Chapter 834 - The Power of the Devils

Against the Gods

Chapter 834 - The Power of the Devils

Before Jasmine left, she deliberately chose not to deal with the people who posed the greatest threat to Yun Che… especially Xuanyuan Wentian and Ye Meixie, both of whom had extremely great enmity towards him. The most important reason behind her leaving them alive was her belief that Yun Che would definitely not fall into their hands, even though he was still not capable of facing them.

She knew very well what kind of personality Yun Che had and she also knew all of the trump cards he held in his hands, so she was convinced of this point.

Yun Che only needed to borrow the power of the Primordial Profound Ark to return to the Illusory Demon Realm first and avoid the Four Sacred Grounds. Given his innate talent, surpassing the Four Sacred Masters was only a matter of time. Furthermore, if he was not even able to wait for that short period of ten or so years, he could just practice dual cultivation with Feng Xue’er, borrowing the power of Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix vital yin, his power would explosively grow within a short period of time and it would grow so explosively that even Jasmine was not able to predict where it would end.

At the same time, Feng Xue’er would also receive the benefits of his Dragon God bloodline, which would be an enormous boon in awakening her Phoenix Soul. At that time, if the two of them combined their powers and if the Little Demon Empress joined in as well, there would be nothing in either the Profound Sky Continent or Illusory Demon Realm that would be able to threaten them.

So, she spared the Four Sacred Grounds, whom Yun Che could not currently go up against, leaving him to deal with them himself. Moreover, she was not the least bit worried about his situation at all.

But things had changed to the point where it completely deviated from what she had anticipated.

Furthermore, it was not a power from the Profound Sky Continent who had created this drastic change, it was Moonflower herself!

This finally resulted in Yun Che facing the most dangerous situation he had ever experienced in both his lives barely an hour after she had resolutely left.

After feeling Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura abruptly latch on to her own, Feng Xue’er’s heart, which had been in a constant state of panic and fear, instantly descended into an icy abyss. She grabbed on tightly to the blood-soaked Yun Che. All of the Phoenix flames surrounding her body started to burn even more vigorously as she desperately utilized all of her power to flee westwards at her fastest possible speed.

Her innate talent was matchless and she had already arrived at the peak of the Profound Sky Continent even before her powers had fully awakened. But the person who was chasing her just had to be Xuanyuan Wentian! Even when she was desperately using her full power to flee, she could feel that dreadful aura creeping closer and closer. The power that had latched onto her body also kept growing colder and heavier.

After turning around, she could see a blurry black dot rapidly growing bigger in her vision zooming in from the distant horizon.

She glance at Yun Che, who was in her arms, as the fear in her eyes slowly melted into heartbreaking sadness and gentleness… When they had been on the Primordial Profound Ark all those years ago, Yun Che had desperately fled while holding her in his arms. He was originally completely uninvolved in the entire matter, he could even have preserved his own life by handing her over to Ye Xinghan. Furthermore, it was likely that he would have gained some “benefits” from doing so. But he had not and the arm that was tightly wound around her did not relax in the slightest… Even when Ye Xinghan was hot on their heels.

It was at that moment that his name and figure were deeply engraved in the deepest parts of her soul.

Feng Xue’er’s speed began to slow because she knew that if it was Xuanyuan Wentian who was chasing them, any further attempt to flee would be meaningless.

“Big Brother Yun, Xue’er does not have the strength to protect you but… don’t worry Big Brother Yun, no matter where you go, I will… forever be by your side…”

After saying those words, all the fear in Feng Xue’er’s heart suddenly disappeared as she slowed down… As she was prepared to turn around and clash with Xuanyuan Wentian, a figure suddenly appeared like a ghost in front of her. This person was wreathed in an aura that was incomparably sinister and cold.

Feng Xue’er gave a small gasp as she ground to a complete halt and dazedly stared at the person who had suddenly appeared in front of her, “You…”

He was all dressed in black, his half-opened eyes glowed with a black light and one could barely even see any white left in his eyes. There was even a layer of pitch-black mist that surrounding him and a pitch-black greatsword, the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, was slung across his back!

This person was astonishingly Fen Juechen!

The devil blood in his body had awakened and his power had grown explosively in the past few weeks. Today he had come to Divine Phoenix City to use his greatly increased strength to kill someone he had desired to kill… and the person he desired to kill the most was naturally Xuanyuan Wentian!

Because he was the chief mastermind of the plot that had destroyed the Eternal Night Royal Family one thousand years ago!

Fen Juechen also believed that Xuanyuan Wentian would definitely attend the engagement banquet of Yun Che and Feng Xue’er.

He was not clear as to the limits of Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength but his greatly increased strength had given him much confidence. Moreover, he could not contain the desire to immediately vent the deep resentment and hatred that lay in the depths of his soul. But the first person he had met when he had arrived at the Divine Phoenix City was Yun Che. Even though the two of them were not in agreement with each other and Yun Che’s words had even caused him to go into a rage, those words had indeed splashed a bucket of cold water on his agitated brain, causing him to regain some clear-headedness.

