Chapter 93 - Tiger Soul

Against the Gods

Chapter 93 - Tiger Soul

The treasury was very large and had at least a few thousand square meters of space. Yun Che walked straight toward the medicinal herb storage area; he stood right next to a huge row of black wood drawer shelves, with a sniff of his nose, he spoke right away: “The fourth drawer from the top in front, positioned to the right of the drawer are two pieces of Thirty Six Year Old Blood Sunflower Essence; take out one piece.”

Xiao Baicao became dumbstruck on the spot. The labels of these black wood drawers that stored medicinal materials were all hidden on the signboard that was positioned at the very top. If one didn’t pull the signboard down with their hands, it was impossible to read what was written on there. There were over one thousand different types of medicinal ingredients here, and even Xiao Baicao who most frequented here, only knew the approximate position of most medicinal ingredients. If he didn’t pull the signboard down, it would be difficult for him to accurately locate them. Yet this genius doctor from at least two steps away, who faced the forest of tightly closed black wood drawers, was actually able to yell out the medicinal ingredient stored within.

Xiao Baicao went forward and opened the drawer. Sure enough, the Blood Sunflower Essence was in there. Even though he knew this “Eccentric God Hand”’s medical skills pierced the heavens, he was still severely shocked and was more so convinced to the extreme. He quietly exclaimed, that a genius doctor, truly was a genius doctor, and he’ll never reach this realm in his entire life.

Yun Che walked through almost half of the medicinal ingredient’s storage area, and collected around seventy or eighty percent of the required materials while not opening a single drawer during that process. Yet, the required medicinal material’s position and age he spoke of were right on point; Xiao Baicao’s admiration and astonishment inside his heart grew deeper with every portion of medicinal ingredient he was told to fetch. He was the dignified Head Elder of New Moon City’s largest sect’s medicinal hall, yet when scuttling behind Yun Che with his back hunched and carefully following his orders to fetch medicine, he himself didn’t feel that it was inappropriate in the slightest; rather, he felt that it was a kind of honor.

“The medicinal materials are just about right, where are the Spirit Jades stored?” Yun Che said after he finished selecting the medicinal materials.

While carrying the black wood box that was filled with medicinal ingredients, Xiao Baicao walked in front of Yun Che and said respectfully: “Spirit Jades are usually stored together with precious artifacts, in the innermost area of the treasury.”

After he finished speaking, Xiao Baicao brought Yun Che to the deepest part of the treasury. The deeper they went, the thicker the spiritual aura’s concentration. What stored the precious jades was no longer black wood, but was instead cold jade, which was more than several dozen times rarer and more valuable than black wood. At least one hundred cold jade shelves were displayed in front of Yun Che; and just these hundred cold jade shelves, were already invaluable.

“There’s actually the smell of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, and the purity is identical to the one in the hall earlier. I assume it to be the same piece.”

“Yes, it is exactly the same piece. Our Sect is only a small sect. To have an small piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal is already extremely difficult.” Xiao Baicao nodded, and at the same time, the admiration inside his heart was even more so, incapable of increasing any further. Medicinal ingredients had smells that could be identified, but the spiritual aura of precious crystals and spirit jades were not concrete like the medicinal material’s smell. With a sniff of his nose, not only was this genius doctor able to recognize the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, he also was able to even identify its purity… The longer Xiao Baicao was in contact with this genius doctor, the more inferior he felt. He deeply sensed that this genius doctor was simply a huge mountain whose summit was unforeseeable. In front of him, he couldn’t even be considered a lump of mud.

“This piece of Purple Veined Heaven Crystal was originally meant to be used as offering to the Main Sect at the end of this year, but it had to be taken out for Young Sect Master Xiao’s incident. It’s fortunate that Senior lent a hand; Senior not only saved our sect’s Young Sect Master, but also saved this kind of heavenly treasure. We really don’t know how to repay the favor Senior granted us.” Xiao Baicao spoke very emotionally.

“Oh? You have to offer such valuable treasures to the Main Sect every year?” Yun Che asked. He knew that the Branch Sect had to contribute offerings to the Main Sect. However, this kind of heavenly treasure like the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, was extremely difficult to acquire, even for the four major sects. If they had to contribute things of this level every single year, it would be just too harsh.

