Chapter 1013 – Life Is Like A Play!

Almighty Sword Domain

Are they really demons and not humans? Yang Ye was really quite surprised because as far as he was concerned, demon beasts didn’t like to scheme and play tricks, nor would they act so shamelessly. But the facts of the situation were that regardless of whether it was humans or demon beasts, they could go to new lows when their lives were in danger!

Even the woman gazed at the old man with surprise when she heard him, and there was disbelief in her eyes. Obviously, she hadn’t expected that the old man would do that!

However, the old man paid no attention to the woman, and he just pointed at Yang Ye and said, “He definitely fled from the human world, and perhaps he might have Half-Saint Realm inner cores!”

The Sharkmen gazed at Yang Ye when they heard the old man. The Sharkman who led the group was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly swung his fist forward!


A powerful wave of force sprayed out from Yang Ye’s fist, and then the Sharkmen weren’t even able to react before they were transformed into blood and mush that rained down onto the ocean.

The woman was stunned by this scene while the old man slumped down on the boat, and his face was ghastly pale while terror filled his eyes.

Yang Ye withdrew his fist, and then he glanced at the woman and old man, “We can go now.”

Both of them remained motionless!

“I said that we can go now!” Yang Ye glanced at them, and he spoke in a louder voice.

Their figures trembled slightly, and quite some time passed before the old man glanced at Yang Ye. When he saw that Yang Ye had no intention to pursue the matter, he hesitated for a moment, and then placed his tail into the water and started to propel the boat again.

The boat moved like it was flying, and it caused waves to ripple out around it.

After a long moment of silence, the woman couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when she noticed that Yang Ye really had no intention to pursue the matter. She hesitated for a moment, and then walked over to Yang Ye and spoke softly, “So… sorry….”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man and said, “You did that so that their attention would be on me, and you can flee with her, right?”

The old man hesitated for a moment and nodded, “If they were to target us, then we wouldn’t have the slightest chance to survive. So, it was all my fault, and you can do anything to me. But please let Xiao Lan go. She’s a kind hearted young lady, and she absolutely had no intent to harm you.”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man and Xiao Lan, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill both of you.” He wasn’t a kind person. If it was in the past, he would have killed the old man for doing that to him. But at this moment, he didn’t have such a thought. Because while the old man’s actions were clearly shameless, they were pitiable as well.

Because the old man didn’t have the strength to protect himself and Xiao Lan, and he had no choice but to act so shamelessly.

Those who were without strength were pitiable. Just like this very moment, because they didn’t possess sufficient strength, they didn’t even dare to speak loudly to him as they were very much afraid that it would displease him and make him kill them!

If one were to think of it from a different perspective, then wasn’t he, Yang Ye, similarly pitiable when facing the Nether Pavilion an White Deer Academy?

Weak! Weakness! Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly. He was still extremely weak! Not only was he weak, he didn’t possess much support.

I must improve my strength as soon as possible! Yang Ye opened his eyes, flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp. He had 2 trump cards right now. One of them was the ancient sheathe and the Sword Precursor. If the Sword Spirit was awake, then not to mention killing a Saint, the true form of Heavenrend might even allow him to fight those above the Saint Realm. However, the Sword Spirit was in deep sleep now, so he couldn’t execute the true form of Heavenrend. Moreover, even if the Sword Spirit was awake, he didn’t want to execute the true form of Heavenrend because it brought too much harm to the Sword Spirit and him!

The second trump card was Heaven’s Gravestone. If he’d utilized it when he faced Oblivion Maiden that day, then killing her would have probably not been difficult at all. Just Heaven’s Gravestone wasn’t inferior to a Saint in strength. If he were to join forces with it, then its might would multiply by countless times. After all, he possessed Void Rank slaughter intent now and had the Heart of Slaughter. Besides that, he possessed Void Rank sword intent.

If all 3 were combined, then instantly killing Saints wouldn’t be difficult at all.

However, could he use Heaven’s Gravestone? The answer was no. If he were to utilize it with his current strength, then he would definitely be courting death.

He couldn’t use the true form of Heavenrend, and he couldn’t utilize Heaven’s Gravestone as well!

Yang Ye suddenly noticed to his sorrow that his true strongest trump cards actually didn’t belong to him at all, and he had to rely on external forces and treasures instead!

At the same time, Yang Ye was shocked to notice that from some unknown time in the past, he’d actually start to rely on external forces.

If he didn’t have the Divine Rank treasures he wore, then would he be confident in his ability to kill Saints?

External forces and treasures could improve his strength by a huge margin for a short period, but it wasn’t his own strength in the end.

Realm of cultivation, intent, Laws, sword techniques, the body, and speed. These were his true foundation!

A long time passed before Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he spoke softly, “I almost took the wrong path!” External forces and treasures could be utilized as an auxiliary form of strength, but they absolutely couldn’t become one’s main source of strength. Because if they became the main source, then the right order of things would have been overturned!

