Chapter 1007 – I Was Just Wiping Off My Sweat!

Almighty Sword Domain

The forces from Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ocean of Clouds City instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw Yang Ye alive. Especially Yu Wushuang and Lu Wan’er, their bodies felt weak, and they almost fell to the ground! They could be said to have been tense at all times while Yang Ye had gone missing, and their tense hearts had finally relaxed when they saw that Yang Ye was fine!

Instructor Zhuo and the others heaved sighs of relief as well. After Shang Yunxi ignited his soul and detonated himself, Yang Ye could be said to be the academy’s hope. If even he suffered a mishap, then the academy would be doomed!

Fortunately, Yang Ye was still alive!

Welkin Wolf Mountain King’s face instantly turned gloomy when he saw Yang Ye. He felt both hatred and fear for Yang Ye, and it could be said that if it wasn’t for Yang Ye, then the Welkin Wolf Clan would have conquered Ocean of Clouds City a long time ago. Besides that, the Welkin Wolf Clan wouldn’t have lost so many members if it wasn’t for Yang Ye. Moreover, he wouldn’t have lost his children and wife as well!

Now, the Welkin Wolf Clan was heavily injured, and it couldn’t be considered a Platinum Rank power anymore. Moreover, if it didn’t obtain any fortuitous encounters in the future, then it was very likely for the Welkin Wolf Clan to suffer a continuous decline until it hit rock bottom! It was even to the extent that the slightest mistake might cause it to be swallowed by another clan of demon beasts and become that clan’s subordinate!

Yang Ye could be said to be the reason that the Welkin Wolf Clan had fallen to such a state!

Since he’d attained the Saint Realm, he’d never had such a strong desire to kill someone! But at the same time, he had a trace of fear towards Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s strength and natural talent could really be described as terrifying. Of course, what he feared the most was Yang Ye's character.

Yang Ye was too insane! Too ruthless! And acted as he pleased!

Just like this very moment. If Yang Ye were to really go mad and intend to fight Welkin Wolf Mountain Range to the death, it made Welkin Wolf Demon King wonder if he would really have to ignite his soul and detonate himself!

He was confident that Instructor Zhuo and the others would absolutely not be resolved to die alongside Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, but he didn’t have the slightest shred of confidence when facing Yang Ye. Because once that fellow went mad, then he was simply capable of anything!

Yang Ye paid no attention to the others here. He just walked over towards the old man, and he spoke while he walked, “Come, tell me what will happen!”

The white robed old man gazed at him for quite some time before he said, “You’re Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Old man, you have to realize that this is the south, and it’s the territory of Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Ancient Sword School. It isn’t your Sky Divine Hall’s territory. My academy has no need to take your Sky Divine Hall into consideration when it acts here. Understand?”

The white robed old man spoke in a low voice, “Do you really think my Sky Divine Hall wouldn’t dare to destroy your academy?”

“Based on the current state that Ocean of Clouds Academy is in, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for your Sky Divine Hall to crush it by dispatching all the Saints within Sky Divine Hall!” Yang Ye continued, “But would you dare to? Sky Divine Hall isn’t the only power in the north, and there’s the Endless Devil Sect as well. The reason that the Endless Devil Sect hasn’t attacked while you interfered in the south was probably because of those fellows from the Central Divine Prefecture. But now that they are either dead or have fled, would the Endless Devil Sect still fear them?”

Yang Ye laughed coldly when he spoke up to this point, “Would your Sky Divine Hall dare to disregard the Endless Devil Sect once you’ve lost the support of those fellows from the Central Divine Prefecture?”

The white robed old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “So long as we are willing to pay a certain price, then destroying your academy wouldn’t be difficult at all!”

Yang Ye replied, “Then allow me to tell you right now. We won’t make peace. So, you can pay that price now!”

The white robed old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he gazed at Instructor Zhuo. Instructor Zhuo spoke coldly, “He’s the dean of the academy now. So he makes the decisions.”

The white robed old man’s face turned gloomy, “Are you really that desperate to be annihilated?”

At the same time, Yang Ye suddenly glanced at Qing and said, “Protect Wushuang and Wan’er.”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Wushuang and continued, “Remember that if Welkin Wolf Demon King dares to attack, then immediately order our forces to attack Welkin Wolf City. Slaughter every living being in the city once you breach it. Don’t leave anyone alive.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye flipped his palm, and Yellow Springs appeared in his grasp. After that, he transformed into a ray of brilliant light that shot towards the white robed old man!

The white robed old man and Welkin Wolf Demon King’s faces changed when they saw Yang Ye attack. It wasn’t too shocking for Welkin Wolf Demon King because he had quite a good understanding of that madman, Yang Ye’s, character. When he heard the white robed old man threaten Yang Ye repeatedly, he knew that madman would definitely attack. Sure enough, it was as he’d expected!

However, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually threaten him with Welkin Wolf City!

Should I attack or should I not? Welkin Wolf Demon King was quite conflicted. If he attacked, then Yang Ye would definitely do as he’d said. At that time, unless he ignited his soul and detonated himself, the demon beasts in the city would definitely be annihilated. Because the forces of Welkin Wolf City were far inferior to the human army now. But if he didn’t attack, then how would he face Sky Divine Hall?

Welkin Wolf Demon King pondered deeply for a long time, and he decided not to attack in the end! Because the white robed old man was a Saint at any rate, but Yang Ye was only a Half-Saint. So, there was really no need for him to lend a hand! Besides that, it was pointless even if he did. Because once he did try to do anything, Instructor Zhuo and the others would definitely attack as well. At that time, things would have truly gone out of hand!

