Chapter 1023 – The Ferocious Beast!

Almighty Sword Domain

A long time passed before everything here returned to normal. However, the savages were still lying flat on the ground and seemed to dare not stand up.

“What is that?” Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face. He’d heard the roar of a dragon, and it was even the roar of a powerful dragon. However, it was nothing before that furious roar from before!

Shuai Wenyang remained silent for a long time before he spoke, “The ferocious beast from outer space!”

The ferocious beast? Yang Ye frowned, “So that monster isn’t from our Radiant Dimension?”

Shuai Wenyang nodded, “Let’s not talk about that anymore. Come with me back to Rock City. I have so much to ask you!”

Yang Ye glanced at the others and nodded, “Let me get my friend first.”

Shuai Wenyang pointed towards a direction, “Just continue forward in that direction and you’ll arrive at Rock City. Right, don’t run around randomly outside here. There are other strange living beings besides these savages living here. In short, it’s a very mysterious and scary place.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shuai Wenyang led the savages away.

Yang Ye didn’t stay here a moment longer and left immediately. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the tree which he hid the woman in. But his expression instantly changed when he saw it. Because the tree had been blasted apart, and the woman was gone!

Who did it? Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists. It was impossible for it to have been the savages. Because the savages had been with him, so they didn’t have the time to capture the woman. As for her leaving herself. That was even more impossible because she didn’t possess any strength. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have even had to rely on him to move.

Since it wasn’t the savages or the woman herself, it meant that someone else had been here!

Yang Ye’s gaze gradually turned icy cold as he thought up to this point, and then he glanced at the surroundings. Suddenly, he noticed a bloody strip of cloth not too far away from him, and he recognized it as one of the strips he’d used to bandage her wounds.

Yang Ye didn’t stay here a moment long and shot explosively towards the distance.

He didn’t feel a very strong connection to her. Or to be more precise, he had a trace of respect towards her because she’d provided him with guidance. If it wasn’t for that, he might have taken many diverted or wrong paths on his path towards the Martial Dao. Moreover, even if he realized the problem that plagued him, he might still have to take countless diverted or wrong paths if he didn’t have her to teach him the correct method!

He knew very well what it felt like to search for the way on his own.

It could be said that the guidance she’d provided him over the course of these 2 months had allowed him to save 10 years on searching for his way through such diverted or mistaken paths! No matter what her true objective was, it was a fact that he owed her. Especially the Brink Law, it was a powerful and heaven defying Law, yet she’d taught it to him without any hesitation. That made him feel very grateful to her.

That was why he’d left her behind in the tree and intended to face the savages on his own.

15 minutes later, a group of shadowy figures appeared within Yang Ye’s field of vision. He frowned when he saw them because they were quite strange. There were around 20 of them, and their feet didn’t touch the ground. They were floating in midair. Moreover, their figures were indistinct as if they were just souls!

Yang Ye saw the woman at the center of the group, and he noticed that she was fine. At this moment, her figure was floating along with them.

As for the cultivations of those figures, he wasn’t able to see through them!

Yang Ye hesitated for an instant before he shot explosively towards the group of shadowy figures!

“Don’t come close!” Suddenly, the woman shouted, and her voice carried a rare trace of seriousness!

Yang Ye was shocked, but he’d already charged forward, so how could he just retreat? He sped up in midair and instantly arrived before the group of shadowy figures. Meanwhile, the group had stopped abruptly and turned around to face him.

At this moment, Yang Ye saw their true appearances clearly, or it should be said that they had no faces….

What monsters are they? Such a thought had just appeared in Yang Ye’s mind when one of the shadowy figures had suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped it at Yang Ye from afar. A ripple suddenly undulated in the space before Yang Ye, and it was extremely swift to the point that Yang Ye didn’t even have the time to dodge before it struck him.


Yang Ye’s figure was blasted flying, and he flew almost a kilometer before he could stop himself.

The shadowy figures paid no attention to Yang Ye after blasting him flying, and they continued taking the woman forward.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was looking at his chest with astonishment. There was a bloody injury that stretched for a few centimeters on his chest, and it was so deep that his internal organs were clearly visible deep below!