As the heroes of the realm gathered to attend the engagement banquet, Fen Juechen brooded outside the gate of Phoenix City. After a long while, he finally managed to choose self-control and turned around to leave. Yun Che’s words had indeed reached him, his devil blood had just awakened and there was still a lot of room for growth. If he lost because of a moment of impulse, then everything he had endured would have been for nothing.

After that, he left Divine Phoenix City.

But he had never thought that he would actually meet Feng Xue’er and Yun Che in this place… with one Xuanyuan Wentian hot on their heels!

“He’s dead!?” Fen Juechen coldly said as he stared at the blood-soaked Yun Che who did not even have a trace of life left.

“Don’t spout nonsense!” Right now, the word “dead” assaulted Feng Xue’er’s weak mental state. She vigorously shook her head as she said, “Big Brother Yun won’t die… Big Brother Yun won’t die so easily!”

“...” The black light in Feng Juechen’s eyes trembled as Xiao Lingxi’s soft but resolute voice echoed in his mind...

“...The reason why I did not accompany him all those years ago was because I could not leave my father to languish by himself. Right now, Father has Xiao Yun… So if anything happens to Little Che, I will definitely go accompany him right away, I definitely won’t allow him to stay in the other world by himself…”


Fen Juechen’s mouth twisted faintly as the black energy around his body began moving agitatedly as if it was mist that was being blown around by a strong wind.

“Since he isn’t dead… then why aren’t you getting him away from here right away!?” With an abrupt roar, Fen Juechen fully opened his eyes and stared at the black shadow that was swiftly closing in from behind Feng Xue’er. He gritted his teeth firmly before snarling out a name in a voice that was so cold that it penetrated bone, “Xuan… yuan… Wen… tian!!”


Amidst the violent explosions of cold and sinister energy, Fen Juechen shot forward like a black bolt of lightning. He swept past Feng Xue’er, radiating a heaven-shaking aura of malevolence and killing intent as he rushed towards Xuanyuan Wentian. As he rushed forward, Fen Juechen let out a roar that was filled with boundless hatred and resentment, “Xuanyuan Wentian, hand over your life!!”

Feng Xue’er stood there completely dazed for a moment.

When she suddenly met Fen Juechen, she had felt her heart sinking. Compared to Xuanyuan Wentian, Fen Juechen was the person who most wanted to kill Yun Che in this world and this occasion was the perfect opportunity for him to do so.

However, he not only did not make any moves to take advantage of the situation, instead he… rushed towards Xuanyuan Wentian who had been hot on her heels.

She had personally seen and felt the dreadfully dense and intense hatred and killing intent Fen Juechen had towards Yun Che. But right now, he was actually doing something that completely contradicted that!?

She did not turn back as she once again pushed her speed to the limit, fleeing into the unknown distance. In the blink of an eye, she felt the energy that was locking onto her disappear and she also felt Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura grow further and further away.


A curtain of black light abruptly spread across the sky, causing all the light in the surrounding area to grow dimmer by several degrees. At the same time, an invisible sword beam seemed to descend from the heavens as it instantly cut this curtain of black light in half, severing the mountain below it into two equal halves as well.


The black clouds which covered the sky began to roil and rumble as if indicating that a storm was imminent. Beneath the curtain of black light that had been slashed in half, Xuanyuan Wentian and Fen Juechen’s gazes clashed with one another. Xuanyuan Wentian had initially been been thrown off balance but once he could clearly see Fen Juechen, his eyes suddenly narrowed as the corners of his mouth hooked up into a strange and unfathomable smile.

“There are not more than ten people in the entire Profound Sky Continent that can display this level of power. I had originally thought that one of those ten people had intentionally come to spoil my plans but I never thought that it would actually be… Tsk, tsk.” Xuanyuan Wentian crossed his arms across his chest as he measured Fen Juechen with his eyes. His gaze lingered especially long on the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that was slung across Fen Juechen’s back as his smile grew even more strange.

His calm and unruffled appearance clearly showed that he was not in a rush to chase after Feng Xue’er who was fleeing further and further away.

“Xuanyuan Wentian! Today is… the day that you die!!” Fen Juechen was like a lone wolf who was facing down his mortal enemy. He stretched out a hand and slowly grasped the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that was strapped across his back. In an instant, ten bolts of black lightning split the air around him. Black light curled around the body of the jet-black sword as an incomparably dreadful, sinister and cold aura pervaded the area.

It was fortunate that this was a desolate and uncivilized area and not a city. Otherwise the entire city would have been shrouded with this dark might.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian was still smiling merrily, he did not assume a fighting stance, “Are you not going to explain why you want to kill this sword master?”

“When you get to hell, you can ask King Yama yourself!”

The black light in Fen Juechen’s eyes flashed as a beam of black light shot out from the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword and exploded towards Xuanyuan Wentian.

