Chapter 1010 – Lou Qianxiao?

Almighty Sword Domain

What happened with Oblivion Maiden and Shang Yunxi caused Yang Ye to sense an unprecedented feeling of danger.

Especially what happened to Shang Yunxi. Even someone as strong as Shang Yunxi had no choice but to ignite his soul and detonate himself when facing White Deer Academy, and it clearly displayed how formidable White Deer Academy was!

Besides that, there was the Nether Pavilion. Someone it casually sent had almost killed him, so would he even have a chance at survival if they acted a little more seriously?

Everything that happened this time allowed Yang Ye to realize a fact, a very cruel fact.

He was still very weak, extremely weak!

It wasn’t a problem if a person was weak, it was a problem if that person didn’t realize his own weakness and even thought that he was extremely strong. Such a person would definitely not live for long.

Yang Ye was naturally not a person like that. He had a very extreme character, but he wasn’t obstinate. So long as there was a problem in him, and it was a bad problem, then he would be willing to work on it and change it!

The strength of a single person was limited in the end. Just like this very moment. Even if he attained the Saint Realm or the realm above it, he would absolutely be incapable of resisting the entire Sky Divine Hall, let alone White Deer Academy and the Nether Pavilion. If he wanted to go against Sky Divine Hall to rescue An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan, then his only option was to form a power of his own or form an alliance between numerous powers.

That was why he’d suddenly changed his mind and intended to help Hong attain the Saint Realm, and it was also why he’d agreed to help Qing and Hong retake control of the Python Clan.

He didn’t just have to work hard on making himself stronger, he had to gather even more experts!

In the blink of an eye, a day passed.

After working arduously for an entire day and night without stop, Zhu Yuan had finally been refined into a Sword Servant. It was naturally difficult to refine a true Saint Realm Sword Servant. Fortunately, he’d been able to persist through it.

After he completed the refinement of Zhu Yuan’s corpse, he started to cultivate like a madman.

The Half-Saint Realm was far insufficient to him, and he had to attain the Saint Realm as soon as possible!

Once one attained the Half-Saint Realm, every single advancement was definitely extremely difficult. But it wasn’t that difficult for Yang Ye because he had Snowy. With Snowy there to help him, he didn’t have to worry about profound energy at all, and under the condition that he had sufficient profound energy, charging into the ranks of mid rank Half-Saints was much easier!

He’d thought about trying to access the Primordial Pagoda, but he’d still failed. The Primordial Pagoda had absorbed an incalculable amount of spirit energy, but it still showed no signs of recovering. So, he had no choice but to give up in order to avoid wasting profound energy.

He’d thought that he only had to provide sufficient profound energy and the Primordial Pagoda would recover. Obviously, he was mistaken. What needed to be done to restore the Primordial Pagoda? That question had become the biggest problem that plagued Yang Ye. The Primordial Pagoda wasn’t just related to the improvement of his strength Su Qingshi and the others were within it as well. Even though he knew that they were safe in there, he still couldn’t rest at ease while they stayed in there for extended periods!

Even though he wanted to restore the Primordial Pagoda, he had no choice but to put it aside. Presently, the most important matter at hand was to work hard at improving his strength!

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed by.

Ocean of Clouds City had undergone tremendous changes during this period where Yang Ye had been in closed door cultivation.

Yang Ye had promised the residents of the city that so long as they stayed behind to defend the city, then the academy would protect their descendants and even start ordinary classes to nurture those descendants of theirs. Now, Yu Wushuang had established those ordinary classes throughout the city and academy, and there were over a thousand of them. Moreover, they were still increasing in number! Countless students who didn’t possess sufficient natural talent to earn a place in the academy were able to join the academy to learn, and they received the guidance of the instructors which were appointed by the academy!

Perhaps many of them would still be unable to enter the actual academy, but many of them were still extremely satisfied with this. Because they had a chance at the very least, and it was a form of hope to them!

Moreover, the Cultivation Technique Department, Combat Technique Department, and various other parts of the academy which were only open to students of the academy were now open to all. Of course, there were conditions. They had to utilize their contribution points. The contribution points could be obtained through numerous methods like completing the assignments of the academy, exchanging treasures, and so on and so forth.

In short, Ocean of Clouds City could be said to be truly under the academy’s control now. Moreover, Yu Wushuang’s string of plans and arrangements had caused the independent cultivators who were once incapable of cooperating with each other to gradually become united. Moreover, most of those independent cultivators had become members of the City Guard that was directly under the academy’s control.

As for those independent cultivators and clans that didn’t join the academy, there was still a web of relationships between them and the academy!

To put it in simple terms, if the academy was gone, then everything they gained would be gone as well!

So, at this moment, no one in the entire city would dare to disobey an order from the academy!

