Chapter 975 - Perfect Resolution

Against the Gods

Chapter 975 - Perfect Resolution

Before he had yet to even arrive in the God Realm, Yun Che had heard the name “Mu Hanyi" from Mu Xiaolan. He knew that in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect or even all of the Snow Song Realm, Mu Hanyi was extraordinary. He was an existence that even someone like Mu Yizhou would find hard to reach up to.

He never expected that he would actually meet this person that Mu Xiaolan regarded as legendary.

Mu Hanyi’s arrival caused the hue of the entire world to slightly change. It was as though he possessed an inherent power that made one feel inferior. Both the expression and attitude of the overbearing Mu Yizhou was instantly void of the slightest bit of arrogance upon seeing him. He had even subconsciously lowered his head a bit. “First Ice Phoenix Palace’s Mu Yizhou greets Senior Brother Hanyi. Being able to meet Senior Brother Hanyi here really is such a coincidence.”

“Senior Brother Hanyi, wh-why are you here?” Mu Luoqiu couldn’t take her eyes off him. Her heart wildly pounded as her voice slightly trembled.

“Senior Brother Hanyi… you’re that… rumored Mu Hanyi?” Feng Mo shouted in shock. Even though he had only been in the Freezing Snow Hall for three months, he had long since gotten acquainted with the name Mu Hanyi. It could be said that in all of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, there was not one person who did not know of the name Mu Hanyi.

Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was the highest holy land of all profound practitioners within the Snow Song Realm and Mu Hanyi was at the apex of the highest holy land’s young disciples. All of the young profound practitioners within the Snow Song Realm looked up to him, yearned to be him and admired him greatly. He was truly a child of god.

Even though Feng Mo had never been ashamed of himself, he never had hopes of ever interacting with such a person. He never expected that he would actually see Mu Hanyi in person three months after he had entered Freezing Snow Hall

“I came to visit Senior Sushan because of my master’s order.” Mu Hanyi smiled. “We haven’t seen each other for a year yet Junior Luoqiu’s cultivation has progressed quite a bit. I’m glad.”

Being called out by name by Mu Hanyi, being remembered when they had last met and receiving his praise, Mu Luoqiu was so excited that she felt somewhat faint. She said with a small stutter, “S-Senior Brother Hanyi… is flattering me...”

Mu Hanyi’s gaze shifted and then saw Yun Che, who was still holding onto Liu Hang. When he followed his gaze, Mu Yizhou hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Hanyi, he…”

Yet Mu Hanyi gave a gentle wave. “You don’t need to explain, Junior Brother Yizhou. I came here by following the sound of your voices so I am roughly aware of the situation. Junior Brother Yun Che, how about letting go of this junior brother first? Don’t worry, I promise that Junior Brother Yizhou and Junior Sister Luoqiu won’t make a move toward you.”

It was the first time they had met, yet Mu Hanyi had readily called Yun Che by name. He still wore that warm, breezy smile and the light in his eyes resembled still water. His entire body overflowed with an indescribably subtle charm that made one want to be subdued.

The might of Mu Hanyi’s influence definitely exceeded Yun Che’s expectations. Now that he said those words, even if they hated Yun Che to the bone, Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu definitely wouldn’t dare to act against Yun Che.

Yun Che didn’t hesitate. He casually loosed his grip and Liu Hang fell down.

Now that the power that surprised him had disappeared with the hands that gripped onto his skull, Liu Hang, who had been scared out of his wits, gave out a weird cry before quickly crawling to Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu without caring about the condition of his injuries. Once he had reached Mu Yizhou’s leg, he shook without daring to say a single word.

Now that Yun Che had lost his bargaining chip, even though Mu Yizhou didn’t dare to act now, the anger he held back threatened to make his head explode. He tightened his hands into fists as crackling noises resounded. He held back with gritted teeth as he said, “Senior Brother Hanyi, not only were Yun Che’s actions vicious enough to severely injure my little cousin Liu Hang, he insulted both me and Luoqiu several times while relying on the protection Palace Master Bingyun gave him. He even wanted to kill Liu Hang and that is simply unforgivable! He can’t be spared… no matter what!”

