Chapter 99 - A Game of Life and Death

Against the Gods

Chapter 99 - A Game of Life and Death

A giant white eagle and a huge black hawk swept through the sky respectively as if streaks of white and black lightning; it caused countless pedestrians to stop and look one after another as they tried to guess what exactly those high level profound beasts were. But right after, the hawk and eagle flew increasingly further and higher and very quickly, completely vanished above the clouds

“Little Snow! A bit higher!”

The Giant Snow Eagle’s entire body was as white as snow; Lan Xueruo had hoped that after it flew above the clouds, they could hide their silhouettes with the cloud’s help. But Yun Che understood very clearly, that this may have worked if it were some other type of flying profound beast that chased behind them; however, what was behind him just happened to be a hawk. Hawks were the true rulers of the sky, and there was nothing that could escape the eyes of a hawk.

The Giant Snow Eagle flew higher and higher, and had passed through countless layers of clouds. However, the Fierce Storm Hawk still chased relentlessly. The Giant Snow Eagle could fly very high, enough to reach an attitude of five thousand meters; but in terms the altitude of flight, it was far from being able to be compared with the hawks. A ordinary adult hawk could already fly to the altitude of ten thousand meters, let alone a Spirit Profound ranked Fierce Storm Hawk.

Fortunately, in terms of the flight speed, the Giant Snow Eagle wasn’t inferior to the Fierce Storm Hawk; even though it followed behind closely, the distance remained consistently the same. The Giant Snow Eagle had no way of throwing the Fierce Storm Hawk off its tail, but the Fierce Storm Hawk couldn’t catch up to the Giant Snow Eagle anytime soon either. However, the Giant Snow Eagle’s rank, after all, was lower than that of the Fierce Storm Hawk’s; for the Fierce Storm Hawk to catch up with the Giant Snow Eagle, it was only a matter of time.

“According to what I know, this Fierce Storm Hawk was captured alive by the Xiao Sect a few years ago. It doesn’t seem to have been fully tamed yet, and is not some contracted profound beast either, and there are risks of it escaping if it were released. So unless it was some imperative matter, they simply would not release this Fierce Storm Hawk…. Junior Brother Yun, what exactly did you do to Xiao Sect?” Lan Xueruo asked nervously as she tightly clutched the Giant Snow Eagle’s plume.

The sound of the wind howled like the rumbling of thunder. Facing Lan Xueruo’s question, Yun Che hesitated a little, and answered truthfully: “It’s okay if you choose to not believe what I’m about to say… I completely crippled Xiao Luocheng, and made them lose six hundred thousand purple profound coins for naught….” Yun Che slightly paused, but nevertheless, chose a way of wording that was easier for others to swallow: “I also thoroughly destroyed their sect’s treasury.”

“Ah!” Lan Xueruo’s opened her beautiful eyes into a round shape; her lips were wide open as she looked at him dumbfounded, as if she was looking at a monstrosity.

“I swear by my appearance that these are all true.” Yun Che helplessly said.

“...” Lan Xueruo was speechless for a long time. She didn’t doubt Yun Che’s words; she was certain that based on her view of Yun Che’s nature, he fundamentally wouldn’t use such ridiculous words to fool her in this kind of situation.Yet, it was exactly because she didn’t doubt Yun Che’s words, that she was immensely shocked and frightened inside her heart. What shocked her was that Yun Che, who was a youth at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, was actually able to bring such a disaster to New Moon city’s largest sect all by himself; this was something utterly unimaginable. What frightened her… Was that crippling Xiao Luocheng and losing six hundred thousand purple profound coins could already amount to a deep hatred; but to destroy the sect’s treasury…. It would be more than just deep hatred! This kind of hatred was enough to last through hundreds of generations and thousands of autumns!

If Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect didn’t want to chop Yun Che’s corpse into tens of thousands of pieces at all cost, even she would think of that as odd.

It was no wonder that in order to chase him down, Xiao Sect had even released the Fierce Storm Hawk.

Lan Xueruo was originally considering whether if she should stop this pointless escape and reveal her identity, which would absolutely be enough to assure Yun Che’s safety. But after listening to Yun Che’s words, she tossed this idea away altogether. Based on what Yun Che had done, if he was to fall into the Xiao Sect’s hands, let alone herself, she wouldn’t be able to save him even if she made use of her father.

Looking at Lan Xueruo’s reaction, Yun Che said somewhat guiltily: “Senior Sister Xueruo, sorry, I’ve burdened you.”

Lan Xueruo lightly shook her head: “This is my own choice, there isn't anything that could be considered a burden.” She gently smiled and comforted him: “Also, Senior Sister protecting a cute Junior Brother, is a matter of course without saying.”

“It’s too early to say you are burdening me, for it is still not certain that we can’t escape. Perhaps they’ll stop chasing us after awhile. Or maybe… that Fierce Storm Hawk would suddenly become disobedient and fly in a different direction elsewhere; that’s all possible… Little Snow, fly a little faster!”

When hearing Lan Xueruo’s words, some complexity flashed though Yun Che’s expression. As Lan Xueruo spoke these words, he didn’t discover the slightest hint of regret, deceit, and impurity from the depths of her eyes.

He didn’t like to be in debt to other people but this time, he was doubtlessly indebted to her. He owed her his life, or perhaps, some sort of emotion….

“Speaking of which, Junior Brother Yun, how did you manage to infiltrate into the Xiao Sect anyways? And how did you devastate them to this extent? Is it alright for you tell me?”