Benefits! Yu Wushuang had utilized exactly that to bind everyone in the city with the academy! They would all rise together or die together!

In the past, the academy stood high above, and countless people looked up to it. Yet now, the academy had fully assimilated itself with the world around it! In the beginning, there were naturally some who were unaccustomed to such a change, and they rejected it. But it didn’t take long for these voices of objection to vanish. Because Yu Wushuang had obtained Yang Ye’s support!

As Yang Ye had put it, everything Yu Wushuang did was what he wanted!

Even though Yu Wushuang had monstrous abilities when it came to management and strategy, she was weak in the end. So, it was unavoidable for those with strength to look down on her. But once they heard Yang Ye, not a single person dared to look down on that young girl. Besides her own ability, there was another important reason, and it was that Yang Ye was standing behind her!

In the hearts of everyone throughout the city and the academy, Yang Ye’s influence and prestige could be said to have surpassed Instructor Zhuo and the other Saints.

After all, he was the 1st Half-Saint in the history of Pine Prefecture that was able to kill a Saint!

In Yang Ye’s room.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground while his aura grew stronger and stronger. In the beginning, his aura seeped out from within him and caused the entire room to tremble. But it didn’t take long for it to gradually calm down.

The violet mink and Snowy were in front of Yang Ye.

Both the little fellows were staring at Yang Ye without blinking. They’d been accompanying Yang Ye as he cultivated throughout this period. The violet mink had intended to take Snowy outside with her, but Yang Ye had refused. Regardless of whether it was Zi’er or Snowy, it was truly too easy for them to bring trouble upon themselves. Especially Snowy, it was very likely for extremely serious problems to arise once she went outside!

She was a Sprite King! Moreover, she was one who could create violet crystals! If others were to find out about her, then it would cause inestimable amounts of trouble!

Meanwhile, Snowy raised her claw and pointed it at Yang Ye, and then she started gesturing as if she was saying something.

The violet mink shook her head and started doing the same.

Just like that, the 2 little fellows were gesturing at each other in succession.

One day later.


Yang Ye suddenly let out a huge breath of air and slowly opened his eyes. As soon as he did, the violet mink flew over to his right shoulder and started rubbing her head incessantly against Yang Ye’s face. Snowy hesitated for a moment, and then she flew over to Yang Ye’s left shoulder, copied what the violet mink was doing, and started rubbing her head against Yang Ye’s face!


The violet mink suddenly raised her little claw and slapped Snowy on the head. Snowy raised her head to gaze at the violet mink, and she saw the violet mink glaring at her. After that, Zi’er pointed at Yang Ye, pointed at herself, and seemed to be saying that only she could do that.

Snowy glanced at Yang Ye, glanced at the violet mink, and then nodded to the violet mink while the violet mink glared at her. However, she was still holding onto Yang Ye’s neck, and even rubbed her head against his face a few times. Obviously, while she’d nodded, she didn’t know what the violet mink really meant.

The violet mink was furious when she witnessed this scene!

She raised her claw and was about to smack Snowy on the head again. However, Yang Ye suddenly stretched out his hands and took both of them in his arms. He kissed both the little fellows on their faces and smiled, “It’s really nice to see both of you as soon as I open my eyes!” He really liked such a calm life, but he knew that it wouldn’t last!

The violet mink’s face instantly flushed red when Yang Ye kissed her, and she glared at him with embarrassment before transforming into a ray of violet light that entered the space between his upper garments.

Snowy was stunned for a moment, and then she copied what the violet mink had done. She glared at Yang Ye, and then transformed into a ray of white light that entered the space between his upper garments as well.

It was naturally impossible for both of them to reside there. But the violet mink had opened up a small and mobile pocket of space there, and that was where she and Snowy usually resided.

Yang Ye chuckled when he saw them enter the pocket of space there, and then he stood up and stretched his body. In an instant, cracking sounds resounded throughout his body.

“I’m a mid rank Half-Saint now, so the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm isn’t far away!” Yang Ye grinned. After a month of bitter cultivation, he’d finally advanced into the mid rank of the Half-Saint Realm. The improvement of his cultivation had brought great benefits to all aspects of his strength. Especially the Sword Domain because its strength was entirely dependent on his own cultivation!

Suddenly, a voice resounded from outside, “It’s just the mid rank of the Half-Saint Realm. Stop thinking so highly of yourself. Come out here and let me see the 1st genius of our Pine Prefecture that was able to kill a Saint while at the Half-Saint Realm.”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly when he heard this. Because he’d actually not noticed that someone was outside the door, and he still wasn’t able to notice that person’s presence!

Based on that fellow’s voice, it’s a young man!

Who is it?

Lou Qianxiao?

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