Chapter 934 - The Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (3)

Against the Gods

Chapter 934 - The Goddess Who Fell From The Sky (3)

Yun Che rose. Just as he was about to return to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, his footsteps suddenly halted as he looked at the sky with furrowed brows.

The sky above the Snow Region of Extreme Ice was a stretch of whiteness without any hint of color. He immediately lowered his head and muttered to himself, “Did I sense wrongly?”

He had a faint feeling that he was being watched from up above just a moment ago… and it was more than one pair of eyes.

“Ah?” Up in the far reaches of the sky, a blue clothed girl exclaimed in shock, “Could he… have sensed us just now? No, no, no. How could he possibly have sensed our auras?”

“...” A hint of shock flashed through the eyes of the white clothed female as she said softly, “His cultivation level has actually advanced this fast.”

“Fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm… that’s really fast.” The blue clothed girl was even more surprised. “He was only at the Emperor Profound Realm when we last came here.”

“Master, this disciple remembers that you once said that the highest cultivation realm reached in this world was the Sovereign Profound Realm. Even if it were someone with the highest innate talent here, they would still need to cultivate for several hundred years or even more to order to attain such a realm and the shortest time possible would still require tens of years. Why has he suddenly reached this realm when not even two years have passed… could he not be the same person we saw last time?”

“...” The white clothed female was silent for a long time.

Once he opened the ice gate, the exquisite figure of a beauty bounced over. Feng Hanyue, who had just made a breakthrough was so elated that she resembled a snow sprite. When she saw Yun Che, her eyes lit up as she yelled, “Palace Master, have you seen Hanxue?”

“Oh, it’s Senior Sister Hanyue. Aren’t you always stuck together with Senior Sister Hanxue everyday? Why have you suddenly lost her today?” Yun Che asked with a beaming smile.

“It’s junior master, junior master.” Feng Hanyue quietly uttered a protest that she had not used for a long time. Then, her tone of voice instantly became more chipper. “Because in these two days that I’ve been in closed-door training, I’ve successfully made a breakthrough. This way, I’m higher than Hanxue by another level now, hehehehe.”

“Oh!” Yun Che exclaimed, “Senior Sister Hanyue is so amazing. You’ve actually already reached the fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, you’re about to catch up to Senior Master Yueli.”

Feng Hanyue radiated even brighter when she received Yun Che’s praise. “Hmph, that’s only natural. I can’t possibly lose to my senior sisters. But then again, all this is due to Palace Master’s contribution. If not for Palace Master, it probably would’ve been hard for me to even become a Throne.”

“It’s obviously due to Senior Sister Hanyue’s high innate talent. I only helped a little,” Yun Che replied modestly. As he inched closer to Feng Hanyue with a lewd smile, he stealthily extended his demonic claws. “Since Senior Sister Hanyue’s profound strength has progress this fast, let me see if your chest has become even bigger.”

“No!” Feng Hanyue pouted with disdain. Just as she was about to run away, her soft jade body had already been embraced by Yun Che. She panicked then hung her head and said timidly, “Palace Master is so bad… but… but you can only touch a little…”

“Alright, only a little.”

Yun Che’s hands came up from her waist and directly grabbed her silky breasts. Even though they were separated by a layer of snow robes, he secretly used some force and his fingers sank deeply into a mass of smooth and delicate pastry.

As a small moan spilled from her nervous lips. Instead of leaving her breasts, those demonic hands willfully grabbed and kneaded them into all sorts of charming shapes.

“Palace Master, you promised… to only touch a little… ah…” Feng Hanyue said with a startled cry. Her beautiful face gradually became a deeper shade of pink as her eyes began to glaze over.

“Right, only a little. My hands haven’t left yet so it still is considered touching only a little,” Yun Che explained with incomparable seriousness as his wicked hands willfully violated the forbidden area of the pure girl who resembled a snow lotus.

“Ahhhhhh!!” In the distant skies, the blue clothed girl let out a startled cry as her cheeks instantly flushed red. “Wh-wh-wh… what is he doing!? H-h-h-he’s actually bullying that girl, he’s a bad person! Vulgar! Shameless! T-too hateful!”

As the blue clothed girl cursed, she quickly turned around and covered her eyes with her hands.

“...” The white clothed female’s crescent brows knitted and she also turned her face away but her voice was still as cold as before. “All of the experts in the world are fascinated by the profound way, so much so that they are even willing to curb their desires just for a chance at greatness. But he, who acts without restraint, without the slightest control or suppression of his desires, actually could advance to such a realm…”

“Master, that isn’t the most important point. He… he’s obviously just a lowly person! This kind of person… how can he be Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Palace Master?” The blue clothed girl vigorously shook her head. Her impression of Yun Che fell astronomically. Yun Che instantly went from a good person who had saved Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to a despicable, shameless,  lowly person.

Before Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s northern gates, Feng Hanyue’s entire body completely laid atop Yun Che’s chest as she incessantly moaned while lacking the power to resist.

“Cough, Palace Master.”

Murong Qianxue’s clear and cold voice came from Yun Che’s rear. Like lightning, Yun Che’s hands moved away from Feng Hanyue’s body and landed behind him. He turned around with a grave, dignified face which exuded calm and projected the mighty presence of an Palace Master. “Oh, it’s Senior Master Murong, what is the matter?”

