Chapter 867 - Xiao Yun’s Son (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 867 - Xiao Yun’s Son (1)

“What about Number Seven?”

“She… It seems like she’s…” Xiao Yun said as he gasped for breath, “It seems like she’s about to give birth!”

“Ah!” Mu Yurou let out a startled cry as she shoved Xiao Yun aside and rushed out of there like the wind.

Xiao Yun also hurriedly followed behind her; he did not even have time to greet Yun Che or Cang Yue.

“Husband, let’s go check on them as well,” Cang Yue said in a gentle voice.

She consoled Yun Che in his grief, then changed into new clothes. Even though he looked as if he had returned to normal, she could still clearly sense the extreme heaviness which weighed down on Yun Che’s heart. All of them had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Xiao Yun’s and Number Seven Under Heaven’s child, so she hoped that the birth of this small life would help to dissipate some of the heavy gloom that shrouded Yun Che’s heart.

The already ultra-busy Yun Family immediately started to get even more frenetic. Yun Qinghong, who was outside the house, returned at a blazing speed. When Greatest Ambition Under Heaven, who was just about to go to the northern part of the city to oversee the great barrier which protected the entire city, received the news, it was as if a fire had been lit under his backside as he abandoned everyone and wildly sprinted towards the Yun Family household.

When Yun Che, Cang Yue and Feng Xue’er had arrived, the courtyard where Xiao Yun and Number Seven Under Heaven stayed was filled with people bustling about. Tense and nervous voices could constantly be heard coming from behind the tightly-secured door and at times Number Seven Under Heaven’s cries of pain could be heard as well.

“Big Brother!” Once he saw that Yun Che had arrived, Xiao Yun, who had been waiting outside, hurried over to him. His face was flushed completely red and he was nervous, tense and completely bewildered.

“Congratulations Xiao Yun, you’re about to become a father,” Cang Yue said with a faint smile.

“Hee, I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl,” Feng Xue’er said in a voice filled with anticipation.

“Heh… Heh heh.” Xiao Yun was both excited and nervous at the same time.

Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Lie hurriedly strode through the gates of the courtyard. When she saw Yun Che, Xiao Lingxi gave a low cry as she ran towards Yun Che, “Little Che, You… Are you alright?”

“Of course I’m alright. Do I look like I’m not alright to you?” Yun Che said with a relaxed smile on his face. He arrived at Xiao Lie’s side and spoke in a concerned manner, “Grandfather, I have yet greeted you since I’ve returned. Have you grown used to staying in this place yet?”

“It’s been well. I’ve had an excellent time here,” Xiao Lie said with a faint nod of his head. When he saw that Yun Che seemed fine and did not seem to be greatly affected by anything, it was as if a boulder had rolled off his shoulders, relieving him greatly. He gave a sigh of lament before speaking, “In the Profound Sky Continent, I have heard rumours regarding the Illusory Demon Realm many times. The Illusory Demon Realm that I heard about was a land filled with completely inhumane, fiendish brutal demons. Sigh, but when it comes to the affairs of this world, it seems like one must truly witness something before they can finally believe it. There are simply far too many people who are living a lie that has been forced on them by those with ulterior motives.”


The cries of pain that were emanating from the room suddenly turned into shrill screams of agony. The voices of the doctors within also grew more hurried.

“It seems like… it’s really painful,” Xiao Lingxi said in a nervous and trembling voice.

“Seventh Sister. You definitely need to be alright…” Xiao Yun said with a pained expression on his face. He could not stand still and both his eyes were anxiously fixed on the door as he continuously muttered under his breath.

“Grandfather, you’re only just over sixty years of age but you’re about to become a great grandfather,” Cang Yue said with a faint smile. Just as she finished speaking, Yun Che suddenly chimed in mischievously, “We also need to congratulate Little Aunt, she’s about to become a grand aunt.”

[email protected]#¥%...” Xiao Lingxi’s petal-like lips parted before she started getting mad, “I… I… I don’t want to be a grand aunt, I’m still a girl who hasn’t even gotten married yet… I don’t want to be a grand aunt… I don’t want this!”

“Hahahaha!” Xiao Lie let out a loud and unrestrained laugh. He gave Xiao Lingxi a deep look before speaking in a voice that was filled with implied meaning, “Lingxi, you’re not young anymore, it’s about time you started to thinking about your big day.”

“I…” Xiao Lingxi’s heart was completely flustered and she subtly shot a sidelong glance at Yun Che, “I don’t want to.”


