Chapter 89 - The Eccentric God Hand

Against the Gods

Chapter 89 - The Eccentric God Hand

“That’s right! The ability to open the profound entrances, by using only one finger! This must be the legendary ‘One Finger Profound Opening’! My heavens! I never would have expected that I would actually be fortunate enough to witness this profound medical technique in this lifetime!” An elderly doctor shouted with a face full of excitement.

“It was rumored that our Blue Wind Empire’s top doctor, Gu Qiuhong, could help profound practitioners perforate their Sunflower Dew, Vacant Seed, and Heart Gate profound entrances postnatally. However, he was definitely unable to use the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’! This person…… He is most likely an unparalleled genius doctor that even exceeds Gu Qiuhong!”

All the doctors present were visibly excited. Their eyes trembled and they nearly lost control of their feelings. Xiao Tiannan frowned and said: “‘One Finger Profound Opening’, what does that mean?”

The Branch Sect Medicine Hall’s Head Elder, Doctor Xiao Baicao came forward and said: “Sect Master, you don’t practice medicine so you might not know. This ‘One Finger Profound Opening’ is actually the medical field’s ultimate technique. It only requires one finger to be able to quickly open a profound practitioner’s profound entrance postnatally! Sect Master naturally knows how difficult and dangerous it is to open a profound entrance postnatally. Unless one is extremely well versed in the human body and has reached the pinnacle of medical knowledge proficiency, it would definitely be impossible to accomplish. Also, in the entire Profound Sky Continent, the number of exceptional medical practitioners who are able to achieve the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’ if added together, do not even exceed five! Even though I have practiced medicine for many years and thinks that I know quite a bit of medical knowledge myself, I do not dare to even dream of obtaining this ultimate technique.”

“Zaihe always wanted to open his Shoulder Star profound entrance, but had always failed. However with just a finger, this genius doctor opened Zaihe’s Shoulder Star profound entrance in such a short amount of time! This divine technique, is exactly the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’!” As Xiao Baicao said that, his eyes couldn’t help but float towards Yun Che as they revealed signs of complete shock and admiration.

“What! There’s actually such a divine technique?” Xiao Tiannan was visibly shaken: “Then…… If this genius doctor is willing, wouldn’t he be able to open all the profound entrances of a profound practitioner, and give birth to the legendary Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins?”

“Hehe, of course that’s impossible.” Xiao Baicao shook his head: “Doctors usually do not train their profound strength, and thus their lifespans are usually not long. If they’re able to open one profound entrance within a hundred years, that’s already enough for one to be proud of their life. Blue Wind Imperial City’s medical saint Gu Qiuhong is now a hundred and sixty years old. In a hundred years he was able to open the Sunflower Dew, Vacant Seed, and Heart Gate profound entrances. His abilities are already one in an millennium and he should be able to achieve the state of ‘One Finger Profound Opening’ in due time. From what I know, in today’s Profound Sky Continent, the top medical practitioner can already thoroughly open six profound entrances. If a profound practitioner had not been born with those six profound entrances opened, and is favored by this genius doctor, it would be possible to directly have those six profound entrances opened postnatally. However this is also the limit this continent can currently achieve. The postnatal opening of all profound entrances that Sect Master mentioned, is fundamentally impossible to achieve. It is also not something an ordinary person is capable of accomplishing.”

Gongsun Xiu couldn’t help it anymore and went forward to respectfully ask: “Genius doctor, you mentioned just now that this was your the first time entering Blue Wind Empire…… Could it be that you’re not a citizen of our Blue Wind Empire?”

The eyes of the masses instantly concentrated on Yun Che…… That’s right. If he was a citizen of Blue Wind Empire who possessed such a divine technique, he would have long been renowned throughout the country. In all of Blue Wind Empire, no one has ever heard of a genius doctor who possessed such a divine technique. It was obvious that this genius doctor was not a person from Blue Wind Empire.

Yun Che slightly smiled and said indifferently: “I come from the Divine Phoenix Empire. I travelled to Blue Wind Empire one month ago and had only arrived at New Moon City this morning.”

Divine Phoenix Empire!?

Everyone’s heart was shocked once more. Divine Phoenix Empire, Profound Sky Continent’s number one empire. Its territory was double that of all the six other countries added up together. Like a lion proudly situated at the center of Profound Sky Continent, its national strength was even more colossally incomparable. Although the six other countries were independent countries, they still bowed before Divine Phoenix Empire under most circumstances.

