Chapter 979 - Demoness

Against the Gods

Chapter 979 - Demoness

“I’m not going to go anywhere during these seven days and will definitely properly maintain my best condition,” Mu Xiaolan answered, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“...” Yun Che’s brow furrowed as Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’s Sea of Death appeared in his mind. The Sea of Death came into existence because of the Golden Crow’s divine power and the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was birthed by the divine vein left behind by the Ice Phoenix. The two ought to be similar in terms of characteristics and since this was in the God Realm, the level of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was sure to surpass that of the Sea of Death.

And since he was able to absorb the Sea of Death’s power, then...

“Yun Che, could it be that you have other plans?” Mu Bingyun asked when she saw that Yun Che had yet to say a word.

“Oh, no.” Yun Che quickly regained his senses. “Senior Sister and I will properly prepare for this together.”

“Who the heck wants to be together with a troublemaker like you?” Mu Xiaolan snorted softly. Then, she couldn’t help but worry about it and warned, “You aren’t allowed to disturb me during these seven days and you aren’t allowed to go anywhere either! If you make any more trouble, I’m not going to take care of you.”

“I understand,” Yun Che powerlessly answered. Then, he muttered in his mind: When did I ever need you to take care of me? It’s usually just you coming over to meddle in my business.

“Master, between Senior Brother Hanyi and Senior Sister Feixue, who do you think the sect master will most likely choose?” Mu Xiaolan couldn’t help but ask with great curiosity. This was also what everyone in the entire sect wondered about during the last couple of years.

The person that the Realm King selected to become her direct inheriting disciple could only be either Mu Hanyi or Mu Feixue. There were no other disciples qualified enough to compare with them… this was the general consensus of the entire sect.

“We will know in seven days,” Mu Bingyun answered. “But I believe that there is a sixty percent chance for Hanyi to chosen and forty percent Feixue. A great majority also believe this.”

“Why?” Yun Che didn’t understand. “I heard Senior Sister Xiaolan say that Mu Feixue is younger than Mu Hanyi and her cultivation is much greater too. If that’s the case, then Mu Feixue’s innate talent ought to win against Mu Hanyi’s. Why is it Mu Hanyi who has a greater chance to be selected as a direct disciple?”

“Because Feixue has inherited the Ice Phoenix bloodline at birth,” Mu Bingyun explained. “Her cultivation being higher than Mu Hanyi is simply because of her bloodline advantage. If she didn’t have that, Hanyi should not be much weaker than Feixue. After becoming the Realm King’s direct disciple, one would receive a full drop of an Ice Phoenix origin blood so it doesn’t matter if one has the Ice Phoenix bloodline or not. To the Great Realm King, the most important factors are innate talent and comprehensive ability toward ice type laws.”

“With that, there shouldn’t be much of a difference between Hanyi and Feixue. However, Hanyi has two other advantages. The first, is that Mu Hanyi is male, so he will receive a greater benefit when inheriting the Ice Phoenix bloodline. Being able to have such an affinity for ice type laws is extremely rare in males. The second…”

“The second ought to be because more people want him to become the direct inheriting disciple, right?” Yun Che interrupted.

Mu Xiaolan fiercely glared at Yun Che with the posture of a senior sister, admonishing him to not interrupt their Master.

“Right.” Mu Bingyun lightly nodded. “Hanyi’s temperament is mild and elegant. He deeply respects his elders and is never arrogant toward his fellow sect members. If he ever encounters any injustice, he would always do his best to help out. As a result, he has an excellent reputation and prestige within the sect. In fact, his reputation has even spread outside the sect. As for the Feixue, she is naturally icily arrogant and wholeheartedly devotes her time to cultivation. She rarely leaves the divine hall and even among Ice Phoenix Palace disciples, few have rarely seen her before. Thus, Hanyi is in favor with the general public.”

“Oh.” Yun Che nodded and smirked a little.

Yun Che’s “extraneous” action did not escape Mu Bingyun’s eyes. She said softly, “When you are in the cultivation room, remember to leave a bit of consciousness to take note of any outside movements. In order to match the opening of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake seven days from now, this year’s Amorous Frost Dew will be granted ahead of schedule. A divine hall disciple will personally come within three days to deliver it. I will also have to cultivate in seclusion for a brief period of time during these days so I won’t be in the palace. You two must not miss it.”

