Chapter 901 - Conferring Himself the Title of Heavenly Sovereign

Against the Gods

Chapter 901 - Conferring Himself the Title of Heavenly Sovereign

“Fen… Fen Juechen!?”

At the corner of the seats, Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang, who came as representatives for the Blue Wind Royal Family, lost control of their voices and shouted.

It was their first time in a land governed by the strongest like Supreme Ocean Palace and it was their first time meeting this many peerless experts as well. They, who could be considered experts standing at the apex in the Blue Wind Empire, were as frail as ants here, however, they had no choice but to come.

Because all who turned down the invitation, would be killed without question! For the safety of the Blue Wind Empire, they had no choice but to bite the bullet.

When they finally met the person who was recently rumored to be a terrifying devil god, the face they saw… actually belonged to someone they were familiar with!

A few of the profound practitioners of the seven nations who had seen Xuanyuan Wentian in the Devil Sword Conference back then, were all looking at each other as well, dumbfounded.

“This… Just what is going on? The Sword Master’s face… And his body… Why…” Ling Yuefeng exclaimed.

“Hmph, what’s with the huge fuss?” Xuanyuan Jue shifted his eyes to the back and said with a cold tone. “The Heavenly Sovereign has obtained unparalleled divine power, so his entire being will naturally be reborn as well, what’s so strange about it? Also, the present Heavenly Sovereign is no longer the Sword Master but the Profound Sky Supreme Lord!”

“Yes…” Ling Yuefeng hurriedly responded and no longer dared to utter a single word.

“Where’s Wendao?” Xuanyuan Wentian lightly swept the surroundings with his eyes and did not see Xuanyuan Wendao’s figure.

“Replying to Heavenly Sovereign,” the elder standing at the very front of the line of Sword Region Elders stepped out and with an arched body, he said, “Young Master was initially traveling with me but when he heard some rumors that a weapon refining sect in Southbright possessed an interesting sword, in the heat of the moment, Young Master made a detour to retrieve it, which is why there will be a slight delay in his arrival. However, with such a huge event taking place, Young Master will definitely not dally for too long.”

“In addition, Elder Jiuying is by the Young Master’s side, so his safety will definitely be assured.”

“Hmph, this sovereign is not worried about his safety,” Xuanyuan Wentian lightly snorted. “The kid has been lacking in progress recently and only knows how to show off his prowess. Nevermind, there’s no need to pay him any mind.”


When Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice fell, a thin layer of black aura surrounding his body suddenly exploded forth. In an instant, the people present could feel a sinister energy colliding with their bodies and the depths of their souls, causing their bodies to turn cold and their vision to darken. A large half of the people who were standing, were instantly paralyzed and had fallen back to their seats, their bodies trembling.

“Heheheheheheh…” Xuanyuan Wentian let out a long, sullen laugh. “It seems like those who should be here have more or less arrived. Then, we can officially begin as well.”

Eyes that were filled with clarity, darkness or fear gathered on Xuanyuan Wentian one after another. In the enormous Sea God Arena, filled with several hundred thousand people with extraordinary profound strength or authority, not even a single person was making a sound and even breathing sounds could hardly be heard.

This was not any ordinary meeting but an important juncture concerning the future of all the people present here, as well as the entire Profound Sky Continent!!

“The reason why this sovereign has gathered everyone here this time is because there’s an important matter to be announced.” Xuanyuan Wentian spread open his arms. “From this day onwards, this sovereign, will be the one and only Heavenly Sovereign of this world! This sovereign truly has to congratulate everyone present. All of you are personally witnessing the birth of the very first Heavenly Sovereign in the history of the Profound Sky Continent! This shall become the honor of your lifetimes!”

“Heavenly Sovereign Xuanyuan, vast heavenly might!!”

The surrounding people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region once again knelt down, their roars shaking the sky and earth.

However, other than the people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, not a single other person had let out a sound and there were even several people with expressions cast with gloom. This was especially so among the people of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace, with most of their faces looking extremely ugly.

