Chapter 875 - Living Hell

Against the Gods

Chapter 875 - Living Hell

Carrying Su Hengshan, the moment Yun Che landed on the ground, he was instantly surrounded by a large group of people.

Undoubtedly, the people who surrounded them were all disciples of the Grandwake Clan. When they saw Sun Hengshan covered in bloodstains and his dishevelled hair, though some had complicated and cramped expressions for a moment, there was not the least bit of hesitation in surrounding them. Rows of sparkling weapons were pointed straight at them.

“You still wish to run… Let me see where you’re going to run off to!”

An overbearing voice resounded from the collapsed dungeon. Hearing this voice, the name “Su Haoran” flashed past Yun Che’s mind.

Su Hengshan’s only son, Su Ling’er’s brother from a different mother… Someone who he had already been extremely disgusted with in the “dreamscape” six years ago.

The crowd split open and the twenty-six people Yun Che sensed earlier leisurely walked over.

Walking at the very front was a middle-aged man dressed entirely in black robe. His appearance was on the thin side with a slight hint of paleness and the most conspicuous part of his body, was the constellation of seven stars marked on the black robe on the front of his chest. The constellation was deep green, highlighting that he had a considerable status in Seven Stars Divine Palace. As he walked, his entire body emitted out a lofty aura of someone in a high position, as though he was the king overlooking everything in this piece of land, while the rest were merely ants.

The profound aura emitting from his body, was to the extent of the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm.

Behind him were two middle-aged men who were similarly dressed in black robes and had light green constellations marked on the front of their chests. They were precisely the other two Overlords Yun Che sensed… But they were both early stage Overlords.

Further behind, were a few familiar faces.

Su Haoran, who shouted out earlier!!

Su Hengyue, who collaborated with Blackwood Stronghold and wanted to force Su Hengshan to hand over the key to the treasure!

Su Wangji—the Grand Elder with the highest seniority in the Grandwake Clan!!

Even Heimu Qingya, the Blackwood Stronghold Master who was scared off by Xia Qingyue back then, was in the formation as well!

Furthermore, from the way these people walked in, it seemed Su Haoran was taking the lead.

And these people were like a bunch of pugs walking behind the three Overlords of Seven Stars Divine Palace. Their bodies were slightly arched, taking up respectful postures, as though merely walking with them was like an extremely fearful matter.

When they saw Yun Che, they were stunned at the same time as well. Following after, Su Haoran was the first to recall him and exclaimed. “It’s… It’s you!!”

The black-robed man at the very front had been sizing up Yun Che with cold eyes the entire time. Hearing Su Haoran’s shout, he lightly said. “It seems you recognize this person?”

“Ah… Yes.” As the black-robed man suddenly questioned him, Su Haoran’s waist hurriedly bent down a little more. “We met a few years ago but he’s just a little figure and doesn’t bear mentioning. He isn’t worth being mentioned to Lord Divine Envoy.”

“Little figure?” The black-robed man who was referred to as “Lord Divine Envoy” coldly snorted. “A young level six Overlord can actually be a little figure?”

When these words fell, no matter if they were people of the Grandwake Clan or Seven Stars Divine Palace, all of them were shocked on the spot. The people who had met Yun Che six years ago were even standing there blankly, while even Su Hengshan who was blocked behind Yun Che was greatly astonished.

Su Haoran’s eyes widened and then, he stammered. “Sixth… sixth level Ov… Overlord!? Th-th-that’s… That’s impossible. Six years ago… He was only at the Spirit Profound Realm… How could he…”

“What? Could it be that this great one’s sensing abilities are inferior to yours!?” The black-robed divine envoy’s voice suddenly turned cold.

Su Haoran instantly trembled, as he said fearfully. “No no no, this little one has misspoken. Even if this little one had ten thousand more guts, I wouldn’t dare to suspect Lord Divine Envoy. I beg Lord Divine Envoy for your forgiveness.”

Watching his own son groveling like a pug, Su Hengshan’s expression was indifferent, seemingly not a single hint of pain could be seen on his face… because he had long been numbed by the immense pain and grief.

“Young man, I sense that your age should not be over thirty, yet you already possess such cultivation,” the black-robed divine envoy lightly said. “Even in our Seven Stars Divine Palace, a talent of this level is still of the highest caliber. You shouldn’t be someone nameless but from your appearance, it’s not likely that you hail from Heaven Thwarting Sect or Soaring Celestial Sword Sect either. What is your name? Which sect do you hail from? Who is your master?” His expression fiercely sank. “And who gave you the guts to provoke our Seven Stars Divine Palace!?”

A level six Overlord whose age had yet to reach thirty. Though the black-robed divine envoy was not afraid, he was unable to stay calm in his heart. That was why he did not immediately make a move and instead wanted to pull out his background. However, no matter what background he had, it was impossible for them to fear him… Because they were Seven Stars Divine Palace!

Even if this person was truly from Heaven Thwarting Sect or Soaring Celestial Sword Sect, at the very most, he could only stand at the same level as them.

Under the energy of heaven and earth that came from Yun Che, Su Hengshan had already recovered a great amount of his vitality. He struggled to step forward, strongly pushing Yun Che away and roared out. “Old thief, this young man has simply mistaken me for someone else. I don’t know him at all! If you have the guts, then come and kill him right now!”

He fiercely turned his head towards Yun Che and with an even louder voice, roared out. “Look clearly, I’m Su Hengshan, not Ling Datong. This place is the Grandwake Clan, not the Second Profound Clan that you’re looking for! The matters of my Grandwake Clan, the life and death of I, Su Hengshan, are not matters that you, an outrageous outsider, can meddle in! Why have you not left yet!? Scram!!”

Yun Che: “...”

