Chapter 886 - Heretic God’s Seed—Darkness (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 886 - Heretic God’s Seed—Darkness (2)

Yun Che dazedly raised his arm and silently observed that layer of pure black light. His will shifted slightly and in an instant, all of the black light that was flowing over his body disappeared without a trace. He concentrated his will slightly and a tiny profound energy vortex started to quietly circulate in the palm of his hand.

With a twitch of his lips, Yun Che’s will changed yet again.

Instantly, the colorless profound energy vortex turned into a pitch-black vortex of energy which violently rotated on his palm.

Darkness profound energy…

Which also meant that it was devil energy!

This was the dark devil energy that both Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian possessed!

As the darkness profound energy revolved, Yun Che immediately felt an irascible violence swell up in his heart and soul. Even though it was not intense and it should not be hard for him to control it,it left a clear and indelible mark on his emotional state.

Jasmine had said before that darkness profound energy was a form of negative profound energy. It would agitate its user’s negative emotions and state of mind and it could even warp one’s personality… Moreover, all of these side-effects had been clearly seen from Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian.

However, right now, this kind of power had actually appeared within his body...

The icy-cold sinister feeling that had emanated from his surroundings had disappeared completely as well. This originally incomparably dreadful dark abyss now gave him an incredibly cozy feeling. It was as if his entire body was happily relaxing in a hot spring.

He raised his head and his vision directly pierced through the layers of darkness. Right now his vision could perceive the tiniest grain of sand with perfect clarity. The darkness not only did not seal away his vision, it had actually become another kind of “light” for him.

Yun Che, “...”

He had originally stepped into an abyss of death but in the blink of an eye, he had not only escaped this death but his profound strength had also grown explosively and even the devil origin orb had become a source of power for him. His profound veins and body had also undergone enormous bizarre changes.

All of these changes stemmed from the young girl feeding that black-colored ball of light to him.

The moment the orb of black light had entered his body, it had caused his profound veins to throb. This coupled with the huge change to his profound veins clearly told him that this orb of black light was...

It was clearly one of the Heretic God’s Seeds!

An Heretic God’s Seed of the darkness element!!

But when Jasmine had previously told him about the Heretic God’s Seeds, she had told him that there existed a total of five Heretic God’s Seeds in the universe and their powers were divided into fire, water, lightning, wind, and earth respectively. She had never once mentioned a darkness element Heretic God’s Seed before.

Furthermore, during the Primordial Era, darkness profound energy was a power that belong to the devil gods and it directly went against the divine power that the gods used. It had been a negative profound energy that had opposed the gods. As a primordial True God situated in the highest tiers of power among the gods during the Primordial Era, why did the Heretic God possess darkness profound energy?

What was even more bizarre was the fact that the power contained within this Heretic God’s Darkness Seed far surpassed the power that had been contained within the Heretic God’s Fire, Water and Lightning Seeds.

When Yun Che had obtained those three Heretic God’s Seeds, the change in his profound veins had only been accompanied by a small rise in profound strength. However, when this darkness seed had fused with his profound veins, it caused his profound strength to rise explosively. Coupled with the power that had come from the devil origin orb, it directly caused him to breakthrough the limits of the Tyrant Profound Realm and allowed him to step into the Sovereign Profound Realm in a miraculous fashion!

The amount of energy space it had occupied in the Heretic God’s Profound Veins was far greater than what the other three kinds of power had occupied.

It felt as if… it was darkness profound energy that was the Heretic God’s primary power.

When this thought flashed across Yun Che’s mind, it frightened him greatly. He hurriedly denied this possibility. It definitely was not possible, the Heretic God was a god and he was divine being that resided in the highest echelons of power during the Primordial Era, a divine being who was respected and admired by all the gods...

So how could darkness profound energy be his primary power… Would that not make him a devil god instead?

…But now that he had suddenly attained the ability to control darkness profound energy. Wasn’t the current him just like Fen Juechen and Xuanyuan Wentian… Hadn’t he fallen to the way of the devils...

He had been reborn after escaping calamity and his power had exploded as well, so this was undoubtedly a fantastically joyous surprise. At the same time, the darkness energy that was now produced by his profound veins caused him to be dazed and at a loss for a long period of time. However, this state did not continue forever. Yun Che dispelled the black-colored profound energy in his hand as his eyes started to focus.

Clearly, it was this power that had saved my life and helped me to escape the nightmarish grasp of the devil origin orb, so what do I have to worry about?

Not only do I not need to die but my current strength… Yun Che raised his head to look towards the sky… If I can get out of this place, it should be… completely sufficient to take down Xuanyuan Wentian!

Yun Che had recovered from his stupor and he looked at the girl with rainbow eyes who had been constantly by his side. She had actually had the darkness element Heretic God’s Seed in her possession… and the existence of the Heretic God’s Darkness Seed was something that even Jasmine had not been aware of.

Moreover, she was also the one who had proactively merged the Darkness Seed into his body when he had been approaching death after the devil origin orb inside his body had flared up.

She knew that the Heretic God’s Darkness Seed could save his life...

Or could it be that she was aware of the existence of the Heretic God’s Profound Veins within his body!?

This bizarre girl whom he had a chance encounter with in this dark abyss, just who was she...

