Chapter 899 - Dark Clouds in Profound Sky

Against the Gods

Chapter 899 - Dark Clouds in Profound Sky

Following after Yun Che’s arrival, the Yun household was several times more lively than before and the atmosphere of the entire Demon Imperial City had undergone a large change as well.

Due to Yun Qinghong’s trust towards Yun Che, he sent a sound transmission to the various great families and duke palaces, instructing them to temporarily stop their preparations for war. However, the shadow which Xuanyuan Wentian brought to Demon Imperial City was too heavy and the tense and grayish atmosphere enveloping Demon Imperial City did not weaken because of this.

Without even needing to think, on the other side, the Profound Sky Continent was definitely enveloped within Xuanyuan Wentian’s shadow as well. Xia Yuanba who was seen by Xuanyuan Wentian as a potential threat that had to be eliminated, the Blue Wind Empire which Cang Yue was concerned about, and the Divine Phoenix Sect which Xue’er was concerned about, all of their situations were unknown.

On the third day he returned, Su Hengshan finally woke up and Su Ling’er began to wholeheartedly accompany Yun Gu in the studies of the way of medicine. On the fourth day, Yun Che had decided to head to the Profound Sky Continent alone.

If he were to delay eliminating Xuanyuan Wentian, who could predict what kind of terrifying thing he would do next.

“Yun Che, are you truly confident of defeating Xuanyuan Wentian now?” the Little Demon Empress worriedly asked.

In the past few days, Yun Che had given everyone a brief description of his experiences in the Azure Cloud Continent. Although Yun Che's profound strength had risen explosively, the combined strength of him, the Little Demon Empress, and Feng Xue'er could not even defeat Xuanyuan the last time they faced him. Presently, merely a short single month had passed. Could the present Yun Che truly step directly across the previous immense difference in strength?

“Though I am not hundred percent confident and am unable to predict just how much improvement Xuanyuan Wentian has made in this one month, at the very least, I can probe him. Even if I end up defeated, I can still safely escape.”

Though Yun Che put it this way, his eyes were clearly exuding prideful confidence.

“Big Brother Yun, let me accompany you. I have been worried about how royal father and the rest are doing,” Feng Xue’er gently said.

“Don’t worry,” Yun Che consoled. “Last time, Xuanyuan Wentian was injured heavily, so he wouldn’t be able to heal completely without half a month or so. Furthermore, after the previous time, he will definitely become more impatient in unleashing the power within his devil blood, so he wouldn’t have the thoughts and time to care about other matters.”

“If you insist on going, then bring Xue’er along as well,” the Little Demon Empress said with a cold look. “Adding Xue’er’s strength, your chances will increase as well. With someone by your side, you will at least know how to cherish your own life!”

Yun Che, “...”

Yun Che’s gaze looked towards the far north… That was the direction of the Profound Sky Continent. Unknowingly, it had already been several months since he left there.

Right now, it was finally time to return.

Xuanyuan Wentian, all the debts, it is also time to end them all!

Profound Sky Continent, Divine Phoenix Empire, Phoenix City.

The Phoenix City which was destroyed by Jasmine a few months ago still carried the same tattered look and from the looks of it, only simple repairs had been done on the exterior. The Phoenix City, which was usually filled with a searing hot atmosphere, was presently cast with lifelessness. Looking from the sky above, it was even near impossible to see any moving figures.

“How can this be… Where did all the people of Phoenix City go?”

Because Feng Xue’er was worried about the situation of Divine Phoenix Sect, the coordinates which Yun Che and Xue’er jumped to, were exactly the sky above Phoenix City. However, what they saw was utter desolateness.

“Don’t be anxious. Compared to a few months ago, there isn’t a large increase in traces of destruction in Phoenix City, maybe… Let’s first head down to ask around.”

Yun Che pulled Feng Xue’er’s small hand which was tightly clenched due to anxiety and brought her straight down, landing in front of the elderly man who had the strongest profound aura remaining in Phoenix City.

That elderly man seemed to be in a daze because of some matters and he quickly took a few steps back out of shock due to Yun Che’s and Xue’er’s sudden appearance. The moment he saw Feng Xue’er, he shockingly widened his old eyes. “Prin… Prin… Princess Snow? It’s… It’s really you? I’m not… dreaming, right?”

Then, he suddenly saw Yun Che next to Feng Xue’er and his pair of eyes had almost popped out of their eye sockets. “You…”

The people of the Profound Sky Continent had all believed that Yun Che was already dead.