“No!” Mu Xiaolan quickly ran to Yun Che’s side and hurriedly explained, “There is a reason why Yun Che injured Junior Brother Liu Hang. Junior Brother Liu Hang was stealing resources from the hall’s junior brothers. The reason why he seized Junior Brother Liu Hang just now was to… to protect himself. He didn’t really want to kill him. Senior Brother Hanyi, you understand fairness the most. You… you must help Junior Brother Yun Che.”

“Alright, let’s look at Junior Brother Liu Hang’s injuries first.” Mu Hanyi shook his hand and then stooped down before Liu Hang. He swept his gaze over and then fed him a snow white pellet. After he had pressed his hand on his chest, he said slowly, “Don’t worry, Junior Brother Yun Che acted with the proper restraint. Even though he injured the leg bone and skull, if Junior Brother Liu Hang recuperates properly, he will fully recover in less than half a month.”

Liu Hang’s injuries were indeed grave injuries to a mortal but to someone in the Divine Profound Realm, it was something recoverable within a short amount of time.

Not only did Mu Hanyi check his injuries, he had even assisted him in spreading the medicine’s power with his own profound energy. Liu Hang said deliriously, his voice swaying, “Th… Thank you, Senior Brother Hanyi…”

“Hey! Why don’t you say something!?” Mu Xiaolan secretly pulled at Yun Che’s sleeves. “That’s Senior Brother Hanyi! Even in the Ice Phoenix Divine Hall, he is a super powerful person. Practically everyone in the Snow Song Realm knows about him. Not only is he powerful, he is also a really really nice guy. He will definitely uphold justice for us. Phew, I was about to get scared to death… why is your luck so good!?”

Yun Che replied, “...Oh.”

Once the medicinal power spread, Liu Hang’s blood flow stopped and he looked much better. Mu Hanyi lifted his hand from Liu Hang’s chest but he had yet to rise. He then questioned, “Junior Brother Liu Hang, the reason Junior Sister Xiaolan gave before, that you were stealing resources from the sect’s junior brothers, is that true?”

Liu Hang, who had somewhat eased just a moment ago, was instantly scared pale once more by this question… and it was even a question from Mu Hanyi. Cold sweat poured down as his lips trembled. “I… this…”

“Don’t be nervous, Junior Brother Liu Hang.” Mu Hanyi smiled. His gaze held neither reproach nor coercion as he said, “Who hasn’t been wildly arrogant when they were young and who has never made any mistakes? Admitting to it is not something to be ashamed of but what a real man does. As long as one can change, they are worthy of forgiveness and praise.

“Speaking of doing something to be ashamed of, due to greed, your senior brother here has stolen one of the palace master’s Jade Lamp Frost Elixir the year he entered Ice Phoenix Palace.”

“Senior Brother Hanyi… you…” Liu Hang was stunned. Everyone else present was stunned as well. No one would’ve expected that Mu Hanyi had stolen something from an Ice Phoenix Palace Master before… and he had even revealed it himself.

“I was lucky when I finally repented and confessed to the palace master. While Palace Master did heavily punish me, she didn’t publicly announce my sin. Instead, after my punishment, she gave me that Jade Lamp Frost Elixir.” Mu Hanyi sighed rather emotionally. “Between stealing the treasure of a palace master and stealing the resources from members within the same sect, the former is obviously much more grave. However, since I repented, Palace Master still chose to forgive me. If you stealing the resources of our sect members is true, then I’m sure Junior Brother Yun and the other junior brothers you’ve stolen from will chose to forgive you if you calmly admitted it, acknowledged your mistake and try to correct it. If you do that, you will receive much more respect from then on. So Junior Brother Hanyi, what do you think?”

Yun Che’s brows twitched… in order to console a junior brother of Freezing Snow Hall, he didn’t hesitate to reveal his own “scandal.” This was absolutely not the courage an ordinary person possessed.

With Mu Hanyi’s previous contrastment and words of comfort, Liu Hang no longer felt conflicted about admitting that he had done it and acknowledging his mistake. Instead, he felt that something warm was birthed within his chest. He did his best to lift his head and said, “Freezing Snow Hall’s monthly distribution was a few days ago and they even gave out Snowsilk Seeds. Di Kui and I, we… we wanted to take Feng Mo’s Snowsilk Seed but we didn’t expect that he wouldn’t hand it over… and we even injured him… Today’s incident really was because I wanted to steal a junior brother’s resource.

