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Against the Gods

Chapter 1043 - Life Snatching Cloud Butterfly

Moon Splitting Cascade’s legendary great perfection… the realm of Concealment!

The reason why it was only a legend was because even though it was in written records and the profound art itself, no one had ever seen it before!

Even Mu Xuanyin, who had been cultivating Moon Splitting Cascade, had never reached the realm of Concealment.

Moon Splitting Cascade had been left behind by the ancient Ice Phoenix and was much more difficult to comprehend and cultivate than the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon. In all of Snow Song Realm’s history, very few were able to cultivate it and none were able to cultivate it to the great perfection realm. At one time, Mu Xuanyin had even thought that the legendary realm of Concealment was unobtainable with a mortal body.

But at this moment, she clearly saw Yun Che’s figure vanish without a trace, before her own eyes. Even the aura that still existed in place had become incredibly faint. At the very least, those Ice Qilins that passed by him did not detect his aura at all.

From the time she had taught Yun Che Moon Splitting Cascade… only a short three months had passed!

“The Concealment Realm… in three months…” She softly muttered to herself, her pupils billowing with an unsupressable complexity. “No matter how much of a genius he is, his comprehension shouldn’t reach such a terrifying level. How exactly…”

The world became peaceful once more. After a long time, Yun Che’s figure slowly appeared at the corner of an ice stone and changed from blurry to clear in an instant. After that, he slowly opened his eyes and stood up, his face full of disbelief as he looked at his own body.

“This is Moon Splitting Cascade’s highest realm that Master has mentioned before?” Yun Che muttered to himself. Even he himself found it hard to believe but what he felt more was an uncontrollable excitement. “So it really is able to completely conceal one’s figure...”

As he talked to himself, Yun Che concentrated once more. Ice Phoenix power circulated and his existence quickly fused with the surrounding elements, his figure gradually becoming blurry again. Four short breaths later, he had already disappeared completely, his vanishing this time was distinctly faster than previously.

Yun Che lifted his hand. Following this simple action, the concealed state immediately dispersed. He tightly clenched both hands and said somewhat excitedly, “I am only at its doorstep right now, so Concealment’s strongpoint definitely is far beyond this… If I can familiarize myself with this, I should be able to completely hide myself in one or two breaths. In fact… I might even be able to slowly move while invisible!”

“...” Mu Xuanyin, who was high above the skies, clearly heard what Yun Che had said.

Due to his excitement, Yun Che no longer cared about the scariness of Mist End Valley. He closed his eyes again and his body became blurry once more, disappearing, then reappearing...

The principle behind Concealment was precisely blending one’s own aura with the surrounding environment. It consumed very little profound strength yet it exhausted quite a bit of mental strength. Furthermore, under the Concealment state, if he were to use the slightest amount of profound energy or if he was hit by someone else’s profound energy, the perfect fusion would be disrupted and his state of Concealment would naturally disappear instantly.

Although the mental burden was large, profound strength couldn’t be released outward and one mustn’t be disturbed by another’s profound energy, just the fact that it could cause one’s body to fade to become invisible was definitely enough to make it a heaven defying skill that could shake the entire God Realm!

The concealed state’s concealment was not only the cloaking of one’s figure either. Even one’s aura was substantially hidden to a large degree… It was not inferior to Hidden Flowing Lightning!

Even though he couldn’t release profound strength outwards in the concealed state, if he used Hidden Flowing Lightning which restrained his aura...

A thought flashed in his mind and Yun Che quickly entered the concealed state again. Then, he carefully used Hidden Flowing Lightning...

In the skies above, Mu Xuanyin’s eyes fiercely moved. This was because not only had Yun Che’s figure disappeared, even his aura had suddenly vanished from her spirit sense!

Only after focusing her mind did Mu Xuanyin detect his existence at the place his aura had disappeared from. His aura this time, was now several times more faint than it was in his normal concealed state!

Shock surfaced yet again on Mu Xuanyin’s snowy face that had calmed down just a moment ago.

Though they were separated by some distance, with the level of profound strength Mu Xuanyin possessed, Yun Che was actually able to briefly escape her spirit sense!