Divine Phoenix Empire’s territory was enormous, which meant that it was also naturally powerful. In each and every aspect, it surpassed Blue Wind Empire by several levels. If we compare Blue Wind Empire with Divine Phoenix Empire, it would more or less be the same as comparing Floating Cloud City to Blue Wind Empire, and they hardly should be mentioned in the same breath. Also, the citizens of Blue Wind Empire all possessed some form of respect, no matter how much, towards citizens of Divine Phoenix Empire.

“So you’re actually a genius doctor from the Divine Phoenix Empire.” Gongsun Xiu’s attitude became more respectful: “Could I, could I inquire your name please.”

“My surname is Huangfu.” Yun Che casually replied.

“Huangfu……” Gongsun Xiu was first stupefied. He remained silent for a few seconds before suddenly revealing a face of shock, and asked in a quivering voice: “Is it possible…… Is it possible that you are Divine Phoenix Empire’s ‘Eccentric God Hand’ Senior Huangfu He?”

When the three words “Huangfu He” came out, it was once again, another thunderbolt out of the blue. All the doctors present opened their mouths so wide that their chins nearly smashed onto the floor.

Yun Che’s heartbeat immediately started to thump about …… Eh? F*ck! There’s actually such a person? I had specifically chosen this super uncommon surname. Aaaaah!!

Yun Che claimed to be from Divine Phoenix Empire in order to hide his identity. This was mainly because Blue Wind Empire did not have “genius doctors” of his level, and it was also to prevent Xiao Sect from investigating him. Even if they went to Divine Phoenix Empire, they would require at least ten days to half a month to obtain some results. By that time, he would have already left.

However, he did not expect Divine Phoenix Empire to actually have a genius doctor by the surname of Huangfu. Furthermore, he was so well known that even lowly city doctors from Blue Wind Empire had heard of this name.

Yun Che could only place his hands on his long beard and press on: “Oh? Never had I expected that people from Blue Wind Empire would know my name. That’s right. I am Huangfu He. However, the nickname ‘Eccentric God Hand’, hehe, let’s not talk about it.”

As soon as he finished talking, the entire Medicine Hall exploded in excitement, and all the doctors acted as if they had become insane.

Sun Hong immediately threw himself forward and almost did not kneel on the floor. He was so excited his speech was slurred: “So…… So elder is actually ‘Eccentric God Hand’ Senior Huangfu! This junior was as blind as a bat just now, and actually spoke such offensive words. I’m really too ashamed of myself and is too embarrassed to show my face. I hope the great Senior Huangfu can forgive the lowly me’s offense.”

“The decrepit old me actually saw the legendary Eccentric God Hand with my own eyes! And also received personal guidance from Senior Huangfu, I truly have not lived in vain.” Gongsun Xiu said with extreme emotion.

“No wonder you could use the divine technique ‘One Finger Profound Opening’. So it’s actually the world-class Huangfu senior!”

“I’m actually looking at the legendary Eccentric God Hand! Is…… is this a dream! If Senior Huangfu could give me a bit of advice, it would definitely be more effective than spending half my life reading medical books!”

“Rumor has it that not only does Senior Huangfu’s medical expertise reach the heavens, he also acts eclectically, and does as he pleases. Meeting you today, you really live up to your name.”

Yun Che was still holding onto that small and worn out flag. However, when the doctors looked at the flag again, they no longer sneered at it in disdain. Instead, their eyes burned with admiration, and looked up to it, as if it were a sacred object….. It was rumored that Huangfu He had been called Eccentric God Hand because of his eccentric personality. Whether he treats a person or not depends on his mood. Sometimes he was serious, sometimes he was fickle and irritable, but at some other times, he was very erratic. And genius doctor who would hold up a flag to practice medicine on the streets, this could only be the shenanigans of the Eccentric God Hand! Or perhaps it should be said that this completely suited this Eccentric God Hand’s personality. These sixteen overbearing words, every sentence rhymed with superb literary talent. The crooked calligraphy seemed to contain an peerless amount of medical knowledge. Especially the last four words, other than the Eccentric God Hand, who else would have the guts to say such overbearing words!

Xiao Baicao face flushed red as he turned to Xiao Tiannan and excitedly said: “Congratulations to Sect Master! My utmost congratulations to Sect Master! It is really the heavens showing favor to our Xiao Sect. This time, Young Sect Master can now be saved. This senior is actually the world renowned ‘Eccentric God Hand’ Huangfu He. If he’s willing to lend a hand, Young Sect Master would definitely be safe and sound!”

“This ‘Eccentric God Hand’ is really such a powerful genius doctor?” This was the first time Xiao Tiannan had heard of the nickname ‘Eccentric God Hand’. But when seeing Xiao Baicao and his sect’s doctors’ reactions, he knew that this person was definitely an outstanding person in the medical world, and he might not even be below the top genius doctor in the Blue Wind Empire, Gu Qiuhong.

