Chapter 101 – Instant Karma

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye didn’t wait for Qingxue’s life to be hanging on a thread before he swooped down to rescue her. At the exact same moment that Jiang Wei made a move, Yang Ye leaped over as well. After he descended to the ground, he swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground and charged explosively at Jiang Wei.

Yang Ye didn’t hold back. When he approached Jiang Wei, the sword in his hand left its sheathe with a clang, and then he stabbed it at Jiang Wei’s back.

He’d executed a lethal strike as soon as he attacked!

Yang Ye wasn’t a bloodthirsty person, and he’d only struck a lethal strike because he had no other choice. These four people before him intended to kill everyone to keep them silent, and he had to save Qingxue. So, there was no room for discussion between both their groups.

Since there was no room for discussion, it was best to deal a lethal strike right away!

Jiang Wei’s expression changed abruptly when he arrived 3m away from Qingxue, and he didn’t even hesitate to turn around and stab with his spear.


Yang Ye’s wrist spun as he the spear that was stabbing towards him, and then he moved along with momentum to execute the technique of ‘stabbing’ in the Basic Sword Technique and aimed it at Jiang Wei’s chest.

Jiang Wei’s expression changed violently when Yang Ye flicked his spear away because the force Yang Ye exerted was too strong. It was strong to the point the spear in his hand almost escaped his grip. However, before he could recover from this shock he experienced, Yang Ye’s sword had already stabbed towards his chest like a cunning venomous snake.

Fortunately, Jiang Wei’s reaction wasn’t slow. He swiftly stomped his right leg onto the ground and relied on the impact from this to leap backward with the intention of avoiding this sword strike. However, right at the moment that Jiang Wei retreated, Yang Ye suddenly executed the Gale Steps technique. His figure charged forward explosively, and a flash of light arose as his sword pierced through Jiang Wei’s chest!

Jiang Wei looked at the hole in his chest with a slightly blank expression, and his face was covered in disbelief and unwillingness. I’ve been killed just like that? I still have so many techniques and trump cards that I haven’t utilized!

He wanted to see who the person that killed him was, yet he was unable to accomplish that before his consciousness dissipated.

Qingxue gazed at Yang Ye with a slightly stunned expression. Her watery eyes had opened wide. This First Heaven Realm expert before me has perished just like that?

Yang Ye nodded to Qingxue, and then he looked at the other six people who were in intense combat with the disciples from the Origin School. No, it should be corrected to five because one of the disciples from Martial Future Academy has already perished in battle.

At this moment, those disciples from the Origin School and the other six remaining disciples from Brightmoon Sect and Martial Future Academy had stopped fighting, and all of them had looked over towards Yang Ye. The members of Martial Future Academy and Brightmoon Sect were stunned first, and then they revealed delighted expressions because this person who’s appeared abruptly was standing on their side.

As he gazed at Yang Ye who’d appeared abruptly, Xuan Ming’s expression was gloomy. He’d never imagined that there was someone hiding in the shadows, nor had he imagined that Jiang Wei would be killed by this person in a single exchange. Even though it was a surprise attack, this person’s strength still couldn’t be underestimated!

If this man who’d suddenly made an appearance here were to join forces with the five others that remained, then coupled with that woman in the side, it would be a battle of three against seven. In this way, he wouldn’t be confident in his group’s ability to attain success at all!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye smiled and said, “All of you continue. I only save those that I know.”

If those disciples of Martial Future Academy hadn’t abandoned Qingxue just now, then he wouldn’t mind joining forces with them to deal with the three disciples from the Origin School. It was always better to have more friends, and Yang Ye understood this principle. However, after he watched then abandon Qingxue, Yang Ye had abandoned any thoughts of joining forces with them because he didn’t dare make such friends!

When they heard Yang Ye, the expressions of the disciples from Martial Future Academy and Brightmoon Sect changed, whereas, that man who provided the others with Strider Talismans earlier said hurriedly, “Junior Sister Qingxue, I was at fault just now. I hope that you’ll ask your friend to assist us. Our Martial Future Academy will be deeply grateful for your assistance. Moreover, these three disciples from the Origin School are too formidable, and the two of you’re utterly not a match for them. There’s only hope if all of us join forces!”

Qingxue frowned. Even though she wished for nothing more than to see them die, she had no choice but to admit that his words made sense. So, she thought for a moment before she looked at Yang Ye because she wanted to hear Yang Ye’s opinion.

When they noticed Qingxue’s actions, everyone in the surroundings looked at Yang Ye, and this even included the Earth Bear King. No, it was more precise to say that the Earth Bear King was looking at that violet colored little fellow on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

Yang Ye understood Qingxue’s thought, and he nodded to her to indicate that she didn’t have to worry. After that, he looked at that man from Martial Future Academy that spoke just now and said, “If you had such thoughts when you abandoned Qingxue just now, then perhaps we could still join forces. But now, it’s too late.”