Divine Origin Realm… hiding from a spirit sense in the Divine Master Realm!! Although it was only a brief moment and at some distance, this was absolutely not something anyone would believe.


Yun Che appeared yet again with a satisfied smile on his face. He had just used Hidden Flowing Lightning in the concealed state, further restraining his concealed aura. Once he succeeded, he felt as though he had completely disappeared from the world… and the concealed state had not dispersed either!

“Good!” Yun Che lowly shouted in excitement. Moon Splitting Cascade’s Concealment with the addition of Hidden Flowing Lightning could doubly conceal his aura. If he was able to master it with proficiency… he would undoubtedly gain another extremely powerful protective charm!

At present, if he was able to preserve this state in which he concealed both his figure and aura, it would be difficult for the profound beasts here to discover his existence.

This also implied that him having to pass three days in here changed from being difficult beyond compare to being as easy as pie.

The prerequisite to that being him having a good command over the concealed state.

Concealment was a heaven defying skill, strong to the point where Mu Xuanyin, who had spent ten thousand years cultivating Moon Splitting Cascade, had still yet to comprehend it. Quickly being able to master something right after the initial comprehension was impossible for an ordinary person.

But to Yun Che, who had glimpsed the start of the path to Concealment… it didn’t seem all too hard!

This was because he possessed the Heretic God’s Profound Veins. His interaction with the elements was strong to the point where he was able to ignore any conventional laws and the Great Way of the Buddha also allowed him to control the energy of heaven and earth as he pleased. These two points were the key factors to reaching Concealment and were the hardest things to overcome for normal profound practitioners. To Yun Che, however, he could do all that in passing. This added to his comprehensive ability which bypassed all common sense...

It really didn’t seem all that hard...

Yun Che stayed in place, steadied his breathing and began to practice Concealment.

To others, making the slightest progress in this extremely high level state of law required long years of deep thought and cultivation. So long that making an inch of progress in several thousand years was no strange matter. But for Yun Che, after using it tens of times, the rate in which he became invisible had shortened by half!

In the end, he only used two breaths to become illusory from a solid state before disappearing.

During this whole time, several profound beasts had passed by and not a single one discovered his existence.

“...” Mu Xuanyin was silent for a long while. She thought back to when she had first taught Yun Che Moon Splitting Cascade. It only took him one try to successfully use its earliest stage. At that time, she was greatly startled inside but compared to what she was seeing now… what had happened back then was nothing.


It was unknown what she was sighing about as she turned both her gaze and body to immediately disappear within the boundless horizon.

With Hidden Flowing Lightning added to the concealed state, it was as though Yun Che’s entire person had disappeared into a spatial crack. Added to the fact that the place he had escaped to was extraordinarily safe as well, the frequency at which profound beasts roamed about far lower than any other region, Yun Che stayed there for a full day without being discovered by any profound beasts.

Compared to the wretched situation he faced on his first day with dangers abound, the second day was an incomparably pleasant breeze.

It was also in this one day that the Concealment Yun Che had just comprehended progressed greatly. At the very end, he no longer needed to fully concentrate to maintain it. He was now able to use thirty percent of his consciousness elsewhere as seventy percent focused on maintaining that state. Along with the advancement of his skill, the amount of mental power used also lessened by a substantial amount.

“This wide world truly is full of extraordinary things, for such a magical technique to exist. It seems that the previously incomprehensible principles behind the Star Concealing Grass ought to be the same.”

“If that’s the case, as long as I don’t accidentally get exposed, even those in the Divine Tribulation Realm would find it hard to discover me outside thirty meters of range.”

Yun Che thought to himself.

Faced with the desolate sound of the wind, Yun Che no longer felt nervous and cold like he had at the beginning, but he still didn’t dare to rashly leave his current area. This was because if he moved in the slightest while invisible, he would instantly appear. Although he felt like there ought to be a way for him to him move under the concealed state, he wasn’t able to do it now as he only had a blurry conception of it.

After a long period of hesitation, Yun Che still decided to not take the risk and continued to diligently stay in place. As long as he was able to last through today, Mu Xuanyin wouldn’t kill him… Accidentally comprehending the realm of Concealment allowed him to get his life back.

