Chapter 1030 – Asura Queen?

Almighty Sword Domain


Right when her eyes were about to be completely covered in black energy, a ray of golden light suddenly surged out from within Yang Ye.

A small illusory golden pagoda appeared above Yang Ye.

The woman stopped what she was doing, and her eyes gradually returned to normal, and then she fell to the ground. She stared fixedly at the small golden pagoda above Yang Ye while a trace of fear and bewilderment could be seen in her eyes.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when the pagoda showed itself. Fortunately, the Primordial Pagoda had been willing to help at the critical moment.

If it didn’t and allowed the woman to act instead, then he might really be finished!


A ray of golden light swept out from the tiny pagoda, and the mysterious energy which was about to strike Yang Ye was instantly dispersed!

However, Yang Ye’s face grew even more solemn. Because he noticed that the tiny pagoda above him had grown even more illusory!

The pagoda is weakening? Yang Ye’s heart tightened when he thought up to this point.

“That… that’s….” Suddenly, Qiong Qi gazed at the golden pagoda above Yang Ye and revealed a slightly lost, bewildered, and fearful expression. He stared fixedly at the pagoda as if he wanted to see through it.

The woman beside Yang Ye asked abruptly, “Can you control it?”

Yang Ye tried, and then he shook his head. He was able to sense it clearly, but he couldn’t control it.

“That’s… that’s the Primordial….” Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly cried out involuntarily. But he hadn’t been able to finish speaking when the golden pagoda above Yang Ye suddenly transformed into a ray of light that appeared above Qiong Qi. After that, numerous circles of golden light descended from the pagoda, and they overlapped around Qiong Qi. It didn’t take long for Qiong Qi to be completely bound by the golden circles of light!


There was horror in Qiong Qi’s eyes as he roared madly and struggled incessantly, and cracks actually started to appear on those golden circles of light from the collision between them and Qiong Qi’s body!

Yang Ye and the woman’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene!

It was especially so for Yang Ye. He hadn’t expected that Qiong Qi would actually be terrifying to such an extent that he could even resist the Primordial Pagoda. After all, Heaven’s Gravestone hadn’t dared to do anything when facing the Primordial Pagoda! But this ferocious beast before him actually dared to resist the Primordial Pagoda.

Right! Yang Ye’s pupils suddenly constricted because he recalled how Qiong Qi seemed to recognize the Primordial Pagoda just now! However, he quickly came to an understanding. Qiong Qi, Qin Bufan, and all the other defiant cultivators were from the same place. Perhaps Qiong Qi was here for the Primordial Pagoda as well!

Yang Ye’s face grew unprecedentedly solemn when he thought up to this point. The woman had said that quite a few defiant cultivators who’d avoided being sealed on Profounder Continent might still be present in the Radiance Dimension, and every single one of them was very formidable. So, if the Primordial Pagoda’s existence were to be exposed, then wouldn’t all those defiant cultivators come looking for him?

Yang Ye couldn’t help but shudder when he thought up to this point!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, the Qiong Qi started struggling even more madly. It wasn’t just the golden rings of light which started to crack, Yang Ye noticed to his horror that even the golden pagoda above Qiong Qi had started to tremble violently.

“It’ll succeed at suppressing that fellow, right?” The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Even though he knew that the golden pagoda was merely a projection from the Primordial Pagoda, it was still from the Primordial Pagoda!

What sort of monster is that fellow? He’s actually strong to such an extent?

“We can’t allow this situation to continue!” The woman suddenly said, “That pagoda of yours is much weaker than it was when it subdued the Tree of Creation that day. If I’m not wrong, it suffered a very heavy damage in the past, and it suffered even more damage on top of that when it subdued the Tree of Creation and fought the Heaven Dao. Now, its strength is almost completely exhausted!”

Yang Ye nodded solemnly, “It did suffer very serious damage in the past.”

When he destroyed the Eye of the Heaven Dao that day, he wasn’t the only one who’d been heavily injured, even the Sword Spirit and Primordial Pagoda had been severely damaged. The Primordial Pagoda was in a comparatively better state and had recovered a little, but the Sword Spirit was still in deep sleep!

The woman suddenly asked, “Have you heard of a Soul Agreement?”

“A Soul Agreement?” Yang Ye frowned, “What’s that?”

She closed her eyes, and quite some time passed before she opened her eyes and looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “It’s a type of agreement which can enslave demon beasts.”

“Enslave demon beasts?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something. He pointed at the ferocious beast and said, “You want me to sign an agreement with him?”

She nodded.

Yang Ye asked, “It’s possible?”

She nodded again.

“Then quickly teach me how!” Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel excited. After all, if he could subdue Qiong Qi, then would he, Yang Ye, have to fear anyone in Pine Prefecture from now on? Even Sky Divine Hall would be obliterated in an instant!

She replied, “You have to promise that you won’t share it with anyone else!”

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to answer, “I promise!”

Yang Ye looked him in the eyes and spoke with an extremely serious expression on her face, “I’m very serious!”

Yang Ye’s excitement faded when he noticed her expression and asked, “Is there something I should know?”

