Chapter 998 - Flame God Realm’s Three Sect Masters

Against the Gods

Chapter 998 - Flame God Realm’s Three Sect Masters

With less than an hour left to the start of the Great Sect Assembly, Yun Che finally set off with Mu Bingyun from the Ice Phoenix Palace. Mu Xiaolan naturally followed behind them.

They flew past the Ice Phoenix City Region, in a straight line toward the north. As they were approaching the Sacred Hall region, a figure was also flying in the same direction behind them.

Seeing Yun Che, the figure stopped for an instant before immediately accelerating and arriving before them.

Dressed fully in white, he looked charming and his entire body emitted an elegant aura; it was Mu Hanyi.

“Palace Master Bingyun, Junior Sister Xiaolan, and Junior Brother Yun Che… Oh no,” Mu Hanyi laughed as he shook his head, “From today onward, I should call you Senior Brother Yun Che.”

Mu Bingyun nodded, Mu Xiaolan returned the greeting while Yun Che laughed and said, “Senior Brother Hanyi is too kind. I’m younger than Senior Brother Hanyi and also entered the sect much later, I really can’t accept the title of senior. Why is Senior Brother Hanyi alone today?”

“Previously, I was discussing some trivial things with my royal brother through sound transmission, hence the delays.” Mu Hanyi casually explained, before sincerely adding, “I have yet to congratulate Junior Brother Yun Che for becoming Sect Master’s direct disciple. Regarding this, I’m quite ashamed. That day, after losing to Junior Brother Yun Che, the shock I received was too great and I remained in a listless and confused state for countless days. It was only a few days back that I snapped out of it. Now that I think about it, although Junior Brother Yun Che’s cultivation level is still low, based on talent, simply being able to dive thousands of kilometers inside the heavenly lake… it is probably not an exaggeration to say that you are unparalleled and will also never be matched in the future. It is something that Hanyi can never hope to compete with. Losing was also only natural. It’s just that… I hope that it was not too laughable to you when I blurted out about giving you an eighty percent handicap that day.”

“What is Senior Brother Hanyi saying?” Yun Che smiled gently and replied, “In the future, I still need to rely on Senior Brother Hanyi’s guidance within the sect.”

Mu Hanyi laughed as he shook his head. He raised his hands to bid farewell and just as he was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh, in another fifteen days, it will be Hanyi’s royal father’s thousand year birthday. Since Junior Brother Yun Che will be by Sect Master’s side often from now onwards, if there’s free time, could you kindly inform Sect Master about it?”

“Alright, I understand.” Yun Che nodded, “I will find a suitable opportunity to let Sect Master know about this.”

Judging from Mu Hanyi’s look, he obviously would not expect the stately Snow Song Realm King to attend his royal father’s thousand year birthday celebration. He had merely wanted to convey the message out of respect.

“Hanyi shall take his leave. I long to see Junior Brother Yun Che’s grace at the Great Sect Assembly later.”

Mu Hanyi paid his respects and flew towards the Sacred Hall.

Yun Che, along with the other two, also began flying towards the Sacred Hall. Suddenly, Mu Bingyun asked, “Yun Che, how do you find Hanyi as a person?”

Yun Che turned, thought for a while and replied, “Based on what I know, he should have very firm obsession about becoming the direct disciple and he should have been very confident. However, one week ago, he was only one step away from success and the reason that he failed was me… In a mere seven days, not only has he calmly accepted it, he showed no enmity when facing me and even approached on his own to greet..."

“Honestly speaking, if it were me, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“That’s right, Senior Hanyi is really a good person.” Mu Xiaolan nodded.

Mu Bingyun glanced at Mu Xiaolan before changing the topic, “Actually, seven days ago in the Netherfrost Heavenly Lake, the battle of ice spirits between Mu Hanyi and Mu Feixue, the winner should have been Mu Feixue.”

“Ahh?” Mu Xiaolan's mouth turned agape in shock.

“...Does that mean that Sect Master was manipulating the results in the dark?” Yun Che asked in shock. With the strength of the sect master, if she wanted to manipulate the results, it would not take any effort on her part. Furthermore, she could do it without it being detected.

“That’s indeed the truth.” Mu Bingyun nodded, “In terms of talent, Mu Feixue definitely beats Mu Hanyi by a little. However, Mu Hanyi’s personality… without considering the good or evil, is indeed better to be the direct disciple.”

“...” Yun Che remained silent but did not feel shock.

“However, unexpectedly, due to the turn of events, you were actually selected.” Mu Bingyun stared quietly before sighing lightly, “Although Sect Master knew that your physique was special from the start, you were still someone who belonged to the lower realms. You’ll still return in a few years whether or not you have achieved your objective. Since you didn’t plan to stay in the Snow Song Realm, there wasn’t any thought regarding making you a direct disciple. However… this is perhaps fate.”

“Furthermore, I felt that her eventual change of plans to go according to this ‘turn of events’ was most importantly not because of your physique but because of your guts in facing the palace masters and elders and even in rebutting her.”

“That… shouldn’t be it?” Yun Che muttered, before mocking himself, “You can say it’s guts… but without sufficient strength backing it, it is still foolishness that does not know death. Sect Master still scolded me twice.”

Mu Bingyun shook her head but she did not explain. “Looks like I don’t have to remind you regarding Mu Hanyi. However, regarding Feixue, she’s the most suitable for you.”

“Eh? Most suitable for me? What does that mean?” Yun Che was stunned.

“You should know in a few days.” Mu Bingyun revealed a very faint smile.

Yun Che, “???”

