Chapter 937 - Frozen Cloud Ancestor

Against the Gods

Chapter 937 - Frozen Cloud Ancestor

Mu Bingyun?

Yun Che’s eyebrows twitched… Why did this name sound so familiar?

“Mu Bingyun? She actually has the same name as our Frozen Cloud’s ancestor,” Murong Qianxue suddenly said.

“This can count as some type of fate,” Mu Lanyi said right after.

The two girl’s words suddenly reminded Yun Che… That’s right, the ancestor who founded Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace a thousand years ago was also called Mu Bingyun, this was such a coincidence.

“They’re not the same names,” Mu Xiaolan shook her head. Since she was already forced to say what she wasn’t allowed say, then there was no use to keep that secret any longer and it could become a reason for Yun Che to save her master. “My master is the ancestor of your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace! It was my master who built Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace a thousand years ago.”

Yun Che, “...”

The Frozen Cloud ladies were all slightly shocked. Murong Qianxue said in response, “Little miss, I understand that you want to save your master but you cannot say such nonsense. My Immortal Palace’s ancestor passed away a thousand years ago. No one is allowed to offend her celestial name.”

“I am not saying nonsense,” Seeing that none of them believed her, Mu Xiaolan panicked, “A thousand years ago, Master had been set up by the Flame… some bad people. While amidst danger, she forcefully used a dimensional stone to escape. She was already on this continent when she woke up, but by then she was poisoned with severe toxin and she lost her power and memory because of her severe wound. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was built during the process master of recovering her memory and strength. After master’s strength and memory were completely recovered, she left. She didn’t pass away.”

“Impossible!” Jun Lianqie shook her head firmly, “It is impossible for something like this to happen.”

“What I’m saying is all true!” Mu Xiaolan became more anxious, “The reason my master and I appeared here is because Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was still on Master’s mind. Oh yeah, I heard Master say that, back then she left in a place she named ‘Frozen End Divine Hall,’ and she had even carved the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon on the walls of the Frozen End Divine Hall… Ah no no, it was a divine art called the Frozen End Divine Arts. She passed her position down to the second Palace Mistress, named Qu Aiyin. She was a baby that Master found at the edge of Navy Tide Nation. The name Qu Aiyin was also given by Master. Also also… at the time, Master had two dimensional stones. She used one of them to travel back to the Snow Song Realm and left the other one in the Frozen End Divine Hall and built a dimensional profound formation for escaping when Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace gets into danger.”

“Ah…” Murong Qianxue, Mu Lanyi, Jun Lianqie, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue, and Feng Hanxue were all stunned in place. Yun Che who carried Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul and knew all the memories of the ancestors of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was even more shocked.

Especially he had just clearly heard the five words “Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon” from Mu Xiaolan’s mouth.

At the same time, something that Jasmine said to him in the very beginning flashed across his mind at an instant:

“The Frozen End Divine Art made a sudden appearance a thousand years ago due to the Frozen Cloud Ancestor, Mu Bingyun. Before that there were no previous records of it. Didn’t you find something fishy about that? This profound art is not as simple as you believe it to be… and if you want to cultivate it, you will need the blood or soul of a certain divine beast. If not, even if your comprehension is top-notch and you are able to understand it, you will never be able to release even the teensiest bit of its power.”

“It’s better if you just saved your strength and stopped trying. Even if you gave them another ten thousand years, they would still not be able to cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts.”

“The reason Xia Qingyue and you could cultivate it is because Xia Qingyue has the Nine Profound Exquisite Body, so she can break through the boundaries of most natural laws! As for you, you have the Heretic God’s Profound Veins, so you can ignore both the natural order and the laws of nature. Moreover, you also have the Water Spirit Evil Body… All those years ago, you managed to forcibly skip four levels of the World Ode of the Phoenix and comprehend the fifth and sixth level of it, so forcibly cultivating the Frozen End Divine Art was the much easier feat by far.”

“However, whether it was you or Xia Qingyue, even though the Frozen End Divine Art that the both of you use far outstrips that of any normal ice-based profound art, it is merely a pale shadow of the true Frozen End Divine Art… but if you think about it, the true ‘Frozen End Divine Art’ is a primordial divine art that is on the same level as the World Ode of the Phoenix!”

“During the primordial Era of Gods, the Vermillion Bird, the Phoenix and the Golden Crow were the three supreme fire attribute beasts. The element of water also had three supreme rulers as well and that was the Blue Dragon, the Ice Phoenix, and the Ice Qilin! Ice was the form of water that possessed the most might, so the Ice Phoenix’s and Ice Qilin’s power was governed by ice. Only the Blue Dragon’s power was governed by water, so the power of its ice was inferior to that of the Ice Phoenix and the Ice Qilin.”

