Chapter 941 - The Humongous God Realm

Against the Gods

Chapter 941: The Humongous God Realm

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“Fairy Mu, may I trouble you to tell me about the God Realm… for example, things about your Snow Song Realm.”

Yun Che barely knew anything about the Realm of the Gods. The only source of information was when Jasmine occasionally mentioned it. Since the Snow Song Realm was the first star realm in the God Realm that he was heading for, he should at least make the most basic preparations.

Back then, Mu Bingyun had voluntarily mentioned that she would tell Yun Che about the God Realm. Now that Yun Che asked, Mu Bingyun nodded before narrating, “The Realm of the Gods was the dwelling place of the gods and devils during the Primordial Era. Even though the era of gods and devils has come to an end and there are no longer any True Gods in this world, many mystical treasures were left in the places they formerly lived in. Some gods that were unwilling to just disappear also left behind their bloodline, profound arts or even soul inheritances.

“The most important point is that because it is the place where gods and devils resided several billion years ago, its elemental aura is incredibly rich. As such, its laws far surpasses those of other planes. There, the speed at which one progresses in the profound way is far beyond other worlds. The breaking through of realms and the comprehension of laws is also much simpler than in other worlds.”

When Mu Bingyun explained up to this point, she silently glanced at Yun Che.

“Since you were able to advance at such a shocking speed in the Profound Sky Continent that possesses such thin, turbid aura and inferior laws, if you were to be in the Snow Song Realm, it is extremely possible that you would be the same as Xiaolan and step into the divine way before the age of twenty.”

“...” Yun Che listened earnestly and nodded. Mu Xiaolan was only nineteen this year… Her frightening strength was, as expected, already in the divine way.

The divine way Xuanyuan Wentian had been frenziedly pursuing had already been achieved by a little girl of nineteen in the God Realm… If this master and disciple pair had come half a year earlier and Mu Xiaolan stood in front of Xuanyuan Wentian, he’d reckon that he wouldn’t even need to come out; Xuanyuan Wentian would directly die from anger.

“This means that, that little gir… cough cough cough, I mean Mu Xiaolan should also be a rare talent in the God Realm?” Yun Che asked.

“It is only natural for someone able to enter the Ice Phoenix Palace to have a good aptitude,” Mu Bingyun said matter-of-factly. A streak of an inexpressible complexity flashed in the depths of her eyes as she continued. “Xiaolan must have somewhat misunderstood you which caused her to say somewhat hostile things to you but she is a really good child. These years… have also been harsh on her.”

“...” Yun Che gaped in shock… because Mu Bingyun’s evaluation of Mu Xiaolan, was clearly “good.”

To the Profound Sky Continent, a nineteen year old who stepped into the divine way would definitely have no predecessors or successors. But in the God Realm… no, their Snow Song Realm, it was merely “good”?

How terrifying was this Snow Song Realm?

He had been called the foremost person in history in both the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm. With the strength that was dubbed the “foremost person in history” in this world, what level would he be at in the Snow Song Realm?

What level would he be at in the entire God Realm?

“This question might be a bit offensive.” After a period of dumbfoundedness, Yun Che still asked in the end. “What rank is the Snow Song Realm at in the entire God Realm.?”

Mu Bingyun did not frown due to his clearly ill-mannered question. She replied indifferently, “The Realm of the Gods is not as big as you are imagining it to be. There are only a total of forty thousand star realms and each star realm is divided according to their strength level. There are lower star realms, middle star realms and upper star realms.”

“There are thirty thousand lower star realms, eight thousand middle star realms… and the two thousand that remain are the strongest upper star realms.”

“...” Yun Che’s mouth gaped yet again and didn’t close for a long while.

A total of f… forty thousand star realms?

And this wasn’t considered big?


Even though Yun Che had lived for two lifetimes, he had never left the Blue Pole Star. Jasmine had also said before that the Blue Pole Star couldn’t even be considered a star realm. It could at most be considered a planet… a small planet at that.

With his two lifetimes of knowledge, it was still fundamentally impossible for him to imagine what kind of concept a humongous world that possessed a total of forty thousand star realms was.

Every single one of them far surpassed the Blue Pole Star as well.

In the Blue Pole Star, whether it be the Profound Sky Continent, the Illusory Demon Realm or the Azure Cloud Continent, those who were able to traverse through all three continents at once were few in number… and it was possible that there wasn’t anyone who could do so.

In the Primal Chaos Dimension, the Blue Pole Star was but a mere drop in the ocean… or perhaps it couldn’t even amount to a mere drop in the ocean.

“Based on total power alone, the Snow Song Realm is considered a middle realm.” Mu Bingyun continued, “However, our Snow Song Realm’s Great Realm King is ranked in the highest dimensional experts of the divine way. As such, the Snow Song realm belongs to the highest echelons of eight thousand middle star realms. Even those upper star realms do not dare to easily offend us.”

In other words, the Snow Song Realm’s overall strength made it a middle star realm but their Great Realm King was no weaker than an upper star realm’s Great Realm King.