She replied, “The Soul Agreement was created by a human of the Radiant Dimension, and my demon race suffered unprecedented danger from it. Because many members of my demon race weren’t just enslaved by humans via the Soul Agreement, the humans even used them to fight and kill their own kind. During that period, all the clans of demon beasts felt that they were in danger, so they joined forces to go to war with the humans. In the end, both sides weren’t able to bear the consequences of such a war. So, your human race had no choice but to make a compromise and ban the Soul Agreement. Moreover, the human race promised my demon race that if any human dared to utilize such an agreement in the human world again, then the human race would join forces with my demon race to crush that person!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard her. They’ll join forces to crush that person? In other words, if he dared to share it with anyone else or expose the technique to someone else, then he would become the joint enemy of the humans and demon beasts of the entire Radiant Dimension!

The woman said, “You’ll die if you share it with someone else, and many demon beasts of my demon race would probably suffer horrible fates!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while before he nodded, “Don’t worry, I won’t share it with anyone. Even if I go against demon beasts in the future, I’ll only kill them and won’t use the Soul Agreement to deal with them!”

She gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she nodded, “Go over to that fellow and follow my instructions!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then he walked over to the ferocious beast. He’d only just arrived before Qiong Qi when Qiong Qi suddenly roared at Yang Ye. However, his roar was obstructed by the golden rings of energy, so it didn’t affect Yang Ye at all.

The woman instructed, “Drop a drop of your Blood Essence on him!”

Yang Ye flicked a drop of Blood Essence onto Qiong Qi’s body.

Once the droplet of Blood Essence came into contact with Qiong Qi’s body, the woman started to chant something that Yang Ye didn’t understand, but he hurriedly chanted along with her. As soon as Yang Ye finished chanting, a shocking scene appeared before him. A black circle appeared beneath Yang Ye and Qiong Qi respectively.

Qiong Qi roared with horror when the black circle appeared beneath his feet, “Human! Stop right now! Stop it!”

As he spoke, he started to smash his figure against the golden rings like a madman, and numerous cracks started to appear all over those golden rings. Moreover, some even broke apart.

At the same time, the tiny pagoda above Qiong Qi grew even more illusory!

The woman started to chant even more quickly!

Suddenly, the woman stopped, and Yang Ye stopped at the same time!


The golden circles around Qiong Qi and the tiny pagoda above him suddenly exploded apart, and they transformed into specks of energy!

Yang Ye spat out a mouthful of blood when the illusory little pagoda vanished, and he grew much weaker.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly transformed into a ray of black light that entered his body. A moment of silence ensued before a tattoo appeared on Yang Ye’s chest, and it was exactly similar to Qiong Qi’s appearance!

Yang Ye slumped down to the ground and gazed at the woman, “Is it done?”

She shook her head, “Actually, your strength wasn’t sufficient to form an agreement with him. But you were able to succeed because that tiny pagoda of yours suppressed him and made him extremely weak. Now, he has fallen into deep sleep because of the agreement. Remember that you must not awaken him because you might be the one who he kills first. Because you’re too weak and utterly unable to suppress him!” The woman’s expression grew extremely solemn as she finished speaking.

“In other words, I’ll be fine if I don’t wake him up?” Yang Ye continued, “And I can suppress him once my strength is sufficient?”

She shook her head, “A year. Based on his strength, he’ll be able to recover in a year at most. At that time, he’ll definitely kill you if you’re still so weak!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Suddenly, Yang Ye was stunned, and then he was overjoyed. Because he noticed that the profound energy within him could actually be circulated!

“This world will shatter in a year at most!” Meanwhile, the woman stated, “Because it’s already in pieces and can’t form a complete whole, so the spirit energy of the Radiant Dimension has started to seep in!”

Suddenly, her beautiful brows were pressed together as she said, “This isn’t good! Light Maiden is here!”

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He didn’t speak a single word and just waved his right hand. The Adamantium Tree instantly flew over to him, and then he carried the woman and entered the faint blue circle.

Yang Ye felt a wave of dizziness strike him when he entered the faint blue circle!

A long time passed before Yang Ye felt the dizziness fade, and he opened his eyes slowly.

A blue sky, white clouds, and an ocean.

He was on an island. Most importantly, he sensed dense amounts of spirit energy!

The Pine Prefecture! Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he held the woman in his arms as he smiled, “We’ve finally left that place! Hahaha!”

She just glanced at him and didn’t speak a word.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically. He was just about to flee, but it was too late. A woman who wore a white dress and a green iron mask suddenly appeared in front of him while accompanied by 13 seniors!

Yang Ye asked in a low voice, “She’s the Asura Queen?”

“Yes!” The woman added, “She’s here for me!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. He placed the woman on his back, and then Yellow Springs and Jadedrop appeared in his grasp. At the same time, the Sword Armor and Dark Sword Wings appeared on him without making a single sound.

Yang Ye glanced at the woman and those seniors, and his gaze descended onto her in the end, “Asura Queen, I heard that you’re the number one expert of the prefecture. Let’s fight in single combat if you dare!”

The woman on Yang Ye’s back glanced at him, and then she lowered her head slightly. She was looking down, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Asura Queen paid no attention to Yang Ye and just took 2 steps forward. Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and he was just about to attack.

However, he watched with astonishment as Asura Queen suddenly knelt down slowly and said, “Your disciple, I, have been negligent and allowed Master to fall into an extremely dangerous situation! I deserve death!”

As soon as Asura Queen finished speaking, the others knelt down behind her as well and spoke in unison, “Please forgive us!”

Yang Ye was stunned. Quite some time passed before he turned to look at the woman, and she was looking at him as well.

Their gazes met and time seemed to have frozen!


Note: The Qiong Qi is the name of a mythical beast, and it’s also the name of the Qiong Qi introduced here.

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