“Yes, Master. I will pay attention to any outside movements. Mu Xiaolan grew excited once more when the Amorous Frost Dew was mentioned.

“Amorous Frost Dew?” Yun Che asked.

“I knew that you’d ask about it,” Mu Xiaolan said pretentiously. “The Amorous Frost Dew is a kind of precious spirit liquid produced by the Amorous Grass. It is a dewdrop that will not solidify no matter how strong of a cold energy it is exposed to. You can drink it no matter how low of a profound strength you possess and it won’t harm your profound veins or body. In the following three days after consumption, it will cleanse your marrow and meridians. Even though it doesn’t boost your profound strength, it can permanently increase your body and profound vein’s affinity toward ice profound energy. Ice Phoenix Palace disciples like us can only receive one once a year. You being able to receive one in just three months is just too lucky.”

“Oh.” Yun Che nodded. Increase affinity toward the ice element… Do I really need that sort of thing!?

Mu Xiaolan didn’t notice Yun Che’s lack of interest and continued, “Since the Amorous Frost Dew is too precious and needs a really strong profound strength to keep its spiritual energy from leaking, it’s always an Ice Phoenix Divine Hall disciple who comes over to personally deliver it to each Ice Phoenix Palace. This is also a rare chance where we can see our senior brothers and sisters from the divine hall!”

“Won’t we be able to see them in just seven days?” Yun Che asked dully.

His comment instantly made Mu Xiaolan not want to talk to him anymore.

“When you obtain the Amorous Frost Dew, remember to immediately consume it. Otherwise, once the seal is released, its spiritual energy will quickly dissipate.” Mu Bingyin said this mainly so Yun Che could hear it. “You two can go now.”

“Yes, Master.”

Mu Xiaolan pulled Yun Che down to make a deep salute at Mu Bingyun and then they entered Ice Phoenix Palace together.

Mu Bingyun stood there for a long time before she slowly turned around to look in the direction where Yun Che’s figure disappeared to, a deep complexity flickering in her snowy eyes.

When Yun Che forcibly consumed the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet in order to greatly increase his profound strength, she had warned Yun Che to not forcibly cultivate until his profound strength had stabilized or else he would suffer backlash. However, his profound strength was currently in the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. This meant that not only did he not listen to her admonishment and stabilize his profound strength, he made the silly and mad choice of forcibly cultivating instead. There was no other way he could've possibly increased his realm by that much.


In a short three months of time, he traversed through half a great realm within the Sovereign Profound Realm. When she had probed him earlier, Yun Che's profound energy was actually immeasurably secure, without any holes of impatience at all.

She had personally seen the instantaneous eruption of profound energy and speed he had exhibited when he faced Mu Yizhou and Mu Luoqiu. It was obviously just an increase within the Sovereign Profound Realm but the power that erupted from him seemed even more likely to have traversed through half a great real within the Divine Origin Realm compared to three months ago.

Although he was born from the lower realms, his body exhibited such an oddity she had never heard of before even in the God Realm, even based on her level of altitude and experience.

Yun Che, the person the Sky Poison Pearl recognized as its master, what exactly...

“It seems like I really have to tell elder sister about him,” Mu Bingyun muttered. Then, her celestial figure swayed and her snowy clothes fluttered before she disappeared within the endless flying snow.

Mu Bingyun’s description of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and Mu Xiaolan’s abnormal excitement was enough to tell him that entering the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was bound to be immensely beneficial. Yun Che, who was currently pursuing profound power right now naturally wouldn’t allow himself to miss it.

Thus, after he entered the cultivation room, Yun Che no longer continued his previous life risking cultivation method. Instead, he listened to Mu Bingyun’s instructions and focused on gathering energy.

Time quietly flowed by and the entire Ice Phoenix City was much quieter than it normally was. All the disciples of the Ice Phoenix Palaces that had been chosen entered into a meditative state in order for the extremely rare, to the point where it may never happen a second time, opportunity that would happen in seven days.