If this wasn’t the first time Murong Qianxue accidentally came across his perfectly smooth conversion in these series of movements along with the change in expression, she certainly would believe herself to be seeing things. She replied without any change in expression, “Palace Master, Youyu and Lingxue have broken through to the Emperor Profound Realm. Aside from Qingyue, they are the first disciples of this generation to successfully become Thrones. In order for them to stabilize their foundation, we’ll have to trouble Palace Master to help temper their bodies in the Frozen Cloud Wintry Spring.”

“Oh, I understand.” Yun Che revealed praise as he smiled and nodded his head. “Then let’s start that in two hours so they have time to prepare themselves.”

“Yes, Palace Master.” Murong Qianxue glanced at Feng Hanyue and said, “Hanyue, Hanxue was just looking for you. She ought to still be in the new Snow Congealing Hall right now.”

“Ah! I… I’ll go look for her immediately.” Feng Hanyue hurriedly ran off… The instant she passed by Murong Qianxue’s side, Murong Qianxue’s glared at her with a half-indignant half-helpless expression. As for Feng Hanyue, she secretly stuck her tongue out at her.

“T-t-temper bodies!?” In the skies above, the blue clothed girl who buried her face in her hands had heard everything from below. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, she let out a startled cry and stammered, “T-tempering bodies requires the entire… h-h-he… why would they let him… let a man like him help them temper their bodies! Ahhhh!! As expected, he really is a hateful, shameless, lowly person! Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is full of women, he’s… he’s going to bully all of them! Master’s Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, how can… how can…”

“Master, do you want this disciple to down there and beat him up? He… he’s too repulsive!” The blue clothed girl was nearly driven mad. This was the first time she had seen such a shameless, vulgar scene which sullied her eyes and toppled her three views… this was even more hateful than those people from the Flame God Realm.

“...” The white clothed female let out a faint sigh. It was unknown what she was sighing about. She slowly turned around and then said softly, “Xiaolan, let’s go.”

“Ah? Go?” The blue clothed girl was stunned.

“This place… I can finally stop worrying about it now.” The white clothed female closed her eyes. “As for the last place, I wish to have a look at the Cold Star Realm again.”

“Master…” The blue clothed girl’s limpid eyes suffused with mist once more. She only gently nodded, “The Dimensional Jade ought to have enough power to go to the Cold Star Realm once. This disciple… this disciple will immediately head there with Master.”

The blue clothed girl shifted to the side, as though she did not have the heart to give the white clothed female’s deathly pale complexion another glance. When she extended both hands, a jade colored round stone slowly appeared. She closed her eyes and a mysterious power silently circulated. The round stone immediately released a dim radiance as a bizarre profound formation slowly spreaded out.

“Cough, cough cough…”

The white clothed female let out painful coughs as her jade hands pressed at her chest. At the same time, scarlet blood instantly gushed from the corner of her mouth, dyeing the chest area of her snowy clothes. It was this smear of blood which caused the last faint color on her face to disappear, leaving barely any color behind. The light in her icy eyes quickly dulled as her body, which had been enshrouded by icy mist, violently swayed. Then, after losing the power to stay afloat, she fell.


The sound of something falling behind her made the blue clothed girl turn around, then pale with fright. She wanted to pounce forward to retrieve her master  but the Dimensional Jade in front of her had just opened halfway and forcibly pulled her into place. The blue clothed girl was as impatient as fire as she acted in a flurry. It was only after several breaths later, when the Dimensional Jade’s power withdrew, that she charged straight down with an alarmed cry and at this point, the white clothed female had already dropped quite far...

Just as Yun Che stepped into Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he suddenly sensed an abnormal aura rapidly approaching from the far reaches of the sky. He promptly raised his head and astonishingly saw a snowy figure straight above him, that blended in with the snow-filled sky, falling rapidly.

Even though it was still far away, with Yun Che’s eyesight, he instantly recognized that it was clearly a woman’s silhouette!

Moreover, the aura of her strength and life force were distinctively weak beyond compare.

What was going on? This was the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, how could there be someone falling down from the sky above the Snow Region of Extreme Ice?

Even though he questioned that in his mind, Yun Che still flew up in the very first moment and dashed over, firmly catching the snowy silhouette that had been in mid fall.

As the ice-cold, flower-like soft body of a woman fell into his embrace, a pale face entered his eyes, leaving him dazzled.

The woman in his embrace seemed to be a fairy of peerless beauty who had come from the peak of an ice mountain. Her snowy flesh shone with the luster of ice and seemed to glow with an almost transparent jade light. Though her complexion was incredibly pale and the pain in her face had yet to dissolve, her beauty was still one that even the best painting in the world would find hard to portray. The eyes beneath her slightly knitted slender brows were closed and her full, snow-white lips were slightly opened… she had already completely lost consciousness.

Yun Che blankly looked at her for a good while before his face abruptly changed...


There was an acute poison in her body! And this toxin had completely infiltrated her life vein, profound veins, bone marrow, and even her soul body!

“Master!!” The terribly panicked voice of a girl quickly approached from above Yun Che. Before he had yet to raise his head, a blue figure had already landed before him like a stream of light. “Y-y-y-you lowly person, hurry up and release my Master!!”

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