Chapter 1015 – The Pagoda And The Eye!

Almighty Sword Domain

A completely nude woman was nailed to the wall before Yang Ye.

Her figure was spread out on the wall like the character ‘’, and a black sword was stabbed in each of her limbs. The swords were Divine Rank swords, and they were mid-grade Divine Rank swords!

Besides that, a pitch black chain was coiled tightly around her neck, and the ends of the chains were within the wall.

The black chains were no ordinary chains, and they were at the mid-grade of the Divine Rank at least!

Yang Ye couldn’t discern her true age, but she was very beautiful. Amongst the women Yang Ye knew, only Yin Xuan’er could compete with her beauty. The difference between them was that Yin Xuan’er’s beauty was seductive and charming, and this woman’s beauty was icy cold and noble. Especially her expression and bearing, it made one feel like one was committing an unforgivable crime by just looking at her.

At this moment, she was looking at him, and her eyes were exceptionally calm.

Yang Ye arrived in front of her. At the same time, he grabbed her by the throat. He gazed at the woman who was right before him and spoke in a low voice, “No matter who you are or why Asura Queen imprisoned you here, all I want to say is that you shouldn’t make any noise if you want to live. Understand?”

She gazed at him, and her gaze stopped for a moment on the scales which covered Yang Ye’s face while a trace of bewilderment flashed through her eyes. However, it vanished in an instant, and her gaze became calm once more. After that, she just gazed at Yang Ye as if she wanted to see through him.

Yang Ye sized her up and scanned her quite a few times….

A short moment later, Yang Ye withdrew his hand when he noticed that the woman had no intent to make noise. He moved his gaze away from her and glanced at the surroundings, and he noticed that strange symbols were densely covering the walls of the room. The symbols were flowing with black colored energy. In the end, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the chain which was wrapped around the woman’s throat.

Because he noticed that the symbols were ceaselessly providing energy to the chain!

Yang Ye gazed at the black chain and the mid-grade Divine Rank swords for quite some time, and then he frowned. Who exactly is she? Why would the Asura Queen treat her like that?

Yang Ye gazed at her and asked in a low voice, “Who are you!?”

The woman just gazed at him without speaking.

Yang Ye asked, “Do you know where the Fruit of Creation is?”

There was a slight fluctuation in her eyes when she heard him, and she gazed at him for a short while before she seemed to have understood something and immediately closed her eyes.

He’d been disregarded!

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before his gaze stopped on the 4 black swords which were nailed into her limbs. He was naturally tempted by them, but he didn’t dare to pull them out. Since she’d been treated in such a way by the Asura Queen, it proved that the Asura Queen feared her.

So, he was very likely to be courting death if he removed those swords.

Kill her and take the swords? He’d thought of that, but he’d rejected it right away. Firstly, he wasn’t capable of such things. Because there was no enmity between them, so it went against his heart. Besides that, she was a little too calm and composed until now, so she was either absolutely ignorant of the situation or without fear!

She didn’t seem to be someone who was absolutely ignorant, so she definitely didn’t fear him at all!

However, Yang Ye didn’t want to give up on obtaining those 4 swords!

Yang Ye said, “Hey, how about we make a deal?”

Her eyes remained closed, and she didn’t speak a word.

Yang Ye didn’t mind and just continued, “I can help free you, but you have to tell me where the Fruit of Creation is.”

She suddenly opened her eyes to gaze at Yang Ye, and they were filled with ridicule.

Yang Ye grinned when he saw that she didn’t believe him, and then he stretched out his right hand while the Laws of Decay seeped out from within his palm. In an instant, the space around his hand was wiped out of existence. Yang Ye didn’t wait too long to withdraw his hand, but the space which was obliterated by the Laws of Decay still hadn’t been restored.

There was a trace of surprise in her eyes at this moment, and her gaze descended onto Yang Ye once more. This time, she was very serious, and it was like she was getting to know Yang Ye again.

Yang Ye said, “The chains on you can’t stop this Law of mine, right?”