“Thank you for saving me.” There were countless questions he wanted to ask in his head but now that he faced the girl who had saved him two times consecutively after they had just met, he could not bring himself to pursue those questions in an overly hasty and unseemly manner.

“...” The girl remained as she had been in every previous instance as she continued to silently stare at him.

“You… Did you perhaps recognize the power inside of my body?” Yun Che asked using the warmest tone and words possible.

“...” The young girl did not respond. She suddenly floated forward and arrived in front of Yun Che, extending a hand that glowed with the white luster of a diamond as she slowly approached Yun Che’s left hand.

He did not feel the sensation of being touched as the girl’s fingers directly passed through his palm. Just as Yun Che was about to ask, he suddenly discovered the back of his hand was glowing with a vermillion light.

The mark of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword.

He had not summoned it but it actually started to flicker all by itself.

Following that, a red light flashed as Hong’er appeared in front of him.

Yun Che, “...”

“Mwah.” Hong’er let out a long yawn before asking in an extremely lovable voice, “Master, why’d you suddenly disturb my sleep again. Are we gonna fight again… Oh… Ah??”

Hong’er discovered the existence of the girl with rainbow eyes and she started to size her up with a look of curiosity on her face. At the same time, Yun Che had been stunned silly… He was very sure that he had definitely —definitely— not been the one to summon Hong’er!

The sudden flickering of the Heaven Smiting Sword’s mark and the sudden appearance of Hong’er. All of this had happened because the girl had touched his left hand.

This sort of thing had never happened before. Even when it was Jasmine, who had not only shared a body and lifeline with him but was also millions of times more powerful than him, even she could not go against his will and forcefully summon out Hong’er.

“Ah…” The girl with rainbow eyes looked at Hong’er while Hong’er also looked at her. Hong’er’s mouth was half open and her ruby eyes were stunned, it was as if she had suddenly frozen in place.

One girl had long and gorgeous vermillion hair, the other had long hair that sparkled with the light of stars. One pair of eyes were vermillion red, the other pair of eyes were a fantastical four colors. The two girls stared intently at one another, not moving an inch. It was as if the other person’s eyes had suddenly stolen away their souls.

“....” Yun Che stared at the both of them in amazement. The strange atmosphere that had abruptly formed between the two of them rendered him utterly silent for the moment.

The girl with rainbow eyes had always been as mysterious as the starry sky and as quiet as a dark night. But he understood Hong’er better than anybody else; as long as you summoned her, there would definitely not even be a moment of peace.

It was even less plausible that she would quietly stare at someone for such a long period of time.

As the two girls looked at each other in dazed silence, they extended their hands at nearly exactly the same time and touched each other. The girl’s hand lightly caressed Hong’er’s face while Hong’er’s hand touched the girl’s face at the same time...

At this time, Yun Che’s eyeballs nearly jumped out of their sockets because he had clearly seen the part where each girl had touched the other’s delicate face being pushed in slightly...

Hong’er could touch her!?

But she was clearly a soul body! He could previously only treat her as an Illusionary existence but Hong’er could actually touch her!

Yun Che immediately thought of Jasmine. Only he could touch Jasmine’s soul body but that was because Jasmine and him had shared a body and a life in order to prevent Jasmine’s soul body from dissipating. Then Hong’er and this girl...

Besides the color of their hair and their eyes, they looked exactly the same, could it be… No, it could not be such a coincidence.

They did really share some mysterious connection?

“Ngh… sniff… sniff…” Hong’er’s lips suddenly started to pout and her shoulder started to heave as she let out a sob. Yun Che stared at her dazedly but he discovered that Hong’er’s vermillion eyes were shining with tears. After that, those tears started to drip down with pattering sound.

Yun Che, “...”


Hong’er suddenly rushed into Yun Che’s body as she hugged him and bawled her eyes out, her tears flowed out like a burst dam as they quickly soaked his outer shirt. Yun Che was greatly shocked as he panickedly asked, “Hong’er… what happened to you?”

“I don’t know… don’t know!!” Hong’er shouted as she bawled her eyes out, “I suddenly became really really sad and I suddenly felt like crying… Uuu.. uuuuuuuu… I’m so sad… My entire body feels so sad… Have I become broken… Uuuuuu… Uuuwaaaaahhhhhh…”

“...” Hong’er was weeping up a storm. Yun Che raised his head to look at the girl with colorful eyes, only to discover that the two long trails of tears slowly flowing down her face were the color of white jade...

The girl stretched out her hand towards Yun Che’s left hand once again. The moment she came into contact with his hand, the vermillion-colored sword mark appeared yet again and the weeping Hong’er transformed into a beam of red light before returning to the Sky Poison Pearl.

She had not only bypassed his will to summon out Hong’er, she could actually send her back as well.

She… did not want to see Hong’er cry?

“You recognize her? You’ve seen Hong’er before?” Yun Che was unable to stop himself from hurriedly asking that question.

Hong’er’s bizarre behavior, the two of them sharing the same appearance and the two of them weeping tears at the same time. All of these undoubtedly proved that there was definitely some sort of relationship between her and Hong’er… and it definitely was no ordinary relationship at that.

Hong’er had come from the Primordial Era. So this girl who clearly recognized Hong’er, could it be that she had existed from the Primordial Era until today?

But Yun Che did not expect this girl to actually slowly shake her head.

Yun Che, “...”

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