“There are very few profound beast footprints in this area, so it ought to be safer.”

A voice that was trying really hard to stay low suddenly came from a distance. Yun Che, who was deep in thought, quickly opened his eyes.

“There is no such thing as a safe place here!”

This was another person’s voice and this voice moved Yun Che’s gaze.

This voice… Mu Yizhou!?

He hadn’t died!?

Moon Splitting Cascade and Hidden Flowing Lightning were both mobilized. Yun Che’s figure immediately scattered like mist and slowly disappeared in place.

Soon enough, two human figures walked out of the thick mist together.

Their bodies were filled with injuries but from their auras and states, they weren’t significant hindrances. Especially that person on the right, even though they were still quite a distance away, he still gave Yun Che an extremely strong sense of oppression and danger.

As for his face… it was astonishingly Mu Yizhou!

He didn’t know if Mu Yizhou was that lucky or just too strong. Under the onslaught of the Yellow Spring Ashes he had been forced to use, he was certain Mu Yizhou would die under countless claws of berserk profound beasts. And yet, it seemed that he sustained no injuries.

“We’ll die sooner or later so it doesn’t matter!” Mu Yizhou said fiercely. “I only regret… that I didn’t get to personally kill Yun Che!!”

The reason why he had been exiled was because he had done too many bad things, yet he had put all his resentment on Yun Che.

“Even you almost died back then so even if Yun Che had ten lives, he would be dead. Although you didn’t kill him personally, his death could still be considered to be caused by you. So cheer up a little,” said the other person.

Aftering hearing what he had said, a smile surfaced on Mu Yizhou’s face. “Heh, you’re right.”

The duo’s footsteps were careful and slow. As they trod upon the snow, they left no traces.

Kill me? Yun Che narrowed his eyes as he sneered inwardly.

As he thought back to when he had been forced into a dead end yesterday, killing intent grew within Yun Che’s heart.

He definitely wasn’t Mu Yizhou’s match in a direct confrontation.

However, when he remembered easily snapping the body of that white wolf in the Divine Soul Realm, a dangerous cold gleam flashed within Yun Che’s eyes. His hands were already quietly grasping the Cloud Butterfly Blade.

“Senior Brother Yizhou, do… do we really have no choice but to die here?”

“Or else what? Are you still dreaming of escaping this place alive?” Mu Yizhou gritted his teeth.

“No… I’m just unreconciled, there must be a way. There must be a way out. Senior Brother Yizhou, we’ve already lasted this long… there must be a way!”

As the two slowly drew near, they just happened to be walking toward the ice stone Yun Che was concealing himself near. Yun Che was standing directly in front of that ice stone and was at the center of their field of view but the duo had yet to sense Yun Che at all, even though they were on high alert.

The ice stone and the crack in the thick tree really was an excellent hiding place. As the duo somewhat quickened their pace, the distance between them and Yun Che got shorter and shorter. Slowly, they approached to a distance of thirty meters… fifteen meters… yet they still didn’t sense that there was another person currently standing at that place.

With the Cloud Butterfly Blade firmly gripped in hand, Yun Che’s pulse did not quicken due to their approach. Instead, it became even steadier.

He only had one chance!

The Mu Yizhou in his view came closer and closer. In the blink of an eye, he was already within ten steps. Yun Che’s fingers tightened once more as he still forced himself to stay in place… It was right when Mu Yizhou was seven steps away from him that his deeply concealed profound energy instantly burst out. His body that became visible shot out like flowing light, then suddenly swept past Mu Yizhou.

A rapidly moving shadow flashed past him, bringing along a slight chill. This shadow seemed to have suddenly split from the void without warning and was so fast he didn’t have time to react.

This shock was by no means insignificant. The hearts of the duo came to an abrupt halt as they turned around in shock, “Who’s there!?”

Yun Che smoothly stopped at a distance of thirty meters and casually turned around with a strange smile at the corner of his lips. “Junior Brother Yizhou, in order to repay your passionate reception, I’m here to personally send you off!”

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