Chapter 878 - Mythical Abode Mountain Range

Against the Gods

Chapter 878 - Mythical Abode Mountain Range

Based on anyone’s knowledge, the result of self-severing of one’s own life vein was inevitable death. In this plane of existence, only Yun Che’s Rage God powers were able to allow someone who had self-severed the life vein to come back to life.

Su Hengshan’s aura still remained exceptionally weak but luckily, it had stabilized. Furthermore, his desire for death had already disappeared. If there were no accidents, his life was no longer in danger.

Yun Che removed his hands from Su Hengshan’s body before feeding him three of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Snow-colored Pellets. Only after that did he let out a long sigh of relief. However, repairing the life vein was not something that could be done quickly. Even with Yun Che’s power of the Rage God, it still required several months of time.

He shifted Su Hengshan into the Primordial Profound Ark, stood up and muttered, “Ling’er, wait for me!”

The Mythical Abode Mountain Range lay far south. Yun Che knew the approximate position and distance, however, he did not immediately enter the Primordial Profound Ark to undergo spatial transfer nor did he head towards the south. Instead, he flew the opposite way, towards the north.d

Su Haoran, Su Hengyue, and Su Wangji who had all just escaped from death rushed towards the north like a bunch of homeless animals after they left the Grandwake Clan. As they were escaping, they did not even dare to stop for a short rest as they were afraid Yun Che would suddenly change his mind and chase them… He even dared to kill members of Seven Stars Divine Palace without hesitation, to kill them would be no different from trampling three ants to death.

Escaping with all their lives, they could not tell how far they had already run. Only when they were completely out of strength did they collapse on the ground and breathe heavily. Their faces were pale white and their souls unsettled.

“Should be… should be safe already,” Grand Elder Su Wangji muttered. When he looked behind them, Grandwake Mountain was already more than fifty kilometers away.

“Young Master, what should we… do now?” Su Hengyue asked while breathing heavily.

“Huff… huff…” Escaping just now, Su Haoran nearly burst his lungs. He lay on the ground, relaxing for a long time before he gritted his teeth and complained half in shock and half begrudgingly while his entire body trembled, “Let’s go to Seven Stars Divine Palace… Yun Che killed their people, Seven Stars Divine Palace won’t let him off so easily!”

“Yes, Young Clan Master is right,” Su Wangji voiced his agreement. After all, Su Haoran was someone who obtained the “agreement” of the people from Seven Stars Divine Palace. Even though things had developed in such a way, they still had to treat Su Haoran as their core. “That Yun Che must have eaten a bear’s gall to be so daring and actually kill someone from the Seven Stars Divine Palace. An existence like Seven Stars Divine Palace, if they found out, even if Yun Che could dive underground, his only outcome would be death. Then…”

“Hehe, very good idea. I pray that you all succeed.”

A voice with an ice cold tone of ridicule sounded from above, causing the three of them to be extremely shocked. Su Haoran sat onto the ground, his entire body trembled and he nearly peed his pants in fear, “Yun… Yun Che!”

Yun Che slowly descended from the sky and stood in front of the three of them. They all trembled vigorously, they stared wide eyed as though they had seen a death god descending.

“It’s… It’s them who said it… I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything… Even if I were ten thousand times braver, I also… also wouldn’t dare to disrespect you.” Su Hengyue’s teeth chattered as he shook his head repeatedly.

“Su Hengyue, you… you…”

“...Oooo… Ahhhh… Sss…” Su Haoran’s entire face trembled as though the flesh on his face was rotten, he had wanted to open his mouth to beg for forgiveness but due to the intense shock he was in, he could not utter a single word.

“Heh,” Yun Che coldly laughed. “ You all don’t have to be so afraid, I didn’t say I’m going to kill you all. Since I’ve already let you all leave in front of Clan Master Su, I’ve no desire take your lives anymore.”

Hearing Yun Che’s words, the three of them who were frightened to death were all stunned before becoming overjoyed. Su Hengyue could not believe what he had said, “Really… really? Is what you said for real?”