Naturally, the current state of Lan Xueruo’s heart was terribly anxious. However, her eyes revealed an extremely pure curiosity as she spoke and made Yun Che, who had originally wanted to conceal everything, incapable of refusing. He thought for a bit, and narrated to her: “Long long ago, I had a Master. I learned some medical skills from Master, and in them included the art of disguise. Xiao Luocheng was gravely injured by me, and the sect would surely search for doctors everywhere in the city. Therefore, I disguised as a middle-aged doctor…. And infiltrated the Xiao Sect…”

Yun Che was naturally very eloquent in his speech and vividly recited what had happened during these few days in Xiao Sect to Lan Xueruo. Of course, he didn’t mention matters like the Emperor Profound Dragon Core; that, he couldn’t let others know. The entire descriptive process was undoubtedly fantastic; it caused Lan Xueruo to, at times, open her pink lips wide, at times laugh as she covered her mouth, and at times have a face of shock…. Especially when she heard that he was mistaken as an unrivaled doctor, as well as Xiao Luocheng kowtowing to him as his godgrandfather. She promptly laughed while holding her stomach to the point of tears squeezing out of the corner of her eyes… The entire time, it was as if she had forgotten that they were currently in a dangerous situation.

Two hours passed, four hours passed….

The sky had already darkened. As four hours and hundreds of kilometers were passed in the howling sound of the wind, Yun Che and Lan Xueruo’s ears were close to being deafened. They already did not know where they currently were located. Each time they turned their heads back for a countless number times, they still could clearly see the Black Hawk’s silhouette each and every time.

“This is bad! They’ve almost caught up! Little Snow, fly a little faster. Little Snow!!”

Yun Che turned his head around and was shocked to find that the Fierce Storm Hawk behind them had closed in from over a thousand meters to less than three hundred meters. Sitting on the Giant Snow Eagle’s back, Yun Che clearly felt its body cramping…. To a True Profound Beast, flying on full throttle for four hours was already near miraculous. If it wasn’t Lan Xueruo’s contracted profound beast and possessed absolute loyalty to Lan Xueruo, persisting to this extent would simply be impossible.

Yet the Fierce Storm Haw’s rank advantage was clearly displayed at this time. Its speed of flight barely had the slightest trace of declining. The occasional hawk’s cries that came from it was full of energy, and resounded through heaven and earth.

“Senior Sister, don’t force it anymore. Its strength is already exhausted and if this keeps up, its lifespan will be directly damaged.”

As the Giant Snow Eagle’s master, Lan Xueruo understood its current condition better than Yun Che. She bit her lips and tightly gripped both of her fists.

The Giant Snow Eagle’s body spasms became more and more severe; even its posture was no longer stable. It started to falter and sway, and the speed even more so became increasingly slower. The Fierce Storm Hawk behind them progressively shortened the distance and at this time, a hideous voice came from behind them: “Little bastard, to actually make this daddy here chase for so long! This time, let’s see where else you can run!!”

Yun Che turned around all of a sudden and only now discovered that the Fierce Storm Eagle had already caught up to within hundred meters. The Fierce Storm Hawk’s entire appearance, as well as the silhouette that stood on it’s back was in clear view… It was undoubtedly Xiao Zaihe!

“Senior Sister, let Little Snow fly downwards at once, we should prepa-...”

As Yun Che spoke halfway, he suddenly stopped; because in that earlier instant, an extremely dangerous feeling came from behind him. He turned his head around almost as quick lightning, and with a single glance, saw the oddly shaped weapon held by the Xiao Zaihe who was standing atop the Fierce Storm Hawk’s back.

That is….

Poison Fire Rod!!

Xiao Zaihe actually possessed a Poison Fire Rod!

Before he could even react, he already saw a flicker of fire suddenly burst out of the Poison Fire Rod… Instantaneously, a line of lethally dangerous aura flew toward them with a speed faster than sound. It originally was supposed to fly toward Yun Che, but under the violent air current, it underwent a slight degree of offset, and flew straight toward Lan Xueruo’s chest.

“Senior Sister careful!!”

Lan Xueruo, who was still turning her head around, completely did not notice the fatal danger closing in. When she finally noticed it, she already couldn’t react in time at all…. In her enlarged pupils, a pitch-black object increasingly became closer; and right after, it was solidly blocked by Yun Che’s body that swooped in front of her...


A huge hole opened on Yun Che’s shoulder and blood splattered everywhere. Even though he avoided any vitals, he still underestimated the Poison Fire Rod’s power; the instant he was hit by the Poison Fire Rod, he had almost heard the hideous cackle of the Grim Reaper.

"Junior… Junior Brother Yun!!”

Lan Xueruo’s body froze in place. Only when she saw Yun Che’s shoulder that had been instantly dyed red by blood, did she finally let out a terrified cry and panically supported his body that was slowly toppling over.

“Senior Sister…” He could bear the severe pain from the wound but under the heavy shot his mind scattered, and made him feel as if he was incapable of supporting himself. With a ghastly face, he said with difficulty while biting the tips of his tongue: “That is… the Poison Fire Rod, it has an acute poison… If hit… inevitable death.… Hold me… and jump down…. Jumping down… we may die…. But if we don’t jump… we’ll definitely die…”

Acute poison?

Looking at Yun Che’s bloody and mutilated shoulder made the inside of Lan Xueruo’s heart violently tremble. She nodded with misty eyes and tightly hugged Yun Che’s body: “Very well…. Let us jump.”

At this moment, in the face of the Yun Che who blocked for her with his life, she still chose to follow blindly even when faced against the high altitude of a few thousand meters. She hugged Yun Che and stood up on the Giant Snow Eagle’s back. Looking at the vast land underneath, she softly whispered: “Little Snow, you’ve worked hard… Come back and rest well.”

As her voice faded, the mark on her hand flashed. With a long cry, the Giant Snow Eagle’s gigantic body disappeared within the white light.

Yun Che and Lan Xueruo’s bodies also fell straight down as they plummeted toward the vast unknown below them.

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