Chapter 977 - Terrifying Creature

Against the Gods

Chapter 977 - Terrifying Creature

Feng Mo’s injuries couldn’t be considered heavy or light but there wasn’t a trace of resentment in his expression. Instead, it was filled with an excitement that was difficult to suppress.

“These injuries are worth it since I was able to see the legendary Senior Brother Hanyi.” Feng Mo’s fervent gaze turned to Yun Che. “Senior Brother Hanyi giving you his sound transmission imprint really makes one envious! Oh, right. These Snowsilk Seeds…”

“Ah? Why are there so many?” Mu Xiaolan exclaimed after seeing Feng Mo’s pile of Snowsilk Seeds.

“What did you think? That Liu Hang guy didn’t just start doing all that stuff since he had Mu Yizhou behind him.” Yun Che warned Feng Mo, “Forget about the pellet Mu Hanyi gave you, these Snowsilk Seeds are what Liu Hang owe you. You should keep them to yourself. Even if you give them to me, I wouldn’t use them. Furthermore, even though Liu Hang sincerely admitted his error, the hardest thing in the world to change is one’s nature. You mustn’t believe that Liu Hang will really change his ways. It’s best for you to stay away from him in the future. If something like this happens again, feel free to send me a message at any time.”

“Mn, I understand.” Feng Mo nodded solemnly. “Senior Brother Yun Che, I’ve only met you once three months ago yet you’re willing to stand up for me and didn’t even hesitate to offend someone like Mu Yizhou… Phew, I’ll spare you from my words of appreciation for now. I don’t even know when I’ll be able to return this favor. If there is ever a time you need me, just say the word,” Feng Mo then forcefully hammered his chest, “and I’ll risk anything to help!”

“Forget about risking anything. Even a greater favor isn’t as important as your life, let alone something like this that barely took any effort. Go back and recuperate. When your injuries are healed, properly cultivate and aim for the top of Freezing Snow Hall… make them not dare to look down on us profound practitioners from the lower realms.”

“Haha, alright!” Feng Mo vigorously nodded, the blood in his entire body boiling.

When Feng Mo left, Mu Xiaolan began her lecture. “Yun Che!! Why do you never change!? Exercising the slightest bit of restraint would be good too. You nearly rushed straight into disaster yet again. If we didn’t happen to run into Senior Brother Hanyi, you would’ve been in big trouble… that’s Mu Yizhou, you know. The head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace! Haah!”

Mu Xiaolan’s sigh was filled with melancholy. When Yun Che arrived in the Snow Song Realm, aside from holing up in the Ice Phoenix Palace for three months, he had been outside for only two days. On the first day, he brought great turmoil to the Freezing Snow Main Hall and crippled Mu Fengshu’s nephew with an elbow. On the second day, he had directly smashed Mu Yizhou’s face, thoroughly offending him...

Mu Xiaolan was simply unable to imagine what kind of great trouble he was going to cause next.

“I get it, if worst comes to worst, I’ll just stay in the Ice Phoenix Palace and never go out,” Yun Che mumbled.

“I’m also your senior sister too but you never bother to listen to me. At least… at least come talk to me if something happens! You don’t recognize anyone here and don’t even know who you might encounter so how could you not get into trouble? Hmph, it’s fine if you get taught a lesson by someone but you’ll give master too much trouble!

Mu Xiaolan vented at Yun Che but then her tone of voice suddenly changed as she spoke in a small voice, “And I don’t even know why Senior Brother Hanyi went so far as to give you his sound transmission imprint.”

Envy filled the sound of her voice. Once she started talking about Mu Hanyi, Mu Xiaolan became somewhat excited, “Yun Che, you saw it too right? Senior Brother Hanyi really is super powerful, right!? The senior brothers and sisters that enter Ice Phoenix Divine Hall are mostly around fifty years old and most of them are directly related or branch successors of the Ice Phoenix bloodline. But Senior Brother Hanyi passed the divine hall examination around the age of twenty when he doesn’t have the Ice Phoenix bloodline. He hasn’t even reached thirty this year… Oh, I remember now. He’s like twenty seven or eight but his cultivation is already close to the middle stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm. He’s really is super powerful.”