“Heheheh.” Xuanyuan Wentian raised his hand, allowing the people of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to stand up and then lightly said, “In regards to the title of Heavenly Sovereign being conferred on this sovereign, does anyone have any doubts or objections? If anyone does, please feel free to raise them, this sovereign will definitely personally… convince all of you.”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s words were very plain but everyone could hear the ghastliness within them.

“This old one has a doubt!”

A sluggish voice suddenly sounded from the right of Xuanyuan Wentian. Though it was sluggish, everyone still instantly raised their heads as if they had been startled by thunder, looking towards the source of the voice.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s gaze skewed, as he said with a grin, “Isn’t this Spiritual Master Ancient Wood of the Sanctuary? I wonder what doubt do you have?”

Amidst the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, a white-haired elderly man stepped out, arriving next to Huangji Wuyu. With a pair of clear eyes, he looked at Xuanyuan Wentian without the slightest hint of fear. In the Sanctuary, he took up the name of “Ancient Wood” and was ranked as one of the twelve Spiritual Masters of the Sanctuary. “This old one wishes to ask Sword Master Xuanyuan, what is a Heavenly Sovereign?”

“Good question!” Xuanyuan Wentian instantly took over and pridefully said, “The Heavenly Sovereign is the supreme lord of this world, the lord of all beings! Everything in the world, is in this sovereign’s grasp! The will of the Heavenly Sovereign, is the will of the heavens! Life to those who submit and death to those who oppose! The words of this sovereign are destiny itself! Those who obey shall live and those who betray shall die!”

Hearing Xuanyuan Wentian’s arrogant speech, the initially ugly expressions of the crowd had turned even uglier. This was definitely the most arrogant and presumptuous speech they had ever heard in their lifetimes.

The eyes of Spiritual Master Ancient Wood sank, as he kept his cool and continued, “Then what are we to the Heavenly Sovereign?”

Xuanyuan Wentian placed his two hands behind his back. With his eyes on Spiritual Master Ancient Wood, he sullenly and slowly said, “Slaves, of course. Those who are obedient shall live and those who are disobedient shall die!”

“You!!” Spiritual Master Ancient Wood’s eyes shrank, all the faces of everyone in the Sea God Arena quickly changed as well.

No matter of it was the emperor of a nation or the lord of a region, at the moment of being a ruler, the first thing he or she would do was always to appease, stabilize and capture the hearts of the people. Even if the Four Great Sacred Grounds had previously dominated the Profound Sky Continent for ten thousand years, what was spread to the masses were their depictions of their titles as “guardians” and “sacred grounds.” This was naturally so they could capture the hearts of the common people.

However, on the very first day Xuanyuan Wentian conferred the title of Heavenly Sovereign on himself, he declared all the people under him were slaves!

It was not that he had gone completely insane… The rebellious hearts of the people were indeed capable of toppling over authority. However, with Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength, he basically no longer needed to fear rebellions from the common people! Furthermore, he even wished that even more people would rebel and even more people would try resisting. That way, he could then enjoy even more wantonly, the pleasure of stepping on others and massacring them. He would be able to enjoy even more refreshingly, their expressions filled with fear and despair.

“Is Spiritual Master Ancient Wood satisfied with this sovereign’s answer?” Xuanyuan Wentian slowly narrowed his eyes.

“Stand down, do not speak any further,” Huangji Wuyu said with a low voice.

Spiritual Master Ancient Wood’s chest heaved. He had basically turned furious beyond return as he instead took a step forward, roaring out loud, “ If our Profound Sky Continent has someone with sufficient ability to convince everyone and become the lord in the profound way, it would not exactly be a bad issue. However, you… Xuanyuan Wentian, the reason you are conferring the title of this so-called Heavenly Sovereign on yourself is all in order to enslave the common people!”

“You… You have been acting out your wishes without restraint these past several months. In order to plunder profound crystals, you massacred hundreds of sects of various sizes and have even killed eleven Elders and more than nine hundred disciples from our Sanctuary… Though you have always been a disgusting being, at the very least, you still knew how to conceal and restrain yourself in the past… Now, you’re basically a monstrous devil devoid of human nature and have long degraded your title of lord of a Sacred Ground! Do you truly believe that everyone in the world will submit to you out of of fear!? Do you truly think that no one will bestow judgment upon you… Urgh!!”

