Chapter 839 - Killing Intent That Filled the Sky

Against the Gods

Chapter 839 - Killing Intent That Filled the Sky

A shocking aura and strength that caused two Sacred Masters to be forced back at the same time. Undoubtedly, Huangji Wuyu, Qu Fengyi, and Ye Meixie all felt shocked. Furthermore, this aura obviously did not belong to Xuanyuan Wentian… Since when did such a figure appear in the Profound Sky Continent?!

As they looked at the girl dressed in colorful clothes descending from the sky, all of them were dumbstruck.

A girl?

For a slight moment, the figure of Jasmine flashed past their minds and their hearts winced strongly. However, although this girl in colorful clothes possessed a frightening aura, it was not completely unlike Jasmine’s absolute suppression which caused them to feel as though they were as meaningless as ants. Despite that, it was still sufficient to cause them to feel pressure in their hearts which meant that her strength was on the same level as theirs.

However, as the three Sacred Masters who reigned over the Profound Sky Continent, they had never seen this young girl in colorful clothes before. They had also not known that there was actually such an existence that could possibly rival them.

Indeed, they had not seen this young girl in colorful clothes before… Because she did not belong to the Profound Sky Continent but had come from the distant Illusory Demon Realm.

The Little Demon Empress!

While apprehending Duke Ming and removing the biggest threat, during the process of cleansing Demon Imperial City, Little Demon Empress realized that there were spies left behind in Demon Imperial City by Supreme Ocean Palace and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region a hundred years ago. From that, she deduced that Supreme Ocean Palace and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region might have possibly known of the changes that happened with Illusory Demon Realm during this time and this would likely cause immense danger for Yun Che who had returned.

Because of her worry for Yun Che, she had come to the Profound Sky Continent alone on the day that the space splitting ring recovered its strength. Relying on the aura emitted due to the Golden Crow’s bloodline, she had finally found Yun Che. However, when she found him, she saw that he was covered in blood and more than half of his body had already gone into a deceased state.

“Young lady, who are you? We don’t seem to know each other, why do you want to attack us?” Huangji Wuyu went forward, smiled and said calmly.

Little Demon Empress descended and did not show any concern towards Huangji Wuyu. She stretched out her snow white hands and gently pressed on the middle of Yun Che’s forehead without moving for some time.

“Little girl, who… are you?” Feng Xue’er did not stop her approach or contact but asked with shock.

The little girl that was by her side had looks so exquisite that they were illusory. On this face that could even cause the sun and moon to become jealous was a cold, bone-chilling expression. Regarding Xue’er questions, she did not have the slightest reaction as she remained staring at Yun Che who was covered in blood, whose organs were all destroyed. Her icy cold expression still did not change in the slightest. However, Feng Xue’er had noticed that on her petite hand that was in contact with Yun Che’s forehead, her gentle jade fingers seem to be trembling slightly.


On the tip of the Little Demon Empress’ finger, a ball of golden flames was ignited. They also ignited the Golden Crow Imprint in the middle of Yun Che’s forehead. However, the originally eye catchingly bright fire imprint was now completely dark.

Little Demon Empress frowned slightly. With her finger touching the Golden Crow Imprint, she started to quickly inject profound energy into Yun Che’s body without restraint. This caused the surface of Yun Che’s body to glow with a dim golden light.

The three of them looked at each other as their eyebrows knitted tightly together because this little girl, who was a completely mystery, obviously knew Yun Che. However, she had been trying her best to help a dead person treat his injuries… This was simply laughable.

“Young lady,” Huangji Wuyu spoke once again. “Though I really want to know who you are, the dead man by your feet is much more important to us. I suggest you leave immediately. Don’t get into unnecessary trouble because of some dead person.”

“Hmph, especially if you’re offending three of the people in this world that you should best not offend,” Ye Meixie plainly added.

The flame at the tips of Little Demon Empress’ fingers extinguished.

Gradually, she turned around and a killing intent so strong that it seemed as though it had originated from hell filled the air. In the sky, the clouds stopped moving; the mountain breeze stopped blowing; the dust and fallen leaves all remained fixed in the air. An unparalleled bone-piercing coldness seemed to have sealed everything in this world in ice.

The expression of the three seemed to change immediately. The young girl in colorful clothing had an extremely strong aura which caused Huangji Wuyu to try and persuade her to leave after consideration. However, he did not imagine she would suddenly explode with such frightening killing intent.