In the afternoon of the third day, a current of frost aura flowed toward the main hall of the Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace. Even though it had only flashed by, it caused Yun Che, who was still in his cultivation room, to open his eyes.

This aura… could the divine hall disciple who came to deliver the “Amorous Frost Dew” have arrived?

He didn’t immediately get up and instead closed his eyes again. But after a short while, he still had yet to hear Mu Xiaolan leave her cultivation room. She had most likely completely blocked her five senses unconsciously within her meditative state. He could only get up and helplessly grumble, “As expected, that little girl is not reliable at all. Forget it, I’ll go get it.”

He pushed open the doors of the cultivation room and headed for the main hall. Just as his gaze shifted over to an ice pillar, it was as though his entire body got frozen as he stood stunned in place.

The main hall of the ice phoenix palace was filled with all sorts of gorgeous ice crystals. Wisps of gentle light spilled in from two ice windows at the sides. An ice chair sculpted in the image of a gorgeous ice phoenix sat beneath the window and a fantastical figure was leaning sideways on it right now. Her sitting posture was lazy and casual; it was as if she was sitting inside on a fragrant couch of her own chamber. She was clad in a snow white dress and the hem of her skirt was pulled a little upwards due to her sitting posture to reveal a bit of ankle. Her ankle looked soft, silky and so flexible it might as well be boneless. It was plump enough that it looked like it was covered in a layer of snow.

Her long hair stretched all the way to her waist and it had a kind of icy color that he had never seen before in his life. It wasn’t pure white but a lustrous white that was freckled with icy crystals and gleaming with a bit of light blue. Her hair was dazzlingly beautiful beneath the sunlight.

When Yun Che saw her, she had already directed her gaze to Yun Che.

There were very, very few girls in this world that could stun him temporarily in this world and he himself had thought that such a woman no longer existed at all. However, the woman before him had stupefied him for a very, very long time.

Mu Bingyun herself had an exquisite countenance already but the woman before him was somehow even prettier than her. Mu Bingyun was cold and indifferent to the brim. She was as beautiful as a painted immortal but no one could feel even a hint of lust towards her when they faced her. However, this woman stood at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The beautiful face that entered Yun Che’s eyes wasn’t just an exquisite countenance that could topple countries to their knees by appearance alone. The slightly slanted crescent brows and the misty eyes that were staring at Yun Che contained the power to bewitch the soul. Her slightly curled lips made her look like she was wearing a faint smile and the light pink color of her lips was even more gentle and beautiful than a blooming flower. It contained an indescribable charm that not even a sea of flowers could ever exude.

Her snowlike skin was untainted by even a speck of dust and she seemed to glow with a holy splendor. But it was that bit of faint pink seeping through her cheeks that adorned her beauty with a stifling amount of charm.

Her countenance wasn’t the only that was amazing; her figure was alluring in the extreme. There wasn’t a girl he had seen in his life that even came close to having her figure. A snow colored ribbon was tied around her willow-thin waist but the snow robes covering her chest looked so round and full it was as if something would burst out of its trappings at any moment. The buttocks beneath her slim waist were only rounder and firmer. Although she was obviously in a sitting posture, her curves were such that it was if the devil had drawn them into existence himself.

Her entire body was dripping with a kind of allure and charm that ate away at both bones and souls. She looked like a succubus that had been sent over to bewitch humanity by the demon race. Yun Che was just staring at her from afar but at this moment he had actually forgotten to move his legs at all. A ferocious hot stream was flowing out of control inside his body… But thankfully, he forced himself to wakefulness with his extraordinary willpower and did his best to suppress the hot stream that threatened to burst out of his body.

This fairy… no, was she the disciple who came to deliver the Amorous Frost Dew?

He didn’t think that she would be a female and… and...

To think that a female disciple with a beauty that could destroy an entire nation actually existed in the divine hall!

Actually, he should change that description. To think that such a soul bewitching fairy would actually exist in this world!

The Divine Ice Phoenix Sect disciples all cultivated the profound art of ice, so the majority of them should be cold-hearted and proud… was she really a member of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect?

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