“That’s actually not the case. The Main Sect established that contributions of over one hundred thousand purple profound coins was enough. The Main Sect will grant us pellets of the best quality that were refined in the Main Sect every year. The more we contribute, the more the Main Sect would give back; sometimes, there were even high-grade profound skills and precious artifacts.

One year…. One hundred thousand purple profound coins? Yun Che slightly gasped in secret. This Xiao Sect, was virtually a f*cking blood sucking vampire. However, these Branch Sects must still obediently turn in contributions. Otherwise, without the Main Sect’s pellets and return gifts, the Sect will slowly deteriorate; if even the title “Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect” was removed, then these Branch Sect wouldn’t even have anything to back them up anymore.

When speaking of high-grade precious artifacts, Xiao Baicao remembered something. He turned around and pointed toward a pale white long sword that was in the center of the weapon rack behind him, and said with a proud face: “Senior please look, this sword’s name is ‘Tiger Soul’, and is the number one valuable treasure that the Main Sect had granted us over these years. It also is the only Earth Profound artifact inside this New Moon City, and was extremely rare even in the Main Sect. Rumor has it that it was personally smithed by the Head Elder of Swordsmithing. The sword’s body was infused with a Earth Profound White Tiger Profound Core’s power along with the not yet scattered soul, and can easily slice open protective profound artifacts below the Earth Profound Realm. If brandished with profound energy, one can even faintly hear a tiger’s roar. Sect Master has always considered this as one of the most precious treasures in these recent years, and was unwilling to even use it himself. He had only hoped to gift it to Young Sect Master on his big wedding day, so Young Sect Master would become a tiger that has grown wings.”

This “Tiger Soul” sword had a sword length of three feet and three inches; the entire sword’s body was white, yet it was not a glimmering white like that of a piece of jade but was instead, a type of bizarre pale white. The sword’s body was not regular and was slightly distorted. Under a closer look, it looked as if it was made by assembling tiger bones together piece by piece. Even though he was very far away, he could faintly feel that the sword’s body was emitting a kind of hostile aura that made one extremely uncomfortable.

And this, was actually an Earth Profound Sword!

“It indeed is quite a good sword.” Yun Che stared at the Tiger Soul Sword, and slowly nodded.

“Since even Senior said that, Young Sect Master would definitely like it a lot when the time comes.” Replied Xiao Baicao.

After he made Xiao Baicao fetch a piece of extremely pure Scarlet Spirit Jade and a piece of Water Spirit Jade, all of the required materials were gathered. Yun Che didn’t display the slightest interest in this treasury, and cleanly walked toward the treasury’s exit… During the entire process, both of his hands had always been behind his back. Everything was fetched by Xiao Baicao; he had never even touched the box.

After exiting the treasury, Yun Che rushed straight toward the medicine hall to refine medicine. Xiao Baicao, who stood guard outside, recited everything that happened inside the treasury to Xiao Tiannan from beginning to end, and couldn’t stop praising his god-like ability of identifying medicine through drawers along with his breathtaking “Integrity” of not touching anything.

Xiao Tiannan, however, calmly smiled and said: “This is exactly the style of an expert. Moreover, with Huangfu He’s level and experience, other than the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, there probably wasn’t anything that he found to be worthy in the entire treasury. Sigh, speaking of which, I had even doubted his identity as Huangfu He. Right now, I absolutely wouldn’t believe it even if you tell me that he wasn’t Huangfu He.”


Unwittingly, Yun Che had already stayed in Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect for three days. In these three days, Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Luocheng passed every single day in astonishment and joyful surprise. To completely repair entirely shattered meridians, it originally was simply impossible without relying on Purple Veined Heaven Crystals. Even with Purple Veined Heaven Crystals, it wouldn’t be possible to do it so flawlessly, and would take at least a period of a few months.

But, with just three days, and only three days! All of Xiao Luocheng’s broken meridians were connected again, and became more and more vigorous. The extent of recovery was so great that it was almost impossible for them to believe, even when they saw it with their own eyes.