Their countenances instantly turned ghastly pale when they heard this, whereas, Xuan Ming laughed coldly instead. He glanced at Yang Ye before he stopped hesitating, and his figure flashed as he charged towards them.

Xuan Ming knew that this man who’d suddenly made an appeared was either extremely confident of his own strength or had some sort of trump card, but Xuan Ming didn’t care. So long as he killed these five remaining people, then he was similarly confident in his ability to deal with these last two people.

As she looked at the few of them who were in an intense battle, Qingxue said in a light voice, “Shouldn’t we leave now?”

Even though Yang Ye’s strength had far exceeded her expectations, but those three disciples of the Origin School were extremely formidable. So, once they dealt with those disciples from Brightmoon Sect and Martial Future Academy, it would probably be difficult for her and Yang Ye to deal with the three of them.

“Leave?” Yang Ye shook his head and smiled as he said, “Qingxue, don’t forget that there’s still an Earth Bear King behind us. Do you think it would really allow us to leave?”

When she heard him, Qingxue finally recalled that there was still a King Rank Darkbeast waiting behind them. As she gazed at the Earth Bear King that was like the size of a small hill, Qingxue laughed bitterly. Indeed, all of them have really been blinded by their own desire. If everyone worked together to deal with the Earth Bear King, then perhaps there’ll still be a chance to survive. But now….

Qingxue shook her head as she laughed bitterly. After that, she turned around to look at Yang Ye, and a wisp of a complicated expression flashed in her eyes as she said, “Sorry, I dragged you down into trouble this time.”

When Yang Ye who was watching the intense and horrifying battle heard Qingxue suddenly speak these words, he was first stunned before he smiled and said, “It’s fine. I can’t just do nothing when you’re in trouble, right?”

As she gazed at Yang Ye’s bright smile, Qingxue was slightly dazed. After a short moment, her face flushed red for no reason, and then she lowered her head slightly.

A little while later, she raised her head to look at Yang Ye. At this moment, Yang Ye had already shot his gaze towards the battlefield in the distance.

Qingxue had no choice but to admit that Yang Ye was extremely charming. This charm didn’t refer to his appearance because if it was in terms of appearance, then Yang Ye could only be considered to be ordinary, and he was quite a distance away from being handsome. The charm she referred to was how ruthless and decisive he was. Perhaps these two qualities weren’t considered charming to others, but it was to her.

She was born from a prestigious clan, and the darkness in such clans wasn’t much different from the imperial palace. Growing up in such an environment allowed her to understand a principle, and that was one couldn’t be too hesitant and merciful when making decisions!

Even though they hadn’t come into contact much since she’d known Yang Ye, she’d deeply experienced Yang Ye’s ruthlessness and decisiveness. She couldn’t deny that she had a good impression of Yang Ye.

Simply speaking, even if a man that possessed strength was ugly in appearance, that man would be charming to some people, and this was even more obvious in the southern territory where the strong were respected.

At this moment, Yang Ye wasn’t aware that the thoughts of this woman by his side were running wild, and he was thinking about what he would do next. Because the battle had already arrived at its peak. The two disciples from the Brightmoon Sect had already perished in battle, and only those three disciples from Martial Future Academy remained. On the other hand, not a single one of those three disciples from the Origin School had perished, and they’d only suffered a few light injuries.

It was obvious that those three disciples from Martial Future Academy would meet their end soon, whereas, after they met their end, those three disciples of the Origin School would definitely intend to deal with him and Qingxue. Of course, he wasn’t afraid of them, and he was thinking about what he should do in order to be able to annihilate the three of them.

The three disciples from the Origin School intended to kill everyone to keep them silent, and he intended to do the same as well. He’d killed a member of the Origin School, so if the three of them returned to the Origin School, then he would definitely be in trouble. He didn’t like having to face a senior after he killed a junior. He liked to put an end to all future troubles.

In this world, there were many occasions where there was no right or wrong. In other words, the person with the bigger fist was in the right.

“Junior Sister Qingxue, please lend us a hand. I and the Martial Future Academy will definitely repay you generously!” That man on the battlefield who was attacked by Xuan Ming to the point of retreating repeatedly shouted towards Yang Ye and Qingxue. At this moment, he and the other disciples of Martial Future Academy had already fallen into a disadvantageous position, and if Qingxue and that mysterious man didn’t lend a hand, then they would really perish here today.

Qingxue and Yang Ye seemed as if they hadn’t heard him at all, and they just watched coldly.

What was instant karma? This was exactly it! If he tossed a Strider Talisman to Qingxue earlier, then even if Yang Ye didn’t lend a hand now, she would definitely lend him a hand. But unfortunately, this man hadn’t acted in that way.

“Qing….” That man intended to beg for assistance again. However, right at this moment, his head carried a strand of fresh blood along with it as it shot into the sky, and it caused his voice to stop abruptly.

As soon as this man died, the two remaining disciples from Martial Future Academy were immediately overwhelmed, and they were instantly killed by the other two disciples from the Origin School.

After they killed them, Xuan Ming and the two other disciples behind him looked at Yang Ye and Qingxue.

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