“Master, after Yun Che become Sect Master’s direct disciple, will it be… very hard to meet him?” Mu Xiaolan suddenly asked softly.

“Mn.” Mu Bingyun gently nodded, “From today onward, Yun Che will stay in the Sacred Hall with the Sect Master. It should be very difficult to see him again.”

“Oh.” Mu Xiaolan uttered before looking down again.”

“Ehh? Senior Sister Xiaolan~ lan~, could it be… that you miss me?” Yun Che leaned towards her and asked cheekily.

“Who… who’s going to miss you!?” Mu Xiaolan frantically stepped back and replied anxiously, “After you leave I can accompany Master alone. I’m overjoyed. Hmph!”

“Oh…” Yun Che let out a sigh with a disappointed expression, “Alright, alright. I had originally planned to come back to the Ice Phoenix Palace often to look around but since you hate me so much, it’s best for me to not come back uninvited.”

“You… you coming back to see master is natural, I… can’t stop you anyways.” Mu Xiaolan’s voice weakened immediately.

Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall, ten in the morning. Following the long cry of the enormous Frost Dragon, the Snow Song Realm King descended from the skies and sat on her sacred throne, officially starting the Great Sect Assembly.

The high ranked were all present, the middle ranked took nearly half the hall and millions of disciples were present. The entire Sacred Hall Arena was filled with an ocean vast Ice Cold aura. However, what was most eye catching about this Great Sect Assembly was not the Snow Song Realm King, but Yun Che.

After Mu Huanzhi personally read the decision from seven days ago and the direct disciple decree, Yun Che slowly walked forward under the various different gazes of everyone present. He arrived before the Snow Song Realm King and bowed solemnly.

There was no mist around the Snow Song Realm King today. As Yun Che walked towards her, his mind and emotions were a complete mess.

She was beautiful like a fairy, as though she was carved from ice jade. However, under her gaze, every pore on Yun Che could feel a bone piercing cold intent.

Within the Snow Song Realm, she could determine anyone’s life and death. Now, she had actually become his master… Previously, he had been interacting closely with her. Not only did he act poorly, he was also disrespectful and even called her “Big Breasted Senior Sister” several times. The very last time, he had also very obviously teased her.

Until now, Yun Che still could not completely accept that she was actually the Snow Song Realm King—the most “vital” evidence being the fact that although he had teased the Snow Song Realm King… even after she became his master, he was still completely alive and well!

“Yun Che, even though your time in the sect has been short and your cultivation is poor, you possess an exceptional physique and a talent for the ice elements. Your future is limitless.”

When the Snow Song Realm King spoke, everyone within the Sacred Hall Arena listened, “Today, this king shall take you in as my direct disciple and grant you the Ice Phoenix bloodline. You’ll have to follow the rules strictly and cultivate our Ice Phoenix Profound Arts diligently. If you are to slack off, this king shall personally deliver your punishment.”

“Yes!” Yun Che’s face was stern as he recalled what Mu Bingyun told him, “This disciple shall live up to his talent and not let Master or the sect down.”

“Pay your respects!” Mu Huanzhi echoed loudly as he looked at Yun Che, his expression complicated.

Everyone’s gaze was fixated on Yun Che, watching him perform the discipleship ceremony with Mu Xuanyin. Envy, jealousy, shock, and disbelief… Everyone strongly believed that the direct disciple would either be Mu Hanyi or Mu Feixue. No one would’ve imagined that it would be someone who had just entered the sect, who had just broken through to the Divine Origin Realm.

Not only had he come from the lower realms, it had only been a mere three months since he had arrived in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. He had only used three months to step over Mu Hanyi, Mu Feixue, and all the disciples within the sect to arrive at the very top.

Even when Yun Che completed the ceremony, his heart still could not calm down and he still did not dare look at Mu Xuanyin. Even when he was serving tea, he had hoped that he could hide his head somewhere… and was extremely worried for his future.

Then, a sudden cold gust blew. A deacon from the front of the hall swiftly descended and knelt, speaking quickly, “Sect Master, guests from the Flame God Realm request to see you… they’re already outside the Sacred Hall.”

“What? Outside the Sacred Hall?” Mu Huanzhi’s expression changed and the elders at the side all stood up.

“Hmph!” Mu Xuanyin snorted, “To be able to barge into this place without any commotion, it seems like those three old fogeys have personally come.”

“Yes, Sect Master, the three leading are the three sect masters of the Flame God Realm,” the deacon softly replied.

The three sect masters of the Flame God Realm had all personally come!?

Shock and an unusual feeling instantly spread through the cold wind.

“How many people have they brought along?” Mu Huanzhi asked.

“The three sect masters only brought along three others… Furthermore, they are three people with very young auras.”

“Six people? It seems like the three old fogeys have obtained some guts.”

Mu Xuanyin did not stand up but her ice cold voice pierced into the heavens, “Let them in!”

“Che’er come to Master’s side.”

The cold voice had an irresistible majesty to it and how she had addressed Yun Che had also changed as well. Yun Che was stunned for a short while. Shortly after, he stood up and carefully walked toward Mu Xuanyin, eventually standing to her right.

Seeing Yun Che actually standing at the side of the Snow Song Realm King… all the disciples were full of envy. Even the highest ranking elders and palace masters also revealed signs of envy within their eyes.

The cold breeze stopped and was suddenly replaced with several waves of hot air. Under the waves of hot air, six people descended from the skies, three people in front and three others behind. Their steps slowed down as they took the middle ice path and walked towards Mu Xuanyin.

The air of all the places that they had walked past instantly turned chaotic and scorching.

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