“Of course.” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, “Of the three of you, one can be considered Clan Master Su’s elder, one is an elder brother of the Clan Master Su with the last being the Clan Master Su’s own son. If I were to kill you privately after already promising to follow his wishes, I would not be able to answer to him. You all have to be grateful to Clan Master Su for being able to keep your lives.”

Su Haoran and the three of them finally believed that they were not dreaming, Su Hengyue panickedly replied, “Yes… yes, we have done our Clan Master wrong. In our next life… in our next life, we’ll definitely do everything and anything and show our utmost gratitude until death.”

Su Hengyue and Su Wangji pulled up Su Haoran whose strength had left his body and said fearfully, “Go… let’s go.”

They had just walked a few steps when Yun Che’s eerie voice sounded yet again from behind them, “Hold it.”

The three of their bodies trembled, they turned around cautiously and Su Wangji asked in a trembling voice, “Young… young hero Yun, what other instructions do you have? Didn’t you personally just say that… you would definitely not harm our lives?”

“Of course, I said that I was not going after your lives.” Yun Che’s gaze instantly turned ice cold, “But I did not say I was going to let you off!!”

Frightening killing intent was emitted from Yun Che’s body caused the three of them to freeze in their tracks. Su Haoran who was already weak to begin with, collapsed yet again, crying with all his might, “Let me off… I’m Su Hengshan’s son, Ling’er’s blood related brother… Let me off… I… I definitely won’t go to Seven Stars Divine Palace… I won’t tell anyone the fact that you killed people from Seven Stars Divine Palace… I won’t say a single word… Let me off please… I’m willing to do anything…”

“You still have the face to claim you’re Ling’er’s brother!”

Su Haoran’s words undoubtedly angered Yun Che even more. The Grandwake Clan was now finished. Su Hengshan had undergone intense torture for the past few days and only barely escaped death just now. Su Ling’er’s fate was still uncertain too… and the culprit of all of this had been Su Haoran who was devoid of any humanity!

As Yun Che stretched out his hand and grabbed, he had already sucked Su Haoran ferociously in front of him and a splatter of blood burst out from his abdomen area. Instantly, his profound veins were all severed and his profound aura that he had been cultivating for several dozens of years quickly dispersed like a balloon that had been burst… In his currently lifetime, he would be a complete and utter cripple from now on.

Su Haoran let out cries of despair as he hugged his abdomen and rolled on the floor in pain. However, how would simply crippling his cultivation be sufficient to calm Yun Che’s rage? Yun Che stepped forward and stepped onto Su Haoran’s right arm.

“Crack.” With a crunching noise, Su Haoran’s right arm had been stomped and broken into two pieces. Blood splurted out of the wounded area like a fountain.

Su Haoran’s miserable cries instantly became several times more pathetic. Seeing Su Haoran’s body curl up like a prawn while rolling around in pain, Yun Che’s face did not show any signs of sympathy or empathy. He stretched out his fingers and two icicles shot out and mercilessly into Su Haoran’s eyes.


Both of Su Haoran’s eyeballs had been destroyed and Su Haoran, who had been sent into eternal darkness, let out miserable ghastly cries. Yun Che gave a cold glance at Su Haoran’s miserable state and muttered like a devil, “Su Haoran, you’re not fit to be a human. Even being an incomplete human and an incomplete ghost is too light a punishment for you!!”


Yun Che kicked a rock that was on the ground and the rock shot like a meteor towards Su Haoran. It entered from his left face and exited from the right, producing two bloody holes on his face while at the same time, neatly severed his tongue.


Su Haoran’s cries instantly became even more miserable and despairing than the wailling of a ghost… His profound veins completely crippled, his right arm severed, his eyesight lost, his face disfigured, and his tongue also cut off. Willing to sacrifices the lives of his loved ones and his clansman, willing to send the entire Grandwake Clan to their graves. Su Haoran, who dreamt of hugging Seven Stars Divine Palace’s feet had now not only become a cripple, he would no longer be able to see or speak and could no longer hold any dreams about his future. All that was left for him was endless nightmares.