Spiritual Master Ancient Wood’s furious admonishment abruptly stopped. With a frozen expression, his entire body fell straight backwards and on his chest, a round pitch-black hole could be seen.

“Ancient Wood!!”

“Spiritual Master Ancient Wood!!!”

Huangji Wuyu hurriedly charged forward, holding onto the fallen Spiritual Master Ancient Wood. While Spiritual Master Ancient Wood was admonishing Xuanyuan Wentian, he had already sensed that things were turning sour… Because the present Xuanyuan Wentian was basically no longer the Xuanyuan Wentian of half a year ago. He had no choice but to take all possible precautions… However, that ray of black light that pierced Spiritual Master Ancient Wood was as if it had appeared from a dimensional rift. Though he could sense it, putting aside blocking it, he was basically unable to react even in the slightest.

“Saint Emperor…” Spiritual Master Ancient Wood’s face was turning darker at an astonishing speed. “Must… never… ever…”

Spiritual Master Ancient Wood was only able to utter those last three words, before his pair of eyes completely turned black. Following after, within a surging black aura, his skin, muscles, blood, meridians and bones… All of them disintegrated into black ash and quickly dispersed.

He was completely annihilated, not even the slightest trace of him remained.

Everyone had personally witnessed this scene and every single pair of pupils had shrunk. Chills ran down their spines and sweat poured out of their bodies. An indescribablly intense fear surged within their souls.

According to rumors, the other three Sacred Masters still suffered a miserable defeat at Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands even after combining their strengths. Though Spiritual Master Ancient Wood was a powerful level eight Monarch, he could not possibly be Xuanyuan Wentian’s match. Furthermore, even if Xuanyuan Wentian were to smash him to death with a single exchange of blows, no one would be too shocked either.

However, there was a distance of several kilometers between Xuanyuan Wentian and Spiritual Master Ancient Wood, yet he was still actually able to turn a level eight Monarch into ashes and erase his entire corpse. There were still countless Sanctuary experts in his surroundings and even Huangji Wuyu was not even three steps away from him, yet not a single person had made the slightest reaction.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Wentian had never moved from the beginning to the end and even his hands were still behind his back… Merely a ray of strange black light had flashed past his body.

A scene like this and a power like this had already completely surpassed the range of their understanding.

This was basically strength that only the ghost god of legends could compare to!!

“This is the consequence of being disobedient in front of this sovereign.” Xuanyuan Wentian revealed a bland smile, as if the one he killed was not a powerful level eight Monarch or a Spiritual Master of the Sanctuary and he had merely stepped on a bunch of weeds that was blocking the way. “Anyone still wish to personally try me out?”

“Heavenly Sovereign, great kill!” an Elder of Sword Region called out loudly. “To actually dare disrespect Heavenly Sovereign with his words, he had basically taken on a sin that he could not simply be punished for. Heavenly Sovereign personally dealing with him, can already be considered a grace towards him.”

“Xuan… Yuan… Wen… Tian!!”

Huangji Wuyu slowly stood up. His face, which he had kept calm with all his might, had already begun to distort. A small amount of uncontrollable profound energy was even beginning to rise from his body. “Our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary has stood for ten thousand years. Though we do not demonstrate great kindness, we do condemn great evil and we have basically never let down the title of a Sacred Ground! How can we possibly associate with a devil like you!?”

Huangji Wuyu’s few words, which carried deep anger within, had incomparably expressed his standing and they had also shaken the spirits of all the profound practitioners who were enveloped in trembling fear.

“Saint Emperor…” The crowd from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary raised their heads as well, as they looked towards Huangji Wuyu.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian turned around, the corners of his lips slanted into a sinister, light smile.

“I, Huangji Wuyu, have lived for more than two thousand years and though I admit that I am afraid of death but nothing irks me more than living while struggling under your hands! My Absolute Monarch Sanctuary cannot be destroyed but if we have no choice but to live while struggling under the hands of a devil devoid of human nature like you, then I, Huangji Wuyu… will rather personally bury this ten-thousand-year-old Sanctuary!!”

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