“Great Realm King?” Yun Che asked in confusion.

“Great Realm Kings are the star realms’ kings. They are the supreme rulers of their respective star realms. They could be the star realm’s strongest expert in the profound way or the person with the highest authority in the star realm.” After a slight pause, she hesitated a bit before continuing, “Our Snow Song Realm’s Great Realm King is my elder sister.”

“...I see.” Yun Che nodded slowly and remained shocked for a long time.

The God Realm was unimaginable, utterly terrifying and humongous. In the world of gods, what kind of person could one who ranked among the top be like?

It was no wonder how Mu Bingyun had managed to stay alive under such a poison for a thousand years. Her big sister was the Snow Song Realm’s Great Realm King so she naturally was able to transfer the Snow Song Realm’s resources at will… It seemed like once he arrived in the Snow Song Realm, he should try to get acquainted with the Great Realm King through Mu Bingyun if he had the opportunity… If he was able to latch onto a huge leg like that, it would be a hundred times easier for him to move about in the God Realm.

Even if… the possibility of that happening was next to impossible.

“Then, what level... does the Star God Realm belong in?” Yun Che appeared to have said that casually but his mind slightly tensed.

“Star God Realm?” Mu Bingyun’s gaze slightly shifted. “How do you know about the Star God Realm?”

“...” For a moment, Yun Che wasn’t sure how to answer her.

Seeing his reluctant expression, Mu Bingyun didn’t continue asking and instead answered, “The Star God Realm does not exist within the three star realm levels.”

“Eh?” Yun Che wore a look of surprise.

“Because the Star God Realm is a king realm which has transcended the upper star realms!”

“King… realm?” Yun Che’s heart thumped… transcended the upper star realms!?

“The God Realm’s forty thousand star realms are divided into four divine regions; the Eastern Divine Region, the Southern Divine Region, the Western Divine Region and the Northern Divine Region. Among them, the Western Divine Region is the largest with the Eastern Divine Region being second largest. Aside from the forty thousand lower, middle and upper star realms, there are also seventeen king realms that stand at the summit of the entire God Realm. It could even be said that they are the king realms that rule over the entire God Realm! Of these seventeen king realms, there are six in the Western Divine Region, four in the Eastern Divine Region, three in the Northern Divine Region and four in the Southern Divine Region.

“Our Snow Song Realm is located in the north of the Eastern Divine Region and the Star God Realm you inquired about is also in the Eastern Divine Region. It is one of the four great king realms there, a transcendent existence that even my Snow Song Realm can only look up to.” Mu Bingyun gazed attentively at Yun Che. “You know so little about the God Realm, yet you suddenly ask about the Star God Realm. Could it be that the reason why you insist on heading to the God Realm is related to the Star God Realm?”

“...’ Yun Che was silent for a long time. His entire body stiffened slightly as he felt colder by the second.

At that moment, he suddenly felt his own insignificance… and naivety.

He was aware that searching for Jasmine this time would be incomparably difficult. He knew that it would be harder for him to see her the higher ranked this “Star God Realm” was. Even though he knew the name Star God Realm, it was at this moment that he finally understood its standing from Mu Bingyun. The Star God Realm Jasmine resided in was actually at such a terrifyingly high level.

Even though everyone in the God Realm that he wasn’t able to get to with his own ability were all ruler level existences.

In front of such a colossus, he might not even be comparable to a grain of sand before a blue ocean… so how could he possibly see Jasmine?

On the sole basis that his heart longed for it?

Seeing that he suddenly stopped talking, his complexion turning all the more heavy and dark, Mu Bingyun slightly furrowed her crescent brows. “It seems that your insistence in heading for the God Realm really does have something to do with the Star God Realm.”

“Can I… trust you?” Yun Che slightly gritted his teeth as he started being conscious of how hard a thing searching for Jasmine was. Furthermore, he basically did not know a single thing about the boundless world of gods. The only person he could rely on was the Mu Bingyun in front of him.

Mu Bingyun turned around and her unearthly icy eyes calmly gazed at him. “You saved my life and also saved Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. I am unable to guarantee how much of a help I can repay you with but at the very least, I won’t do anything that will bring you harm.”

Yun Che’s chest heaved up and down. He exhaled with difficulty and then said softly, “The reason why I want to go to the God Realm is to look for a person… the Star God Realm’s… Heavenly Slaughter Star God.”


Mu Bingyun, who had been as calm as water toward her recovery actually had a change in expression in that instant. Her eyes severely contracted as great shock shone on her snowy cheeks.

Then, she seemed to have immediately thought of something and the shock on her snowy face gradually subsided. However, an odd look was now in her eyes. “So that’s what happened. When the Heavenly Slaughter Star God disappeared all these years ago, she came to this world.”

This time however, it was Yun Che who received a great shock. “What did you say? You…”

“No need to be shocked.” Mu Bingyun shook her head. “You do not understand what kind of an existence a star god is in the God Realm. The ‘fall’ of a star god is enough to cause a great commotion in the God Realm.”

