Chapter 963 - God Burying Inferno Prison, Ancient Horned Dragon

Against the Gods

Chapter 963 - God Burying Inferno Prison, Ancient Horned Dragon

“You have to ask him about it,” Mu Bingyun replied. “When Yun Che left the Ice Profound Realm, he glanced at the place where I was hidden quite a number of times. At first, I thought that it was just a coincidence but after several more times, added to the fact that his gaze was excessively unrestrained, the only explanation I could find was that he had known I was there all along.”

“Hehe,” Yun Che laughed. “Actually, Fairy Mu’s body still has traces of the Sk… cough cough cough cough. Traces of the medicinal aura remain after I purified the flame poison from your body. This kind of aura may be unperceivable to anyone else but I am extremely sensitive to it. That was why I knew you were there.”

The Sky Poison Pearl’s purification power was originally formless, colorless and auraless. No one would be able to sense it—aside from Yun Che, who had fused with the Sky Poison Pearl.

“...” Mu Xiaolan opened her mouth yet remained speechless.

“So that’s the case.” Understanding dawned on Mu Bingyun and then she looked before her. “The Thirty Sixth Ice Phoenix Palace is located in the Ice Phoenix City north of Freezing Snow City. You originally could’ve came here via a profound teleportation formation but since this is your first time here, I brought you here via flight so you can somewhat familiarize yourself with the land here.”

“Master, you’re so nice to this bad guy here,” Mu Xiaolan said in a small voice, distinct jealousy in her voice.

Freezing Snow City was enormous. Not only were there one hundred and eight Freezing Snow Halls, there were numerous places for cultivation, training, healing, meditation and going into seclusion. Mu Bingyun traveled extremely fast but she still used a long time to fly through Freezing Snow City.

The further north she traveled, the colder the air became. It was also there that the ice cold suppression which always existed became even more heavy and endless. The outline of Ice Phoenix City then gradually emerged in their field of view.

It was also at this time that the sound of thunderous laughter suddenly came from the distant south.

“Hahahaha—Yan Wancang has come to pay a visit and ask to meet Snow Song’s Realm King. I wish to discuss a favorable, long lasting event between our two realms. I earnestly wish for the Snow Song Realm King to grant my request of meeting each other.”

This burst of laughter obviously echoed from a faraway place yet it boomed like world destroying thunder beside one’s ears. It jolted Yun Che’s vision into a field of black as the blood in his entire body boiled with surging chaos. His chest felt even more suppressed as he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“AHHHHHH!!” Mu Xiaolan covered her eyes, shrieking in her fright.

This loud roar shockingly covered the enormous Ice Phoenix Realm. Space slightly trembled as the aura below suddenly changed. Countless numbers of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect disciples had all come out in full force, as though they were facing a huge enemy.

“Fairy Mu, what is going on here?”

Once this voice fell, it no longer continued echoing but Yun Che’s dizziness and discomfort didn’t go away for a long time. He was greatly shocked.

Mu Bingyun’s celestial figure stood still, her crescent brows slightly knitted. However, her expression and aura were still rather tranquil. “It is a sound transmission that has come from over fifteen thousand kilometers. It looks like they do not dare tread within the core area of our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.”

“O-over fifteen thousand kilometers?” Yun Che was so shocked that he nearly bit his tongue.

With a distance of over fifteen thousand kilometers… he had nearly been jolted to the point of puking blood by a voice...

Why the f*ck is the God Realm filled with so many monsters!?

“You don’t have to be that shocked,” Mu Bingyun stated. “That Yan Wancang is not any ordinary character but the Flame God Realm’s Vermillion Bird Sect Master. Saying that he is the number one person in all of the Flame God Realm may not be an exaggeration.

Flame God Realm? Vermilion Bird Sect Master?

Mu Bingyun slightly waved her snowy hand and an icy radiance enveloped Mu Xiaolan. It was only then that Mu Xiaolan’s condition gradually improved. Mu Bingyun turned around, then began to lift Yun Che and Mu Xiaolan up again, once more flying to the north. “He has come looking for the Realm King. Letting the Realm King deal with this is fine, we don’t need to bother with it.”

