Chapter 865 - Jasmine’s Message (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 865 - Jasmine’s Message (1)

“Let this noble one see that black jade you obtained from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.” The Golden Crow’s soul intentionally diverted away from the topic, not wanting Yun Che to ask about it any further.

Black jade?

Yun Che was startled for a moment and then instantly recalled that mysterious black jade he picked up next to the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s remains, which he was seemingly about to forget about. He hurriedly took it out.

The perfectly round black jade was the size of a palm and it felt ice-cold and heavy when held. Its entire body was flawlessly pitch-black and extremely glossy, with its opposite side completely similar. There was not a single mark or pattern on it, nor was there even the least bit presence of profound energy.

Just from looking at its exterior and aura alone, this could be nothing more than a normal jade stone. It could not even be considered a profound jade of the lowest grade.

However, just by the fact that it could stay perfectly unharmed under the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s strength, it was definitely not a regular object.

A ray of golden light shot down and the mysterious black jade fluttered up from Yun Che’s hand, floating in the air. Then, it was enveloped by the golden light… However, an instant later, all of the golden light completely disappeared and the mysterious black jade fell from the air, returning back onto Yun Che’s hand.

“Just what in the world is this?” Yun Che raised his head and asked.

“Don’t know.”

“Even you don’t know?” Yun Che’s face was filled with astonishment. Since this black jade came from the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, it was definitely something that originated from the Era of Gods millions of years ago. It was not unexpected for Jasmine to be unaware of the matter of that era, however, the Golden Crow’s soul was a soul fragment of the Golden Crow Divine Beast and it carried a portion of the Golden Crow’s primordial memories. It actually did not recognize it either?

“Just like you two, the moment this noble one’s energy dwelled within, it disappeared without a trace. For this situation to occur, there’s more or less two possibilities,” the Golden Crow’s soul slowly described. “Either within it dwells an independent small world like this Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley which this noble one created or the principles of power within are extremely profound, a plane which our powers are unable to make contact with.”

“Together with the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, it was able to stay perfectly unharmed in the Heretic God’s seal for millions of years, it’s definitely not a normal object. Most likely, it’s a ‘devil jade’ or ‘devil artifact’ belonging to the realm of the devil gods. Another possibility is that it can only be awakened by the power of the devil way.”

Yun Che put away the mysterious black jade and casually said, “I have been curious about it this entire time. But now, what it is, is basically no longer of any importance.”

“Golden Crow Divine Spirit, it’s time I return. If I stay for too long, they will be worried.” Yun Che lowered his head as he deeply bowed towards the Golden Crow’s soul and sincerely said, “Back then when we first met, I once scoffed at you, made you out as selfish and arrogant and that you were not worthy of being a god… Not only did you not punish me, you instead bestowed me a new lease on life and have several times saved my life, even at the expense of greatly damaging your own lifespan. For this huge grace, Yun Che truly does not know how to repay you.”

“...This noble one naturally has my own selfishness for bestowing you my final bloodline and soul energy, there’s no need for your gratitude or repayment,” the Golden Crow’s soul lightly said.

“...However, I’m destined to disappoint you.” Yun Che lowly sighed as he turned around and left.

“You don’t have to be this pessimistic,” the Golden Crow’s Soul suddenly said. “As someone merged with the remnant power of the Eternal Night Devil Clan, Xuanyuan Wentian is indeed not someone you can deal with right now. However, with the state he is in, after awakening all the power of the devil blood and devil soul, his cultivation will forever be halted, not being able to make the slightest of improvements in the rest of his life. Even his lifespan will be greatly shorten as well. However, you’re different. Not only do you carry extraordinary talent, you possess the powers of various gods as well. In the future, there will definitely come a day where you surpass him. Before that, you can borrow the use of the Primordial Profound Ark to flee to other dimensions where Xuanyuan Wentian can’t find you.”

“I can indeed flee,” Yun Che stopped his feet and spoke with a low voice. “But Caiyi definitely would not. My father and mother definitely would not either.”

“Furthermore… Does the current me, really have a future?”

“...” The Golden Crow’s soul no longer spoke. After a long period of silence, it let out a long sigh. “Go on then.”

A golden light flashed and Yun Che had already been sent out of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

The light from the golden eyes retracted and as its eyes closed, it slowly muttered to itself. “Back then when I investigated his memories, I had thought that he was bestowed with great luck and was favored by the heavens. Along with the powers of the dragon god and Heretic God he already possessed, I bestowed everything to him… Never did I expect that he would end up in such a crisis…”

“This is fate. All are powerless to go against it.”