“Furthermore, this ‘Frozen End Divine Art’ is actually the primordial divine art that was passed down by the Ice Phoenix!”

“I can definitively confirm one thing for you, this world definitely does not contain the legacy of the Ice Phoenix.”

The Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon…

The 【Ice Phoenix】 that Jasmine had once mentioned!

And saying certainly that this world definitely does not contain the legacy of the Ice Phoenix.

Could it be…

“Is there another way you can prove this?” Yun Che lowered his eyebrows and asked. He had already started to believe what Mu Xiaolan was saying… because this little girl looked like she didn’t know how to lie at all.

Mu Xiaolan tried to think for a bit and then suddenly took a step back. Her whole body flashed with a faint blue light. Ice spirits danced around and on the palm that she had reached out, a small, delicate ice blue jade tree grew slowly, its icy branches and snow leaves expanding gorgeously.

“Ah! Frozen End Divine Arts!!” The Frozen Cloud ladies all let out a gasp.

“...” Yun Che was slightly stunned. His eyes were focused on the blue light in Mu Xiaolan’s palm as if he was attracted by an invisible power and he didn’t shift his gaze away for a long time. Before his eyes were, no question, the Frozen End Divine Arts. Because the thing growing on Mu Xiaolan’s palm was the most common Tree of Frozen End that was used in Frozen End Divine Arts. But, the Frozen End aura that was released from Mu Xiaolan was very different from the Frozen End aura that he knew.

The Frozen End Divine Art that he had cultivated was simply a relatively strong ice attribute profound art.

And on Mu Xiaolan, whether it was the profound light, profound energy or the Tree of Frozen End in her palm, they all seemed as if they were alive, as if they possessed an independent soul while releasing cold law he had never before touched.

Could this be what Jasmine was talking about back then… Driven by the blood of Ice Phoenix or the soul of Ice Phoenix, the true Frozen End Divine Arts!?

“This is the Frozen End Divine Arts that Master left here before. Back then, master’s memory hadn’t completely recovered yet. Even though she remembered the divine art, she couldn’t remember its name. Frozen End Divine Arts was the name that she gave temporarily and its real name is 【Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon】. At the same time, master had also forgotten the special condition that was needed to cultivate 【Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon】. Normal people wouldn’t be able to cultivate it. When she finally remembered, she self-created a new profound art, I remember that it’s called… called Frozen Cloud Arts.”

“And also, also!” Mu Xiaolan seemed to have thought of something. She hurried and brushed her hand on the white clothed female’s body. At that instant, a small, delicate diamond-shaped icicle floated from the white clothed female’s body and released an strange, dreamy blue light in the sky.

“That is… the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul!!” The disciples of Frozen Cloud all gasped once again.

Everyone present was well aware of what the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul was. Because this was one of the most precious treasure of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace; it was the proof of identity for every generation’s Immortal Palace Mistresses. It also carried all the arts of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and memories of the previous Immortal Palace Mistresses. And in this generation, the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul was naturally on Yun Che.

In the Profound Sky Continent, the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul was absolutely unique.

“It is actually not called the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul. It is the Ice Phoenix Frost Crystal that is unique to Snow Song Realm. Even though it is a frost crystal, it will never melt and can be fused into a person’s body. It is an extremely good soul vessel.”

“All this should prove that I am not lying right?” Mu Xiaolan was a bit worked up. When she was talking, she kept looking at the white clothed female in her arms, scared that she would be in a critical state.

“Could it be, she really is… the Frozen Cloud Ancestor?”

The ladies of Frozen Cloud all looked at each other in shock. When they first heard that the white clothed female surnamed Mu was their Frozen Cloud Ancestor who had supposedly passed away a thousand years ago, it was their instinct to not believe it. But what Mu Xiaolan had said and the evidence she had yelled out in panic were like strikes of lightning, forcing them to not be able to disbelieve it anymore while still being in shock…

Deep down in their hearts, they already believed it. But with what they knew previously, they couldn’t simply just accept this kind of fantasy story.

"All the things that I have said, every word is true. The Frozen End Divine Arts and the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul that you were mentioned, all of this… there is no reason for you all to not believe me. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was built by Master a thousand years ago and you are all members of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, so… so there is no reason to not save her.”

“Big Brother Yun?” Feng Xue’er looked at Yun Che’s extremely complicated expression and called out softly.

“We’ll talk about the matter of whether or not your master is the Frozen Cloud Ancestor when she has woken up.” Yun Che opened his mouth and said, “Come with me.”

