Chapter 1005 – I’m Waiting!

Almighty Sword Domain

Oblivion Maiden’s strength was too terrifying and mysterious, so Yang Ye didn’t dare to utilize his Divine Rank treasures against her. Because if he used his treasures to collide directly with the mysterious energy she controlled, then all his Divine Rank treasures would probably be destroyed.

The Dimensional Cube was a Divine Rank treasure, but it hadn’t even been able to resist her for a moment before being destroyed.

Under such circumstances, he’d completely given up on utilizing Divine Rank treasures against her!

As for his sword energy, it was completely useless against her. So, he used the Laws of Decay!

The spectators watched as Yang Ye and Oblivion Maiden’s fingers touched.

It didn’t make a sound and was extremely calm!

However, both their faces turned ghastly pale, and there was extremely shock in both their eyes!

It didn’t take long for the spectators to watch in horror as Yang Ye’s finger started to decompose! As for Oblivion Maiden’s finger, it was aging swiftly. In an instant, her finger had shriveled up like the finger of an old woman, and it wasn’t tender and white anymore. Moreover, it didn’t just stop at her finger. Her arm was aging swiftly as well!

Just like that, Yang Ye’s hand was being decomposed incessantly, and it took less than 2 breaths of time for half his arm to vanish. As for Oblivion Maiden, her entire arm had shriveled up, and then it was blown away as dust by a gust of wind!

She gazed at her arm that vanished with the wind, and there was no calm and composure left in her eyes anymore. They was only shock there now!

It didn’t take long for Oblivion Maiden’s body to start aging. Especially her face, it was aging rapidly at a visible speed. Yet she could only watch as she aged swiftly because she was helpless against this mysterious energy that Yang Ye wielded! Because she couldn’t find a trace of it, so she couldn’t decompose it even if she wanted to!

However, Yang Ye’s situation wasn’t any better. At this moment, his entire arm had been decomposed. Moreover, his shoulder had started to decompose as well! He’d tried to suppress it with his sword intent, but even Void Rank sword intent couldn’t stop his body from decomposing.

At this moment, he was helpless just like Oblivion Maiden. He was helpless against that mysterious energy she utilized!

They were going to perish together!

2 breaths of time later, Oblivion Maiden was old like an elderly woman. Her face was covered in wrinkles, and her eyes were lifeless!

From the moment they attacked each mother until they were reduced to such a state, merely less than 3 breaths of time had passed. So, besides Qing, the others had no idea what had happened.

Qing was horrified when she saw that Yang Ye and Oblivion Maiden were about to take each other down with them, and she shot towards Oblivion Maiden.

However, a pitch black iron chain suddenly shot through the sky when she was about to arrive in front of Oblivion Maiden, and it shot swiftly towards Qing!

Qing’s expression changed as she’d sensed the terrifying force it contained. She didn’t dare act carelessly and immediately transformed into a huge green python, and then she shot into the sky and slammed against the iron chain!


A huge explosion resounded, and then the others here watched as Qing’s figure fell from the sky and crashed heavily against the ground, causing the surroundings to quake!

All the spectators in the surroundings were shocked, and they looked up into the sky. However, Yang Ye and Oblivion Maiden had vanished!

Lu Wan’er who stood by Yu Wushuang’s side asked in a trembling tone, “Will… will he be fine?” Even though she didn’t know what had happened between Yang Ye and Oblivion Maiden, she’d noticed that Yang Ye’s arm was gone. Moreover, even half his face had vanished!

Yu Wushuang clenched her fists tightly, and her hands were trembling. Quite some time passed before she finally took a deep breath, and then turned to look at the demon beasts in the surroundings. A wisp of ferocity surged onto her face, “Cultivators of Ocean of Clouds City, hear me! Kill! Kill all the demon beasts on Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!”

The strengths of the demon beast army actually surpassed Ocean of Clouds City, but the demon beasts had lost Saints in succession, causing their morale to be blasted to rock bottom. Coupled with the fact that Welkin Wolf Demon King and the other Saints weren’t here, they had no will to fight at all.

They only wanted to flee right now!

As for the human cultivators, their will to fight and morale was at its peak. So, their imposing aura completely crushed the demon beasts.

The army of demon beasts was steadily losing ground. At this moment, they’d been pushed into the mountain range.

But the human army still showed no signs of stopping, but they didn’t attack rashly as well. The human army was arranged in an orderly manner under Yu Wushuang’s orders while they pushed into the mountain range.

Suddenly, the Python Clan and Steel Ape Clan’s forces retreated. Their retreat was undoubtedly like adding fuel to the flame. The strength of the Welkin Wolf Clan was utterly incapable of resisting the joint forces of Ocean of Clouds City and the Ancient Sword School. So, the human army killed their way to Welkin Wolf City under Yu Wushuang’s orders.

An ocean of corpses was scattered throughout the ground behind them!

Yu Wushuang stood outside Welkin Wolf City while a human army of millions stood behind her. Some of them were the elites of the academy, and some were the elites of the Ancient Sword School. At this moment, all of them were filled with the will to fight. They were merely awaiting Yu Wushuang’s orders to swarm forward, breach the city, and carry out a slaughter!

At this moment, there was no one to manage the situation within Welkin Wolf City. Even though no one fled, they were still in disorder and chaos.

Obviously, the human army merely had to enter the city and the Welkin Wolf Clan would be history!

“Attack!” Yu Wushuang’s ghastly voice resounded.

