Chapter 891 - The Other Sky Poison Pearl (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 891 - The Other Sky Poison Pearl (2)

“Ah,” Su Ling’er, who was bathing in the wind, exclaimed out when Yun Che suddenly stopped and she hurriedly asked, “Big Brother Yun Che, what’s wrong?”

“Master…” Yun Che muttered out absentmindedly. Then, he forcefully turned his body. He was about to wildly charge over regardless of the costs. However, the moment he gathered his profound energy, his reason took over and suppressed the impulse.

The “Yun Gu” which Duan Heisha shouted out earlier, was his master’s name!

The name of the “Medical Saint” whom everyone in the Azure Cloud Continent knew and respected!

He never expected that just as he was thinking about his master, hesitating over whether he should look for him, look at him from afar or even head over and have a simple conversation with him… he would be caught by surprise and suddenly hear the name of his master.

Nor would he ever expect that Heaven Thwarting Sect, Seven Stars Divine Palace, and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect would move together. The three great hegemons personally coming to this scene could be said to be an enormous parade in the Azure Cloud Continent that one might not be possible to witness even in a hundred years. And it was actually for his master and...

The Sky Poison Pearl...

Sky Poison Pearl!!??

“Master? Are you talking about Master?” Su Ling’er was also tightly grabbing onto Yun Che’s arms in excitement. “Is it true? Where is he? Where is Master?”

Yun Che carried incomparable respect towards Yun Gu and though he had always addressed him as “Master”, during that lifetime when he was in the Azure Cloud Continent, that person was his only father!

And why wouldn’t Su Ling’er carry deep respect and feelings towards Yun Gu as well?

Yun Che’s eyes flickered. He did not immediately reply, as a doubt floated in his heart… What was going on with the “Sky Poison Pearl” Duan Heisha spoke of? These words of his clearly expressed that the three great sects were here in order to snatch the Sky Poison Pearl off the hands of his master, Yun Gu.

However, the Sky Poison Pearl was clearly in his possession and it had even merged with his body, accompanying him back to the Profound Sky Continent. So how could another one possibly appear?

Furthermore, Jasmine once mentioned that the reincarnation brought about by the Mirror of Samsara was accompanied by the amendment to karmic effect but it was definitely impossible to bend the laws of causality. Though time had shifted in the Azure Cloud Continent, another him would no longer appear and another Sky Poison Pearl would not appear either.

Not to mention, the Sky Poison Pearl was not just an ordinary object but a Heavenly Profound Treasure similar to the Mirror of Samsara!

How could something like this possibly be “duplicated!?”

There was another thing he couldn’t figure out… Though his master was forced to death because of the Sky Poison Pearl, the sects and clans that forced him to death were just a few first-rate sects and clans of the Azure Cloud Continent. At the very most, they had only ruled over certain countries or certain territories in the Azure Cloud Continent; none of them was a sect at the sacred ground-level like Heaven Thwarting Sect.

Later on, with intent for vengeance, he madly released the poison power of the Sky Poison Pearl, allowing the common people to witness the terror of the Sky Poison Pearl. This thus attracted the greed of sects like Heaven Thwarting Sect… and the pursuit of the entire continent.

Yun Che had thought that because he did not possess the Sky Poison Pearl in this lifetime, with his kindness and medicinal techniques, his master Yun Gu would definitely be able to live his life peacefully amidst the respect garnered by the people. He never expected that his master Yun Gu would still end up suffering such a plight...

However, based on the present time, it had been brought forward compared to his past lifetime and it was even more terrifying than his past lifetime… Coercion by three sects at the sacred ground level!

Just what in the world was going on?

However, no matter what and no matter who it was… How could he possibly allow his master to suffer the same disastrous fate again!?

“Ling’er, the person those people were surrounding earlier, was Master,” Yun Che had already calmed down and he said with a low voice. “Back then, I did not have the abilities to save master. This time, even if it’s the Heavenly King himself, he shouldn’t even think about touching a strand of Master’s hair again!!”

“Ah…” Su Ling’er’s eyes turned towards the back and her expression instantly tensed up. She was anxious about Yun Gu but she was even more anxious about Yun Che.

“Ling’er, let’s head over quietly… Don’t worry, we won’t be discovered by them.”

Yun Che tightly hugged Su Ling’er again and with Hidden Flowing Lightning activated, he perfectly concealed both their auras before quietly approaching them… He wanted to figure out what exactly was going on. He wanted to know if the “Sky Poison Pearl” he heard earlier could actually be the Sky Poison Pearl.

After approaching within a distance of three kilometers, with his gaze passing through layers of trees and the human crowd, Yun Che saw the old man who was being surrounded by the three great sects with a single glance. Yun Che’s heart fiercely trembled and his eyes, which had several times lost control after reuniting with Su Ling’er, once again swelled up.