“You’re a human!” She gazed right into his eyes and said, “But I sense the aura of the Dragon Clan within you. I’m really curious about that. Can you explain it to me?”

“I think we can talk about that later!” Yang Ye continued, “I want a Fruit of Creation, and you should know where it is while I just happen to be able to save you. So, I think that we can work together. What do you think?”

“You might be able to live if you live right now!” She gazed at Yang Ye and said, “There’ll be a new corpse hanging in the Graveyard of Humans if she discovers your presence!”

“So, you’re unwilling to work together with me?” asked Yang Ye. There was a mysterious force suppressing him since he entered this area. So, it wasn’t just his divine sense which had lost its ability, even the violet mink couldn’t sense the aura of the Tree of Creation anymore. So, the mysterious woman before him might be his final chance. That was exactly why he’d suggested that they worked together!

The woman remained silent!

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time before he said, “The Fruit of Creation is very important to me, and I’m determined to obtain it. I don’t like to force people, but I won’t restrain myself from doing that if I really have no other choice!”

Yang Ye flipped his palm once he finished speaking, and a sword was pressed against her chest, “You can choose to tell me where it is, and I’ll help you escape right away.”

“Human men really are so shameless!” There was a wisp of ridicule on the corners of her mouth, “If you have the ability, then ask Asura Queen for it. Would she dare to refuse your request if you defeat her?”

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “I… I think that there should be a slight gap between our strengths!”

The woman replied, “So you’re threatening a woman who can’t fight back at all?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Didn’t you want the Fruit of Creation?” Meanwhile, she suddenly gazed at the stone wall to the left, “Open up that stone wall and you’ll be able to get it!”

Yang Ye withdrew his sword and gazed at her. She was clearly a proud person, and such a person’s character was very alike to his own. They were people who could be persuaded by reason but wouldn’t bow down to force!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye said, “I follow the principle of not offending those who don’t offend me. You haven’t offended me, yet I threatened you for my own personal reasons. I have to admit that I shouldn’t have done that.”

Yang Ye grabbed the chain around her neck, and the Laws of Decay seeped out from his palm. It didn’t take long for the chain to vanish under the effects of the Decay Laws.

Once he finished doing that, Yang Ye grabbed the hilts of the swords which were stabbed into her palms!

The swords immediately started trembling violently when he grabbed them, and they seemed like they were about to repulse him. But it didn’t take long for them to calm down once Yang Ye released his Void Rank sword intent. After that, he pulled them out with ease.

The woman gazed at him and said, “Do you realize what you’re doing?”

Yang Ye said, “I’ve always believed that the good are repaid with kindness. So, I’ve decided to save you first!”

Once he finished speaking, Yang Ye pulled out the swords on her feet, and then her figure instantly slumped down onto him.

Yang Ye frowned as he held her in his arms because only when he came into contact with her did he notice how very weak she was. Moreover, there was no trace of strength or profound energy within her. Simply speaking, she was just like an ordinary person, and she was even weaker than an ordinary person!

Of course, Yang Ye naturally didn’t believe that she was an ordinary person. After all, would Asura Queen treat an ordinary person like that?

He didn’t put his guard down before her, and he was really to attack if she made the slightest unusual movement!

Yang Ye withdrew a robe and wrapped it around her, and then he said, “Firstly, I have to say that Asura Queen is truly terrible. She actually tortured you like this. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you vent once I attain the Saint Realm!”

The woman sat weakly on the ground, and she rested herself against the wall as she gazed at him and spoke indifferently, “Just say that you want the Fruit of Creation!”

Yang Ye didn’t blush from being exposed and just said, “See, I’ve displayed sufficient sincerity, so shouldn’t you tell me where it is?”

She replied, “I told you. You just have to get through that stone wall, and you’ll be able to see it!”

Yang Ye was quite doubtful, “Are you sure you’re not lying?”