“Thirty-third Elder, it’s me! Where’s royal father? Quickly tell me where have royal father and the rest gone to?” Feng Xue’er anxiously asked and her body lightly shrank from fear, afraid of hearing the answer which she was terrified to think about.

“Sect Master, he… He…” Thirty-third Elder took a deep breath. “He, along with Grand Sect Master and the rest, have gone to Supreme Ocean Palace.”

“...” Feng Xue’er’s body instantly softened, her entire body leaned against Yun Che’s chest, as she finally heaved a long sigh of relief between her lips.

Yun Che really wanted to step up and send thirty-three ruthless slaps to this Thirty-third Elder. If they have gone to Supreme Ocean Palace, then say they have gone to the Supreme Ocean Palace. It’s not like they have gone down to the netherworld, why the hell did he take in such a big breath for!? Look at how you frightened my Xue’er.

“Supreme Ocean Palace?” Yun Che’s brows twitched. “Why did they go there?”

The Thirty-third Elder was still a little shocked when facing the “resurrected” Yun Che and he only replied a few moments later. “It’s the Heavenly Sovereign Conference… Xuanyuan Wentian’s Heavenly Sovereign Conference. Xuanyuan Wentian will be conferring himself as the Profound Sky Supreme Lord in the Heavenly Sovereign Conference… All of those who do not accept the invitations will be seen as going against the Heavenly Sovereign and have their sects and families massacred.”

“Heavenly Sovereign Conference… Conferring himself as a Heavenly Sovereign, that sure is a great show of arrogance,” Yun Che coldly laughed and said, “When will this Heavenly Sovereign Conference begin?”

“It’s today. Sect Master and the rest have already gone there several days ago.” This Thirty-third Elder had still yet to completely regain his senses.


“Royal father, grandfather, great grandfather and the rest… Are they all alright?” Feng Xue’er still asked with slight worry. “During the time I wasn’t here, did Xuanyuan Wentian come here?”

“No… However, the people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region have visited several times and every single time, they would bring back a large amount of profound crystals, medicine and pellets. We have no choice but to comply with them.” Fear emitted out of the Thirty-third Elder’s eyes. “Somehow, that Xuanyuan Wentian had basically become even more terrifying than the ghost god of legends. I heard that previously, when the other three Sacred Masters, who held the same status as him, combined their strengths, they were still miserably defeated by him alone.”

“Even his personality, according to rumors, has become exceptionally cruel and violent. Anyone or any sect that had the slightest thoughts of not submitting to him, was massacred by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Even several people belonging to Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Supreme Ocean Palace and Sun Moon Divine Hall have died at Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands. I’m afraid that it’s not much longer until the three Sacred Grounds will have no choice but to shrink back and submit under Xuanyuan Wentian as well… Aah, from today on, there will no longer be four Sacred Masters in the Profound Sky Continent. After Xuanyuan Wentian becomes the Heavenly Sovereign, it will be hard to predict just what will happen to the Profound Sky Continent and it will be hard to predict just what will happen to our Divine Phoenix Sect as well.”

The Four Great Sacred Grounds had initially coexisted while mutually restraining each other. It was hard for one to dominate over the other and no one dared to act too recklessly. Now that Xuanyuan Wentian has turned into a devil god, far surpassing the other three Sacred Masters, the balance being broken was just a secondary matter. Xuanyuan Wentian’s personality was becoming even more twisted under the influence of the dark profound energy, turning even more violent and brutal. To the Profound Sky Continent, his power was an incomparably terrifying disaster and it was becoming even more terrifying with each passing day.

“Xue’er, we’re going to Supreme Ocean Palace!”

Yun Che pulled on Feng Xue’er and instantly disappeared within the dimensional rift, leaving behind a completely stunned Phoenix Elder.

The Primordial Profound Ark once again leapt, instantly arriving above the ocean region of Supreme Ocean Palace from Phoenix City.

Directly south from their lines of sight, they could see a floating island enveloped by a shallow blue glow at first glance. However, compared to when Yun Che first visited Supreme Ocean Palace, the blue light surrounding the floating island evidently showed slight hints of chaos.

Beneath their feet was a small circular island and a spatial profound formation was flashing at the center of the small island. Yun Che recalled that this island was named “Ocean Eye Isle” and when he first visited Supreme Ocean Palace, he was first sent to this small island, before flying towards the floating island on his own.

“It’s Supreme Ocean Palace,” Feng Xue’er lightly muttered, as she looked at it with startled eyes. It was unclear if she was worried about Feng Hengkong and the rest or if she had recalled the scene when they first came here.