He had a long white beard, long white brows, and long white hair, yet his face was not the least bit covered with wrinkles and his eyes were as clear as water. His entire figure looked as if he was a celestial walking out from the clouds as his body exuded an extraordinary and dustless brilliance.   

Even though the three great hegemon sects were surrounding him, even though he was directly facing the might of the three great sect masters who had reached the apex, he still carried a calm look. Only his eyes carried a deep tiredness, as though he was sighing at human greed and its filth.

“Master…” Yun Che agitatedly muttered and it seemed as if his profound energy was about to leak out due to his loss of control. “I finally… I finally get to see you again…”

“Yun Gu, you’re not trying to say that the Sky Poison Pearl isn’t in your hands, right?” Heaven Thwarting Sect’ Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo took several steps forward with leisurely eyes, giving a faint smile. “Seven months ago, the number one sect of Southern Sky Country, Fleeting Villa, suffered the disaster brought upon by the Sky Poison Pearl as they tried to hide the Sky Poison Pearl for themselves. A total of two hundred and seventy thousand people in the villa melted into venomous liquid and the entire villa turned into a ruin of death. It was unspeakably miserable and even the people that entered the villa after that, all lost their lives.”   

“After the poison scattered, there were actually no traces of the Sky Poison Pearl in Fleeting Villa and there has been no news of the Sky Poison Pearl since that day. However, just recently, we confirmed a single matter… Before the poison in Fleeting Villa scattered, there was a single person who came out alive after walking in and that person was you, Yun Gu! Are you going to deny this matter?”

“Haah,” Yun Gu let out a long sigh.

“Sect Master, why the need to waste time speaking with this old man? Let’s just take him down.” An elder of Heaven Thwarting Sect was about to step forward.

“Ah, don’t be impolite.” Zuo Hanshuo however lightly raised his hand. “Yun Gu is the Medical Saint of this world. Having saved countless lives and being revered by the people of the world, how could he possibly be an idiot who does not know where he stands and does not care about the peace and stability of the entire continent?”

Naturally, these words were not out of respect towards Yun Gu. If there was only a single sect present here, they would have long made use of all possible methods to take it away. However, with the three great sects gathered together, though they looked harmonious on the surface, whoever was to make the first move would definitely suffer from a combined assault.

“Sky Poison Pearl is indeed in the hands of this old one,” Yun Gu slowly said. His voice was rich, without the slightest sense of having aged.

Yun Che: “...” (Yun Gu actually directly admitted to it.)

“Hahahaha.” Seven Stars Divine Palace Chief Duan Heisha laughed out loud. “As expected of the Medical Saint, you’re truly a smart individual who knows your place. In that case, are you going to obediently hand it over or do you want us to personally take it away from you?”

“Why do you people wish to obtain the Sky Poison Pearl?” Yun Gu raised his head to look at the sky and asked a question that he already knew the answer to.

“Hmph, is there even a need to ask?” Mu Yingchan, the Sect Master of Soaring Celestial Sword Sect, slowly stepped forward and righteously said. “Ever since the Sky Poison Pearl appeared in this world four years ago, countless people of our Azure Cloud Continent have died under its intense poison. In the beginning its poison merely killed several dozen people. However, with every subsequent appearance, it would bring upon an even more terrifying poisonous disaster. From a few dozen people, to killing several hundred people at a time and then to a thousand people… several thousand… several tens of thousands…”

“And, the last time it appeared, it had poisoned and killed a total of two hundred and seventy thousand people in Fleeting Villa. All of their corpses no longer exist and the entire villa has turned into a wasteland. Furthermore, the intense poison had only scattered after an entire month. An item of such disastrous level will definitely bring a gargantuan crisis to the Azure Cloud Continent if given even more time. The reason our Soaring Celestial Sword Sect had bitterly search for the Sky Poison Pearl the entire time, was in order to seal it forever and to prevent it from harming the world ever again.”

“And looking at the entire the Azure Cloud Continent, the only ones with the abilities capable of sealing the Sky Poison Pearl, are our Soaring Celestial Sword Sect.”

Yun Gu: “...”

“Hohohoho, Sect Master Mu, are you not afraid that your tongue will get bitten by the large winds?” Duan Heisha said in a ridiculing tone. “If it’s the way of the sword, our Seven Stars Divine Palace is indeed unable to compare but when it comes to the ways of medicine and poison, I’m afraid your esteemed sect is not even at the level of our toes. If the Sky Poison Pearl is truly handed to your esteemed sect, heh… Sect Master Mu, are you not afraid that your Soaring Celestial Sword Sect would step on the trail of Fleeting Villa due to its lack of abilities?”