Her eyes remained calm and dull, as though she would never have any emotions. However, this killing intent that filled the skies had obviously meant that she wanted to destroy them at all costs and grind them to dust!

“Interesting. Hmph, your aura is indeed frightening but it’s a pity you don’t know who stands in front of you,” Ye Meixie laughed coldly.

The Little Demon Empress’ body shook and she instantly appeared in front of the three of them. Lifting up her tender arm gradually, the temperature of the world seem to rise at a frightening rate.

“Let me handle her,” Qu Fengyi stepped forward and said with a frown, “You guys go and get Yun Che’s body first. It’s best if you can control Feng Xue’er as well. It is likely Yun Che handed her the Mirror of Samsara before he died.”

“Don’t be careless,” Huangji Wuyu warned. “This young lady isn’t normal. It was not luck that she forced you two back previously.”

“Un… for… giv… able!!”

The Little Demon Empress finally spoke. One word, and yet it pierced the heart. Although the air had obviously become extremely scorching, the three of them only felt ice cold chills.

“Hmph! Overestimating yourself!”

Qu Fengyi’s brows sunk as she shouted sternly. Her body did not move but glowed with a purple light. Above the sunny sky, the rumbling of thunder could suddenly be heard and numerous streaks of lightning could be seen striking down. In the sky above that had turned purple, loud noises could be heard gathering. In the blink of an eye, a massive lightning dragon that was three hundred meters had formed. A massive dragon claw appeared from the gathering purple lightning, causing the surrounding lightning to screech. With each strike of lightning, space contorted violently.

“Looks like Qu Fengyi really did not underestimate this little girl. She actually used her ‘Lightning Beast’ directly,” Huangji Wuyu muttered.

The so called “Lightning Beast” was obviously not an actual lightning dragon. It was the highest level of Supreme Ocean Palace’s core profound art, “Lightning Beastification”.

Within the Profound Sky Continent, the ability to rely on one’s strength to give rise to the lowest level lightning spirit would almost be sufficient to make that person a grandmaster. At Qu Fengyi’s level, she could make such a frightening lightning beast appear!


A frightening roaring noise filled the skies as two massive dragon claws struck towards the Little Demon Empress with the deafening noise of thunder.

“Ahh—— Be careful!!” Xue’er shouted in shock as she hugged Yun Che and retreated.

Normal profound practitioners could never hope to see something like “Lightning Beast” in their lifetimes. Its frightening might was also something normal profound practitioners could not imagine. Simply the aura of it alone could cause one’s soul to leave the body in an instant.

As the Sovereign of the Seas, Qu Fengyi was already long used to being above the rest. Although she was arrogant, she was definitely not an irrational person. Facing the Little Demon Empress’ unusual aura, she was not one bit careless. When she attacked, she had already used the highest level of the laws of lightning.

At the same time the lightning beast struck down, Qu Fengyi’s body had also turned into a purple lightning silhouette and flashed towards the Little Demon Empress. Nineteen days ago, at Supreme Ocean Palace, in the presence of Jasmine, they vowed to never go against Yun Che ever again in fear. As there were numerous Profound Sky powerhouses present then, them stealing the Mirror of Samsara today should not be revealed. Her using the lightning beast immediately was so that she could instantly eliminate this obstacle that appeared out of nowhere.

The lightning dragon struck straight down from the skies and the pressure was so frightening it was as though the end of the world was approaching. However, Qu Fengyi, who was rushing towards the Little Demon Empress, suddenly realized that she did not even look up towards the lightning dragon in the sky. Her gloomy dark eyes were currently staring at her without any emotion. The eyes that seemed to sparkle were like flickering stars in the sky.

Qu Fengyi’s heart suddenly turned cold.

The Little Demon Empress lifted her palm and Golden Crow Flames erupted into the sky… Instantly, the world before Qu Fengyi turned into a sea of dull golden fire.

Seeing the exploding flames suddenly appearing in front of her eyes, even before she managed to feel the scorching heat of the flames, all the veins in her body spasmed and she felt a sense of fear in her heart… She had only encountered a thing such as fear twice in her thousand year life. The first time was nineteen days ago in the Sea God Arena. This time, although it was not as intense as the previous time, it was still a legitimate fear.

Her gut instinct told her that the flames right before her eyes were more frightening than any flames she had ever seen… the flames were strong enough to burn her, a person at the pinnacle of the world, into ashes.