“...” Yun Che clenched his fists. The Divine Tribulation Realm… it really was enviable!!

“But, even though Senior Brother Hanyi is that powerful, he’s so nice to everyone. He would never used his status to pressure anyone nor would he bully anyone. It’s just like what happened today, any other person would avoid it if they saw the situation but Senior Brother Hanyi would definitely step forth and do his best to resolve it. In the entire sect, whether it is the disciples or the elders, they all praise Senior Brother Hanyi. There is no one who doesn’t like him. To the disciples of the sect, being able to enter Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is a great honor. But some elders occasionally say that a disciple like Senior Brother Hanyi appearing in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is the sect’s fortune.”

“Oh, everyone praises him and no one doesn’t like him?” Yun Che tapped the tip of his nose and muttered, “This guy’s a bit scary.”

“Scary?” Yun Che’s voice was extremely low and he was just talking to himself but Mu Xiaolan still heard it loud and clear. She replied unhappily, “How could you use such a word to describe Senior Brother Hanyi. He saved you just now! Y-y-you… saying something like that about him is wrong.”

Mu Xiaolan’s reaction had no impact on Yun Che. He stated with a blank face, “The impression Mu Hanyi gives to others really is fabulous, it’s so good that it’s a bit unreal. The average person going to help someone they are familiar with and wanting to be friends with someone strong is extremely common. But when they’re unmasked, they wouldn’t bother to be nice to someone far weaker than themselves or would they resolve any grudges between then, nor would they give them pellets. This isn’t even by chance either, he had always been this way… that is not something the average person is able to do.”

“Of course!” Mu Xiaolan agreed. “That’s why Senior Brother Hanyi is so likeable.”

Yun Che continued, “Based on my own knowledge, only two kinds of people would do that. One kind could be said to be the tenth reincarnation of a kind person, a living Buddha that takes pity and has mercy on all living things. No matter who they face, whether it be the old, young, strong, weak, good or evil, they would have compassion for all of them. Even if they are well aware that the other party is a follower of extreme evil, they would definitely not leave them to die. Although this kind of person sounds extremely pedantic, they are qualified to be called a saint and it is really rare for such a saint to appear in this world. I have only met one such saint in my entire life.”

And that was his master Yun Gu.

“This kind of saint rejects evilness and massacre and would never have too strong of a desire in the mortal realm, so they wouldn’t really vigorously pursue the profound way. Even if they did cultivate, it would only be so they could strengthen their body in order to save more people. Mu Hanyi is so young yet his profound cultivation is this excessively high. This means that he is greatly pursuing the profound way, so… it is obvious that he is not that type of person.”

“Then what’s the second kind?” Mu Xiaolan subconsciously asked.

“The second kind,” Yun Che’s voice paused slightly as his brows also somewhat furrowed. “Is a person who has an extreme thirst for the top, a plotter who is as shrewd as the abyss. Everything they do is to gather the hearts of the people that would lead them to the top. This is because the support of the people always accompanies the top seat... and is the most powerful thing to rely on.”

Mu Xiaolan’s eyes widened and then she lightly scoffed, “What a weird fake reasoning. How could Senior Brother Hanyi be that kind of person. It’s fine if you’re not grateful but you actually make up this kind of fake reasoning to slander him… Hmph, I bet you’re just jealous.”

“...I really am jealous of him.” Yun Che said wryly. He was jealous that Mu Hanyi was in the Divine Tribulation Realm… He really wished he could quickly reach the Divine Tribulation Realm, even in his dreams! He wouldn’t even hesitate to shorten his lifespan by half if he was able to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm before the Profound God Convention.