Toward this genius doctor that descended from the heavens, they deified him even more. The “Grandpa” that came out of Xiao Luocheng’s mouth was even more so, smoother and affectionate… It was practically more intimate than him calling his biological grandfather.

These past days, Yun Che would head to the treasury at least three times a day, and would call Xiao Baicao to follow him every single time. It was the same as usual; he absolutely refused to touch anything, and left right after gathering the materials.

“Senior, you see, the injuries of my son’s meridians are becoming more stable. I believe that with Senior here, within one month, all of his broken meridians would be completely mended… But the injuries to the profound veins… May I ask what Senior has planned?”

For three consecutive days, all Yun Che healed were the injuries on Xiao Luocheng’s arm and meridians, but never touched the shattered profound veins. If the profound veins couldn't be healed, then Xiao Luocheng would only be a cripple. And the longer it was delayed, the harder it was to repair. He didn’t have the slightest doubt in this “Genius Doctor Huangfu’s” art of healing at this point, but seeing that he still hadn’t touched the matter of the hand’s profound veins, he couldn’t help but to be perturbed inside his heart.

Aftering hearing Xiao Tiannan’s words, Yun Che slightly pondered, and said: “Sect Master Xiao, I had originally wanted to start healing the profound veins on his arms on the first day. However, that time Xiao Luocheng had accepted me as his grandfather, and became my grandson; as for the matter of profound veins, I’ll have to consider some more.”

“Consider some more? What does Senior mean?” The inside of Xiao Tiannan’s heart moved about.

Yun Che glanced sideways, stroked his beard, and said to Xiao Luocheng with a face full of gentleness: “My grandson, do you wish to become an unparalleled master?”

As he said that, both Xiao Luocheng and Xiao Tiannan’s heart fiercely jumped and they themselves, almost leaped up from the excitement. Xiao Luocheng panickedly nodded: “I do! Of course I do! Grandson wants to even when dreaming!”

Yun Che slowly nodded, and said: “Looking at your current profound veins, your previous level of profound strength ought to be at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, no? With this kind of strength, you should be considered quite good in the same age group of this little city. However, you have over a world’s difference from the level of unparallelled masters! I’ve seen countless strong youngsters in my life. With the same age as you, some had already even reached the Spirit Profound Realm… and even the Earth Profound Realm!”

These few sentences of Yun Che’s bullshit made Xiao Luocheng and Xiao Tiannan vehemently gasp… Having reached the Spirit Profound Realm and Earth Profound Realm with the age of sixteen or seventeen? Does someone like this really exist? Can that even be considered human? That would be simply a monster!!

“Restoring your profound veins can be considered a piece of cake for me. However, you’ll then need to start cultivating from the Elementary Profound Realm. But with your grandpa here, after your profound veins are restored, there’s a way to let you directly step into the Earth… Profound… Realm!”

The few sentences that Yun Che spoke after, were like landmines that exploded inside the ears of the father and son with the surname Xiao. It made them stare with their mouths agape.

Sixteen years old… to the Earth Profound Realm right away! If someone else had said this, the Xiao surnamed father and son would surely consider him a madman! However, who was this person? He was the Eccentric God Hand! The remarkable man that could be called the number one genius doctor of the Profound Sky Continent! All of the abilities he had exhibited over these past days had made them stare with wide eyes. How could his words possibly be false?

Xiao Luocheng felt so blessed that he was on the verge of fainting. He asked with his trembling lips: “Grandpa, th… There is really such a way?”

“Heh heh, does your grandpa here seem to be someone who makes empty promises?” Yun Che “kindly” smiled: “Under the heavens, only I am able to accomplish this method. And to do so, two prerequisites are needed; the first, are shattered profound veins; as for the second…”

“Wh… What is it?” Xiao Tiannan took a step forward and impatiently asked.To reach Earth Profound Realm at the age of sixteen; it was never seen or even heard before in this Blue Wind Empire. If it really was achieved, then his son Xiao Luocheng, would definitely become the number one of Blue Wind Empire’s younger generation. Moreover, it would be unprecedented and there wouldn't be anyone that could accomplish this after… Just by thinking about it, he was already feverish to the point of trembling, from top of bottom.

“A… Dragon Core.” Yun Che slowly replied.

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