She glanced at him, and then closed her eyes and didn’t pay any further attention to him.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched as he said, “Honestly, you’re lucky to have encountered someone kindhearted like me. You would be dead if you encountered other humans.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye started walking towards the stone wall, and then he placed his right palm against it. A few moments passed before the stone wall vanished.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when it vanished, and there was astonishment in his eyes. Because an abyss was right before him, and it was boundless and covered by mist.

Besides that, he saw a tree far away in the distance, a tree that towered into the clouds. He couldn’t see its roots or its crown. It simply seemed like it was connected to both the heavens and the earth!

“That’s the Tree of Creation?”

Yang Ye was clearly shocked by the scene before him. Because he’d never imagined that such a huge tree actually existed in the world. Moreover, it gave him an extremely dangerous feeling. It felt just like how it felt when he faced Heaven’s Gravestone. In other words, it was very likely to be at the Quasi Emperor Rank!

“The Fruit of Creation isn’t just able to rebuild the Dantian, it can greatly improve one’s cultivation as well. Besides that, it can strengthen treasures. In other words, it can improve the quality of treasures. It can be said that it’s a precious and supreme treasure of this world. Unfortunately, it has a spirit of its own. So, unless it’s willing, no one, in this world without experts above the Saint Realm, can take its fruits by force! Even the Asura Queen can only trade with it and can’t try to take its fruits by force. Human! You can try to take it by force!” The woman behind him spoke slowly.

Yang Ye raised his head and looked towards the depths of the clouds in the distance, and he saw 5 golden fruits. Obviously, they were the Fruits of Creation. But am I really going to try taking it by force?

He’s experienced Heaven’s Gravestone’s strength, and the Tree of Creation wasn’t inferior to Heaven’s Gravestone. So, only death would be awaiting him if he tried to use force. Because trying to take it by force would represent that he would alarm Asura Queen and the other Saints on the island!

Suddenly, the tiny vortex within Yang Ye started to revolve.

Yang Ye was stunned. What’s it trying to do?

Suddenly, a strand of terrifying suction force erupted from within it, and then the Tree of Creation suddenly transformed into specks of violet light and surged towards Yang Ye. In the end, they entered into Yang Ye’s body!

The tiny vortex wants it? Such a thought instantly appeared in Yang Ye’s mind, and then his face darkened while he hurriedly shouted inwardly, Don’t act rashly! You can’t act rashly here! You can’t take it even if you want it! We can carry out a discussion with it instead!

What was this place? It was Immortal Island! It was the Asura Queen’s territory!

Moreover, the Asura Queen wasn’t the only one outside, there were at least 10 Saints outside as well. So, wouldn’t such actions be equivalent to courting death? It even made Yang Ye wonder when the tiny vortex became so rash and unrestrained.

However, the tiny vortex paid no attention to him!


A furious howl suddenly resounded from the depths of the abyss, and then a huge vine shot into the air and charged towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s face turned grim. Meanwhile, an illusory and tiny golden pagoda appeared above Yang Ye, and it transformed into a ray of violet light that smashed against the vine!


The terrifying vine was instantly obliterated!

“AHHH!” A miserable and shrill cry resounded from the bottom of the abyss, and it wasn’t just miserable, it carried deep terror as well. It sounded like it had encountered something horrifying!

Meanwhile, the Tree of Creation’s crown had already entered Yang Ye’s body. It wasn’t even resisting, and it was trembling instead! It was trembling madly!


Suddenly, jet black clouds covered the sky, and it didn’t take long for them to split apart to reveal a huge eye!

The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

Yang Ye turned pale. Because he was doomed now!

The woman behind Yang Ye gazed at the golden pagoda above Yang Ye, and there was shock, disbelief, and a trace of deep fear in her eyes.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao opened slowly, and it instantly locked onto Yang Ye’s figure. After that, a pitch black bolt of divine lightning which was over 500m in diameter shot down towards him!

Meanwhile, the tiny golden pagoda above Yang Ye suddenly transformed into a ray of violet light which shot into the sky, and it slammed itself against the divine lightning and the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

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