Chapter 994 - Weak Point

Against the Gods

Chapter 994 - Weak Point

Yun Che left but the slight turmoil on the lake’s bottom didn’t calm for a long while.

Even if it were a divine being, they would not be able to completely digest an enormous recollection in a short period of time, let alone be completely thorough. The girl in the cold vein was still silent as her consciousness completely immersed itself into Yun Che’s memories.

The Heretic God… why would he have darkness profound energy?

Was it related to the fact that he had united with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor? Or...

The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword?

Heaven Smiting?

Devil Slayer?

Heaven Smiting—a name which came from the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. The Heaven Smiting Devil Clan beneath the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor were the only devils which could transform into swords. The swords they transformed into were known as Heaven Smiting Devil Swords. As for the sword the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor transformed into… it was called the Heaven Smiting Devil God Sword which possessed an extremely dark sword light.

Devil Slayer—this was the name of the swords the Sword Spirit God Clan transformed into. Devil Slayer Swords were the terror of many devils. When the war between the gods and devils began, the Sword Spirit God Clan was the first to be annihilated by the devil race. Furthermore, if I recall correctly, the sword that the clan master of the Sword Spirit God Clan transformed into was called the Holy Spirit Devil Slayer Sword which possessed a bright sword light.

In the battle against the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, the restraint it had over darkness devil power… had obviously reached the level of the Holy Spirit Devil Slayer Sword!

As for the enormous amount of suppression it had toward the devil soul… only the Heaven Smiting Devil God Sword which the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor transformed into was able to do that!

Even if Yun Che had used all his power back then, both his profound strength and soul power didn’t even reach half of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s. The reason why he was able to exterminate the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was simply because of the scope of the extraordinary power and soul suppression it possessed.

Such an existence which obviously opposed and restricted to such an extreme… why would it also appear on another sword? The sword light was even a strange vermillion color… That profound ark did indeed belong to the Sword Spirit Clan but that girl named Hong’er had a “heaven smiting” attribute. Was she really the daughter of the Sword Spirit God Clan?

Wait! I remember that profound ark was the one that the Heretic God bestowed upon the Sword Spirit God Clan that could change its independent space and could travel through dimensions. It was made by the Heretic God using the World Piercer.

The Azure Cloud Continent… Cloud’s End Cliff… the dark abyss...

Those ancient devil beasts...

And… that girl who only had one fourth of a soul...


The Dragon God said that it sealed its daughter inside the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword… So the rumors about the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword last appearing in the Dragon God Clan was true. If that’s the case, then the Dragon God Clan throwing it into the Well of Samsara after facing the devil race’s suppression must be true as well… But why would it seal its own daughter into the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword? It is a holy sword that’s hard to meddle with. Even if it was the Dragon God, sealing its own daughter’s soul inside would require a huge price...

Wait! Well of Samsara!?

Could it be...


Too much incomprehensible information was within Yun Che’s memories. She fused the information with her own ancient memories and slowly pondered in silence for a very long time, searching through them...


The speed in which Yun Che went upward against the waters was a bit faster than his descent. This was because he had accidentally encountered the surviving Ice Phoenix’s true body and stayed on the lake’s bottom for a period of time. This made him a bit tense as he rapidly thought about what he was going to say next.

When the lakewater split open, Yun Che flew up from within the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and then was stunned.

The Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was calm and peaceful… and absolutely empty. After looking all around him, he realized he didn’t see a single person.

Ice Phoenix Palace and Ice Phoenix Divine Hall’s total of more than five thousand people had all disappeared!

Yun Che reached out a hand and pressed it on his forehead… Even though he had directly dove to the lake’s very bottom, not even fifteen minutes had passed since he went into the water. The time it took him was not much longer than Mu Hanyi’s. How was it possible that there wasn’t a single person in sight?

He suddenly thought back to when his consciousness had gone blank when the Ice Phoenix was reading his memories… Could it be that many hours had passed during his blank state? Or many days? That couldn’t be right! With the Ice Phoenix’s strong soul power, reading memories shouldn’t take that long...

“Hmph, you’ve actually come out this fast. It seems like you are not as bold as this king had imagined.”

What was obviously the normal voice of a woman actually exploded like many claps of thunder within Yun Che’s heart. Yun Che lifted his head, lightning quick… in the skies above was an enormous Frost Dragon covered in cold energy. Its huge wings were spread open, hiding the horizon.

Above the dragon head, through the icy mist, was terrifying silhouette that released an frightening, almighty suppression.

“Sect… Master!”

Yun Che shouted before his entire body stiffened in place. He was no longer able to say anything else after that.

What a terrifying pressure...

Beneath the Snow Song Realm King’s suppression, all of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s elders, palace masters and top disciples would become quiet in fear. He was now in front of the Snow Song Realm King alone and he had never experienced this strong of a pressure in his entire life...

It was a feeling as though his body, bones and even soul could be ground into fine powder at any time.

This kind of suppression was definitely not something she was releasing intentionally; it was merely her most natural state… it was because she was in the Divine Master Realm, an existence that was at the top even in the God Realm.

Powerful to the point that she could be a Realm King of an upper star realm!

“It truly is astonishing. This king can only dive to a depth of twenty three thousand feet, yet you are actually able to dive to a depth that this king is unable to perceive. Hmph, have you prepared your explanation as to how you have done that?”

The Snow Song Realm King’s voice was cold yet ordinary. Yun Che secretly sucked in a small breath, about to utter the excuse he had prepared beforehand... But before he had yet to speak, he was interrupted by the Snow Song Realm King.