“Oh.” Yun Che nodded, then after some consideration, he asked in a small voice. “Fairy Mu, from the looks of it, you seem to know why this Yan Wancang has come here for.”

“Why else!? Mu Xiaolan asked, looking especially furious. “He’s definitely here for that horned dragon again!!”

“That… horned dragon? What horned dragon?” Yun Che asked with great curiosity.

Mu Bingyun did not conceal it and directly answered, “Although the climates of the Flame God Realm and our Snow Song Realm are opposing attributes, we are rather close neighbors. The formation of the Flame God Realm is due to a primordial flame vein. It is because of this flame vein that the density and activeness of the flame attribute in the Flame God Realm is extremely high. Its temperature also surpasses the level of what ordinary people can bear but it is nevertheless a paradise for the successors of fire attribute bloodlines, fire attribute profound beasts and those who cultivate fire attribute profound arts.”

“The flame vein’s core region is huge sea of fire that extends close to five hundred thousand kilometers, named the God Burying Inferno Prison.”

God Burying Inferno Prison? Yun Che’s brows twitched… Why does it feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere?

“The Flame God Realm’s flame vein and the God Burying Inferno Prison it created had already existed before the Flame God Realm was formed. This also means that it was left behind during the ancient time of gods. The people of the Flame God Realm held the flame veins and God Burying Inferno Prison in unparalleled reverence and they had never stopped exploring the God Burying Inferno Prison. They always believed that there must be a miracle somewhere at the bottom of God Burying Inferno Prison that could transform the Flame God Realm in its entirety. However, the God Burying Inferno Prison is a remnant of the ancient time of gods. It isn’t something that mortals could conquer at all. Not even the three great sect masters who succeeded the Flame God Realm generation after generation were able to reach the bottom of God Burying Inferno Prison all this time.”

“The three great sect masters?” Yun Che asked doubtfully, “Then, what about their Realm King?”

“Of course there are no Realm Kings in the Flame God Realm.” Mu Xiaolan curled her lips in great disdain.“They set up a rule that states that anyone who can reach the bottom of God Burying Inferno Prison would become the Flame God Realm’s Realm King. That’s why the Flame God Realm never had a Realm King although hundreds of thousands of years had passed by. As a result, internal strife and conflicts for power often happen whenever they’re discussing important matters. Hmph, serves them right.”

“Oh… it seems that their obsession to conquer God Burying Inferno Prison is almost faith-like,” Yun Che said, touching his chin. There was no doubt that their obsession ran deep considering that they weren’t willing to break this rule even though they hadn’t had a Realm King for hundreds of thousands of years. “So, what’s with that horned dragon?”

“It’s an ancient horned dragon that lives inside the God Burying Inferno Prison!”

“Ancient?” This word jolted Yun Che and caused some level of comprehension to enter his mind.

“The Flame God Realm’s earliest records on this ancient horned dragon date back six hundred thousand years. This also means that it has lived for at least six hundred thousand years! You can just imagine that even its beard must be an ultimate treasure one is hardpressed to find even in a hundred lifetimes. Whoever hunts it will gain unimaginable profit.”

“I see.” Yun Che nodded slowly.

“So you’ve understood the situation roughly?” Mu Bingyun looked back and asked.

“Mm.” Yun Che nodded, “The fact that this horned dragon has a lifespan over six hundred thousand years old means that it must be unbelievably powerful. The Flame God Realm couldn’t kill it at all even if they were to employ all their strength. Also, the Flame God Realm all cultivate fire attribute profound art and this ancient horned dragon could only be a flame dragon since it lives inside the God Burying Inferno Prison. Although the Flame God Realm had a great advantage when they defend themselves against this ancient horned dragon’s attacks, their own flame powers would be largely ineffective on this ancient horned dragon too.”

“The most effective power against a flame type living being like this is naturally ice. That is why Flame God Realm wishes to borrow Snow Song Realm’s power.”