Yang Ye was a madman, but he was no madman!

The white robed old man was shocked when Yang Ye attacked because he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack him. After all, Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint! He wouldn’t be surprised if he spoke to Elder Mo who’d just returned to Sky Divine Hall before he left. Unfortunately, he hadn’t. So, he was utterly unaware that Yang Ye had already killed a Saint!

The white robed old man’s face fell, and he was about to attack, but his eyes suddenly opened wide while his hairs stood on end. Because Yang Ye’s speed had suddenly risen by more than 10 times!


The white robed old man swiftly slapped his palms forward at the critical moment, and a terrifying aura and wave of fiery red energy surged out from within him like the tide before instantly enveloping both Yang Ye and his attack!

Yu Wushuang and the others’ expressions changed when they witnessed this scene, and she clenched her fists tightly while worry filled her eyes.


Suddenly, numerous sword howls resounded in the sky as rays of light flashed incessantly through the fiery red wave of energy. Every single ray of light would slice open a gap within the wave of energy, and it only took a few breaths of time for the wave of energy to be sliced into bits!

“Slash!” Yang Ye’s furious howl resounded in the sky, and then a ray of sword energy tore through the sky and descended towards the old man. Moreover, the powerful force it carried caused cracks to start appearing in the space behind the old man!

There was shock in the old man’s eyes because he hadn’t expected Yang Ye to actually be so strong. Not only was Yang Ye’s sword intent at the Void Rank, Yang Ye even possessed the Laws of Speed. Most importantly, Yang Ye was covered in Divine Rank treasures! This made his battle with Yang Ye extremely aggrieving. Because Yang Ye could completely disregard his defenses in battle while wearing Divine Rank armor, and Yang Ye fought with the intent of suffering a blow from him in order to land one on him as well.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s sword had arrived before the old man, so he didn’t have the time to think. He waved his right hand and a black wheel flashed forward and slammed against Yang Ye’s sword!


A sharp and ear piercing explosion resounded from the point of collision, and then the low-grade Divine Rank wheel actually started to crack apart!

The old man’s eyelids twitched at the sight of this, and he was about to summon the black wheel back to him. Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised his sword and struck the wheel, and an explosion resounded as the black wheel was blasted back to the old man. At this moment, the black wheel was covered in cracks, and it seemed like it would shatter at any moment!

The white robed old man’s heart simply felt like it was bleeding!

“Die!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, he took Yellow Springs in both hands and swung it at the old man. Presently, he didn’t have to rely on surprise attacks to fight Saints!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through the old man’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye launch another attack at him, and he unfurled his fist and swung it lightly in Yang Ye’s direction. Dark blue flames instantly appeared on his palm and swept towards Yang Ye!


Yang Ye’s figure stopped on the spot because his sword had been obstructed by the old man’s flaming palm! Moreover, a wave of energy erupted from the point of collision and instantly swept throughout the sky!

“Die!” The old man roared with rage, and the flames on his palm instantly raged and transformed into an ocean of flames that enveloped the entire sky!

Suddenly, a myriad of rays of light erupted from within the ocean of flames, and they minced the ocean of flames into bits!

“AH!!” A shrill cry resounded from within the ocean of flames!

It was the white robed old man’s voice!

Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others revealed grim expressions, and they were reading to act at any moment! Even though they didn’t want to go down with Ocean of Clouds Academy, they would be offending Sky Divine Hall if they didn’t lend a hand at such a moment. Presently, Welkin Wolf Mountain Range truly couldn’t afford to offend a colossus like Sky Divine Hall!

The profound energy within Instructor Zhuo and the others surged as well, and they were ready to act at any moment!

Meanwhile, the ocean of flames in the sky vanished, and rays of light were still crisscrossing through the sky. Every single ray of light was capable of slicing space apart with ease, and it was a truly horrifying sight!

At this moment, they noticed to their shock that the white robed old man had lost an arm. Moreover, besides his vital points, every other place throughout his body was covered in extremely fine needle holes!

Blood was surging out incessantly from within the old man!


The old man was blasted over 500m back by the impact from Yang Ye’s sword. Meanwhile, Yang Ye was about to follow up with another attack when the old man suddenly turned around, tore space open there, and vanished before everyone’s eyes!

He’d fled!

At this moment, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s face was unsightly to the extreme. After all, he’d never imagined that a Saint of Sky Divine Hall would have actually fled as well!

The old man had even discarded his dignity as a Saint!

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, but he wasn’t very surprised. Because his equipment had caused the old man to be almost constantly on the defensive since the battle between them began. If he didn’t choose to flee under such circumstances, then the old man would have no choice but to wait for death to arrive! Unfortunately, the old man was too fast, so it was impossible for Yang Ye to go after the old man!

Yang Ye shook his head, withdrew his gaze, and then gazed at Welkin Wolf Demon King. He raised his right hand slowly as if he was about to attack.

Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others clenched their fists tightly when they witnessed this scene, and there was even a wisp of viciousness and resolve in Welkin Wolf Demon King’s eyes.

Because he knew Yang Ye’s character well. So, he didn’t hesitate at all. He started to emanate threads of flames from within him, and he was about to ignite his soul!

Instructor Zhuo and the others gazed at Yang Ye with solemn expressions on their faces. Is that kid going to do it for real?

Suddenly, Yang Ye said, “Welkin Wolf Demon King, why are you getting so tense? I was just wiping off my sweat!” As he spoke, he raised his right hand and wiped off the sweat on his face.

Everyone here was rendered speechless by this scene.

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