He understood Su Hengshan’s intentions. He was telling him that the people in front of them were not people he could possibly deal with. He wanted him to immediately leave and then look for Ling’er.

Looking at the situation in front of his eyes, the groveling Su Haoran and his men and those corpses dressed in the Grandwake Clan’s robes found in the bamboo forest… By putting together these details, Yun Che had already more or less understood what happened in the Grandwake Clan. He held back the impulse to massacre everyone here, took a step forward and spoke with an incomparably calm tone. “Have you people located any traces of the places Su Ling’er has been to? If you have, then speak now so I can let you people die a little more pleasantly.”

Su Hengshan was instantly stunned, his stretched out palms had powerlessly drooped down. The eyes of the black-robed divine envoy fiercely narrowed and laughter resounded in the surroundings. The disciples of Seven Stars Divine Palace especially, were seemingly laughing in concert, the initial cautiousness they had when looking at Yun Che had turned into incomparable ridicule… and even pity.

“Heh.” The black-robed divine envoy let out a light cold laugh and leisurely said, “It seems like though your talent is pretty good, your brain isn’t that bright… Oh, I’m mistaken, it’s pure idiocy.”

Su Haoran’s face was filled with gloating and he arrogantly roared out. “Yun Che, never did I expect that after six years, you’re actually seeking death the moment you return! Do you know who this great figure standing front of you is!? He’s a dignified Divine Palace Envoy of Seven Stars Divine Palace! If you immediately kneel and kowtow now, you might still have a chance. Lord Divine Envoy is magnanimous, he might be able to grant you a full corpse.”

Yun Che’s eyes did not even bat Su Haoran a glance, as his eyes slowly narrowed. “I will say it again, tell me all of the information concerning Su Ling’er and I can let you people die a little more pleasantly!”

“Heh,” the black-robed divine envoy let out a low laugh. “It seems like, you’re intentionally seeking death!”

Yun Che did not move his body. With only his finger, he lightly tapped towards that Divine Palace disciple on the right of the black-robed divine envoy.


A slight explosive noise sounded and it was instantly accompanied by an extremely miserable scream. That Divine Palace disciple tumbled onto the ground, as his chest had exploded apart. Violent Golden Crow flames, with his chest as the starting point, spread towards his entire body.


Even a Monarch could barely endure the incinerating heat of the Golden Crow flames, let alone an early stage Overlord… Furthermore, this mass of Golden Crow flames was ignited from within his body! He desperately screamed, desperately rolled about and desperately used his profound energy to resist, however, how could Yun Che’s Golden Crow flames be influenced by his strength!?

This terrifying scene which happened all of a sudden, had made everyone pale in shock and the complexion of the black-robed divine envoy had similarly changed as well. The Divine Palace disciple on his left hurriedly charged forward, wanting to extinguish the “profound flames” on his body. However, the moment his hands made contact with the flames, he suddenly screamed out, as both of his hands had already turned into thick white bones… Following after, the white bones were completely burnt away from the searing flames, while the devil-like flames slowly burnt along his arms, causing him to fall onto the ground amidst intense pain and fear. Like the first Divine Palace disciple, he desperately rolled and screamed out.

The burning of the Golden Crow flames was especially slow as they leisurely devoured their bodies. This process was accompanied by pain that was even crueler than the purgatory in their imaginations. The screams of the two Divine Palace disciples were shrilling like the cries of vile ghosts in hell. Their bodies madly rolled about and spasmed, their eyeballs looked as if they were about to protrude out of their eye sockets from pain and the blue veins on their foreheads were clearly fleshed out like earthworms!

“Kill me… Kill me… I beg you all… Kill me… AAAAHHH!!!”

The voices of despair that they desperately mustered out… were actually their wishes for death.


Following after the change in Yun Che’s expression, the most violent flames in the world suddenly exploded and in an instant, the bodies of the two Divine Palace disciples, like shattered rags, broke into pieces, scattering countless fiery fragments. Before these fragments could even land on the ground, they had already been burnt into nothingness… Forget about tattered corpses, not a single wisp of smoke was left behind. The fiery sparks that splashed onto the ground instantly burnt up thousands of holes like bubbles.

Everyone was completely speechless. Every single one of them stared with widened eyes, their complexions were as pale as paper. The sudden inflation of astonishment and fear made their eyes look as if they were about to explode.

Su Haoran’s face had already been drained of all colours, as he retreated in panic and tremblingly said. “Demonic… Demonic art… It’s a demonic art!!”

The face of the black-robed divine envoy had already distorted completely, no longer carrying the slightest hint of calmness and loftiness. The paleness of his face highlighted the fast surging fear in his inner heart. He stepped backwards and suddenly roared out. “Everyone move… Kill him!!”

When his order fell, the crowd of frightened Divine Palace disciples trembled, as they charged towards Yun Che on conditioned reflex.

Yun Che’s face was ice-cold and he did not even bat his surroundings an eye. The flaming light in his hand turned into blue light and it suddenly flashed.

In an instant, several dozen Trees of Frozen End rose, encasing all the charging Divine Palace disciples within. Countless ice branches that were bone-piercingly cold stretched out, ruthlessly piercing and stabbing through their bodies… However, under the cold air, before their blood could even flow out, they had already been frozen. Even the draining of their lives, had turned especially slow under this cold air.

In the short span of a single instant, all the Divine Palace disciples had already been buried within the Trees of Frozen End. Every single one of their bodies was penetrated by several dozens of ice branches, like grasshoppers pierced through by poison. However, they did not have any flow of blood, they did not struggle and they could not even die immediately, only their mouths were letting out fearful and shrilling miserable cries.

When overlapping these screams of despair together, it was like a funeral for the dead that originated from the lowest depths of hell!

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