The color of the faces of Su Hengyue and Su Wangji who were behind were completely drained. When Yun Che’s gaze shifted towards them, they let out similarly miserable cries, half rolling half crawling and tried to escape.

Yun Che stretched out his hands slowly towards the direction they escaped in.


With a soft noise, the profound veins of Su Hengyue and Su Wangji were destroyed simultaneously. They fell to the ground and their entire bodies twitched. They had faces of horror and despair.

Yun Che turned around, unwilling to take another look. He floated into the skies and said extremely coldly, “The three of you better pray that Ling’er is fine. If… Ling’er were to meet with any mishap, I… would… ensure… you… all… live… the… remainder… of… your… lives… as… though… you… were… in… hell!”

The last of Yun Che’s words were uttered with extremely dense malice; it was as though they were the most vicious curses of a devil.

Yun Che swiftly flew towards the south and after flying for several kilometers, he swiftly called out the Primordial Profound Ark. While thinking about the location of the Abode Mythical Mountain Range in his heart, he swiftly proceeded toward the Abode Mythical Mountain Region from his memories.

Hundreds of kilometers passed by instantly. When Yun Che left the Primordial Profound Ark, the view before him was not an endless and massive mountain range.

The Mythical Abode Mountain Range was situated between the borders of the Azure Cloud Continent’s Supwake Country and Southern Sky Country. The north was Supwake while the south was Southern Sky. Although it was not the Azure Cloud Continent’s largest mountain region, it possessed Azure Cloud Continent’s highest peak.

Standing at the borders of Mythical Abode Mountain Range, at once glance, one could see that beneath the surrounding hills, a massive mountain shot straight into the sky, surpassing the cloud layer and dominated the area.

However, people from the Azure Cloud Continent knew that although it looked like it was a single mountain from far, it was actually two separate mountains. They lay at the core of the Mythical Abode Mountain Range. They were close in proximity and had similar heights. What was the weirdest was the fact that at the opposite ends of the mountains, the slopes were exceptionally steep and the ends between the mountains were practically like a vertical line upwards, from top to bottom, as though it had been cut!

If viewed from the east or west side, it looked as though a mountain had been cut neatly into half by a sword from the heaven, forming two weirdly shaped mountains.

The cliff formed by these two weirdly shaped mountains had been named by the people of the Azure Cloud Continent as 【Cloud’s End Cliff】. It was the most forbidden location within the Azure Cloud Continent and the place where Yun Che ended his Azure Cloud Continent life.

It was also the place Jasmine forced him to swear to never to approach and explore.

Upon coming here, Yun Che did not have time to recall anything. He took out the soul crystal that Su Hengshan had given him. He maximized his speed and shot straight into the Mythical Abode Mountain Range like a flash of lightning while screaming in his heart, “Ling’er, please be safe!”

The Mythical Abode Mountain Range possessed numerous profound beasts and vast resources. Often, there were profound practitioners from the Country of Supwake who came here to train or search for treasures. However, immediately after Yun Che entered the region, he realized that the atmosphere was rather odd. It was overly quiet. As Yun Che proceeded swiftly, he also maximized his spiritual sense to detect any possible aura as well as constantly looking at the soul crystal in his hand… This was a soul crystal that belonged to Ling’er and if she was near, the crystal would become even brighter.

Then, Yun Che’s spiritual sense suddenly detected a group of profound practitioners. Their auras were in close proximity and it seemed like they belonged to the same clan. The strongest was only in the Sky Profound Realm with the weakest in the Spirit Profound Realm. There were a total of seventy to eighty people. Yun Che did not slow but instead swiftly approached them before stopping at a mountain path nearby.

This mountain path was one of the main paths of Mythical Abode Mountain Range. At this time, there was a group of people wearing the same clan’s profound robe standing there. Their expressions were nervous and cautious and they constantly looked around at their surroundings.

Judging from the formation they put up, it seemed as though they were sealing the path.

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