Mu Bingyun smiled faintly, “You are as smart as I thought.”

“However,” wrinkles appeared on Yun Che’s forehead, “since that ancient horned dragon lives inside the God Burying Inferno Prison, it absolutely can slip back into the prison if it encounters any danger…”

“You are correct. It is an invincible entity inside the God Burying Flame Prison,” Mu Bingyun explained. “Normally, it almost never leaves the God Burying Flame Prison but it is a dragon after all. Every one thousand years, it would shed its old scales and grow new ones. During this period, it has to move out from the God Burying Inferno Prison and so this is the one and only chance for us to kill it in a thousand years.”

“After understanding that they will never manage to hunt down the dragon with their own strength, Flame God Realm thought of borrowing Snow Song Realm’s power and promised to split half the spoils with the Snow Song Realm after the hunt succeeded.”

Mu Bingyun recalled something and sighed quietly when she said this.

“Hmph! Those despicable bastards! How dare they show their faces a second time!?” Mu Xiaolan said angrily, “Back then, the Great Realm King and master had gone over to help them out in goodwill but… but… those bastards! I can’t believe that they dare show their thick faces in the Snow Song Realm again! The Realm King will definitely teach them a lesson.”

Yun Che looked moved… The ancient horned dragon of the God Burying Fire Prison was said to change its scales once every thousand years. The fact that Flame God Realm’s people had sought out the Snow Song’s Realm King meant that it was about to change its scales again. This also meant that the last attempt to hunt it was one thousand years ago.

The time Mu Bingyun had suffered from the fatal flame poison and escaped to the Profound Sky Continent was also a thousand years ago...

“In that case, the flame poison and ambush Fairy Mu suffered from happened a thousand years ago when you went to the Flame God Realm to aid them in hunting down the ancient horned dragon?” Yun Che asked.

“Yeah!” Mu Xiaolan’s face was red all the way down to her neck when she thought of the pain her master had suffered all these years.

“This matter cannot be explained in one sitting.” Mu Bingyun’s eyes were deep.

Yun Che had always noticed that Mu Bingyun was never grudgeful about her misfortune during the time he purified the flame poison in her. Even when the matter was brought up now, he still couldn’t see anything resembling hatred in her eyes. It was instead filled with indescribably complex emotions.

Mu Xiaolan was the one who looked like she had met her father’s murderer instead.

“After all, it is elder sister’s fault for severely injuring his son by accident…” Mu Bingyun’s voice was cool as she muttered seemingly to herself.

Yun Che, “...?”

Sounds pretty complicated… but it is pretty exciting to hear this as an insignificant and complete outsider.

Anything is fine as long as the battle of gods does not affect the lives of little mortals like us.

“That ancient horned dragon is extremely dangerous. Its breath is extremely poisonous and its blood is extremely toxic. It is almost certain death to come in contact with either of them. That dragon is very dangerous.” Mu Bingyun paused for a moment before continuing, “The flame poison I was inflicted with was in fact the poison in the horned dragon’s breath. However, although the horned dragon was scary, it wasn’t impossible to hunt it down. Last time… if it wasn’t for that incident, we may have succeeded already. That is why I wasn’t surprised that the Flame God Realm has come to look for us again. The Great Realm King wouldn’t be surprised either. Furthermore, I doubt that the Great Realm King would turn them down since the ancient horned dragon is pretty tempting…”

Apparently feeling that she had said more than she should, Mu Bingyun shook her head slightly and stopped talking. The large palace made from ice crystals in front of them was close right now and the cold air and world spirit energy in this place was at least twice as thick than it was at Freezing Snow City.

“We have arrived at our Ice Phoenix Palace. Let’s go down.”

Mu Bingyun changed her hand gesture slightly and took Yun Che and Mu Xiaolan down to the ground.


Author's Note

Dragon Breath: Dragon’s breath, specifically the breath that a dragon spits out. Mainly divided into air and a dragon's saliva… alright, in fact, it’s just a dragon’s saliva.

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