This sword stroke did not have any wind up nor did it require any accumulation of energy but it carried the full brunt of Fen Juechen’s boundless hate and killing intent. Furthermore, even though this looked like an incredibly casual and common sword stroke, the moment it was unleashed, the air around him was instantly compressed as an enormous darkness energy crazily converged from all directions. In an instant, a huge vortex of darkness energy had formed at the tip of the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s originally casual and relaxed expression froze up abruptly as he suddenly felt as if his body had become mired in mud. Following that, an unbearable sensation that grew heavier by the moment began pressing down on him as he could faintly hear the wails and mutterings of countless evil spirits and ghosts whispering in his ears. He was slightly dazzled as an asura purgatory that was strewn with bodies and mountains of corpses appeared in front of him… he could even smell the scent of blood that was so thick that it assailed his nostrils.

Xuanyuan Wentian had two thousand years of cultivation and he had a wealth of experiences and knowledge. So he instantly realized that the other party’s aura of darkness had actually affected his very heart and soul!

To be more accurate, it had created a sort of suppressive effect on his soul!

When he had met Fen Juechen the last time, he had been absolutely shocked by the rate at which his power grew. What caused him to be even more shocked right now was that he realized that what had been displayed before was not the full extent of Fen Juechen’s power… But this sword stroke was still able to directly suppress his soul.

This clearly meant that Fen Juechen’s current might had already begun to approach the level he was at!!

Amidst his utter astonishment, Xuanyuan Wentian instantly discarded any carelessness that he previously possessed and stopped underestimating this enemy. All of the profound energy in his body began to surge unreservedly as countless incorporeal energy swords appeared and formed into a gigantic sword formation.

Zzt zzt zzzt zzt zzzt zzt....

Space was mercilessly torn apart as Heaven’s Might sword energy shot into that vortex of darkness. The tearing sounds were not ear-piercing, instead it sounded like the sinister and dreadful howls and wails of ghosts and devils.

Fen Juechen’s eyes widened even further as the whites of his eyes completely disappeared and all of the darkness energy in his body immediately began to surge like a tidal wave. A dreadful energy that was so terrifying that it could not be described poured down on Xuanyuan Wentian in torrents.

The huge Heaven’s Might Sword Formation seemed to be frozen solid as it instantly stopped moving. Xuanyuan Wentian’s expression was unexpectedly startled as well… This was no ordinary Heaven’s Might Sword Formation, it had been set up by him, Xuanyuan Wentian! The only people in the Profound Sky Continent who could directly resist this sword formation were Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, and Ye Meixie. He had never ever dreamed that Fen Juechen would not only not be routed by the sword formation that he had set up with nearly all his strength, but he was actually able to make Xuanyuan Wentian feel as if he himself was being suppressed.

However, he did not panic in the slightest. After he had recovered from his shock, the depths of his eyes astonishingly lit up with a burning ecstasy.

“Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword… Sky Break!”


A sword beam that was several kilometers long slashed across the dark and overcast sky, as if it was cutting apart the blue dome of heaven. Under the might of this heaven-shaking sword beam, Xuanyuan Wentian’s sword formation and Fen Juechen’s vortex of darkness collapsed at the same time as both of the attacks disintegrated into a jumbled mess of profound energy.

Even though it was merely a jumbled mess of profound energy left in the aftermath of those attacks, it had swept across the frail ground below like a devastating hurricane. In the blink of an eye, the land below had been devastated beyond recognition as several small mountains were directly leveled and a thick layer of gray dust covered the entire area.

That tremendous and unmatched sword intent smashed against Fen Juechen’s chest like a mountain, causing him to tumble backwards. But he immediately halted his tumble as a pair of jet-black eyes fiercely glared at Xuanyuan Wentian.

“Hahahaha… hahahahaha…”

In contrast, Xuanyuan Wentian, who was facing an opponent whose strength had far exceeded his own estimation, was not only not flustered, he even started to laugh wantonly instead, “This is too wonderful! It is simply too wonderful! I had originally believed that you had come at me because you were being reckless and ignorant, unable to control your own emotions. But to think that you actually had sufficient confidence to face me.”

“Tsk… tsk, tsk! Nineteen days!” Xuanyuan Wentian smiled as he gave a sigh, “In the short span of nineteen days, your strength was actually able to increase to this extent… Hahahaha! This is simply far too wonderful! The Devil Lord wasn’t lying to me after all… Ah, no! This is even more delightful than what the Devil Lord had described! The past millennia of effort has indeed not gone to waste.”

Fen Juechen, “???”

“This is indeed worthy to be called… a power that is on the level of the gods and devils,” Xuanyuan Wentian said as he stopped his wild laughter. He stared at Fen Juechen, his eyes widening as they shone with the most intense greed, elation and madness, “This is truly… the power of devil blood and devil soul that has merged together again after a thousand years!”

Fen Juechen’s pitch-black eyes widened in shock as he gave a low roar, “What did… you say!?”

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