Mu Yingchan was not angry either, as he said smilingly. “Now this isn’t something Palace Chief Duan has to worry about. If our Soaring Celestial Sword Sect is really unable to contain the Sky Poison Pearl, the ten thousand years we have stood on the Azure Cloud Continent for, would have been for nothing. Though when it comes to Palace Chief Duan, an elder and a bunch of disciples from your esteemed palace seem to have just been killed by someone, yet even now, you still do not have any leads. With a foreign danger not yet dispelled, you still forcefully ran over here to intervene in the matters of the Sky Poison Pearl. This sect master was merely worried that your esteemed palace would be overwhelmed and accidentally step onto the trail of Fleeting Villa. Now that would really be ugly to see.”

Duan Heisha coldly laughed. “Compared to the peace and stability of the Azure Cloud Continent, what’s there to care about a mere foreign danger?”

Their words fell into Yun Che’s ears without a single word missing, causing him to feel even more surprised.

The “Sky Poison Pearl” they spoke of appeared four years ago and it was able to release an incomparably terrifying poison.

The Sky Poison Pearl that merged with him possessed complete purifying and refining powers. However, even after so many years had passed, the poison powers that it once had were never restored… Not even the least bit of it was restored.

Back then, his master Yun Gu was forced to death. The reason why they wanted to snatch away the Sky Poison Pearl, was all for the purifying and refining powers displayed by the Sky Poison Pearl when Yun Gu was giving treatment to people.

Yun Gu used the Sky Poison Pearl to save people, yet the ones who were saved exposed the powers of the Sky Poison Pearl. Through the entire the Azure Cloud Continent, they spread the fact that the Sky Poison Pearl could understand the countless poisons under the heavens and that it could refine countless objects under the heavens. With the Sky Poison Pearl, they no longer needed to be afraid of any form of poison and there would no longer be medicine that they could not refine.

In the end, under the greed of countless sects and clans, Yun Gu killed himself. The reason he killed himself, was in order to protect Yun Che. However, Yun Che had instead...

As for the poison powers of the Sky Poison Pearl, the people of the world only found out about the most terrifying part of the Sky Poison Pearl, its annihilative poison powers, only after the vengeful Yun Che had released them to kill those who had forced Yun Gu to die without regard for any consequences.

And now, the reason why these three hegemons wanted to snatch away the “Sky Poison Pearl,” was clearly because of its poison powers. In their words, they had never brought up that it carried purifying and refining powers.

The “Sky Poison Pearl” they were trying to snatch right now, just what in the world was it?

Yun Gu swept his eyes at his surroundings and lightly sighed. “If you people are truly here to seal the powers of the Sky Poison Pearl and prevent it from bringing a crisis of poison to the Azure Cloud Continent, then all of you can leave now.”

“What do you mean by that?” Heaven Thwarting Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo leisurely asked.

“The poison of the Sky Poison Pearl is not your regular poison. Presently, its poison powers have only just awakened by a small amount, yet it is already displaying such a level of terror. Controlling and sealing its poison powers is definitely not as easy as using a profound energy formation. This old one has dwelled deep into the ways of the medicine and poison for so many years and furthermore, when it comes to the way of poison, I have a slightly unique disposition for it, which allowed me to barely control the Sky Poison Pearl. If it is handed to you people, the moment its poison powers lose control and go berserk, yet another calamitous crisis that can never be restored will happen once again.”

“Heh heh heh, hahahahaha…” Heaven Thwarting Sect Master Zuo Hanshuo laughed out arrogantly and Duan Heisha and Mu Yingchan were similarly laughing out loud. With a ridiculing tone, Zuo Hanshuo said, “And here I was wondering just what kind of individual this Medical Saint is. I had thought he was a saint who truly cared about the safety of countless lives but in the end, he’s nothing more than a vulgarian who covets the Sky Poison Pearl.”

“Such laughable words. You’re the only one capable of controlling the Sky Poison Pearl and we can’t? In other words, our three sects, which have prospered for ten thousand years in the Azure Cloud Continent, cannot hold a candle to an old man who practices medicine? Hahahahaha, this is simply the most idiotic joke this palace chief has heard in his entire life.” Duan Heisha laughed arrogantly.

“Old fogey Yun.” Mu Yingchan dropped his pretense. His address towards Yun Gu had already turned incomparably belittling as he reached his hand out towards Yun Gu. “Hand over the Sky Poison Pearl obediently. This is all for the countless lives under the heavens.”

“What you people want, is but the poison powers of the Sky Poison Pearl.” Grief was clearly carried within Yun Gu’s eyes and his voice was still as light as the wind. “The real disaster and mistake, will be handing it over to you all.”

“Heh.” Mu Yingchan’s eyes darkened, as an ice-cold and pale hand stretched out, grabbing onto Yun Gu’s left shoulder. “You sure are unexpectedly stubborn. In order to monopolize the Sky Poison Pearl, you would even throw away your life. I really wonder, if you were to lose an arm, would your answers remain the same?”

The moment Mu Yingchan’s voice fell, an ice-cold, bone-piercing voice rang behind him.

“Take your dirty hand off him!”

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