Qu Fengyi hurriedly stopped and her original attack ferociously changed. Her original strength that was used to attack Little Demon Empress had completely changed to defensive strength in the shortest amount of time, forming a large lightning profound formation.


The golden flames collided with the lightning profound formation that Qu Fengyi hastily made. With a loud piercing noise, the massive lightning energy seemed as though it had been engulfed by a massive beast and quickly dispersed, leaving only half the original strength behind in the blink of an eye. This shocked Qu Fengyi, causing her expression to drastically change. All the lightning energy on her surged as she hastily retreated.

The Little Demon Empress’ figure remained still and she did not seem to have moved even slightly. Then, her outstretched palm gently flipped upwards and another ball of flame surged into the sky. From afar, looking into the sky, it seemed as though there was an additional golden sun.

This “sun” seemed to have swallowed the lightning beast Qu Fengyi made from the highest level law of lightning.


The lightning beast’s roars turned frantic and in the next instant, the roars turned into cries. The body that possessed the lightning profound energy had been easily consumed by the golden flames. It struggled painfully but after two short breaths of time, its massive dragon claws shattered amidst the golden flames… Following the change in position of her hand, the flames that gathered around the lightning dragon’s body surged once again, completely swallowing the lightning dragon, no longer revealing a sliver of purple light.

It had been completely turned into a flame dragon that twisted continuously.

When Qu Fengyi rushed towards the Little Demon Empress, Huangji Wuyu and Ye Meixie were also preparing to snatch Yun Che’s body. However, even before they could turn their bodies, their expressions had drastically changed upon looking at the scene that had developed right before their eyes.


Following a dull loud noise, the flame dragon exploded in the air, shattering into pieces of fire that filled the sky, leaving not a single hint of lightning. Qu Fengyi fended off the golden flames that struck at her and quickly retreated to Huangji Wuyu and Ye Meixie’s side. Her expression was extremely hideous while Huangji Wuyu and Ye Meixie’s expressions turned dark, unable to laugh anymore.

They felt that this young girl in colorful dress who suddenly appeared was definitely unordinary. The fact that she could force back two Sacred Masters, they thought they had “overestimated” her as someone who was on the same level as them.

However, they had completely not expected Qu Fengyi’s exchange with her to be such an overwhelming loss.

Furthermore, Qu Fengyi had attacked with full strength… as for the other party, she had not even moved once from the start untill now.

“You… who are you?” Qu Fengyi’s chest expanded. Her gaze, expression and tone all turned completely different from before.

“...” The Little Demon Empress’ reply was killing intent that filled the skies and a sea of flames that blazed like the sun.


Fifteen kilometers of sky instantly turned into a sea of flames, shrouding the three Sacred Masters cruelly under a flaming purgatory. The forest beneath completely disappeared… not one spark ignited but it instantly turned into ashes. In the next moment nothing was left behind.

The three Sacred Masters looked into the sky and their faces sank. Qu Fengyi muttered in a low voice, “Looks like we won’t be able obtain her identity from her. I, alone, would likely not be her opponent. It seems like I have no choice but to work together with one of you.”

The Sacred Masters working together against an opponent—In their lives, other than Ye Mufeng back then, it had never happened before.

“There’s no need for you two to work together,” Huangji Wuyu looked up and said, “All three of us… will attack together!”

There was already an intense feeling of fear in his heart.

Because when the colorful dressed girl released her killing intent, the pressure it brought for them… was actually not inferior to Ye Mufeng’s back then!

Feng Xue’er hugged Yun Che and escaped some distance away. However, they did not run away. The sky had turned into a sea of flames but only they had not been engulfed by the pressure of the purgatory. She looked at the sea of flames in the sky dumbly for a while, while her bloodline made her feel a foreign and strong sense of throbbing.

This aura… Big Brother Yun’s Golden Crow flames...

Could it be...

She actually was...

The Little Demon Empress?


Author’s Note:

PS: There are obviously kids that would ask, the three Sacred Masters had already fought with the Illusory Demon Realm before, why do they not recognize Little Demon Empress’ Golden Crow flames? It’s very simple, because from their understanding, the Golden Crow flame was the same scarlet color as the Phoenix flame. The Little Demon Empress is the only person to achieve slightly golden colored Golden Crow flames in all of history. That’s why those three trash did not immediately link the flame to the Golden Crow flames.

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