Following the blast of wind which sounded like a thunderclap, they saw Greatest Ambition Under Heaven rush into the courtyard in a frenzied manner. Yun Qinghong was right beside him while the other six Under Heaven brothers trailed behind them, their bodies matted in sweat.

Greatest Ambition Under Heaven landed on the ground while roaring testily, “Seventh Treasure… How is Seventh Treasure doing right now?”

Yun Qinghong patted his shoulder, “Brother Under Heaven, you don’t need to worry. Number Seven is no ordinary girl, so it will definitely go smoothly. Your time will be better spent thinking of what kind of gift you want to prepare for your grandson or granddaughter.”

“Right, that’s a good point, that’s a good point indeed,” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven said as he gave a quick, herky-jerky nod of his head. His hands jerked in the air before he rushed towards that tightly shut door and hollered, “Seventh Treasure, Father is right outside. Just give birth to a big grandchild for your father and I will give you whatever you want.”


The only response he got was a long and miserable wail of pain from Number Seven Under Heaven and the moment everyone heard it, their hearts tensed up.

“Senior Under Heaven, it would be best to not speak to her for the moment, so as to not divert her attention to other things,” Yun Che said.

“Ah… alright.” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven immediately quieted down. But after that, he did not forget to cautiously warn his six sons, “Did you hear that? All of you better shut your mouths. No one is allowed to make any loud noises.”

“...” Yun Che’s brows twitched. He looked towards the door, his expression growing faintly serious.

“Husband, what’s wrong?” Cang Yue asked in a soft voice after she noticed the change in Yun Che’s expression.

Yun Che shook his head lightly, “There’s nothing wrong… It’s probably just me worrying too much. Seventh Sister is a princess of the elf clan, so she has the protection of nature energy. It should definitely be an extremely smooth procedure.”

Time slowed to a trickle as they waited with anxious excitement. The activity taking place in the room continued to grow more frenzied and Number Seven Under Heaven’s wails continued to ring out. Moreover… it seemed like each wail was more shrill than the last.

“Number Seven. Don’t be anxious, relax your body… Use your strength carefully.” That was Mu Yurou’s voice.

“Mother… I… I’m in so much pain… so much pain…” Number Seven Under Heaven was laced with a deep pain. This elven princess who had grown up smothered in love had never experienced such painful torment in her entire life before.

“It’s alright, it will get better soon…” Mu Yurou continuously consoled her but her voice had also started to tremble as well.

One hour went by...

An entire two hours went by!

Number Seven Under Heaven’s miserable wails continued to ring out but her voice had now become completely hoarse. They could also clearly hear the heavy breathing of the imperial physicians inside the room… and it was clear that their breathing was laced with panic as well.

During the wait of over two hours, the initial anticipation, excitement and joy had long ago turned into anxiety and worry. Xiao Yun paced back and forth, his hands snatching at his scalp or his chest every now and then. His entire body was drenched in sweat and he haphazardly muttered under his breath, “It will be fine… It will definitely be fine…”

The complexion of both Yun Qinghong and Greatest Under Ambition Under Heaven had turned rather grim… They did their utmost to keep in check the ominous thoughts that ran through their heads but that feeling of uneasiness had long ago spread through their chests, causing their hearts to seize up rigidly.

“Husband?” Seeing Yun Che’s extremely grim expression, Cang Yue could not help but softly call out to him.

“...” Yun Che sucked in a deep breath of air before speaking, “Something is wrong… Something has gone horribly wrong.”

If it was a normal girl, it would be very normal for their labor and childbirth to take two hours or more. But Number Seven Under Heaven was definitely no ordinary girl. She had reached the Tyrant Profound Realm and the profound energy that she cultivated was the most pure and unsullied nature energy. She also had a constitution that far exceeded that of a normal person. So the entire process of her labor should have been exceedingly simple and smooth. Furthermore, as long as she was willing, she would not even need to endure any pain.

But an entire two hours had already gone by and she had been letting out miserable wails of pain throughout.

Towards the end, those wails of pain sounded even more shrill than those of a normal girl.

Yun Che had wanted to personally confirm the condition of Number Seven Under Heaven many times but he had held himself back each and every time. But right now, he finally could take it no longer. He grabbed hold of Xiao Yun and said, “Xiao Yun! You need to go inside immediately and cover Seventh Sister with a quilt. It seems like there is something abnormal with her condition, I need to go in and personally check on her myself!”

