Chapter 862 - Despaired Soul

Against the Gods

Chapter 862 - Despaired Soul

“Since you want to be the first to die… This sovereign shall grant your wish!!”

Yun Che’s physique was exceptionally strong. Although his current strength was far below the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er, in terms of the toughness of his body alone, even if the two ladies combined together, they would not be able to rival his. Although Xuanyuan Wentian’s attack that was struck with rage was frightening, it was still insufficient to cause any severe injuries.

When the Little Demon Empress blocked in front of Xuanyuan Wentian, he had already regained his mobility in the air. The Little Demon Empress was severely injured by Xuanyuan Wentian and fell downward. Yun Che suddenly realized that Xuanyuan Wentian did not continue to rush towards him. Instead, he suddenly descended and grabbed at the temporarily unconscious the Little Demon Empress.

This scene caused Yun Che to be greatly shocked, “Hold it!!”

As he shouted, Yun Che used Extreme Mirage Lightning and rushed crazily towards Xuanyuan Wentian without considering whether this was part of his devious plan.

But how could his speed be enough to catch up to Xuanyuan Wentian?

“Tch!!” Yun Che gritted his teeth as his eyes turned bloodshot from rage. A blue glow then flashed past his eyes.

“Dragon… Soul… Domain!!”


The silhouette of an azure dragon appeared in the skies and it gave off the immense pressure of the dragon god that shook the heavens and earth.

Under the effects of a mental domain that was boosted by the might of a primordial dragon god, Xuanyuan Wentian’s entire body trembled and the black aura that surrounded his body disappeared by half while his speed was also greatly slowed. Then, the silhouette of a Heavenly Wolf that had been ignited with phoenix flames appeared from behind and violently struck his back.


With a loud noise, another huge chunk of bloody flesh on Xuanyuan Wentian’s back was struck off and his slightly darkening backbone was also visible now. He was sent crashing downward like a cannonball, heavily hitting the ground.

Yun Che inhaled slightly and relied on the Star God’s Broken Shadow to swiftly move and catch the falling Little Demon Empress, holding her firmly in his arms.


Xuanyuan Wentian shot up from the ground as roars of extreme rage escaped madly from his mouth. Though the injuries on his body were already startling, the black devil aura released by his body did not weaken one bit. It still remained so dense that it was suffocating.

In contrast, Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress had both used up a large amount of their profound strength and they also suffered from severe internal injuries. Especially the Little Demon Empress whose profound aura in her body was so chaotic that it was almost completely out of control.

“Brother Yun, are you alright?” Feng Xue’er hurried flew over, blocking in front of him and the Little Demon Empress. However, the phoenix flames ignited on her body were obviously rather weak as well.

“I’m alright.” Yun Che softly replied. Then a palm pressed onto his chest and gently pushed him away.

The Little Demon Empress has regained her consciousness and struggled as she left Yun Che’s grasp. Her petite blood stained hands reignited with the glorious golden flame once again.

Xuanyuan Wentian rose into the skies and that devil-like face once again appeared right in front of their eyes. The eerie and dense darkness and killing intent shrouded over them, “You all actually… harmed this sovereign’s devil body once again! This time… this sovereign will definitely… send you all to your graves forever!”

Yun Che’s eyebrows sunk as he held the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword so tightly that the knuckles on both his hands turned white. Three months ago, Xuanyuan Wentian was already exceptionally frightening and within these three months, he and Feng Xue’er’s profound strength had both increased. He had thought that this would be enough to face the mutated Xuanyuan Wentian.

Unexpectedly, in these three months, Xuanyuan Wentian had become far stronger than he was three months ago. Even if the three of them combined their strength, they would not be his match.

No… Given their current condition, there was not the slightest chance that they could defeat him. If this were to continue, the only outcome would be dying at his hands and Demon Imperial City facing the fate of obliteration!

Just what should be done… what to do!?!

“Die!!” Xuanyuan Wentian’s body began to glow with a black light that covered the skies. Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress’ profound strength had been greatly weakened already. A full strength blow by him could never be received by the two of them now.

At this time, Yun Che suddenly turned forward and shouted loudly, “Fen Juechen, what the hell are you doing? Are you just going to let him manipulate your body and power like this!?”

His words caused Xuanyuan Wentian to be shocked before he started laughing hysterically again, “Hahahaha… Yun Che, in the face of death, you actually dream of that pathetic soul saving you all like three months ago!”

“This sovereign had not realized that I had not completely wiped away that pathetic soul three months ago and as a result this sovereign’s plans were foiled! Now, do you naively believe that he would still remain until today?”

“We don’t even have to say his consciousness, even the dregs of his soul have already been completely wiped away by this sovereign. There is not one single strand of residue remaining!”

However, Yun Che did not care about Xuanyuan Wentian’s words and coldly continued, “Fen Juechen, in order to obtain great strength, you suffered pain and torture that people who had lived a hundred lives cannot even imagine. Would a person like you fall so easily to such a hideous devil!?”

“You pursued strength for the sole reason of revenge and the person you wanted to kill the most is Xuanyuan Wentian. Because not only does he carry the sin of eradicating your clan, he was also the culprit who landed you into such a miserable fate! However, even today, you still have not gotten revenge. Instead, you allowed your body and the strength that you suffered tremendously to obtain to be used by the person you wanted to kill the most, giving him the power for his wild ambitions… This is such a huge hatred and disgrace!

