Chapter 1032 – The Poor Heaven’s Gravestone!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye hadn’t expected that she would actually want the Primordial Pagoda!\

Could he give it to her? Of course not! Not to mention that he couldn’t control the Primordial Pagoda, he absolutely couldn’t give it to her even if he could. Because Su Qingshi and the others were still within it!

Her request allowed him to realize that he absolutely couldn’t let others become awake of the Primordial Pagoda’s existence in the future.

Of course, he’d thought that while there had been some misunderstandings between them, they’d experienced life and death together, so they were at least partially friends by now! But the facts of the situation told him that she hadn’t taken him to be a friend at all. Everything she’d done in that world had been done so that he could bring her out of it!

Kill her while she was still in that world?

That thought had appeared in Yang Ye’s mind. After all, he knew how irresistible the Primordial Pagoda was. However, it hadn’t taken him long to reject that thought. Because while she seemed to possess no strength at all, it was actually as she’d said. She merely couldn’t utilize it, and it wasn’t that she didn’t possess any. Moreover, Yang Ye would definitely die if she used her strength.

Obviously, the woman hadn’t lied to him!

Yang Ye didn’t continue flying in the air. He descended to the ground and utilized the Sword Domain to conceal his aura. Because even if he concealed his aura, it was still too dangerous to fly. After all, he would still be a huge target. Conversely, there were countless things on the ground which he could use to hide himself, and that naturally made it more difficult for her to catch him!

However, out of consideration for the woman’s strength, Yang Ye acted even more carefully. He chose to travel solely in the shadows and utilize the Laws of Darkness to transform himself into a part of those shadows.

The combination of the Sword Domain and the Laws of Darkness allowed Yang Ye to feel slightly confident in his ability to escape.

At this moment, he just wanted to return to Ocean of Clouds City as soon as possible. After all, he’d been trapped in that world for so long, and he wondered how the situation was like in the city!

When he thought up to that point, he couldn’t help but speed up, but it didn’t take long for him to suddenly stop.

Because a woman had suddenly appeared around 100m ahead. She wore a snow white dress, had eyes that were clear like autumn dew and absolutely calm, and supple and pure white skin. Her entire body was covered in a faint and indistinct glow, and she seemed like a heavenly and otherworldly goddess!

She was none other than Asura Queen’s master!

Yang Ye was still hiding in the shadows. He’d merged into one with the shadow of a tree, and coupled with the effects of the Sword Domain, it could be said that even a Saint that passed right by him wouldn’t be able to notice his presence.

However, he knew that she’d noticed his presence!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he stepped forward instead of choosing to flee. Flee? The cruel reality before him told him that he couldn’t accomplish that, and he would only be wasting time!

“Are you really going to do this?” Yang Ye walked to her and looked her in the eyes.

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “I need that tiny pagoda!”

Yang Ye replied, “It’s mine!”

She looked him in the eye, and her voice remained calm yet carried ghastly coldness, “If I want, it would be mine right now!”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why aren’t you taking it?”

She answered, “I hope that you’ll give it to me yourself!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “Based on the strength you’ve shown, it would have been yours by now if you took it by force. Right?”

She remained silent.

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time, and he spoke when she seemed to have no intention to say anything, “What if I refuse?”

She replied, “Then I’ll take it by force!”

Yang Ye gazed at her. Quite some time passed before a faint red glow emerged from within him. At the same time, his eyes and hair started to turn blood red.


Suddenly, a beam of blood shot into the air from within Yang Ye, and it pierced the sky. In an instant, the entire sky had turned blood red as if the end of the world had arrived!

Meanwhile, a blood red sword that seemed as if it was forged from blood had appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp!

“HAHAHA! Yang Ye, you’re finally unable to stop yourself from utilizing me. Good! Very good! Hahaha! Come! Don’t resist me and accept my power! Let’s join forces and slaughter a myriad of worlds!” Heaven’s Gravestone’s insane voice resounded.

Yang Ye had no other choice but to summon Heaven’s Gravestone when he faced this woman who was strong like a god. Even though he’d summoned Heaven’s Gravestone and might be enslaved by it, he didn’t have any chance to defeat her without summoning Heaven’s Gravestone!


Void Rank slaughter intent instantly surged out from within Yang Ye and instantly suppressed his Void Rank sword intent. At the same time, a blood red glow surged out incessantly from within Yang Ye, and it swept towards the surroundings, causing an area of around 5,000km to be covered in a blood red glow. It was transformed into a world of blood red! However, the area the woman resided in remained normal as the blood red glow wasn’t able to get 3m within her!