The panicked and bewildered Xiao Yun quivered and he did not even have time to respond. He just hurriedly nodded his head as he stumbled and staggered towards the door… But just as he had just started to run, Number Seven Under Heaven let out a loud wail and Mu Yurou’s joyous voice rang out immediately after that, “The baby has come out… the baby has come out!”

Xiao Yun came to a complete halt. This was music to the ears of the tense and nervous audience. This was especially true for Xiao Lie and Greatest Ambition Under Heaven. Hot tears spilled from their eyes in that instant of emotion and they unwittingly moved forward towards the door.

Their pleasant surprise did not last for long as their expressions grew completely rigid.

There was no wailing of a newborn babe which should be ringing out from that room. In fact, the entire room had gone completely silent and there were no cries of joy nor of celebration either.

“My child… Let me look at my child…” Number Seven Under Heaven cried in a weak and worried voice.

“Madam Yun, Young Madam…” This was the voice of an imperial physician and her voice was trembling, “This is… is… is a stillborn child.”

That shivering voice mercilessly exploded in everyone’s ears like a thunderclap from a clear sky.

Xiao Yun was rooted in place, his pupils slackening and his body swaying. He suddenly let out a great shout and crazily dove forward, violently smashing the room doors aside, “This isn’t possible… It isn’t possible!!”

The sound of the doors being smashed startled the already terrified physicians who were inside the room. Xiao Yun, who had rushed inside, saw Mu Yurou hugging a tiny infant to her chest, the long and uncut umbilical cord still attached to his body… But Mu Yurou’s face was streaming with tears.

Xiao Yun staggered forward as he roughly snatched the infant into his own embrace. The baby’s soft body entered his embrace and his movements instantly grew light and gentle… The baby that was in his arms did not move, it did not cry and it did not breathe. It did not even have any body heat, the only feeling it imparted to Xiao Yun was the icy cold feeling that a person felt when he was being plunged into the icy abyss of despair.


Xiao Yun’s knees hit the ground as his body trembled in pain.

Number Seven Under Heaven was laying on the bed and her face was so pale that it seemed like she had just weathered a great illness. However, her eyes were dreadfully empty; it was as if someone had yanked out her soul. The sound of Xiao Yun’s knees hitting the ground shook her from her nightmare. She scrambled off the bed as she let out a heart-wrenching sob, “This isn’t real… This isn’t real… My baby… Give me back my baby… give me back my baby.”

“Seventh Treasure!” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven yelled as he rushed inside and hugged her firmly in his arms. Pain lanced through his heart like a knife as he said, “It’s alright… It’s alright… You and Xiao Yun are still so young, you can have another baby… As long as the both of you are willing, you can have many many more…”

“No… You’re all lying to me…” Number Seven Under Heaven voice cracked and it seemed like she was weeping blood. This usually incomparably strong and optimistic girl. This little elf girl who had insisted on being with Xiao Yun despite the objections of her family and the mockery of the entire world had now completely collapsed, “My baby… You’re all lying to me… Give my baby back to me… Give my baby back… Ah...:”

Mu Yurou turned her face aside, collapsing onto Yun Qinghong’s shoulders as she sobbed soundlessly. Yun Qinghong raised his head and gave a heavy and deep sigh, his hands tightly clenched into fists.

“...” Xiao Lie’s body swayed violently. If not for Xiao Lingxi’s support, he would have long ago collapsed to the ground.

“Why did this… happen…” Feng Xue’er murmured through tightly closed lips as she wept softly. Cang Yue leaned on Yun Che’s chest, her shoulders heaving incessantly.

Everyone had looked forward to the joy and the newborn life but what welcomed them instead was a dark and gloomy nightmare. Xiao Yun knelt on the ground, his soul seemingly rent from his body. Number Seven Under Heaven wept in the most heart-wrenching manner, causing everyone to feel as if their insides had been pierced by myriad arrows. It was so painful that it was stifling.

Yun Che’s expression was dark and overcast but he still maintained enough rationality. He arrived at Xiao Yun’s side, stretching a hand towards the cold and lifeless infant in his arms.

Even if it was a stillborn child, Number Seven Under Heaven should not have gone through such a long and painful labor… He had to know what exactly had gone wrong.

Yun Che’s finger lightly pressed against the infant’s cold and delicate arm… After an instant, his entire arm shot back as if he had been electrocuted.

This was...

Devil energy!!

Why would there be devil energy!?

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