“Senior Huangfu is more than a genius doctor, he’s practically a saint in the medical world!” Xiao Baicao said in excitement. The name ‘Eccentric God Hand’ only existed in legends. He never would have dared to think that he’ll one day see the real deal, and didn’t expect that they actually would also be in the same room together. Xiao Baicao’s excitement was overwhelming: “Rumor says that Senior Huangfu looks to only be forty five, and his hair and beard did not even have a trace of whiteness. Not only that, he doesn’t even cultivate his profound strength. However, Sect Master must know that…… Despite his looks, he is already more than five hundred years old!”

“What? Doesn’t cultivate his profound strength…… yet is able to live up to five hundred years old, and look that young?” Xiao Tiannan was visibly shocked. He probed the Eccentric God Hand’s profound strength and found out that it was barely in the Nascent Profound Realm.

“That’s right. This is enough proof of how astonishing high his medical expertise is. It could even be said to be at a groundbreaking level! Rumor also has it that if he’s willing to save a person, no matter whether the person is fully paralyzed or if the internal organs are all shattered, as long as one still possessed a single breath, he’s able to save that person. Furthermore, he has never failed before. Despite the serious injuries on Young Sect Master, in his eyes, they’re all probably minor injuries. Just now, he even said that if he wanted to save Young Sect Master, he didn’t even need to use the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal!”

“Even though Young Sect Master is suffering from a great disaster, this genius doctor immediately fell from the heavens to save him; this means that Young Sect Master is not fated to be a cripple! Also, this genius doctor can open at least five or even six profound entrances! If we’re able to get on his good side, after treating Young Sect Master, he might show his God Hands and open at least five profound entrances for Young Sect Master. At that time, even in the talent filled Main Sect, it would be still be able to enter the upper echelons. Even if we started from the very beginning, our future achievement would exceed what we have achieved in the past…… In that case, not only would Young Sect Master be able to avoid a ruined future, but he shall also profit from this misfortune!”

The more Xiao Baicao spoke, the more excited he became. Xiao Tiannan also became more and more excited as he heard those words. Both his hands started to tremble, but he managed to maintain a clear mind as he asked in a low voice: “This Eccentric God Hand has only been heard of in legends but no one has seen him before. What if he’s a fake?”

“Absolutely impossible!” Xiao Baicao shook his head, and spoke with firm conviction: “If he claimed to be Huangfu He when he had just entered, I too, would definitely not believe him. But in this world, the number of people that can use the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’, does not surpass five! And one of them is the Eccentric God Hand. If one has reached such a state, why would there be a need to do something trivial, like impersonating another! Besides, look at the flag he’s holding up; it’s strange beyond words. This too, is just like his eccentric personality.”

As he thought about Xiao Tiannan’s personality, Xiao Baicao continued: “However, I know that Sect Master is always cautious; especially since this concerns Young Sect Master’s safety. How about this. Let me immediately send people to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to purchase information from the Divine Phoenix Empire. Obtaining information from Diving Phoenix Empire would be extremely expensive, but it’s as if we’re buying an assurance, which is even more valuable. If the information we receive…... says that Huangfu He isn’t in Divine Phoenix Empire, it would mean this person is without a doubt, Huangfu He. But if he’s still in the Divine Phoenix Empire, then it is extremely possible that this person is a swindler…… Of course, such a possibility would not exist. But in all likelihood, even if this man isn’t Huangfu He, to have such a divine medical skill, he would definitely not be below Huangfu He.

“Good! Go now!” Xiao Tiannan hastily said. Actually, after hearing Xiao Baicao’s words, he too, did not doubt this “Eccentric God Hand's” identity. However, since no one had seen this Eccentric God Hand before, even if he revealed the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’ technique, there was still a bit of doubt at the bottom of Xiao Tiannan’s heart.

“I shall dispatch people to the Black Moon Merchant Guild at once…… That’s right, Sect Master, treat this Huangfu senior with utmost respect and be as polite as possible. It is said that regardless of wealth or power, he only treats a person based on his mood. As long as he’s in a good mood, he would treat a person without asking for a penny. If he’s in a bad mood, even if one tried to tempt him with gold, kneel down to beg, or threaten him with a knife to the throat, it would not move his hand. No matter how much money one offered, even if they knelt down, begged, or threatened him with a knife at his throat, he would still not treat the person. Young Master’s future, completely lies in this person’s hands.”

Before Xiao Baicao left, he left firm instructions.

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