“Let her go.” Feng Zukui raised his hand and stopped Feng Ximing, who had wanted to give chase.

“Xue’er left in the direction of the secret ground. Perhaps she wants to rely on the inextinguishable flames left behind by the Phoenix God in the past to forcefully treat Yun Che’s injuries… Sigh.” Feng Tianwei closed his eyes and shook his head. Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm’s inextinguishable flame could indeed greatly help people who possess Phoenix Flames recuperate their injuries, however, Yun Che’s injuries were so severe that even if there was hundred times the amount of flames, it would be no use.

Furthermore, his current state was not just an injured person but an already dead man.

Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows remained firmly knitted together as he gritted his teeth and said, “No, I have to go take a look. Xue’er is too attached to Yun Che. Before at the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, she had already said words like if Yun Che does not return, she would wait forever… She has completely lost her senses this time and something extreme might happen.”

These words caused Feng Tianwei and Feng Zukui’s expressions to change instantly, They nodded at the same time and just as they were about to rush towards the Phoenix Fire Mythical Realm, a sudden untimely aura pierced down strongly from the skies, stopping them in their tracks, causing their hearts to sink.

This aura told them that the he was arriving… Although it was only one person, he was the most dangerous person within the Profound Sky Continent!!

Xuanyan Wentian!!

Regarding his return after leaving, they were not too surprised at all. Yun Che had already said that after the guests of the banquet had scattered, Xuanyan Wentian would likely return.

They only did not expect it to be so soon!

“It’s Xuanyan Wentian! He has indeed returned.” Feng Tianwei frowned.

“Let’s chase him away first. Do not lessen your auras… there’s no need for too much courtesy and pointless words.” Feng Zukui’s expression and aura had already calmed down while his gaze had turned heavy and stern.

Not long after, a sword aura appeared in the air and the silhouette of Xuanyan Wentian started to descend from the skies. However, he was alone and Xuanyan Wendao did not return with him.

Behind them, Feng Ximing had started to retreat. However after a couple of steps, he stood there, locked in place and his expression kept changing as his facial muscles twitched continuously… at times he had a fearful expression while at other times his face twitched hideously.

“Oh, it’s Sword Master Xuanyan. Why has Sword Master Xuanyan returned after leaving? Could you have left something behind here?” Feng Hengkong said while smiling.

“Hehe,” Xuanyan Wentian scanned the surroundings and laughed unusually warmly, “How about Phoenix Sect Master take a guess.”

“No need to guess,” Feng Zukui discourteously said. “Sword Master Xuanyan, I guess a person like you would not want to listen to rubbish, right? Your return after leaving is because of Yun Che, right? However, unfortunately, he has already left. If you rush towards Blue Wind Empire now you might be able to catch him.”

“Hahahaha,” Xuanyan Wentian laughed without restraint, “Brother Zukui’s temperament has not changed one bit. You are still just as straightforward. However, this time Brother Zukui is wrong.”

Xuanyan Wentian eyes thinned, “Yun Che is no fool. Rather, he is much smarter than most people. He definitely knows that this sword master will come back for him. Therefore, after this sword master left, he definitely left quickly as well and would not wait obediently here. This sword master’s return to visit this esteemed sect is not because of Yun Che but rather because of a request.”

“Oh?” Feng Zukui revealed shock but looking at Xuanyan Wentian’s expression, it did not look one bit like he was “seeking help”. “Then Sword Master Xuanyan, please tell us what matter you’re seeking help for.”

“That’s great.” Xuanyan Wentian smiled as he nodded. Following Jasmine’s departure, the arrogance, confidence, swagger and cunning had completely returned to him, “Nineteen days ago, the three of you had also brought many powerhouses from your esteemed sect to Supreme Ocean Palace to attend the Devil Sword Conference and also naturally witnessed my Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s three sword attendants and twenty odd elders being murdered by that red clothed demoness as well as the complete destruction of my Sword Region’s most important Northern Region!”

Xuanyan Wentian’s tone was calm but his gaze was arrogant… When he spoke of the northern region being destroyed, his eyes could not help but twitch vigorously.

Feng Zukui, Feng Tianwei and Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows all knitted into a frown. That day, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was exceptionally pathetic and Xuanyan Wentian himself was extremely embarrassed as well. Now that the person who caused the calamity had disappeared and was never going to return, this shameful and sad history should have become an untouchable scar to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. However, Xuanyan Wentian himself had brought matters up now...

“The things that happened that day could be said to have been a calamity that has not ever happened over thousands of years. The amount of damage that we suffered cannot be estimated! If it were not for the fact that this sword master managed to fortunately survive, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would probably not be qualified to be a Sacred Ground anymore.” Xuanyan Wentian looked up slightly, hatred in his calmness. “My distinguished Mighty Heavenly Sword Region that has prospered for thousands of years had been forced backwards several thousand years of progress by that demoness in an instant! If I do not get the means to mend the damage, my Sword Region may soon be squeezed out of the Four Great Sacred Grounds by the other three.”

“What Sword Master Xuanyan requests is help for is this matter?” Feng Zukui smiled as he shook his head, “Then perhaps Sword Master Xuanyan is overestimating my Divine Phoenix Sect. Although our Divine Phoenix Sect has the protection of the Phoenix God, the protection of a divine being, we only have five thousand years of history. Whether it be our strength or its accumulation, we cannot even compare with your Sacred Ground. Furthermore, due to the turmoil during the recent years, we already do not have sufficient strength to protect ourselves. How would we have the ability and strength to aid in matters at the level of a Sacred Ground?”

“Nonono, of course you don’t.” Xuanyan Wentian grinned as he spoke, “I, Xuanyan Wentian, would not dare to have your esteemed sect worry about us. However, my sword region is currently in the midst of reorganizing our strength and need a large amount of resources. Therefore, I only want to borrow some resources from you.”

“Borrow resources?” Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows moved as he suppressed his anger and said, “Speaking of the vastness of resources, my Divine Phoenix Sect cannot even compare to your sacred ground. Something your Sword Region lacks would not be anything that my Divine Phoenix Sect could possibly offer. I’m afraid I would disappoint Sword Master Xuanyan.”

“This point, you don’t have to worry about.” Xuanyan Wentian calmly said, “This sword master never forces people to do what they don’t want to or what they cannot. What this sword master wants to borrow is something you definitely have and you can definitely take them out immediately.”

Xuanyan Wentian slowly stuck a finger out as his narrowed eyes revealed an ice cold dangerous smile, “This sword master only wants fifty kilograms… of Purple Veined Divine Crystal!”


Author’s Note:

Moonflower: Hahahahaha! You didn’t expect that right! Were you surprised? Were you shocked?

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