After saying that, Yun Che turned around and walked away with fast steps.

All the panic on Mu Xiaolan’s face transformed into hopeful joy. She immediately held the white clothed female tightly and quickly followed behind Yun Che.

The Frozen Cloud ladies stood in place, everyone’s snowy faces filled with an unresolvable shock and dullness.

“She… she… is really the ancestral Palace Mistress?” Jun Lianqie said in startlement.

“Seems like… it’s real,” Chu Yueli said softly. Frozen End Divine Arts, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, Frozen End Divine Hall, the mysterious teleportation formation, the name Mu Bingyun, the second Palace Mistress' name and identity… everything of everything, they all completely matched without a single deviation.

And based on how Mu Xiaolan looked, they couldn’t find any trace of her ever lying.

“Heavens,” Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue’s pink lips were wide open and they couldn’t clos them for a very long time.

Yun Che took Mu Xiaolan straight to the Snow Congealing Hall. An obviously cooler atmosphere than other places along with a thick smell of medicine greeted them.

“Put her on the ice bed,” Yun Che commanded.

As someone from the God Realm, Mu Xiaolan didn't dare to disobey him even though she was being ordered around by someone from a “lower realm." She immediately did as she was told and carefully put the white clothed female on the ice bed in front of Yun Che.

Yun Che’s eyes swept across the white clothed female’s body and then slanted his eyes at Mu Xiaolan. “What are you still doing here? Leave at once and close the door behind you. Without my permission, no one is allowed to come in.”

“Ah?” Mu Xiaolan’s mouth was wide open. She had seen Yun Che’s “barbarity” with her own eyes before, so how could she accept her own master… being in the room alone with him when she had no ability to defend herself. “Why… why do I need to leave? I can help on the side.”

“Little miss, don’t you know, when a genius doctor is saving people, there can’t be anyone nearby to distract him? If anything goes wrong when I am saving her, she will definitely lose her life. Are you sure you want to stay?”

Yun Che’s words instantly frightened Mu Xiaolan. This concerned the life of the white clothed female, so she didn’t dare to speak anymore. She slowed stepped back and said softly, “Then I’ll… I’ll leave but you must save my master.”

She moved away step by step, each step filled with extreme worry, and finally walked out of the Snow Congealing Hall. When the hall door was closed halfway, it was suddenly opened again. She stuck out her small head and said, “I… I’m warning you, do not do anything to my master that you shouldn’t do.”

After speaking, she immediately closed the hall door and fled.

Yun Che, “...”

Facing the white clothed female laying on the ice bed, Yun Che took a small breath and his mind quickly calmed. With Mu Xiaolan’s explanation and with what Jasmine had said before, on top of the fact that they appeared in the sky above Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… Yun Che was almost certain that she really was the Mu Bingyun who founded Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace a thousand years ago.

The Frozen Cloud of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace came from the “Bingyun” in her name.

In the memories and legends about the Frozen Cloud Ancestor, they said she had turned into feathers when she passed away in the Frozen End Divine Hall and no one had ever seen her corpse.

The memories in the Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul contained all the appearances of the previous Immortal Palace Mistresses, except for Ancestor Mu Bingyun.

This abnormality was answered perfectly by the bizarre truth.

Yun Che reached out his hands and started to quickly circulate the power of Rage God but he didn’t immediately release the purification power of the Sky Poison Pearl.

Because there was one thing that he had to be extra careful about.

The white clothed female in front of her, whether or not she was Mu Bingyun, had to be someone from the God Realm. And at that plane, there had to be many records about the Sky Poison Pearl… The day when he first met Jasmine, Jasmine, who had never seen Sky Poison Pearl before, recognized it at first glance.

The toxin in the white clothed female was too deep. Not only did it spread to her life vein, profound vein, and bone marrow, it also invaded her soul, just like how Jasmine was back then. The purification could only be executed in an incredibly slow manner. It wasn’t false when he told Mu Xiaolan that it would take a month of time.

Using a whole month of time to cure the poison using the Sky Poison Pearl for someone from the God Realm with an unknown profound strength… there was a very high chance that the Sky Poison Pearl would be recognized.

In her condition, aside from using the Sky Poison Pearl, there was no other way to save her.

Forget it, I’ll decide on it later. The reason why she established Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was to save those poor girls who were abandoned, she shouldn’t be someone ungrateful…

Also, if she could take him to the Realm of the Gods to find Jasmine, it would be a risk that was completely worth it!

Under the fast circulation of his mind energy, Yun Che flipped his palms and covered it over the white clothed female’s chest. The rich energy of heaven and earth instantly flowed into her life vein as a weak purification light flickered within his palms.

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