“It isn’t just Feng Mo either. I had even taken the Snowsilk Seeds of many junior brothers that came from the lower realms before getting to him…”

He let out all of the shameful things he had done and then lowered his head. “Today’s incident happened because of my wrongdoing… I ask senior brother to punish me.”

“Very good.” Mu Hanyi patted Liu Hang’s shoulder and smiled. “There’s no need for punishment. The injuries on your body are punishment enough for your wrongdoing today. I hope you will remember these injuries. If you are about to correct yourself, then I’m sure you’ll be sincerely grateful to Junior Brother Yun Che for the scars he left on your body in the future.”

“I… will remember Senior Brother Hanyi’s teachings.” Liu Hang was more than submissive, he was even somewhat brimming with tears.

Mu Hanyi got up. With a gentle push of his palm, a gentle wind helped a white colored pellet slowly fly toward Feng Mo. Feng Mo subconsciously grabbed it in his hand, somewhat stunned.

“Junior Brother Feng Mo, this Cleansing Snow Pellet is able to help you recover from your injuries and will also greatly help you in your cultivation. Its effectiveness is several times greater than that of the Snowsilk Seed. You can consider it as the replacement apology from Junior Brother Liu Hang. Freezing Snow Hall is an extremely important place in our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and no one wishes to see discord among sect members. If you are able to let bygones be bygones, then that would be wonderful.”

Feng Mo was stunned for a long while. Then he stammered greatly, “I, I, I… thank… Senior Brother Hanyi… I… I don’t blame him anymore.”

Mu Hanyi then turned to Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu and said, “Junior Brother Yizhou, Junior Sister Luoqiu, since this incident was caused by Junior Brother Liu Hang, then Junior Brother Yun Che injuring him can be considered an act of justice. Moreover, the injuries are not irreversible either.  If Junior Brother Liu Hang is able to correct his ways because of this, then it can actually be a good thing. Since this is the case, today’s matter will just be evened out like this and no sides will chase each other about it. How about it?”

“Mn! Sure, sure! I’ll listen to Senior Brother Hanyi.” Mu Luoqiu nodded like a chick pecking rice. Her gaze flashed as she watched Mu Hanyi, never leaving his figure from the very start.

“Since Senior Brother Hanyi has spoken, Yizhou will comply.” Mu Yizhou said as he bent slightly. After he said that, his mouth twitched. He then gritted his teeth and finally looked at Yun Che and said fiercely, “It’s just that this Yun Che brat is just too unbridled and vicious! If we’re just going to even it out like this, I really… am somewhat unwilling.”

“Haha, of course we’re not just going to even it out like that.”

Mu Hanyi actually laughed and then suddenly looked at Yun Che with a somewhat solemn face. “Junior Brother Yun Che, even though Junior Brother Liu Hang was wrong, you stopping him from bullying a sect member and injuring him is fine but what you did when you seized him was just too much. You nearly harmed his life and that is going overboard. It’s no wonder Junior Brother Yizhou feels that it is unbalanced. As such, if Junior Brother Yizhou no longer pursues this matter… you must promise Junior Brother Yizhou one thing.”

“Promise what?” Yun Che directly replied, not a single ripple within his eyes.

The halo on Mu Hanyi’s body was excessively dazzling. Beneath his radiance, the existence of everyone else seemed to have become faint.

Mu Hanyi said, “You have to promise that you won’t tell the matter of you stealing Liu Hang from Junior Brother Yizhou and Junior Sister Luoqiu to anyone else!”

Mu Hanyi’s brief words caused Mu Yizhou, whose gaze was fiery, whose heart was full of hatred, to suddenly become still. He was speechless for a long period of time. Yun Che’s gaze also flashed.

Someone who had not even entered the divine way had snatched a person from two people in the late stage of the Divine Soul Realm. If this were to get out, Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu would become laughingstocks… especially in Ice Phoenix Palace, it would cause them to have not have the face to see anyone.

This promise gave Mu Yizhou an abrupt awakening. It was meant protect him, but at the same time, it was also protecting Yun Che as well.

What was once a state of mutual hostility that was about to burst to become a battle was actually easily dissolved by Mu Hanyi. This “promise” served as the perfect balance for both sides to not pursue the other.

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