“It has been less than a year and I never expected that I would actually come back here again,” Yun Che said. The first time he met Xuanyuan Wentian was in Supreme Ocean Palace as well.

“Xuanyuan Wentian… is indeed a terrifying figure. Ambition, talent, schemes, ruthlessness, patience and opportunities… He should have possessed all the things he needed by now. However, unfortunately, on his very last step, he turned into a madman who has lost both his body and mind…” Yun Che seemed to be muttering to himself.

The Heavenly Sovereign Conference today was the moment where he would enjoy his fruits of labour to the fullest.

“Big Brother Yun, are we going head over directly?” Feng Xue’er asked.

Yun Che pondered for a moment and said. “Let’s still conceal our presence and approach carefully. Let’s first investigate the situation in the ocean palace. Xue’er, let’s head up.”

Just as Yun Che and Feng Xue’er were about to rise into the air, the spatial profound formation on the Ocean Eye Isle beneath them suddenly flashed with white light and two figures walked out one after the other.

“Hahahaha.” The white-robed youth walking at the front, suddenly raised his head and laughed out loud the moment he stepped out of the profound formation. “Look at this broad ocean region. This young master has finally understood why father has chosen this place. With the vastness of this blue ocean, there’s truly nowhere one could escape to.”

“Hoho.” The elderly following behind the youth laughed as well. “But with Lord Sword Master’s present divine might, if he doesn’t wish for anyone to flee, who can truly escape from the hands of Lord Sword Master?”

Yun Che’s and Feng Xue’er’s figures stopped at the same time, as their gazes landed at the two people below them. The youth had the profound strength of a late-stage Overlord, while the elderly was a level seven Monarch. Their two bodies were surging with sword aura.

“Xuanyuan Wendao!” Yun Che recited in a low tone, his eyes instantly darkened.

The male youth walking at the front, was actually Xuanyuan Wentian’s son… his only son—Xuanyuan Wendao!!

Though the former Xuanyuan Wendao carried a lofty look, he had basically stayed passive aggressive. While in the presence of other people, he was still considered to be cautious and would occasionally display a meek side as well.

However, the present Xuanyuan Wendao was suffused with arrogance and majesty. His eyes, his tone, not one of them was not madly arrogant in the least. He was basically like an emperor who was pointing at his country and dominating over the world. Not a single thing in the world could enter his eyes.

And this change, naturally came from Xuanyuan Wentian’s world-enveloping might.

“Hmph, that’s natural. However, there are still several disobedient people. These laughable idiots are still daydreaming about resisting father. Today, Father will let them know what true power is. Those disobedient idiots will know what despair is and their blood, will most likely dye this blue ocean palace in fresh red.”

“Lord Sword Master… Oh, that’s not it. How could mere mortals possibly go against the might of the Heavenly Sovereign? Once Lord Sword Master truly becomes the first Heavenly Sovereign of the Profound Sky Continent today, then, Young Master will become the first Young Sovereign Master of the Profound Sky Continent. In the future, this entire world will belong to Young Sovereign Master as well,” the elderly flattered with a face filled with smiles.

“Hahahahaha!” Xuanyuan Wendao laughed out arrogantly. “Not just the Profound Sky Continent! Once the Heavenly Sovereign Conference is completed and once those disobedient people have found out the consequences, father will immediately rebuild the profound formation and head over to the Illusory Demon Realm. Once that time comes, the Illusory Demon Realm will kneel down and submit or be destroyed!”

“Heh heh, the beautiful dream you father and son share, is truly a heartfelt one.”

Amidst Xuanyuan Wentian’s wild laughter, an ice-cold voice that carried deep ridicule suddenly rang in his ears, causing the hair in his entire body to instantly stand on ends. “Who is it!?”


Amidst the sudden explosive loud noise, the elderly man who was following behind Xuanyuan Wendao, a powerful level seven Monarch, was sent flying away like a tattered cabbage without being able to let out a single scream in time, landing in the ocean several kilometers away. As for Xuanyuan Wendao who turned around, he finally saw the faces of Yun Che and Feng Xue’er clearly.

His eyes instantly widened out of fear. “You… You two… Urgh!”

Before Xuanyuan Wendao could roar out in time, Yun Che’s hand had already locked tightly onto his neck, preventing him from making a sound. Even the slightest groan could not be heard.

“Young Master Xuanyuan, it has truly been a long time.” Yun Che coldly smiled as he raised Xuanyuan Wendao up. “I was just contemplating what welcome gift I should bring for Xuanyuan Wentian when you just happened to obediently send yourself to my doorstep.”

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