“Are you going to tell this king that you also don’t know why, while stressing that you originally didn’t even dare to soak in the Heavenly Netherrost Lake? So this king would think that you have a special frost constitution and innate talent that you yourself do not know about?

Yun Che’s open mouth immediately froze… because what the Snow Song Realm King said and what he was about to say was exactly the same!!

“Of those who dare lie to this king, they are usually dead or in a living hell. Yet you…” The Snow Song Realm King’s voice suddenly lowered. “You are someone who bares the ancient Heretic God power. It’s too pitiful if I kill you just like that.”

As though he had been struck by lightning, Yun Che’s vision exploded—

What did she say?

Heretic… God!?

No way! Impossible! The Heretic God’s power… Aside from him, Jasmine and those ancient divine beings, no one else should know about it! Even though the Snow Song Realm King was terrifyingly powerful, she was still human… how could she possibly know that he possessed the power of the Heretic God?

Was it be hearing wrong or...

Yun Che raised his head. Even though he did his best to appear calm, his actions were still somewhat stiff. “Sect Master, I… don’t really understand what you just said.”

“Don’t understand?” The Snow Song Realm King sneered, “You are the one who personally told me that you possess the Heretic God’s inheritance and now you’re telling me that you don’t understand? Heh, you think this king is as stupid as you!?”

Yun Che was completely stumped in place. 

I… told her personally!?

How was that possible! The Heretic God’s inheritance is the greatest secret in my body, how is it possible for me to tell anyone about it!?

“You don’t need to think about making any other excuses. This king will just tell you right now!”

Yun Che, “...”

The Snow Song Realm King said with a heavy voice. “Unless you have the legendary law transcending ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’, my sect’s highest profound art, the 《Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon》, requires the power of the Ice Phoenix as foundation for one to cultivate it. Yet you, without the soul or blood of the Ice Phoenix, was able to cultivate it to the sixth stage. This is in no way ordinary.

“Not only have you successfully cultivated the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, you also possess the flame power of the Phoenix and Golden Crow and you can also use them simultaneously. This is also definitely not ordinary.

“...” Yun Che listened carefully… It seemed that Mu Bingyun had already told her everything about him. But linking him with the “Heretic God” with just those was impossible. Where in the world did he go wrong?

“On the first day that you arrived on the Snow Song Relam, you defeated a profound practitioner in the divine way with profound strength that had yet to enter the divine way. This was not the doing of any ordinary profound strength.

“When you made a breakthrough here previously, the cold energy in this place couldn’t harm you at all when you were in a state where all the profound energy in your body had scattered. Instead, you only used a few hours to completely break through into the divine way and the instant you broke through, all the ice spirits were attracted over… Such a thing is impossible unless you have elemental powers beyond comprehension.

“And this point was proven when you dove tens of thousands of feet into the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.”

The Snow Song Realm King’s tone shifted yet again, becoming even more shocking. “If it’s only these things, saying that your innate talent was extraordinary would obviously suffice and no one would ever associate it with the ‘Heretic God’. After all, a person with extraordinary talent always appeared in every era. Even though it is rare to combine two or three divine powers, combining different types of profound energy is even more rare… The most important point is that a Creation God’s inheritance has never appeared in this world, so no one would ever associate your power with the Creation God level’s Heretic God.

“But you just had to be reckless and reveal Star God’s Broken Shadow!”

Yun Che fiercely raised his head, his mind shakened… In that instant, he had suddenly realized something.

“Do you know why Star God’s Broken Shadow is called Star God’s Broken Shadow? It is because it is a Star God technique that only the twelve star gods of the Star God Realm can cultivate. The only people who are able to teach you how to use Star God’s Broken Shadow are the twelve star gods!

“And the reason why you have come to the God Realm is to find the Heavenly Slaughter Star God!

“There was a rumor eight years ago that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God had obtained some kind of Heretic God inheritance in the Southern Divine Region. But then she had perished after being infected by the Absolute God Slaying Poison.... This isn’t a secret that only a few know about but something that shook the entire God Realm at that time! Everyone in the God Realm knew about it!”

Yun Che gaped and was speechless for a long time.

“You did not hesitate to risk danger to come here in order to see the Heavenly Slaughter Star God one more time, which means that you two must’ve had an extremely deep relationship. This kind of relationship definitely cannot be born overnight. In that case, when the Heavenly Slaughter Star God disappeared eight years ago, she must have been together with you. Then that, combined with your abnormal profound strength and mastery of the elements, added to the fact that the Heretic God was once called the Creation God of Elements, added to the rumors about the Heavenly Slaughter Star God having obtained some kind of Heretic God inheritance…

“This king can easily surmise that you possess the Heretic God’s inheritance!

“If your Star God’s Broken Shadow were to be revealed before anyone else, it is extremely possible that someone would investigate. If it were to be spread to the Star God Realm, they would definitely look into which star god had taught you it. If they found out that you and the Heavenly Slaughter Star God were connected, then link that with your abnormal profound strength and mastery of the elements—if this king can guess it right, there’s no reason they wouldn’t!

“And it’s not just the Heretic God power, it is even possible for them to guess that you possess the Sky Poison Pearl! Because the poison the Heavenly Slaughter Star God had been infected with at that time was the Absolute God Slaying Poison!

“By then, how do you think you will end up? How do you think the planet you came from would end up?”

“Sss…” Yun Che’s forehead dripped with cold sweat.


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