After being sent out of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, just as Yun Che had expected, Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress were waiting there, staying there the entire time. Seeing Yun Che’s appearance, their eyes shone with a similar luster, as they hurriedly charged over.

“Big Brother Yun, you… how are you right now?” Feng Xue’er said with the same worried tone.

“It looks like you’re already fine.” After the Little Demon Empress swept her eyes at Yun Che’s aura, her expression and eyes had evidently relaxed.

“Haha but of course,” Yun Che said with a relaxed expression. “With the divine power of the Golden Crow Divine Spirit, I’m naturally safe and sound.”

“That’s great,” Feng Xue’er happily placed down the heavy burden in her heart and said, puzzled. ”But, just what happened? Why did Big Brother Yun suddenly…”

“You both still have injuries on your bodies and require immediate rest and attention. Let’s go back to Demon Imperial City first. They must definitely be worried to the point of breaking down.”

“...” The Little Demon Empress looked at him deeply and said with a quiet voice. “Let us return.”


Though Xuanyuan Wentian was fought back, the influence he brought definitely could not be calmed down in just a short span of time. Demon Imperial City was presently in a state of chaos. The people who had fled out of the city beforehand had already received the news and were beginning to return one after another.

The Great City Barrier Formation had already been retracted but the entire Demon Imperial City felt as though it had been enclosed in a large wok; the atmosphere was incomparably stifling. Though they did not suffer the crisis of being annihilated, they had all personally witnessed Xuanyuan Wentian’s terror… Furthermore, he had simply fled today and was not killed. There would come a day… Or to be exact, not long later, he would definitely return.

This terrifying truth was like a nightmare pressing down on every single one of their hearts.

Under the guidance of the Guardian Families and the various Duke Palaces, the work on the aftermath in Demon Imperial City was being undergone. The entire Yun Family was also filled with the sunken atmosphere. Yun Qinghong and Mu Yurou had been standing outside the main gate, their eyes facing the northern direction as they hoped for Yun Che to safely return. Xiao Yun and his wife had also been standing at the side to accompany them, constantly consoling them.

Until they saw, with their own eyes, Yun Che, Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress safely return and land right before them. Mu Yurou did not care about the crowd that was present as she leapt forward with tears spilling from her eyes, hugging tightly onto her own son and beginning to cry out loud like a child.

“Mother, this child is not filial, always making you worry and spill tears,” Yun Che said guiltily.

Yun Qinghong’s eyes were slightly watery. He felt that though Yun Che’s aura was a little frail and messy, he no longer had the anomaly from before. His heart and mind instantly loosened, as he bowed towards the Little Demon Empress and said, “Little Demon Empress, your body has injuries, please tend to them as soon as possible. You must not neglect your divine body.”

The Little Demon Empress slightly shook her head. “This empress’ injuries are not severe, though that’s not the same for Yun Che. Though his injuries on the surface are light, his internal injuries are considerably heavy and it seems like his mental strength has been completely drained. It’s best to hurry and prepare a place for him to tend to his injuries. As for the other matters, we can talk tomorrow.”

“Ah?” Before Mu Yurou could even wipe off her tears, she hurriedly grabbed onto Yun Che’s sleeves. “Che’er, are your injuries… really that severe?”

“It’s not of concern.” Yun Che shook his head with a slight smile and consoled her. “My body’s self-recovery ability is extraordinary, injuries of this extent are not much… Though I am indeed a little fatigued and I wish to find a place to sleep for a while.”

Little Demon Empress, “...”

“Alright, alright… Mother has already tidied your room. Hurry and get some rest, if you need anything, let Mother know,” Mu Yurou anxiously said. After saying that, she turned around and pulled Feng Xue’er’s hand as she looked at her with a gentle gaze. “Xue’er, in these few months, I have always hoped to see you. Che’er having you by his side is truly a blessing that he had cultivated several lifetimes for… Even I don’t know how I should thank you.”

Mu Yurou’s words threw Feng Xue’er into a slight panic. “Auntie, I… I did not do anything much for Big Brother Yun… These words of yours are pushing pressure onto Xue’er…”

“Auntie?” Mu Yurou’s gentle smile carried a slight degree of warmth. “Let’s first head in, Che’er still needs rest. After I settle him down, I have many things I wish to speak with you about. Over here, you can just treat it as your own home.”