“Hmph, it’s good that you admit it.” Mu Xiaolan lifted her nose. “But it’s not strange that you are jealous of Senior Brother Hanyi. After all, Senior Brother Hanyi’s cultivation is so high and he’s such a nice person and he’s also really good-looking. Oh, right, he’s even the prince of the Ice Wind Empire in the north. When he entered Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, his impressive innate talent caused Ice Wind Empire’s status in the Snow Song Realm to increase by a lot. If Senior Brother Hanyi wanted to inherit the throne, no one would be against it. Even the crown prince himself wouldn’t. But you know, Senior Brother Hanyi said that he never thought about wanting to inherit the throne. Instead, he said that he wanted to stay in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect forever.”

Oh? Born from a royal family? Yun Che inwardly speculated: Then it’s not surprising that he has a bone-deep elegance and aura. And it’s also no wonder that...

“Speaking of which, you can’t be secretly in love with him, right?” Yun Che asked rather earnestly as he glanced to his side. “He just happened to leave me a sound transmission imprint so I can help you play matchmaker, you know. Mn, Senior Sister Xiaolan is a great beauty. As long as you put in a bit of effort, Mu Hanyi shouldn’t reject you, right? Even if you can’t be his official wife, it’s not too shabby if you become the concubine of such a perfect man either.”

“...” Mu Xiaolan gaped. She then flushed red and said indignantly, “Y-you’re saying nonsense again! How could I…”

She turned her face to the side and snorted, “I am someone who has offered Master my entire life, I definitely don’t want some man.”

While saying that, Mu Xiaolan put her palms together. Longing surfaced on her face as she continued, “Just thinking about being able to spend my entire life accompanying Master makes me feel really blessed. But… my parents definitely wouldn’t approve of it. They might even one day make me marry someone.”

When she mentioned her parents, she looked a bit more emotional. Ever since she had entered Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, she had never seen her parents again, which made her miss them terribly.

Yun Che looked at her face for a short while without saying a single word… This little girl’s way of thinking was seriously dangerous.

“Besides, Senior Brother Hanyi already has someone he likes and I bet you’re the only one in the sect who doesn’t know about it,” Mu Xiaolan said in disdain.

“Someone he likes? Which means… he didn’t get her yet?” Yun Che was a bit curious. “This kind of perfect person actually has someone who doesn’t think much about him? She can’t be blind, right?”

“You’re saying nonsense again.” Mu Xiaolan glared at him with an expression she believed to be extremely powerful. “That person is Senior Sister Feixue. Senior Brother Hanyi is the entire sect’s most outstanding male disciple while Senior Sister Feixue is the sect’s most outstanding female disciple. Even though she entered the divine hall earlier than Senior Brother Hanyi and is several years younger than Senior Brother Hanyi, her cultivation is still higher than his.”

Someone younger than him with a higher cultivation, this would obviously crush Mu Hanyi.

“Senior Sister Feixue is also the granddaughter of the Great Elder, a direct successor to the Ice Phoenix bloodline. She’s also really really pretty, kind of like a goddess. Senior Sister Hanyi liking her isn’t odd at all. It’s just that Senior Sister Feixue probably will never like Senior Brother Hanyi and would… never marry anyone.”

“Why?” Yun Che asked with surprise.

“Ice type profound arts requires a calm mind. The higher the innate talent, the higher the cultivation, the calmer the heart. The most important thing is that Senior Sister Feixue is the same as Master, born with the Ice Phoenix bloodline. It’s fine if it’s a man but if it’s a woman born with the Ice Phoenix bloodline… if…” Mu Xiaolan’s face became unnatural. Then, she shook her head and forcibly summarized, “In short, if they get married, their cultivation would become really slow! This is why Master has never married anyone in her entire life.”

“...Then, the sect master, the Great Realm King… also has never married before?” Yun Che carefully asked.

“Obviously!” Mu Xiaolan answered, “There is no one in the entire Snow Song Realm who is worthy of the Great Realm King.”

“...” Yun Che was quiet for a long time.

He remembered that Mu Bingyun once said that the Snow Song Realm King had already reigned for more than ten thousand years.

This means that this Snow Song Realm King is more than ten thousand years old… and had never married anyone.

Whew! A ten thousand year old spinster… what a terrifying creature!

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