“You have pride and arrogance that is above others. Could you actually be willing to let this hatred and shame disappear forever!? Could you actually be a weakling that is so easily killed?!”

“Tsktsk, such a weak and foolish struggle,” Xuanyuan Wentian stretched out his palm and said with disdain, “You’d be better off kneeling down and begging for forgiveness from this sovereign. Who knows, this sovereign might leave one or two bones intact when he crushes you later.

“It’s a pity that you no longer have the chance!”

The black aura surged and Xuanyuan Wentian’s claw struck and the surrounding space immediately froze.

“Be careful!!” The flames on Feng Xue’er’s body surged as she stood against Xuanyuan Wentian even before the Little Demon Empress had a chance.

Xuanyuan Wentian looked ferocious as his palm swept past the flames and struck straight at Feng Xue’er’s chest, “Die…”

His shout had not even been completed before it abruptly cut off. It seemed as though someone had suddenly choked him and his face was suddenly frozen; even the black palm that he struck deviated in direction.

With a deafening “boom”, the phoenix flames that were originally harmless to Xuanyuan Wentian had gone through the black aura that had suddenly lost control and struck firmly onto his face. Xuanyuan Wentian let out a miserable cry as he was sent flying and his entire body was rapidly engulfed in the scarlet flames.

Sending Xuanyuan Wentian flying in one blow caused Feng Xue’er to be stunned.

“Ahh… What… what happened?” Xuanyuan Wentian extinguished the phoenix flames on him in a hurry and looked at his hand in disbelief. He had an expression of extreme disbelief; it was as though he had seen a ghost just now.

Yun Che instantly had an expression of pleasant surprise.

“Im… Impossible… this is impossible!!” Xuanyuan Wentian shouted in rage and his eyes let out a ferocious gaze yet again. He grabbed onto the Eternal Night Devil Sword and swung it at Yun Che.

However, just as he rose into the air, his entire body trembled and he fell back down stiffly. His entire body shook and trembled uncontrollably, “Impossible… This sovereign had obviously… completely… impossible…”

“Fen Juechen… it’s Fen Juechen!” Yun Che shouted in surprise. Previously, when he called for Fen Juechen, it was only an attempt that was made due to a lack of plans. In his heart, he did not hold too much hope for it. Because three months ago, when Xuanyuan Wentian figured out that Fen Juechen’s residual soul still remained, he would have definitely tried to completely eradicate it with all his might.

However, Fen Juechen’s consciousness still did not get completely eradicated. Even more so, the power that come out of that unwilling and unrelenting soul was obviously affecting Xuanyuan Wentian to a large extent.

This was hope and a chance of survival that Fen Juechen had risked his remaining consciousness to obtain for them! Yun Che instantly rushed forward like lightning and struck the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword onto Xuanyuan Wentian’s body.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s body that had lost control did not even make an attempt at defense as he was swept up by the great sword and flung several kilometers away. Before he could manage to get up, Yun Che had rushed forward once again, gathering all the strength within him and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword that ignited with golden crow flames struck onto Xuanyuan Wentian’s body yet again.


Although his strength was not at the level of Xuanyuan Wentian, the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was like a bane to devil profound energy. With each swing, Yun Che would cause Xuanyuan Wentian to scream miserably and the ground beneath would break under the impact.


Xuanyuan Wentian cried miserably and the black aura on him suddenly surged and violently knocked Yun Che away. His body swayed and he breathed heavily before charging hysterically towards Yun Che.


The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword collided directly with Xuanyuan Wentian’s black palm. Yun Che’s entire body trembled and both his arms were in pain as he was flung hundreds of meters away, the blood and energy in his body churning within his chest. He looked up firmly and shouted, “Fen Juechen, given the way that you are now, you cannot possibly obtain revenge personally in this life! However… if I can live past today, I will personally kill Xuanyuan Wentian one day!!”

This shout by Yun Che seemed to stab several thousand poisonous needles into Xuanyuan Wentian’s soul. The residual soul that had just been suppressed by him was now filled with unimaginable strength and it violently struck his consciousness and intertwined...


Xuanyuan Wentian cried miserably. His body that was about to get up suddenly knelt down and his hands held onto his head strongly while his body spasmed in pain, “AHHHHHHH… Wh… why… why haven’t… you been… destroyed… ahhhhhh!!”

“Because he is Fen Juechen!!”

Yun Che roared angrily, gathered all his strength and smashed the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword at Xuanyuan Wentian… Due to Xuanyuan Wentian’s mental breakdown, he had lost a large amount of control of his body and strength and was violent slashed by Yun Che on the head.


Xuanyuan Wentian’s brain seemed as though it was filled with millions of flies that buzzed constantly. His bloodied body was sent flying like a bundle of straw.

“You… you…” Xuanyuan Wentian laid on the ground as his entire body spasmed. Despite several struggles, he could not stand up. He turned around, his eyes that were giving out a black glow stared firmly at Yun Che. His face contorted and just as he was about to say something, he suddenly saw that the Little Demon Empress and Feng Xue’er had caught up and were standing beside Yun Che.

At the same time these words were said, Xuanyuan Wentian cracked five of the teeth in his mouth. The Eternal Night Devil Sword swiftly flew over, picked him up and carried him towards the north like a flash of black lightning.

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