Blood was flowing incessantly from within him, and it instantly covered him in blood!

There was shock in Yang Ye’s eyes!

That shadowy figure’s attack had completely avoided his physical defenses! It was like Lu Wan’er’s Sword Soul technique, but it was even more terrifying and mysterious!

“Don’t come close!” Suddenly, the woman’s voice resounded once more, “They aren’t pure souls. They are a unique form of existence instead, and they are even more mysterious than souls. Your body can’t resist their attacks at all.”


Suddenly, one of the shadowy figures suddenly raised his hand and waved it lightly at the woman. A visible ripple instantly shot through the woman’s stomach, and then blood instantly seeped out and turned that area of her robe red!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly when he witnessed this scene, and he instantly tossed her words to the back of his head. A powerful aura instantly surged out from within him, and then a beam of crystal blue energy instantly shot down from the sky and entered him!

The Stellar Ward!

Yang Ye had decisively utilized the Stellar Ward Technique!

Once a thin layer of stellar energy formed a film around him, Yang Ye’s figure shot towards the shadowy figures. At this moment, all of them had turned around in unison, and then over a dozen visible ripples instantly traveled through space and struck Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye wasn’t blasted flying like he had before this. But he wasn’t completely unharmed as he used to be as well!

There were over a dozen clearly visible marks on the protective film around his body!

Yang Ye paid no attention to it. He seized the moment when those ripples struck him to charge over to the woman, and then he grabbed her before turning around and fleeing.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, 20 ripples suddenly struck his back, and the film of stellar energy was instantly cracked apart while the powerful force those ripples carried caused his back to be blasted open as well!


Suddenly, another ripple struck him, and the protective film was immediately blasted apart while the powerful force from the impact blasted Yang Ye over 5km away.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Yang Ye’s mouth. Yang Ye didn’t dare stay here for a moment, and he held her in his arms as he raised his speed to its limits and shot towards the distance.

Fortunately, while those shadowy figures were extremely strong, their speed wasn’t superior to his. So, Yang Ye was finally able to shake them off after running for around an hour.

In a gorge within a forest.

Yang Ye placed the woman on the ground, and then he collapsed to the ground. He hadn’t fainted, but he was on the verge of it.

It hurt!

The pain he felt struck deep within his marrow, and it struck deep within his soul!

The backlash from utilizing stellar energy was simply overwhelming and unbearable!

If the pain he suffered when he’d used the Nether Ghostflame to temper his body was compared to the pain he suffered right now, then it would simply be child’s play. The pain he suffered from the backlash was something that even his will was almost unable to endure.

Actually, only he was capable of enduring it like this. If it was any other person, that person would have already been torture to death by the sharp pain!

“I swear that I will never again execute the Stellar Ward Technique in this damnable place!” Yang Ye clenched his fists while his face had warped severely. Moreover, his body was shivering from the pain.

The woman spoke abruptly, “While it has caused you to suffer unbearable pain, you should be able to sense that your body is gradually transforming because of the backlash that you’re suffering! Don’t try to escape it, try to get used to it instead. Get completely used to it.”

Suddenly, Yang Ye pounced on her, and he gazed at her with quite a savage expression. He seemed like a mad beast that was about to swallow its prey!

The woman looked him in the eyes and said, “If a piece of iron can’t endure being tempered a thousand times, then how can it be transformed into a sword? If you’re able to endure this round of tempering from utilizing stellar energy, then your body will definitely ascend to a higher level. If you can’t endure it and allow yourself to lose consciousness, then your body will fall into a dormant state. If that happens, the pain you’re endured would have been endured for nothing!”

Yang Ye stared fixedly at her. His eyes were alternating between a clear and cloudy state. It could be said that Yang Ye was extremely dangerous right now because he might transform into an animal at any moment.

However, the woman seemed to show no fear at all, and she just looked him in the eyes with an extremely calm gaze.

Yang Ye slowly lowered his body, and then he pressed his lips against hers. At the same time, he moved his hand beneath her robes.

Surprisingly, the woman didn’t resist. She just allowed Yang Ye to violate her, and only her gaze towards him carried a trace of pity!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s lower body pressed down against her….

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