Yang Ye gazed at the ancient sheath, and he thought about the ordinary form of Heavenrend. He was a mid rank Half-Saint now, and his body was much stronger than before. So, overlapping 50 Heavenrends wouldn’t be a problem at all. Of course, 50 overlapped Heavenrends wouldn’t be a threat to Saints at all.

But what if it was 60? If 60 couldn’t pose a threat to Saints, then what about 70, 80, or even 100 or 200?

If he could overlap 200 Heavenrends at once now, then killing a Saint with a single attack wouldn’t be difficult at all. Of course, overlapping 200 Heavenrends with his current strength was definitely extremely difficult. However, it wasn’t impossible!

Besides Heavenrend, he could strengthen Death by a Thought as well. Death by a Thought placed emphasis on speed, and if he could increase his speed by 10 times, then a Saint would truly fall from a single thought of his!

If it was anyone else, or even Jian Wuchen, it would be absolutely impossible to kill a Saint with just a thought. But he had a chance to succeed. Because he’d comprehended the Laws of Speed, and it was absolutely capable of greatly increasing the speed of any technique.

Simply speaking, if he could cultivate Heavenrend and Death by a Thought to their limits, enhance them with his Void Rank sword intent and Laws of Speed, and then utilize his Sword Domain to restrain and suppress his opponents. Not to mention Saints, even killing someone like Oblivion Maiden would be absolutely easy. Because he could put an end to her before she could even decompose his attacks!

After all, he’d comprehended 3 Laws, Void Rank sword intent, and Void Rank slaughter intent! Besides that, he possessed the Sword Domain!

In the end, he could be able to kill Saints with ease even without Divine Rank treasures. However, the powerful strength he obtained from them caused him to overlook his own true potential.

Once he figured all of this out, a slight smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. Even though he couldn’t cultivate now, it didn’t matter because it was only a matter of time now.

The only thing he had to fear was taking the wrong path and relying too much on external sources of strength. If that happened, then he might not work hard on cultivating himself, and he would continuously think about how he should get even more and even stronger treasures! If that were to continue, then he would be crippled if he lost his treasures one day!

Of course, he could think about getting even more and even stronger treasures, but he had to get his priorities straight! His strength was his main priority, and his equipment was only his secondary priority!

Suddenly, Yang Ye heard Xiao Lan’s soft voice while he was in deep thought, “If… if you really want to go to Immortal Island…. I… I can help you get there!”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts upon hearing her, and then he gazed at her. He immediately understood what she meant when he saw her rosy face, and he pondered deeply before he nodded, “Alright!”

He’d intended to sneak into Immortal Island, but it was quite risky. Moreover, he knew nothing about it, so even if he could sneak in, he would probably not know where to go. So, if he could enter it openly, then it would be much more convenient for him to find the Tree of Creation.

Xiao Lan said, “Then let’s return to Mermaid Island first. Because only by returning there can we provide you with the identity you need!”

Yang Ye nodded to display his agreement.

The old man glanced at Xiao Lan and Yang Ye. He’d wanted to speak on many occasions, but he didn’t speak and just sighed softly in the end.

After around 4 hours of travel, the boat suddenly dived down beneath the surface. Another hour passed just like that as they dived deep beneath the surface, and then buildings that were made from shells and vines appeared within Yang Ye’s field of vision.

“That’s our home, Mermaid Village!” Xiao Lan pointed at the buildings in the distance and smiled, “Come, I’ll take you to our patriarch to get an identity prepared!” She ran off towards the distance while she spoke.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he suddenly gazed at the old man, “You seemed to have wanted to say something throughout our journey!”

The old man hesitated before he said, “You definitely came to the Zither of Love for something, right?”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man, and then he didn’t say anything before walking towards the village.

The old man clenched his fists slowly as he gazed at Yang Ye’s figure from behind.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye and Xiao Lan to arrive before a huge hall made of corals.

“Wait here for a while. I’ll go see the patriarch!” Xiao Lan entered the hall once she finished speaking.

A long time passed before around 100 mermen who held tridents appeared around Yang Ye, and they surrounded him. Moreover, more and more were rushing over incessantly from afar.

At the same time, numerous mysterious vines suddenly appeared from the ground, and they swiftly covered Yang Ye’s feet. After that, a blue pillar of light shot into the air and enveloped Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked forward. He saw a beautiful woman walking out of the hall, and both Xiao Lan and the old man were by her side.

The beautiful woman said, “Outsider, if I’m not wrong, then you want to get to Immortal Island for the Fruits of Creation there, right?”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the beautiful woman. He gazed at Xiao Lan instead, and he looked at her for some time before he chuckled, “Both of you really are great actors. From now on, I’ll be the first to kill anyone who tells me that the demon race doesn’t lie and deceive!”

The beautiful woman spoke coldly, “Capture him and send him to Immortal Island to claim the reward!”

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