The woman’s jet black brows were pressed together slightly when she saw Yang Ye in such a state.

Meanwhile, there wasn’t a shred of clarity left in Yang Ye’s eyes. The blood red sword in his grasp had cut open the center of his palm, and his blood was surging incessantly into the sword.

As more and more blood surged into it, the blood red sword grew more and more solid.

“Slash!” Suddenly, Yang Ye raised the blood red sword and swung it at the woman.

The space in an area of 3km around it was instantly blasted into pieces!

However, such a terrifying strike had been stopped by just 2 fingers.

“Relying on external forces isn’t the right way!” As soon as she finished speaking, the blood red sword exploded into pieces. At the same time, the woman took a step forward and tapper her finger against the center of Yang Ye’s forehead, “Get back in there!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a mysterious force surged out from the tip of her finger and seeped into the center of Yang Ye’s brows!

“AH!!” Meanwhile, Heaven’s Gravestone’s miserable and shrill cry resounded, “Who… who are you? Who exactly are you? It’s impossible for such strength to be possessed in this world! AH!! Stop right now!”

Heaven’s Gravestone’s voice gradually weakened. In the end, it vanished completely. Meanwhile, the blood red glow which filled the sky surged back into Yang Ye like a receding tide, and it didn’t take long for Yang Ye to return to normal. However, he was in a weakened state.

She gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re too weak right now, so it’s best not to summon it. Otherwise, I’ll completely enslave you, and you’ll cease to be yourself!”

Yang Ye replied, “You’re not a Saint!” He’d thought that while her strength was terrifying, she should still be a Saint and was just a Saint who possessed strength that far surpassed ordinary Saints. Yet now, he knew that he was wrong. If she was just a Saint, then it would have been impossible for her to suppress Heaven’s Gravestone with such ease!

After all, all the Saints of the Ancient Sword School hadn’t been able to do anything that day!

Yet now, she’d just tapped lightly and suppressed it. That was almost on par with the tiny vortex!

She said, “If you want to truly gain control over that sword, then you must strengthen your own will. The only way you can do that is by ceaselessly utilizing Stellar Energy to temper your body until you grow accustomed to the backlash you suffer from it. At that time, your will should be sufficiently strong to avoid being affected by that sword.”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “I can’t give the pagoda to you!”

She replied, “You seem to not have the ability to resist!”

Yang Ye looked at her in the eye and said, “I have the Qiong Qi.” He would have to release the Qiong Qi if she gave him no other choice.

She looked him in the eyes for a long time and shook her head in the end, “While his strength is formidable, he's extremely weak right now. Of course, I’m not at my peak as well. However, he can’t do anything to me; but he can deal with you. You’ll be the first to die if you release him!”

Yang Ye said, “I might die as well even if I don’t release him, right?”

She sized him up for a short while, and then she made a clenching motion in his direction. In an instant, a shapeless force instantly enveloped Yang Ye, and he noticed that he was actually unable to move while being enveloped by it. At this moment, it didn’t matter whether he tried to utilize his techniques, sword intent, or profound energy. He couldn’t do anything!

After that, she stretched out her hand and pointed her palm towards Yang Ye’s stomach before a mysterious force surged out from within it!

At the same time, Yang Ye’s face warped!

It hurt!

It wasn’t inferior to the backlash from utilizing stellar energy, and he felt like his internal organs, meridians, and even blood were about to be taken out of him!

However, he didn’t make a sound. He just stared fixedly at her. She’d allowed him to truly realize that the weak didn’t have the right to speak, and he’d realized how helpless the weak were!

This was how the weak were before the strong. If the strong wanted to take something from them, then they could only watch helplessly!

Meanwhile, the tiny vortex suddenly revolved, and then a wave of invisible energy surged out from within it and travel through Yang Ye to blast itself against the woman. However, she seemed to have been ready for it, and she waved her other hand lightly when the energy had only just emerged from Yang Ye. In an instant, the energy was completely dispersed!

However, her countenance had instantly turned ghastly pale. Obviously, while she’d been able to disperse the tiny vortex’s attack, it took quite a toll on her!

She pressed her palm against Yang Ye’s stomach, and the suction force grew stronger. Yang Ye’s eyes immediately opened wide while threads of blood instantly covered them. Besides that, his face was utterly warped, and it could be said that even someone like Yu Wushuang wouldn’t be able to recognize his face right now!

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to notice that the tiny vortex was actually starting to move!

Is it really going to be taken from me today?

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