“The Star God Realm is a king realm situated at the pinnacle of the Realm of the Gods. The twelve star gods in the Star God Realm are existences only second to their Great Realm King. The power they possess is enough to make all profound practitioners in the divine way tremble just by hearing their names. It is something you cannot possibly imagine. Around eight or nine years ago, the Snow Song Realm heard rumors that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God of the Star God Realm had been secretly plotted against and died from a highly toxic poison. It gave rise to great waves within the God Realm for several years. Then, we later heard rumors that she was actually still alive. It wasn’t until recently that hearsay became truth when many star realms received news that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God had already peacefully returned to the Star God Realm. However, no one knew where she had been in these past years.”

Yun Che. “...”

Mu Bingyun stared deeply at Yun Che. “I can easily deduce that from your words and your reaction also tells me the answer. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this. You should not mention this to anyone either.”

“...Can you tell me what I should do if I want to see her? Or what methods to use?” Determination and longing condensed within Yun Che’s eyes…

So my Jasmine was actually that strong of a person. It was no wonder that she felt that everyone and everything was beneath her. It was actually not because of her temperament but because of the level she was at. To her, everything in this world really was as lowly as an ant.

Aside from me...

Mu Bingyun shook her head. “I would advise you to give up. The plane in which the Star God Realm exists in is simply not something you are capable of understanding. Forget about seeing her, even entering the Star God Realm is something that is nearly impossible… unless you work hard for thousands and thousands of years.”

What Mu Bingyun had said did not discourage Yun Che. He slowly tightened his fists, tightly gritted his teeth and suddenly enunciated every one of his words. “I’ve always believed in one phrase… and my entire life… has always proven this phrase… in this world… nothing is impossible!”

At this moment, a frightening depth appeared in Yun Che’s eyes. His eyes actually caused Mu Bingyun’s detached soul to mysteriously feel touched. She had never felt anything similar to this emotion in the several thousand years she lived in the God Realm.

“Since you are this determined,” Mu Bingyun stated indifferently, “there might be a method you can try.”

“What method?” Yun Che abruptly raised his head.

“Join my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and become my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s disciple!” Mu Bingyun said with incredible calm.

At first, Yun Che was stunned, but he continued listening.

“Movements in the God Realm were much different in recent years than they had been in the past. Especially the great king realms, various abnormal changes have happened within them all. Eight years ago, the Eternal Heaven Realm, one of the great king realms, had announced an earth-shattering event…”

Eternal Heaven Realm? This name instantly stirred Yun Che’s heart… Of the seven great profound treasures, the fourth place treasure was called the “Eternal Heaven Pearl,” and this star realm was called the Eternal Heaven Realm… could the two have some sort of connection with each other?

“The new Eastern Profound God Convention would be held in the Eternal Heaven Realm!”

“Divine Region’s… Profound God Convention? What’s that?” Yun Che asked.

“It is the most distinguished meeting in the history of the Realm of the Gods. The Eastern Divine Region has a total of nine thousand star realms. Aside from the four great king realms, all the star realms’ profound strength are limited to a certain criterion and any profound practitioner below the age of sixty is allowed to take part. The scale of the Profound God Convention is extremely huge and every time it is held, a long period of preparations is needed and huge damages would occur. The past Profound God Conventions would happen around every three thousand years. Only seven hundred years have passed between this session and the last and the preparation time of this session is severely shorter than the previous ones.”

The more Bingyun went into detail, the more puzzled Yun Che became. He asked, “What you meant… was for me to join your Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and then represent your Divine Ice Phoenix Sect in the Profound God Convention?”

“Of course not.” Mu Bingyun shook her head. “The preparation time for this Profound God Convention is extremely short; only a mere ten years. According to the time we have left, there are not even three years until the Profound God Convention begins. With your profound strength… you wouldn’t even be qualified to participate when that time comes. Furthermore, there is no sectoral or star realm backing requirement to take part in the Profound God Convention. As long as the conditions are met, anyone can participate.”

“The reason why I want you to become a Divine Ice Phoenix disciple is to make it more convenient for my sister to take you to the Eternal Heaven Realm.” When Mu Bingyun finished speaking, she had begun to think deeply about how she could persuade her elder sister.

“I… still don’t quite get it.” Yun Che shook his head once more.

Mu Bingyun explained, “Even though the four great king realms have never participated in the Profound God Convention, they have always jointly prepared, presided over, witnessed and selected the area in which it would take place. A great deal of experts of the four great king realms would attend to watch the battles… this includes the Star God Ream’s twelve star gods. There has always been a place for the Snow Song Realm in the spectator seats. I will persuade my sister to bring you to Eternal Heaven Realm’s meeting area. My sister is a person who knows gratitude. She shouldn’t decline such a small repayment since you have saved my life. At that time, whether or not you get to see the person you want wish you see… will depend on your fate and good luck.”

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