“Kill!” The army behind her charged towards the city.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from the sky, and then Welkin Wolf Demon King and the black dragon appeared in the sky above the city. At this moment, both of them were in human form.

Welkin Wolf Demon King’s face was ghastly pale while blood covered his entire body. Obviously, he was heavily injured.

Yu Wushuang and the others stopped their attack because of Welkin Wolf Demon King’s arrival.

Welkin Wolf Demon King paid no attention to Yu Wushuang and the human army. He gazed at the black dragon and said, “Do you really intend to fight me to the death?”

The black dragon spoke flatly, “You’re no match for me!”

Welkin Wolf Demon King spoke ferociously, “What if I ignite my soul?”

The black dragon’s eyelids twitched slightly. Even though Welkin Wolf Demon King was no match for him, it wouldn’t be the same if Welkin Wolf Demon King ignited his soul. Soul Ignition was the ignition of one’s potential and everything one possessed in order to obtain a temporary boost of strength. Under such circumstances, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s strength would arrive at a terrifying level.

If Welkin Wolf Demon King was even more resolute and detonated himself, then the black dragon might die here!

Of course, if he was willing to pay a price, then he wouldn’t have to fear Welkin Wolf Demon King’s Soul Ignition and self-detonation. However, the problem was that paying such a price wasn’t worth it to him! There was no enmity between him and Welkin Wolf Demon King!

“What if Yang Ye isn’t the Scion of your Dragon Clan. What would you do then?” Welkin Wolf Demon King continued, “I know that he draconify himself, so he’s definitely linked to your Dragon Clan. However, what if he isn’t that Scion which he says that he is. Wouldn’t you have been used by him?”

“But what if he is?” Suddenly, Yu Wushuang gazed at the black dragon and said, “Senior, just think about it. If he didn’t have a close link to your Dragon Clan, then would an expert of your Dragon Clan allow a human cultivator to merge with his bloodline and obtain his inheritance? Moreover, if it wasn’t willingly bestowed upon him by an expert of the Dragon Clan, then could a human forcefully seize the inheritance and bloodline of a supreme expert of the Dragon Clan?”

The black dragon’s brows were pressed tightly together. Actually, he didn’t believe Yang Ye deep down in his heart. However, it was a fact that Yang Ye had inherited the ability to draconify himself and possessed the bloodline of the Dragon Clan.

That caused him to be extremely conflicted!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a wave of explosions resounded from the sky, and then the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and the Saints of Ocean of Clouds Academy appeared in the sky above Welkin Wolf City.

Regardless of whether it was the Saints from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range or Ocean of Clouds Academy, they were severely injured, and they would definitely lose their companions in succession if they were to continue fighting!

Welkin Wolf Demon King glanced at Yu Wushuang and the others, and then his gaze descended onto the Saints of the academy in the end, “I admit that my Welkin Wolf Mountain Range has lost, and it has been utterly defeated. Let me just say this today. While we’ve lost, we will absolutely not surrender. If your academy wants to continue fighting, then we can. If worse comes to worse, we Saints will ignite our souls and detonate ourselves to vanish from this world along with your academy!”

Instructor Zhuo and the others’ expressions changed when they heard Welkin Wolf Demon King. If Welkin Wolf Demon King and the other 4 Saints were to ignite their souls and detonate themselves, then it really was possible for them to take both Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ocean of Clouds City with them. Because they could disregard the Eye of the Heaven Dao when they did that. After all, Soul Ignition represented that they wouldn’t even have the chance to enter into the cycle of reincarnation, so why would they fear the Eye of the Heaven Dao?

No one doubted Welkin Wolf Demon King. Because his clan was about to be annihilated, so what else was he not capable of at a time like this?

“I’m not going to interfere in this nonsense!” Meanwhile, the black dragon spoke abruptly, “I’m returning to the Central Divine Prefecture to ask the patriarch about the Scion of the Dragons. If Yang Ye was telling the truth, then I’ll annihilate your Welkin Wolf Clan myself; if he lied, then I’ll kill everyone related to him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black dragon vanished into the sky.

Welkin Wolf Demon King heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and then he gazed at Instructor Zhuo and the others, “Shall we perish together?”

Instructor Zhuo’s face was gloomy, and a long time passed before he suddenly gazed at Yu Wushuang, “Where’s Yang Ye?”

Yu Wushuang clenched her fists and said, “Someone took him away. But that person should have no ill intent towards him!”

Instructor Zhuo nodded, and then he looked at Welkin Wolf Demon King, “Welkin Wolf Demon King, don’t think that you can threaten us with soul ignition! The dean has already ignited his soul and perished, so my academy will definitely not let the matter rest just like that. Yang Ye is the dean of our academy now, so he’ll decide if we continue fighting or stop. However, based on his character, you should prepare to ignite your souls at any moment! Don’t worry, I’ll ignite my soul with all of you!”

Welkin Wolf Demon King clenched his fists, and his face was gloomy and dark!

Yu Wushuang glanced at Welkin Wolf Demon King, and then she said, “Forces of the city, hear me. Stand of guard here and be vigilant at all times. We’ll wait for Welkin Wolf Demon King to ignite his soul!”

In the depths of a mountain range over 5,000km away from Ocean of Clouds City.

Yang Ye and Oblivion Maiden were lying on the ground. Yang Ye’s face was still decomposing, but it was much slower than before. As for Oblivion Maiden’s body, it was still aging as well. But similarly, the speed her body aged had slowed down.

A woman in linen clothes stood before them, and she suddenly shouted, “Reverse!”

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