“Thank you, Auntie,” Feng Xue’er gently said.

“Xiao Yun, are Grandfather and the rest alright?” Yun Che asked Xiao Yun.

“Don’t worry Big Brother. They are all safe and sound. The fairies of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace are all settled in the outer residences and usually, no one is allowed to approach there… After this, I will head over to inform them that you’re already safe and sound and have Grandfather and the rest put down their worries,” Xiao Yun nodded and said.

“Mn…” Yun Che lightly nodded. “Help me apologize to Grandfather, Senior Master Murong and the rest in my stead… My present mental strength is a little heavy, once I feel better, I will definitely head over immediately to show that I’m in good health.”

“...I understand. Big Brother, have a good rest.” Xiao Yun’s expression was a little astonished.

Yun Qinghong had been looking at Yun Che, his expression, his eyes, his every word and movement. From the very beginning, he had felt that Yun Che’s condition was a little amiss and now, that feeling had turned even heavier. His brows furrowed and finally, could not help but voice out. “Che’er, you…”

“Enough!” Mu Yurou however waved her hand. “Che’er is injured and his mental strength is not in a good state, let him first have a good rest. If there’s any matters, we can talk to him about them tomorrow.”

“...” Yun Qinghong had no choice but to close his mouth; his emotions, however were much heavier than before.


Returning to the mansion he had left for several months, he softly lay on the bed. All the noise outside were isolated by the door. Under this serenity, Yun Che did not immediately head to sleep, nor did he calm his heart and tend to his injuries either. Instead, he blankly looked up into the air, not a hint of focus could be seen from his eyes.

Jasmine, what in the world should the current me do...

Without you by my side, even living itself has actually become so difficult.

When the devil origin orb broke out, I sensed death… The feeling of death never felt so clear even back when I fell down Cloud's End Cliff.

Perhaps, when it breaks out again next time, it will be the time of my death.

After I die, Caiyu, Xue’er, and Yue’er, what will happen to them… What will happen to Father and Mother… What will happen to Grandfather and Lingxi… What will happen to Illusory Demon Realm… What will happen to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace...

Could it be that they are all destined to die at Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands...

Caiyi will definitely choose to die along with the destruction of Demon Imperial City. She will definitely be more willing to die than to choose abandoning the Illusory Demon Realm and flee.

Father and Mother are the same as well...

For me, Xue’er has left Divine Phoenix Sect and Yue’er has abandoned the entire Blue Wind Empire, all to accompany me to this Illusory Demon Realm which is completely foreign to them.

Right before her death, with tears in her eyes, Gong Yuxian entrusted Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to me...

Grandfather and Lingxi, I have so many times sworn to definitely protect them well and have them live safely and peacefully, never again allowing them to be bullied by anyone else.

However, if I die...

Yun Che let out an extremely heavy sigh. He began to grow fearful of death, incomparably fearful of it. However, the devil origin orb that existed in his profound veins, had already allowed him to see his approaching day of death.

What exactly should I do to live...

If I’m destined to die, then how should I exterminate Xuanyuan Wentian right before my death...

Jasmine, just what should I do?

After leaving you, what else am I capable of doing...

Three months ago, the scene of when Jasmine decisively left surfaced before his eyes. Though it had already been three months, it was still causing his chest to feel heavy and stifling. He had clearly remembered her every word, every tone, every gaze, and every expression she had back then.

“Within this memory fragment are all the words that I am unable to say to you right now.” Jasmine’s delicate face was still cold and detached but her eyes faintly shimmered for an instant, “Twenty four hours from now, the seal on this memory fragment will automatically undo itself. At that time, you will know what I want to tell you.”

This morning, I had resolved myself for this moment to come the moment I had sensed Moonflower’s aura. So, I handed something to Hong’er and she carried it back with her into the Sky Poison Pearl. After I have left, you can take it from her… Even though it will not be able to increase your cultivation by too much, it will at least be able to increase your lifespan by several thousand years


Yun Che instantly flipped up from the bed as if he had been electrocuted.

The memory fragment Jasmine left him!!

The moment Jasmine left, he suffered from Moonflower’s scheme. Even when he returned to Illusory Demon Realm, he had been unconscious and close to death the entire time. After that, in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, he was “forced” to undergo three months of dual cultivation with Feng Xue’er and the Little Demon Empress and the entire time so he did not have the opportunity to read the memory fragment Jasmine left him.

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